I need a good hard fuck 2.

Brent kept me pinned to the wall, impaled on his big cock, until every last spasm had shuddered through our joined bodies. He slowly let me down, letting my feet touch the floor, before he let go of my ass, and slid his cock out. With my cunt unplugged, I felt the gush as his cum poured out of me, dripping down my thighs. I smiled, another man’s cock had flooded my cunt, I was full of another man’s cum, so much cum that it was gushing out of my well-stuffed cunt. I wanted more, I still had my tight asshole. My husband would ream my ass hole when I asked him, but he wasn’t as enthusiastic as I was. I love getting my back door plugged, and I wanted to suck him back up and take my ass.

“Brent, I’m going to suck you back up, then I want you to fuck my ass hole!”

He growled, “Oh yeah, go for it Aimee baby.”

Kneeling before him, his cock was semi-erect, and I quickly wrapped my lips around it, sliding my mouth down, eager to change the semi to fully. His grunt of pleasure applied the spurs, and I started to bob up and down on his rapidly stiffening cock.

“Yeah, oh yeah, great cock sucker lips, hot, wet tight mouth, yeah.”

I love to be told how good I’m doing, and I eagerly worked over that beauty, sucking him up to rock solid and ready to do me again. My body was on fire with lust, and my ass hole was twitching with anticipation. I released his spit slick rod, and I bent down, grabbed my ankles, my ass upthrust and ready. My body virtually vibrated with pleasure as I felt his mouth at my hole, tongue slipping out and slobbering all over my tight puckered rim. I worked on relaxing the tight pucker, as he rose into position and nudged against my hole. With a slow push, he breached the rim of my asshole and slipped in. I moaned low as he started to penetrate me.

I growled out, “Yes, oh yes, keep going, Brent.”

The slow, steady reaming, my ass walls parting slowly, made my body jangle with lust. Grasping my hips, he slowly plugged me, I felt a few zings of pain, but the pleasure was way more than enough to make up for such a minor price. His grunts as he gained bit by bit were matched with my constant moans of pleasure, and with a final push, he buried his entire length in my back door, I let out a squeal as my ass hole was wonderfully stuffed. Ummmm, the feeling of being fully impaled on that stiff cock made me burn with lust.

“Yes, oh fuck yes, feels so good. Fuck my ass, Brent, let my married ass have a long, hard ride, then blow your big load deep as you can, go deep baby!”

Pulling back slightly, then pushing forward, Brent gave me what I wanted. We started slow, letting my ass adjust to the biggest, thickest cock my ass had ever had the pleasure of being fucked with. At my urging, he started to plug me faster, my growls and squeals of pleasure urging him on. The feeling of being stuffed to the brim, over and over was making my senses reel, god it felt so wonderful. Letting go of my right ankle, I slid that hand up, cupping my sex, and started to stroke myself in time to the plunging of his stiff rod. Faster and faster he rode me, fuck it felt like a steel hard pole was ramming me, I was masturbating furiously, my horny cunt was pouring juices, and I let out a shriek of pleasure as I felt my pussy dissolving in a rush of wet, steaming orgasmic pulses, I could feel the clamping down of my pussy and my ass hole.

Brent grunted, “Oh yeah, tight married ass, fuck feels so good.”

I gasped, “Oh fuck, yeah, ram my married ass, then blow a big juicy load. I want to feel another man’s cum fill my ass!”

Keeping my hips gripped tightly, my ass was reamed over and over. I was getting a long hard ride, I was seeing stars, as I furiously stroked my throbbing clit to another orgasm, my howls filled the shower as I kept going, a 3rd, then a 4th, oh fuck, I was cumming my brains out. My 5th was ready to blow, and as I howled out the pleasure, Brent slammed himself in, deep as possible. I could feel my ass hole throbbing with contractions, milking greedily at his cock.

“Yeah, yeah, oh fuck YEEEAAAAHHH!!!!”

Brent howled as his cock erupted, and I felt the warmth of his load being squirted deep inside my tight, clenching ass. Another man’s cum was being pumped into my ass, the thought made me almost crazy, and I moaned and growled with pleasure as my 5th orgasm shook me, my tight ass walls eagerly clamped around the stiff cock buried up my back door.

A thought came to mind. He’d taken 2 of my 3 holes, did he have enough to fill my mouth, and splatter my body with? I wanted a really big load, but how do I manage that? Maybe there was a way.

I cranked the water back on, and let the warm water run all over our bodies, I felt his cum being washed away as it dripped out of my well-stuffed holes.

As we passed the soap back and forth, I asked, “Brent, do you have somewhere you need to get to, no time to spare?”

He replied, “No, I’m just taking a driving vacation. I got my VW camperized, and I decided to see the USA.”

I explained that while we were on the road, my husband shut down his sex drive, and it wasn’t until we got where we were going that it would switch back on.

“Since you are just driving for pleasure, how would you like to follow us, and when we stop for the night, so can you. My husband usually crashes out quickly, and when he is asleep, I’ll creep over to your VW, and we’ll test out the German engineering!”

He said, “Aimee, that sounds awesome. Your body is so sexy, I’d like to do a lot more with you.”

We turned off the water and shared a couple of towels.

I purred, “See my little panties hanging up there? How about if you take those with you, to keep yourself hot, and when we stop for the night, I’ll reclaim them, after you’ve reclaimed my eager holes?”

He grinned, and I watched as he slipped my panties into his pocket. A few minutes later, I sauntered back towards the RV. I could feel a cool breeze blowing up under my skirt, the feel of the breeze teasing at my bare, unpantied crotch made my pussy tingle with anticipation. I saw the VW parked just a few spaces away, I saw Brent watching, smiling at me. I gave him a wave as I climbed back into the RV, woke my husband, and as we pulled back onto the interstate, I saw the VW behind us, following in our wake. I smiled, tonight was not going to be another night without sex.

When we stopped for dinner at a Perkins restaurant, I saw Brent park close by, follow us in, and sit a few tables away, so he could order dinner at the same time. We kept it cool, not acknowledging each other, but I could feel his eyes going up and down my body, making me tingle. When my husband and I left, Brent strolled out casually, and a few minutes after, back on the interstate, I saw him, staying well back but keeping our RV in sight.

It was approaching 8 PM, and we had found a nice place to stay, surrounded by thick pine forests, and since it was a weekday, lots of spaces to choose from. As we parked and set up for the night, I noticed the VW pull in 3 spots away. I could feel the tingles of lust, I could hardly wait.

I didn’t have to wait too long, my husband went to bed at 9:30. He was asleep almost immediately, and I slipped out, locking up, and crept over to the VW. I tapped softly on the side door, and Brent opened it with a smile. Oh god, he was wearing just a set of running shorts, and his cock tented out those shorts. The idea that his cock was waiting for me, gave me another buzz of lust.

“Good evening Aimee, you look good enough to eat baby.”

“So do you,” I purred back, climbing in. “I want to suck that hard eager cock, and I want my married mouth christened with your load. I’m such a slut, I need your cock, and I need it now!”

I yanked off my dress, I felt a boost as I saw his eyes light up from the display of my naked form. The back of the van had a nice big bed, and he stretched out, I grabbed his shorts and pulled them off, eager to get at his cock. hard and eager, so ready for sucking and fucking pleasure. My juices were starting to flow as I started to kiss his cock, up and down the sides, then brushing my lips against his cock head. His moan urged me on, and I started to lick at the head like it was the hottest day of the year and I was licking at a popsicle. Another grunt of pleasure spurred me on, and I slid my mouth over the head, then slowly sank my head, his growl of pleasure sounding as my hot, eager mouth surrounded his cock, as I swallowed him down. I hit my limit at 6 inches, but I was determined to take him in balls deep, I wanted all of it to explode in my mouth. Clamping my lips tightly around his cock, I pulled back up, then sank down again. I got into the rhythm of the blow-job, bobbing my head up and down, taking him in bit by bit.

I felt his hands caressing my head, and he said, “Oh yeah baby, Ummm, such a great cock sucking, oh yeah Aimee.”

I love being told how good I suck cock, and I worked faster, taking him in, eager to get every bit in. With a final lunge, I felt his cock hit the back, then slide down my throat. I swallowed around it, and I pulled back and took in the full length again. Swallowing around it kept the gag reflex in check, and having his 9 inches buried down my throat was making me blazing hot.

“Oh fuck, gonna cum, gonna fill your married mouth with my load, oh yeah Aimee, suck it, yeah, fuck, so good, YEEEAAAHHH!”

His cock deep in my throat, swallowing around him, I felt the first gush pour straight down my throat. I quickly pulled back, I wanted to taste his load. I got my wish as 2 hot blasts peppered the roof of my mouth, and 2 thick gooey streams coated my tongue. Ummm, I was in heaven as I sucked on that pole, thrumming with lust from the taste of another man’s cum filling my horny, married mouth. I kept him in another minute, making sure I got every drop, then I pulled off. Looking up at him, I smiled, then swallowed, my body shivering with pleasure as I felt his warm cum slide down my throat. I slid up his body, and he held me close as I drifted in the pleasant feeling.

I awoke suddenly, a bit disoriented. Where was I, this wasn’t the RV’s bedroom. As I rose to full wakefulness, I realized that my legs were splayed open, and a hot, wet sensation was stroking teasingly over my pussy lips. It came back to me, oh yeah, I was in Brent’s VW, I had sucked his cock. I hadn’t meant to doze off, what was the time? Then the idea of worrying about the time was swept away, Brent’s head was buried between my legs, l felt his fingers gently parting my lips, then his tongue spearing in, licking me as deep as he could go, then pulling back, and licking up and down my lips again, before once again spearing deep.

I cradled his head in my hands, and cooed, “Ummm, oh yes Brent, lick my married pussy, I love to be eaten.”

Encouraged, Brent went at my dripping box eagerly, he knew how to lick my steamy hole, and when his mouth surrounded my hard, pink throbbing clit, sucking and licking at it, I went over, growling and squealing with pleasure as I tumbled into orgasm, a few moments later, he came up over me and buried his 9 inches in, my orgasm was still making my body hum, and the feel of being stuffed to the brim just added to the pleasure. I could feel it building back up, oh yeah, fuck, oh god, I flew into another orgasm, shaking and jerking, I could feel the hard stiffness clamped securely by the clutch of my inner muscles, and I could feel still another climax ready to explode.

I gasped, “Oh fuck, yeah baby, when you’re ready to explode, I want you to pull out, and spray me with your load. Cream my married tits, I want another man’s cum to mark my body!”

Brent grunted and started to ram me harder as he heard my wants. I was being pounded back against the mattress, fuck it was so fucking good, I quickly was overtaken by a third orgasm, then a fourth burst inside of me. As I was sailing through a hazy glow of orgasms, Brent grunted, and quickly pulled out, sliding his hand around his cock. One tug did it, and I watched, breathless, my body still being shaken by throbs of orgasm, as a long string of cum flew out, aimed perfectly, splattering all over my left breast, followed by another aimed at my right breast. Another stream shot out, splattering a trail from just below my breasts to my belly, then two more squirts gushed all over my pubic triangle, and I felt the final dribbles being milked out, dripping over my spread open pussy lips.

I used my fingers to scoop up as much of his load as I could and licked my fingers clean. The dribbles that had covered my pussy lips, I massaged that into my hungry hole.

I glanced at my watch, the night glow dial showed it was 1 AM. My body felt so well fucked, a hard man is good to find. I reluctantly got up, slipping on my dress and my sandals. With a smile, he handed my panties back to me, and I slid them on.

I said softly, “Keep following us, Brent. Even when we get to The Cascades, and my husband’s sex drive returns, I want you close by for more fucking and sucking pleasure. I want your stiff cock to take my married body again. I just feel so horny, so nasty, and so GOOD when your hot cum fills my married holes!”

After tongue-swirling kisses, I slipped back to the RV. Stepping in quietly, my husband’s breathing was in the deep cadence of sleep. I crept into bed and stretched. Oh, I felt so well fucked and wonderfully tired, and I drifted off quickly.

I opened my eyes and looked over at my sleeping husband. Ummm, I recalled the glorious day, fucking and sucking a stranger, and having Brent’s loads of cum fill every one of my married holes. I’d cheated on my husband, but fuck it all, it was too good, the forbidden nature just made my lust burn hotter.

The bedside clock showed it was 7 AM, and I knew my husband would be up soon, he’d set the alarm for 7:30. I grinned, I figured I had enough time for a quickie with Brent. I grabbed my shower bag, got into my robe, to use that as the excuse if my husband was awake before I got back. I stepped out of the RV and locked the door. Perfect, we were the only two vehicles in this section. I scurried over, and gently tapped at the door.

It opened, and there he was, he gave me a huge smile as he saw me.

“Brent, I need it, I need a good morning fuck, my husband’s alarm clock has about a half-hour left to go. My married cunt wants your hot cum to mark me deep, fuck, it makes me so fucking hot to feel your cock arrowing deep inside my married cunt, and flooding me with the sizzling sperm of another man!”

I let my robe slip off my shoulders, and taking to his bed, I urged him on, “Just mount me and fuck me, fuck me like a cheating little bitch in heat, it’s exactly what I feel like!”

Lifting my legs, he draped them over his shoulders, tilting my hips up for the perfect angle. I felt his hot body between my thighs, the nudging against me, and the hard thrust. I howled with pleasure as he impaled me. Our grunts, growls, and cries of pleasure mingled, as he powered in, parting my walls, stretching me open, until I felt his balls smack against my ass as he bottomed out.

“Now, fuck me, ram me like a horny, cheating bitch, fuck me!”

I love morning fucking, getting my cunt split open by a bone-hard morning cock, perfect, and Brent’s cock was like steel as I felt it parting my horny, wet walls. Brent got into a rhythm, and we were off. I was letting out continuous squeals, cries, and groans of pleasure as he boned my hungry cunt. God, I was on fire with lust, his throbbing cock sinking in deep, my up-thrust box taking every cunt filling thrust, right to the balls, getting rammed hard and deep, pinned to the mattress by his surging cock, exactly the way I wanted.

I felt my orgasm building, the telltale quivering deep in my womb, spreading upwards, taking me to the verge.

“Oh god, love it, getting fucked so hard, gonna make me cum, yes, yes, FUCK MEEEEE!”

My voice rose to a shriek, I felt my cunt walls clamp at him, eager for a wet spray of sperm. The waves of orgasm washed over me, and he quickly pulled out, flipped me over, pulling my hips up, and his slick bloated cock impaled me from behind. Grabbing my hips, he took me doggy style, hot, primal animalistic fucking, oh yeah, I was a bitch in heat, and I needed to be taken like a bitch.

“Oh yeah, I’m nothing more than a horny little bitch wifey, taking a stranger’s cock, I love it, pound my married cunt, I want more of another man’s seed to fill my needy, greedy cunt!”

He grunted in reply, and I felt his cock hammering me, and I could feel another orgasm rising quickly. I grabbed his balls and gave them gentle squeezes.

“Yes, finish me off, I want all that cum, another man’s cum, flood me, empty your balls into my cheating cunt, cream all over my womb, yes, oh yes, give it all to MEEEEE!”

I felt myself tumble into another orgasm, just as Brent roared, and his cock, pumping and pulsing, delivered a hot, filling rush of rich cum, hosing me down deep inside, depositing a rush of thick cum as I shook and moaned in the grip of another climax.

We flopped down on the bed, I was eager to just ride the afterglow, but the clock showed that I had 10 minutes before my husband’s alarm clock would wake him. Reluctantly, I pulled myself up, and got myself ready to leave. I felt brazen, and I decided to just sling my robe over my arm, and walk through the cool morning air naked.

At the door, Brent took me and kissed me long and deep.

“Until tonight, baby.”

I smiled, nodding, my body already feeling that revving up of where we would pick up tonight. I stepped out, and felt the cool nip of the morning air, my nipples puckered up hard, Ummm, I liked it. I sauntered over to the women’s shower room, stepping in, no surprise that I was the only one there this morning. With our vehicles the only ones in this section, I had it all to myself.

Just before I turned on the water, I cupped my sex, spreading my lips apart, and felt a large rush of Brent’s cum gush over my hand, I quickly brought it to my lips, and swallowed the creamy offering, moaning deep in my throat as it filled my mouth, and slid down my throat. As the water started to rain down on me, I soaped up, and ran thick suds all over my body, making me tingle. The drumming of the water lulled me along, I had the shower room all to myself. My mind replayed what had happened, and I could feel my juices trickling deep inside me, I was alone, and I could play with myself to my heart’s content.

My hands slid down, my fingertips grazing my belly with sensuous caresses. Ummm, that felt so nice, and I started to run my hands in circles, I could feel my breasts swelling with fuck lust, my nipples standing out hard and erect, the areolae reddened, achy, and needing my touch. I reached up with both hands and cupped my breasts, fingers stroking and tweaking my hard, aching nipples, bringing a gasp from my lips as I felt the hot pulses of pleasure racing to my quickly creaming cunt.

My married cunt, the married cunt that had just been fucked so good, and was filled with another man’s cum, filled my mind.

My head lolled back and my breaths grew deeper. I imagined a stranger who just wants to rape my cunt, a horny, naked man, his big cock hard and erect, forcing his way into the shower. He grabs me from behind, clamps a hand over my mouth so I can’t scream, my hands became his hands, roughly stroking and caressing me, turning me on before he would lift me, and ram his hard, aching cock up my cunt from behind. This set me on fire with lust. One hand caressed my breasts, stroking and tweaking my throbbing tits, while the other ran over my thighs, my hips, and my belly. I caressed hips and buttocks, down the crease between my cheeks, fingering and rubbing the skin between my asshole and my cunt, stroking my tightly puckered asshole, feeling it twitching with desire. The tip of my finger teased insistently at the tight pucker, I could feel the pressure build, my body was virtually throbbing. My hands went to my pubic area, my cunt was throbbing, I slipped two fingers up my soaking cleft, and my other hand started to strum at my clit. I was almost there, I was on the verge of an orgasmic explosion.

I felt the curtain get pulled apart, and a hot, warm body joining me, a rock-hard cock pressed against my backside. I moaned, deep in my throat, still running with my fantasy, and I was spun around. I opened my eyes, and a stranger was facing me, totally naked, his cock rock hard. I felt powerless to move, I looked down, and saw a huge cunt splitting log, my god, it took my breath away. It was a big beauty, curving upwards, steel hard, I could virtually see it throbbing, I couldn’t stop staring at it. His eyes were roaming over my body, I could see the glimmer of lust in his eyes as he drank in the sight of my completely naked body.

“Hello baby, my name’s Russell, and my wife Jane will be joining us in a minute or two. We just got in last night, and watching your nude body heading for the showers as we came over here, well, you’re so damn sexy, let’s be environmentally conscious by showering together.”

Russell’s arms went around me, and his lips pressed against mine. The kiss grew hotter and deeper, his tongue slipped out, and started to probe my mouth. I could feel myself responding as my tongue joined his in a tongue-twirling kiss that made my burning pussy pulse with heat. I could see in my mind’s eye a vivid picture of the married lady and handsome stranger in a forbidden embrace. I knew it was inappropriate, but the feel of Russell running his hands all over me, my turned-on state, and his hard, throbbing cock, so ready to fuck me, made me unable to stop it, it just made me even more turned on, the very forbidden nature of what was about to happen, hot stranger fucking my married cunt. I could hear myself telling him not to stop. That made me even hotter, I was almost dizzy with desire.

The curtain slid open again, I turned my head and looked at one of the hottest women I’d ever seen. Totally nude, long blonde hair, grapefruit-sized breasts with perfectly centered tits, flat stomach, sexy curing waist and hips, long sleek legs, and trimmed tuft of matching blonde pubic hair. Her face had a lust-filled smile, her eyes were full of heat.

Jane purred, “Is she ready?”

I could feel his fingers stroking at my hole, feeling the slipperiness of my gushing juices.

“Oh yes, she is gushing.”

“Then lift her, jam her down on your cock, and fuck her hard!”

His hands then clamped around my ass cheeks, and he lifted me up, getting me ready. I could feel the head of his cock nudge against me. My cunt was on fire, aching and throbbing, and I needed him to jam early last inch deep inside my fuck-hole.

“Yes, yes, fuck me with that huge cock!”, I gasped. “I want every last inch in me, fuck me, and explode your hot load deep inside me, fuck me NOW!”

Russell was more than happy to comply, and he let me down slowly, impaling me. I howled with pleasure, his cock rubbed the underside of my clit, and that was all I needed. I clung to him, uttering wordless cries of pleasure as my orgasm crashed over me, as he impaled me completely on his 9-inch log. I could hear his grunt of pleasure, as he sank in right to the balls.

I saw Jane, his sexpot wife, eyes glowing, stroking at her pussy, cooing and moaning as she watched her husband fuck me, she purred, “Yes, yes, don’t you love it, baby? My husband’s cock is so good, I just have to share him with every hot lady he meets!”

I could feel my eager pussy stretched wide around his big shaft, wrenching and spasming wildly, my cunt juices gushing around his big prick. He pulled out slightly and rammed it back in. Holding me up, and pinning me against the shower stall wall, he stuffed my gushing hole, giving me a long, very hard fucking. He really laid the pipe into me, I pictured what we looked like in my mind, horny married woman wildly fucking a stranger, while his sexy wife watches up, and masturbates to what she’s seeing. I could hear his lust grunts, pinned against the shower stall wall, his log of pleasure ramming me like a pile driver, his mouth bent down to suck at my tits. The feel of his mouth sucking my hard nipples sent pulses of pleasure racing to my burning fuck-hole, and I could feel another orgasm building fast. His cock drove in and out, power fucking my tight cleft, his cock was throbbing. I suddenly felt it jerk, and swell to even greater hardness, fuck, it felt like his cock had become a steel-hard pipe as he reamed out my fiery fuck-hole.

Jane growled, “Now baby, now, flood her with your hot spunk!”

Russell grunted, “Oh fuck yeah, I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna flood your burning cunt baby, OH YEAH!”

Hearing him call my cunt what it was, a horny cunt, shoved me into another orgasm, my loud shriek of pleasure rose up as my cunt started to pulse, clamping tightly around his shaft, quivering wildly, my inner muscles spasming and milking greedily at his stiff, steel-hard shaft, just as I felt his cock start pulsing. His cock exploded, jerking and pulsing, tossing off wildly, gushing thick streams of spunk as he splattered my insides, his cock pouring what felt like a fountain of cum into my very depths. The tight spasms of my burning pussy greedily milked his huge shaft, sucking out every drop he could pump into me.

He set me down, pulling out, and Jane cooed, “Now it’s my turn!”

I watched in wonderment as Jane stepped into the shower, knelt between my legs, and oh yes, I felt her mouth pressing tightly against my just fucked hole. She speared her tongue in, and I felt a rush of hot cum pouring out into her hot, eager mouth. She doted delightfully on my pussy, tongue eagerly lapping away, sucking out every drop of Russell fresh load, then eagerly tasting my hot juices as she worked over my clit, making my whole body throb, until I grabbed her head, holding her tightly against me as she licked me to orgasm, making me shake, shudder, and pour my juices all over her face.

She raised herself up, gave me a passionate kiss, and purred, “Thank you, sweetheart, that was great!”

Turning to her husband, we both saw his cock had surged back up, and she cooed, “Oh yes, nice and hard, just for me. Take me back to our trailer, and give me the long, hard fucking, I want to cum like crazy all over your wonderful cock!”

They both smiled at me, and I watched them slip out of the shower room. I quickly rinsed off, toweled myself, and stepped out into the glorious pine-scented morning. I saw their trailer was parked in a space just behind the biggest stand of trees, and I could see it rocking, and I could hear cries and growls of pleasure. I grinned, oh yeah, when the trailer’s rocking, don’t come a-knocking!

All the way to North Cascades National Park, Brent was able to fuck me at least three times a day. I’d be over at his van before my husband woke up, sucking his big cock to a creamy, mouth-filling rush, feeling my lust perk up as another man’s cum slid down my throat, then letting his cock pound my married cunt, until another man’s load poured into my womb. When we stopped for my husband’s afternoon nap, I’d be over at his van where he’d bend me over, and power his big prick up my ass-hole, Ummm, the feel of that big log splitting open the tight pucker was sizzling hot, and I’d stroke myself while he boned me, so he would get the tightest grip ever to hose down my bowels with his hot cream. At night when we stopped for the day, as soon as my husband was asleep, I’d be over at his van, and we’d make that VW rock and roll as we fucked each other in a frenzy of hot lust. I was a married bitch in heat, letting another man dump his loads into my married body, and I reveled in the wantonness of it.

When we arrived at North Cascades, we found a beautiful site once we were inside the park gates, there was a river running next to us, and a hiking trail of 3 miles led up to a large lake, that was surrounded by large pine trees.

Once we settled our RV into our camping space, my husband went outside to hook up the power, water, and sewer lines, and I knew what was going to happen after that. I had Brent’s cellphone number, and I quickly dialed it. When he answered, he told me he was just about to pull into the check-in lodge for our campground. I gave him our lot number, so he could request a spot close by. I felt extra wicked, and I made a request.

“Once you get here, my husband, all pent up, will be eager as all hell to get his cock into me. Why don’t you come over, and watch through the window as he fucks me? Save up what you see, so I can cash in your swollen balls, filled with your cum, to unload into me? He’ll take a nap right after, so I’ll come right over, and relieve your aching balls.”

“Hot damn baby, that sounds fucking great!”

“I’ve nudged open the curtain for the bedroom window. My husband will be too busy boning me to notice anything else, but I will, and I want to see you’re looking at me, I want to see your face as you watch me get fucked! See you soon lover!”

True to form, my husband’s sex drive came alive. I went into the bedroom just before the door opened, I pretended to be looking for something when I felt my husband come up behind me. His cock was rock hard, and I could feel the solid press of it against my ass as he pulled me back against him. The feel of that thick throbbing cock started my motor going right away. I heard his zipper unzip, and I purred as I felt that eager cock much closer, pressing against the seat of my shorts. I peeked at the window, and saw Brent’s face, watching intently. I blew him a kiss as my husband worked on my body.

My blouse was knotted up just below my breasts, and his hands came around, my blouse was untied and gapped open, and I moaned deep and low as his warm hands cupped my breasts, gently running his fingers under the hanging weight, his breathing speeding up. His fingertips started to glide around my stiff nipples, then his fingers started to tug gently on them, sending hot pulses straight at my quickly creaming cunt.

I could see Brent’s face, staring intently, drinking in every moment of my slutdom nature. I groaned, my cunt felt like a raging river, I loved having my nipples teased like that. His hands went down, I felt my shorts loosen as he lowered the zipper, and I felt my shorts settling around her ankles as they hit the floor. My thong panties were pulled down, dropping down to join my shorts. My cunt was blazing away, I needed to get fucked. I bent forward to a 45-degree angle, moving my stance wider to give him unfettered access, looking Brent right in the eyes, and I wiggled my ass at my husband.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck me, my darling husband, fuck me!” I growled.

I felt the nudge of his cock against me, with a growling moan of desire, I thrust my hips back hard and felt the stretch as my husband’s 8 inches slid smoothly into me. I let another growl of pleasure as I felt my walls being parted by his thick cock. My pussy was bubbling with juices, and he went in until I felt his balls smack against my pussy. He grunted with pleasure as he bottomed out, the heat and the juices of my eager pussy surrounded his cock, drawing a grunt of pleasure from him. He pulled back and buried his hardness into my soaking wet cunt again, then he got into the rhythm I knew so well, grabbing my hips and pounding his rampant prick to me, over and over.

I was letting out squeals of pure pleasure as he sampled the hot liquid depths, balls deep on every plunge, over and over, that felt so good. With Brent watching me, my mind brought up the image of Brent fucking me in the back of his VW. The remembrance of what had happened on the way here jumped back into mind, I’d been throwing my box around like a communal cunt, Brent, and that handsome fellow in the showers, and his wife had enjoyed my lust. Damn it all, it may be wrong but I reveled in being a hot, lust-driven wife, who would get hot fuck and suck sessions from my husband and other men, sucking on hard cocks, painting my tonsils white with rushes of hot cream, then letting them take my cunt and my ass, creaming me deep inside. I felt my lust reach a crescendo, then the telltale quivering deep inside, oh fuck, it was gonna feel so good.

“Fuck me, fuck me hard, oh god, yes, gonna cum, gonna cum so hard, fuck, fuck, FUCK!”

My voice rose up to a shrieking wail of pleasure as I went roaring over the edge, my overheated pussy started to pulse wildly, milking at my husband, eager for his wet spray of sperm. My husband let out that loud grunt I knew so well as his cock started pulsing wildly, and I felt the warm, wet rush as he hosed down my quivering walls, his hips hunched wildly at me, pouring his sperm into me. The feel of that hot load filling up my needy, greedy cunt, and the hungry look on Brent’s face as he watched me, propelled me into a second orgasm, and I felt my cunt milking at my husband’s cock, hungry for every drop.

True to form, my husband, lay back for a nap. Five minutes later, he was fast asleep, and I took the opportunity to give Brent the relief his swollen balls needed.

He was waiting for me as I opened the door and climbed into his van. His cock was swollen, pressing against him, I reached down, and felt the stiffness, Ummm, so hard. I reached down and cupped his balls, god, I could practically feel the cum filling up his balls, ready to explode.

“Mmmm, your balls are so full with a white-hot load, you know where I want that load!”

In a few moments, we were naked, and I spread myself out for him, urging him on, “Take me, lover, I want every drop you have, cream my married cunt that my husband just creamed, I want lots of hot spunk!”

I growled with sheer pleasure as Brent impaled me, and buried his cock in one big thrust, he grunted as the mingled passions of myself and my husband washed over his cock.

“Oh yeah baby, so hot, so wet, gonna fuck you so hard!”

“Yes, oh yes lover, my cunt has just been creamed, now it’s your turn, my snatch is greedy, ram my horny cunt, then dump a big load, joining my husband’s just deposited load!”

Brent was happy to do so, he rammed me with a passion, battering my sizzling snatch with his cunt pleasing prick. I wrapped my legs around his back, and felt his balls smacking against my ass as he drove every inch. I was being wonderfully stuffed.

”Mmm, mmmm, mmmmmm, oh yeah, keep going baby, make me cum all over your big cock!”

Oh fuck, I was a two-load slut. Servicing my husband and my lover, 2 different lots of spunk were going to be splashing all over my snatch. The first one was there, now for the second load.

“Do it, do it, lover, make me cum all over your dick, then paint my cunt with its second load of the day, fuck, fuck, SPUNK MEEEEEE!”

I felt the quivering start of orgasm, a hard wrenching spasm shot through me as my cunt tightened down. Spasms started to roll through my cunt, dimly I heard Brent grunt, “Gonna cum, oh fuck YEAH!,” and there, ahhhh, yes, I felt the rush of wetness being pumped all over my milking, silky walls, his cock fired off, again and again, a flood of cum being shot into my very hungry pussy.

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