Jess The Maid


Jess, 45, had been the Hampton black family maid for
over 5 years now. They were a rich family with two
teenage daughters and a teenage son. They had always
treated her as a household servant. Get this, get that,
clean this, etc. She was getting tired of their pity

One evening, she came back to get her paycheck she had
forgotten. The kids were still in high school and the
door was locked so she just let herself in quietly. As
she entered the main room, she could hear some noises
coming from the upstairs bedroom with John and Mary
Hampton normally slept.

The noises were very strange so she decided to go up
and see if they were in any trouble. Not that it really
mattered to her; but maybe a raise was in store if she
could assist. The noises were turning to pleas for
mercy as she got closer and someone was yelling. She
slowly cracked the door open.

John and Mary was both naked crawling on the floor and
a young black lady was following them using a large
paddle on their white asses as they crawled.

“Next time, you better pay my bill on time or I’ll
expose your secret to the whole neighbor,” she yelled
down at them. “You wimps. You love it don’t you.
Crawling around like little piggies while I spanked you
fat asses. Well next month, you will pay me double. Do
you understand?”

“Yes mamm,” both exclaimed still crawling on the floor
with their red asses swaying from side to side.

“I got to go for my next appointment; but the check
better be there tomorrow,” the woman continued.

The woman dropped the paddle on the floor and turned
towards the door as Jess scrambled to get down the hall
and slip into her own room. She could hear the door
slam nearby and just stood there thinking about what
she had just witness. She had masturbated many nights
imaging what it would be like to do what she had just
seen and to think they were actually paying for it. She
could hear the couple walking out.

“Ohhh. My ass is sore,” John was saying.

“Yes, but it sure was worth it,” Mary replied. “Pay her
extra next time dear.”

Jess listened as they went downstairs and slowly came
out of her room and slipped out the house. All the rest
of the day, she thought about the events and how she
wished it could have been her. She masturbated on the
images three times that night. She had to do it even if
she lost her job.

The next morning, she arrived at the Hampton’s house at
the usual time watching the kids getting on the bus as
she arrived. She entered and found no one downstairs so
she went to the kitchen and made her a cup of coffee
and sat down. She was still thinking about it, when she
noticed Mary enter the kitchen dressed only in her
short nightgown.

“Jess get me a cup of coffee. I have a headache.” Mary
said barely paying her any attention.

“Get you own damn coffee you slut,” Jess yelled up.

She was stunned by her own words she spoke and noticed
Mary was as taken back as she was. She started to get
up and explain quickly, but noticed that Mary
immediately turned red and started for the coffee pot.
She decided to push her luck. After all, she had
nothing to lose now.

“Stop slut,” she yelled. “I don’t think you deserve a
cup of coffee. Remove that robe and crawl over here and
kiss my feet and beg for it.”

Mary turned towards her. Her face was totally flushed
and anger showed for a moment but then Jess noticed her
pause undecided.

“I said crawl your big ass over here and kiss my foot,”
Jess yelled again.

Half expecting to get told to get out, Jess was stunned
to watch Mary drop the robe from her shoulders and get
down on her hands and knees. Slowly she started
crawling over to where Jess was sitting at the table as
Jess placed her foot out awaiting her arrival. When
Mary got there, she immediately dropped her face down
to Jess foot and Jess could feel her mouth planting
kisses on the top of it. She sat back enjoying the
control of the situation and dreaming of more.

“May I have a cup of coffee mistress,” Mary asked in a
whisper as she kept kissing her foot.

“No you may not slut,” Jess yelled down. “And for
making me bring it to you all these years, I’m going to
have to beat that big ass of yours. Get over my lap

Jess watched Mary slowly rise, face still red. She grab
her arm and helped pushed her on her lap. Roughly, she
grabbed her huge ass globe positioning her till she was
centered and enjoyed the sight of her white bum on her
lap at her mercy.

“Twenty five should be enough for now you slut. You
better count and thank me for each or you’ll get more.”
She told her.

She brought her hand down hard on her right cheek as
Mary gasped and yelled one and then thanked her. Her
own cunt was getting wet at the sight as she brought
the next and the next on her big butt. Several times
Mary forgot to count or thank her as her voice was
strained in pain and Jess gave her five more for each
time she forgot. By the end, Mary was in tears and
begging to be a good slut for her mistress.

Jesses help her get off her lap enjoying the red marks
she had placed across her butt.

“Get on your knees slut. It’s time you thank your
mistress properly.” She announced.

As Mary got down, Jess raised her dress and slowly
lowered her panties enjoying the look of surprise on
Mary face.

“Get that mouth of yours in here now and get me off
slut,” she demanded down at her former boss. “You got 5
minutes or it’s across my lap again.”

She felt Mary tongue slide between her pussy hairs
finding her cunt and felt the lapping on her clit. Her
tongue was working up and down her clit as she tried to
maintain her balance enjoying the feeling. As she felt
she was about to cum, she demanded she shove her tongue
inside her cunt hole and fucked her with it. It was all
that was needed as she quickly came, grabbing Mary by
the top of her hair rubbing her set clit all over her

“Not bad for starters slut,” she said, letting loose of
her hair. “Now you can kiss my ass and beg for your cup
of coffee.”

Mary crawled around her back as Jess felt her plant
several kisses on her butt cheeks and asking mistress
if slut could have a cup.

“Not on my cheek slut. Kiss my asshole.” she yelled.

Mary immediately started pecking at her asshole with
her lips as Jess let her continued for awhile before
telling her she could get a cup.

“Where is that wimp you call a husband slut,” she

“He is still in bed mistress,” Mary replied, still on
her knees on the floor.

Jess reached down grabbing each of Mary nipples between
her forefingers and thumb pulling them forward and
twisting them roughly.

“Get your cup and drink it on the floor,” Jess yelled
down. “I’m going to have to beat some white guy ass
this morning and you’ll better be down there when I
return. From now on bitch, your ass is now the maid of
this house and you better please me. Is that

“Yes mistress,” Mary meekly replied below as Jess
started walking out the room. Her cunt was on fire from
her domination of Mary and she couldn’t stop now. She
didn’t know if John was going to be as easy but it was
worth every effort to find out. She practically ran up
the stairs she was so excited.

As she entered the room, she saw John lying asleep on
the bed. Mary had pulled the covers off and his white
ass was the first thing she noticed as she walked on
in. She quietly walked to the side and lean back
bringing her hand down as hard as she could on his

“OW!” John nearly jumped off the bed in pain and
surprise. “What the hell?”

Jess reached down and grabbed his limp cock in her hand
and squeezed as hard as she could as John whine out in
pain trying to get her hand off.

“Listen good you cocksucker!” she yelled. “Get your ass
in that shower now and wash off. You have five minutes
to be back here over my lap or next time I’ll break it

She released it as John grabbed it in pain nearly
jumping off the bed heading for the shower. She smiled
as she watched his ass swaying to each side in his
haste. Boy it was going to be fun spanking that butt
she thought sitting on the side of the bed.

“Hurry up wimp!” she yelled as loud as she could.

Jess reached down rubbing her clit as she heard the
shower running in the bathroom. It had been too easy
and she wasn’t going to let the chance slip now. She
quit as soon as the shower stopped and tried to sit as
stern as she could on the bed.

John opened the door standing there with a large hard

“Get your butt over here you wimp. I’m going to show
you who is boss in this house now. Your wife has
already learned her lesson.” She yelled at him.

John meekly walked over. His cock was sticking straight
out and swaying sideways. Jess knew he was so horny; he
would do anything she asked of him at present. She
wasted no time as he arrived, grabbing his cock and
tugging it to get him over her lap.

“Now you cocksucker. You are going to get the beating
of your life. Take this.” She told him.

Slap. Slap. Slap.

John screamed out in pain.

Slap. Slap. Slap.

“Who’s the mistress in this house wimp,” Jess yelled
down slapping his ass rapidly without breaks?

“You mistress,” John yelled. No more please. Mistress.”

Slap, slap, slap.

John ass was wigging wildly over her lap as she felt
his cock between her thighs dripping cum.

Slap. Slap.

“Does my little wimp boy want to cum?” she demanded.

“Please mistress. Oww! Yes mistress,” John yelled.

“Tough shit wimp,” Jess yelled. “You only cum with my
permission. Do you understand?”

“Yes mistress,” John yelled as the slaps were getting
beyond his pain level.

Jess roughly pushed him off her lap and watched as he
yelled in pain as his red ass hit the floor below.

“Lick your cum off my thighs,” she demanded.

John quickly got up and crawled forward lapping his cum
off Jess large thighs.

“You are going to be doing a lot of lapping if you
can’t control that little dick of yours wimp,” she

“Yes mistress,” John cried out between licks. “I’ll do
better mistress.”

Jess reached down and slapped his face with her palm.

“You better wimp if you know what’s good for you. Now
turn around and crawl down to the kitchen, pig.” Jess
demanded. “I have some rules for two of you to follow
from now on or feel my hand on your big white asses.”

John immediately got on all fours and started crawling
as Jess got up following. She followed behind kicking
his ass with her foot as he tried desperately to get
down the stairs without falling head first. Sweat was
pouring down his face by the time he got down and
headed on.

As they entered, Mary was sitting bare ass on the cold
tile kitchen floor drinking her coffee. Jess could tell
she had been rubbing her clit by how open and wet it

“Get that wooden spoon out the drawer slut,” Jess
yelled at Mary.

She pressed her foot down on John head forcing it to
the floor.

“Spread that white ass of yours wimp. I been wanted to
do this for some time.” she yelled.

She grabbed the wooded spoon from Mary as she arrived
and smiled as she saw the puckered ring of his asshole
all spread for whatever she wanted. She got behind him
and pushed the end of it roughly in John asshole as he
screamed in pain and panic. She pulled it out several
more times and shoved it farther in with each push
enjoying his ass humping as it entered.

“Stay put wimp,” Jess yelled down. “If you move I’ll
shove it in and out that asshole of yours till it goes
all the way up it. And stop that whining of yours. Your
butt better get used to things being shoved up it fast
before I decide to put larger objects in it.”

“Yes mistress,” John whispered in pain trying to adjust
to the large wooden spoon handle in his asshole.

She saw Mary just standing there stunned and glowing in
lust looking at poor John below. Her hand was on her
clit as she was stroking it for all it was worth.

“Slut, pour me a cup of coffee and bring it to me now!”
Jess commanded.

Mary jumped at the command and hastened over to the
coffee pot and poured a cup.

She walked over being careful not to drop any as cum
rolled down her thighs.

Jess took the cup from her.

“Get down there slut and shove that spoon in and out
the wimp ass while I sit here and enjoy my coffee. I’ll
take care of your ass for playing with your cunt
later.” Jess warned her.

Mary immediately got down and crawled over to John.
Grabbing the spoon, she started shoving it in and out
his asshole as John moaned and cried out in pain
begging for his wife to be gentle. Mary; however, was
so excited there was no way she was going to take it
slow and increased the pace.

“Keep that ass spread wimp for your fucking;” Jess
yelled rubbing her own clit as she watched John
squirming in pain on the floor below. She watched till
her coffee cup was empty and she was close to cumming

“Stop,” she demanded to Mary.

“Crawl here and lick my clit wimp. You better do a good
job or I’ll shove that roller up your asshole next.
Don’t let that spoon fall out of your ass if you know
what is good for you.” She demanded.

She watched him crawl over with the spoon end still
sticking out and his tongue immediately diving into her
bushy wet clit. She grabbed his hair roughly to keep
him pinned down below. She moaned in delight by his
tongue action on her clitty.

“Get up slut,” she demanded of Mary. “Since you were
playing with your cunt without permission, its time for
your punishment. Get the spatula over there and the
broom from the wall. Move it slut.”

Mary got up and ran getting the broom and the spatula.

“Now slut,” Jess moaned in delight between John licks.
“Shove that broom handle up your ass. You are going to
parade around the kitchen with it up your butt while
you slap your cunt with the spatula for being bad.”

She noticed Mary hesitated and yelled louder for her to
do it.

Mary reached back and pushed the handle up her ass
slowly till she felt it was as fall as she could stand
it. She reached down and slapped her cunt with the
spatula and yelled in pain.

“I said walk around bitch,” Jess yelled. “I want to see
you fuck and beat at the same time. Move it.”

Mary started trying to walk holding the handle in her
butt and slapping her cunt. After several slaps, she
tried to hit with less force but Jess yelled at her to
slap it hard.

Jess came at the sight of the white woman spanking her
own pussy and fucking her ass at the same time. She was
whining as she walked with her butt swaying madly in
back. She felt herself getting close to cumming again
and demanded John shove his tongue deep in her cunt
while she rubbed her clit.

She yelled out as she came on his tongue.

“Nice bitch,” Jess told John still lapping at her cunt
like the dog her was.

“Get up bitch.”

John rose slowly finding it difficult to stand up with
the spoon still shove up his butt. As soon as he was
up, Jess patted his ass cheek.

“Better go call that boss of yours bitch and tell him
you have a family emergency at home and can’t come to
work today. Now hurry up,” Jess laughed.

John quickly ran out the room as Jess admired the sight
of his ass swaying through the doorway. She was going
to have so much fun with it today. She looked over at
Mary still parading around. She noticed she was shoving
the broom handle farther and farther up her ass now.

“Time to quit playing with your ass cunt,” she yelled.
“Put that broom back up and get an apron from the
drawer. You have work to do.”

Mary pulled the broom slowly from her asshole and
placed it back up on the wall.

Quickly she went to the drawer and picked an apron from

“Now put it on cunt,” Jess demanded, “and start
cleaning these dishes. Hurry up.”

Mary put the apron on and started running around the
kitchen picking up left over dishes and putting them in
the sink for washing. John had returned and immediately
fell on his knees in front of Jess awaiting her next

Jess patted his head like a dog who had done good.

“Pull that spoon from your butt bitch,” she demanded,
“and get the duster from the closet over there. You
have the job this morning of dusting all the table tops
with your butt. Isn’t that exciting?”

“Yes mistress,” John replied, quickly pulling the spoon
out and running to the closet to get the duster which
he slowly inserted back up his ass. His cock was
dripping on the tile floor as he made his way walking
like a duck out the room to the living area.

She watched Mary finishing the dishes and wanted to use
the bitch good today for all the work she had given her
to do through the years.

“Get on the floor bitch and clean it with your tongue,”
she demanded.

“But mistress,” Mary replied, “there’s cum and dirt.”

Jess immediately got up and strolled over to Mary and
grabbed her arm turning her around and slapped her ass
with all her might. Mary jump in pain as Jess slapped
her ass again before she reached the ground.

“Now down slut and lap that floor,” she demanded.

She gave Mary a kick in the ass as she got down sending
her flat on the tile below to ensure she got the

“That floor better be shining by the time I get back,”
she shouted.

Jess walked out to the living area. She was dying to
see John’s butt swinging from side to side cleaning the
tables. If only she knew this earlier, she could have
been in luxury all these years. She sat on the sofa
admiring his white tail swinging as he cleared the
table and bent backwards to dust them.

She knew he would do anything she demanded now as she
saw his cock straining trying to get some relief. She
wanted to go over there and tug on it but thought
better. If he came, he would not be so easy to control
so she laid back and started rubbing her cunt thinking
of what she could do later with it. The older kids
would be back later that evening and she knew she had
to have everything in total control before they
arrived. She took a short nap.

She awoke to the feeling of her toes being licked and
looked down to see both Mary and John licking each
foot. She knew she was now in full control seeing how
submissive they were while she had slept. Knowing they
could have got away or did something else.

“Do my sluts what to come?” She requested enjoying
their tongues between her toes.

“Yes mistress,” both pleaded.

“Too bad,” she replied smiling at their looks of
desperation and disappointment.

She turned over on her stomach.

“Slut,” she demanded. “You may have the honor of
licking my ass while bitch boy here makes me a drink.
Start by working teasing it with that wagging tongue of
yours and then start working it inside dear.”

Jess felt Mary tongue circling her anus as she relaxed
it enjoying the feeling. John was back in a flash with
her drink as she made him sit by the sofa holding it as
she took sips and enjoying Mary tongue action in her

“Your whore is good at licking ass, bitch boy,” she
told him. “I think she has found her calling. Tell her
to where her tongue belongs.”

John started yelling at Mary to lick faster and call
her a natural ass-licker. Jess could tell Mary was
getting off on the name calling as her tongue was
working in and out her asshole much faster as she
enjoyed the sensations back there.

“Bitch boy,” she told John. “Get back there and shove
that little dick of yours up the slut ass. You are not
allowed to fuck it. Only to shove it up and hold it
there. I want to hear the slut beg for her ass

John immediately got up and crawled behind Mary and
started working his cock up her asshole. Mary tongue
was deep in Jess asshole as she withdrew it begging
Jess to let him fuck her ass.

“Louder fuck face,” she yelled at Mary, wiggling her
ass sideways on Mary face as she begged and begged.

“Not good enough slut,” Jess said reaching back and
shoving Mary face deep in her ass again.

“Pull your cock out of her ass boy,” she yelled. “Now
come over here and bend over.”

John moaned in despair as he withdrew from Mary asshole
and walked over bending over in front of Jess.

“Slut,” Jess demanded. “Get up and lick his asshole and
tugged on that wimp cock of his. If he comes, he will
get his ass whipped if he doesn’t you will. You have
one minute to get him off.”

Mary immediately jumped up and got down on her knees
behind John and drove her tongue in and out his ass.
Her hand had grabbed his cock from between his legs and
was stroking it for all it was worth. Jess smiled
seeing John desperately trying to hold off but in less
than 20 seconds, he came, shooting his cum on the
carpet below.

Jess got up from the sofa.

“Naughty boy,” she said. “Now get on all fours and
clean that mess. Slut get me that shoe over there.”

Mary ran over grabbing the shoe as John was on all
fours licking his cum. Jess started slapping his ass as
hard as she could with it calling him wimp and
cocksucker. By the time, she was satisfied; John ass
was red on both cheeks.