Stepdad seduction


Sylvie got off the school bus and walked up her street to her house just like she did any other school day. The only odd thing was her mom’s car was not there but her step dad’s was.

She walked into the house, “Mom, Dad, I’m home.”

Tony, her Dad was waiting, “Hi honey,” he said.

“Where’s Mom?” Sylvie queried.

“Hi honey, you better sit down,” he said, she looked worried, “She’s OK but she left me,” he said, “I guess you better pack up your things.”

“But Dad, I like it here with you,” she pleaded.

“Yes honey, but you know I’m your step dad, your real dad is Harold Peters, mom’s first husband, you can’t stay with me.”

“Why not?” Sylvie asked.

“It ain’t right, folks will talk,” he said.

“Do you think people will think you are screwing me?” she asked.

“Er, well I wasn’t going to put it so crudely,” he replied, “But yes, that’s about the size of it.”

“That’s not fair,” Sylvie insisted, “Why should I move out because Mom can’t keep her knickers on.”

“I never said anything about that,” he insisted.

“Shit, it’s no secret, she screwed the pool guy until he got fed up of her wearing him out, and the gardener until he wanted a three some with her and me.” Sylvie explained, “And I hadn’t had a cock at all then.”

“Gee, honey, you never said,” he replied, “Who took your cherry, or no, forget it, I shouldn’t have asked.”

“Silly Daddy, you didn’t think In was still a virgin did you?” she laughed, “Oh my god that bird flew ages ago.”

“I never knew you had a boy friend,” he replied.

“Who needs a boy friend,” she sighed, “All moony eyed and clingy, no I just like a nice big fat, sturdy, long black cock right up inside me,”

“Gee honey, I never knew,” he replied.

“No, you never, except when I sat on your lap and you got hard,” she reminded him.

“Ok. right, sorry, it happened, I’m sorry, it wasn’t intentional,” he replied.

“You pushed me away too quick, I could have unzipped you and we could have had fun,” she said wistfully.

“That would have been wrong on so many levels,” he sighed.

“Only if you had spunked in me,” she said, “We could have used a condom.”

“I don’t like them, I like to shoot my load deep,” he said and getting his thoughts back in order, “Gee this is so wrong.”

“I never tried yet,” she said, “Guys always rubber up, I guess its nicer bareback?”

“For me, yes, I guess it’s the same for the girl,” he agreed, “But gee Sylvie, we can’t do this , you need to pack and we need to find your mother.”

“You made me horny now, naughty daddy,” she sighed, “Talking about fucking, it’s very inappropriate you know.”

“You started it,” he challenged.

“You are the one getting hard,” she observed, “Do you want me to suck your dick and make the swelling go down?”

“Er no, no thank you,” he replied awkwardly.

“I could give you a hand job and make you cum in your pants?” she offered.

“Gee honey, please change the subject,” he pleaded.

“Or you could push my little white panties to one side and fuck my little pussy?” she suggested.

“Sylvie, you’re my step daughter,” he reminded her, “I’m your step dad, we can’t do that stuff.”

“So why talk dirty to me and get me all hot and sticky?” she demanded, “My cunny needs a dick, a big one and right now.”

“Ok enough is enough,” he insisted.

“My panties are all wet and sticky,” she informed him as she slid them down her legs, “Look!”

He looked, the crotch was moist as she had explained, “I guess I have to sort myself out with my fingers,” she sighed.

“Seriously this is very very wrong,” he pleaded as his dick strained at his pants. She reached out to his zipper and freed the long fat one eyed trouser snake.

“For fuck’s sake Sylvie stop it.” he pleaded helplessly.

She pushed him back till he sat back heavily into a kitchen chair.

She straddled him, “No,” he pleaded, “It’s so wrong.” and she guided his straining cock between her sweet young cunny lips as she lowered herself until his whole length was deep inside her.

“That’s really really nice daddy,” she admitted, “Do you love me?”

“Oh fucking shit,” he pleaded, “We can’t do this.”

“But we are Daddy, you’re fucking my poor little cunny bareback you big brute!” she challenged.

“We better stop before it gets serious,” he replied, but it felt really really good, too good. He didn’t want it to stop.

“Only when you have spunked, I want to feel your cum deep inside me,” she replied, “Lovely spunky cum deep in my pussy, you know you want to.”

“I can’t hon, it’s wrong,” he said as he started to hump, “It’s so fucking wrong on so many fucking levels,” he said as his body went rigid, he clamped his fists so hard his finger nails drove into his palms, he wanted to pull out but he wanted to fill her cunt with cum as well.

His mind veered between doing what’s right instead of what feels right.

“It’s Ok, I got a morning after pill somewhere,” she explained, “Just do it daddy, fuck your love piss deep in my cunny.”

“Gee where did you learn to,” he asked but he was cumming, “Oh fuck sorry Sylvie, pull out, pull out.”

Cum was pulsing down his cock, “You sound just like one of those air crash videos, Pull Out Pull Out,” she said, “Just spunk, OK, it’s real nice Daddy, lovely and smooth, everything I dreamed of, thank you.”

Spunk was still pulsing, “Oh fuck, I’m so sorry Sylvie,” he said between spurts. It was so so good he never wanted it to end.

“I suppose you wan’t to fuck all my other holes as well?” Sylvie asked as his heart rate stabilised and his cock shrank, “Now you’re using me as your whore?”

“Sylvie, it wasn’t like that,” he pleaded.

“Then why did you rip my panties off and fuck me?” she asked.

“Sylvie we both know that’s not what happened,” he said as she finally climbed off his cock.

“But no body has to know, it can be our little secret,” she offered, “As long as you let me stay.”

“Gee, Sylvie, it’s all so wrong,” he pleaded.

“Except when you’re spunking in me,” she reminded him, “When your cock is sliding up my cunny, you didn’t complain then,”

“But hon,” he protested.

“Ok, you win. I move out, but I’m not taking any morning after pill,” she challenged, “Let nature take it’s course.”

“No, OK, you stay here, you win.” he agreed.

“And you will fuck me in all my holes?” she queried.

“No, we go back to dad and daughter,” he insisted.

“Far far far to late for that Daddy,” she sighed, “I want to be fucked in all my holes, have a threesome, gee I want to live a little OK?”

“If you’re sure hon,” he replied, “If that’s what you want.”

“And tell mom I call the shots now and if she thinks she can come home she can whistle,” she said.

Before he could reply she added “We need to get a maid, the place is a tip and I’m not cleaning up,” she said and she picked up her knickers and headed for the bathroom with big satisfied smile on her face.