I fall in love and marry a Thai bargirl


My wife Aliyt is a stunning Thai beauty. The kind of
woman who can give you an erection by just moving her
hips when she crosses the room. Aliyt is petite for a
Thai girl at 5ft1″ with gorgeous brown skin and a very
slender and marvelously proportioned body. She has small
firm breast with nipples that poke through those thin
Thai tube tops she likes to wear and long waist length
flowing black hair.

As for yours truly, I am 49 years old white male, a bit
overweight and like I like tight Asian pussy. I met my
wife working in a bar in Bangkok. She came on to me and
I bought her a few beers. We flirted and kissed mouth to
mouth. I had paid the bar fine we spent the night

From the first time I met her, Aliyt wore a wide smile
and I found her to be endowed with a good sense of
humour. She was always cheerful, very friendly and
laughed easily while her eyes shone with mischief and
joy. Her laugh revealed a sexy piercing on her tongue. I
was later to find matching piercings on her belly button
and her left vaginal lip. Aliyt was a sweet,
affectionate, soft, gentle and very feminine girl. She
was always smiling and charming.

I knew Aliyt worked as a hostess in a beer bar. That was
a fact and as such I knew what she did for a living. She
provided company and sexual services to patrons. I knew
that she could be bought from a bar for a night or more
by paying a bar fine to the bar. She made money from
having sex with clients and getting them to buy her lady
drinks. She earned about 40,000 baht per month and she
was only allowed two days off a month.

She was not allowed time off on Fridays, Saturdays and
national holidays and she had to go out with the clients
four to ten times a month or pay fine of 500 baht for
each missed quota as well as selling a hundred drinks.
In spite of this as the days turned to weeks together, I
could not help falling in love with her.

Aliyt had grown up in Isaan and she had come to Bangkok
to work and earn money to support her family. Her best
friend Pom had been working as a dancer at a Go-Go bar
and found her a job in a beer bar. All the money she
earned she would send back to her parents and when she
was not working she would hang out and play cards with
Pom or the other girls.

In addition to being docile, loving and devoted, she was
very passionate and intense in her love making. She her
trained her tight little Asian pussy into a real muscle.
She groaned with passion as we made love and I knew she
was really enjoying the sex leaving me totally satiated
and exhausted. The first few weeks it seemed like a
dream come true.

I made all the arrangements and we travelled around
visiting Thailand, enjoying being together and getting a
feel for the culture. I must say I fell in love with the
country too, its food its people lovely flowers and
beautiful girls. When we were not out visiting or eating
Aliyt liked to wake up late, watch TV and eat tasty
spicy noodles. She did not seem to have any other
interests except good sex and spending my money on
shopping. I found that she was actually quite lazy
actually, she did not like to do any housework, cook or
clean up and thought that was the job of a maid. I put
it down to cultural differences and forgave her a
s she was so loving towards me.

Sex was great together and we got along very well
without too many arguments. I liked Thai food and I
loved fucking her slutty pussy and she knew how to care
for me. Trust was a big part of our relationship. Aliyt
had been a bargirl but she told me that it was all over
now and she was starting out a new.

She had fallen in love with me and she was determined
that we get married and settle down. I had been told by
a friend that to be successful in turning a bargirl into
a girlfriend it had done so when they were new to
prostitution. After the first couple of months it was
much harder. I loved her so much that I decided that I
would take my chances anyway. I knew we had a very
special loving bond and I hoped that it would be strong

I had no problem with her past as a bar girl, I told
myself. She had been quite open and honest about it. How
her ‘uncle’ and her friend Pom had helped her into the
business and helped her train as a bargirl. How after
she had been with the first few men things had changed
for her. She had got into the swing of it and found the
right attitude toward having sex with a customer, helped
by the other girls.

After a while she had decided to stick with the business
and she had found herself easily willing to go out with
additional men. She had found that she enjoyed it, the
money, the thrills and the power it gave her over other
men and the lifestyle it brought. She soon found herself
addicted to the promiscuousness of prostitution. She was
still young and desirable. I brought her stability and
money. It was a good match.

Married and back to the bar in Bangkok…

After we got back from our honeymoon, we decided to live
in Bangkok for a while until we managed to sort out all
her emigration paperwork. I took a job as a consultant
and made enough money to keep us comfortable. However it
never seemed to be enough. We had only been back in
Thailand a couple of weeks when Aliyt suggested we go
back to the beer bar for the evening.

“Whatever for?” I asked, startled. “Why would you want
to go back to that place after the tough time they gave

“I need to see my Thai friends. Speak Thai. Please,
honey. Do it for me, honey…” She pleaded, “I want to
go now before it is too crowded.”

I blinked, suddenly noticing that she was already all
dressed to go out. She was wearing a white Lycra tube
top and tube micro skirt that fitted her body tightly
like a glove and showed off her hard nipples beneath.
She had put on bright red lipstick, mascara and was
wearing black high heels with short white socks. I
caught my breath. She looked absolutely desirable in a
provocative and slutty way, very much in tune with what
the average bar girl would be wearing.

Reluctantly I agreed. I admitted to her that I was
excited at the thought of other men getting a hard on
for her. She laughed at me in surprise, but she seemed
to feel relieved by my attitude. I admitted to her that
actually the idea of all those other women looking at
her disapprovingly and enviously and the men knowing
that they could be fucking her for a price made me

She took hold of my cock firmly and ran her hand over
the length of my cock, feeling it’s hardness in her hand
and looked me in the eye with a sluttish and provocative
amusement. As she gently stroked it, she told me she
liked men to want her. The thought of her fucking
another men’s cocks for money instead of mine made me so
hard. I kissed her face and her neck. She let out a sigh
then and pushed against my cock saying she was excited
but ready to go.

When we got to the bar, we sat down and ordered some
drinks and Pom came up to us and hugged Aliyt. The girls
were happy and excited to see each other and chatted
together in Thai. Pom began to flirt with me at the same
time. Smiling at me, she told Aliyt how lucky she was to
find such a good hearted strong handsome husband.

I felt embarrassed and offered to go over the bar and
fetch some drinks. When I got back I found my wife
standing next to a stranger. She smiled at him and
leaned over towards him. He said something and she
laughed. She looked so charming and beautiful. By the
way he was looking at her he was certainly not
insensitive to her personality and sex appeal. She waved
for beers and sat down close next to him, leaving me
alone at the bar. He seemed to be all over her.

I had never seen the man before. He had his arms around
my wife and that he was squeezing and pulling her firm
bottom up against his crotch. Her arms were resting on
his shoulders and she was rubbing up against him,
sliding her pussy up and down his leg, feeling his meat
rubbing up against her soaked pussy, touching his cock
under his pants to get it hard and kissing his ear and

He said something in her ear and her face flushed and
she glanced towards me. I saw that her hand was touching
and feeling his hard cocks in their pants. They
continued to drink more beers and the guy reached out
and started to fondle and caress my wife’s breast
through her tight Lycra tube top. His hands were on her
hard nipples and I saw him fondling them with his
fingers. She kissed him open mouthed.

I watched in horror at my beloved locked in a mouth to
mouth kiss with him. I saw her mouth move as she stuck
her tongue down his throat with passion. I felt a strong
pang of real jealousy and nearly got up but stopped
myself in time. I told myself that it was too late
anyway to be jealous as that was her nature and after
all she seemed to be really enjoying it. I was getting
my wish, I thought with irony. Another man was ravaging
my wife and I was there to see it.

I felt anger, jealousy and arousal fighting it out. She
shook her head. I saw his hand reach up between her
legs. His fingers thrust in and rubbed her wet horny
pussy. She had her hand on his horny dick now. She had
extracted it from his pants and she was firmly trying to
jerk her customer off. After a few strokes my sweet Thai
bride took it in her mouth and was licking and sucking
at his thick cock like a back alley whore. I watched my
girl take this strange meat between her lips: What a
complete slut!

She eagerly shoved his meat in her mouth. From the look
on her face she liked sucking his erected cock and was
enjoying every second of it. When she is boozed up with
a few drinks taking an unknown stiff cock in her mouth
seemed natural. With all the excitement she had
obviously totally forgotten about me.

It seemed like she didn’t care about me her spouse in
this private little moment of her… She was partying
with this well hung male as the boozed flowed through
her body and my lady lost control and went with her
animal bitch instincts which told her to fuck any strong
cock with cash in it for her. My wife might be a real
slut but I am proud of her. She sucked him off until the
poor guy couldn’t take no more and he was ready to
explode in her mouth. She moved back, her lips smiling
and dripping with cum.

He said something to her. She ignored him. He insisted
and they reluctantly got up and wandered over to me. I
stood up and approached the couple.

“That’s my wife you are groping, Mister. Get your hands
off her ass,” I said.

He looked up at me with annoyance but made no move to
break free. “Nah, I paid for her drink,” he replied.
“Get lost!” He added with disdain.

I clenched my fists controlling my anger and jealousy. I
looked at the couple with strong mixed emotions and
contradictory feelings: anger at my wife’s behavior,
fear of not wanting to confront or fight this man and
arousal at seeing my wife behave like a slut before me.
My cock was hard looking at what he is doing to her,
touching her intimately.

I felt overcome by mental and moral cowardice and took a
step back. Aliyt glanced at me up. I could read
disappointment and contempt in her eyes as I back down.
Reluctantly, she disengaged herself gently from his
strong embrace. When the customer began to protest she
put a finger to his lips and whispered something in his
ear. He grudgingly let go of her and she moved towards
me. He nodded, unhappy but said nothing. I took hold of
her arm firmly and pulled her against me.

“Stop, you’re hurting me.” She winced.

“What do you think you’re doing, behaving like that?” I

“I’m working, honey. He pay me good. Please don’t get
angry. Promise.” She pleaded, eyes wide.

“What do you mean you’re “working”. I thought you had
given that up and that we were going out together.” I

“They call me this afternoon. Nerissa is sick. They need
another girl to cover her shift. I tell them I can do
it. Need more pocket money, honey.” She said.

I suddenly realized that she had not told me the truth
earlier. She was quite cunning, irresponsible and
deceitful when she wanted to be. I was angry that she
had committed to work at the bar without asking me.
After all she was married to me now!

“The other girls are busy. I help them out.” She
insisted, seeing my expression. “No more fighting,
honey. Please. I just flirt and they buy me drink. That
is all. Afterwards I rape you, promise.” She said gently
squeezing my cock through my pants. “His firm cock makes
my pussy wet and horny for you, honey.” She pulled my
finger under her skirt and into her soaked sleeve. She
wasn’t wearing any panties beneath. “You feel how I am
wet now, honey?”

She said, fucking my finger gently and discretely with
her pussy. She gave me a quick sperm – wet peck on the
lips and told me:

“Jake ask me for short time with him.”

I looked at her, stunned.

“You mean you want to go with him?” I blurted out.

“He pay me good money, 3,000 baht for short time honey.”
She said.

“You’re not going with him?” I managed, my face livid.

“I need to work. Earn money. I go with Jake, have good
time, do boom boom.”

Misinterpreting my look of anguish, she kissed me
briefly and added: “You no worry, tilak ja. Jake take
good care of me. He nice big cock. He fuck my pussy
good. I come back to you soon after Jake finished boom

The guy had only just invited my slutty wife back to his
hotel for a good fuck with her. Even though she was with
me, my true whore of a bargirl was unable to resist his
lewd offer. Before I could protest Jake wrapped his big
arms around my girl and pulled her tight up against his
big cock. She looked at me pleadingly so I gave in. She
kissed the guy hungrily and took him by the hand. She
would definitely be taking her clothes off to ride this
well-hung stud shortly. I knew that soon he would be
spreading her legs then driving his long fat cock into
her cunt and pounding her like the cheap bar whore that
she was.

She called over to the Madam. I saw them discussing
something, then the man reached into his pocket and
handed over some money to Madam Orchid. She shook her
head and reluctantly he gave her some more baht. She
smiled and nodded. I swallowed hard: Had he just paid
the bar fine for my wife? Aliyt got up, took the man by
the arm and lead the guy down the back. She glanced at
me giving me a little smile and a sign to wait. I got up
to follow but I found myself intercepted by Madam

“You cannot go, Sir. Mrs. is busy now.” She said,
stepping in front of me to block my passage.

“I want to see her now,” I insisted.

“Ok, come this way then.” She said misunderstanding my

Reluctantly, I let her take me through another back door
that gave into the office adjoining the back bedroom. I
stopped and gasped:

“What the hell?”

I felt angry and frustrated. At the same time I knew
that I would enjoy watching my cum grubbing hoe getting
hammered in a variety of sex positions.

There through a one way mirror I saw my wife on the bed
with the other man. Watching my beloved being touched by
this stranger made my stomach retch. As I watched him
kiss her on the lips and her avid little mouth
responding to his embrace I felt weak at the knees. I
wanted to faint but I forced myself to watch with
dawning horror, realising at last what I had got myself
into. My wife was making out with a total stranger and
soon she would be taking his cock inside her lovely
body, a body I had adored and thought of now as
belonging to me.

I felt anger, arousal and fascination as I watched. I
wanted to stop her and hit the guy but I knew that it
was not the answer and anyway what was done was done. It
was too late. I just had to touch my hard on and stare
at her as she became aroused and responded to him
physically, pasting her firm slim body against his,
rubbing her hand over his crotch provocatively. I
realised that she couldn’t see me through the one way

I had often fantasized about watching my beautiful wife
being fucked by one of her customers but it had never
occurred to me that it might actually happen for real
until then just been that. Seeing here like this now
just made me angry or want to cry or something. Instead
I just gritted my teeth tight and I watched standing
still and doing nothing. The only thing that moving was
my lurching dick.

The idea of my wife fucking a total stranger and cumming
on his cock made me really hard but I guess there is a
real difference between wishing it to happen and
actually being there and seeing your wife getting
screwed in front of you. I had once fucked the wife of a
dude I met on the internet right in front of him. He had
been very cool and mature about the whole thing. He had
watched quietly stroking his cock. After I had made his
wife cum screaming on my hard cock he had calmly
proceeded to fuck his wife and then they had kissed
warmly. I was very impressed, wondering if I could be so
mature about it too and enjoy it for the simple screwing
it was without any emotion or jealousy.

“Don’t be angry, Sir. Your wife’s pussy is still good
for many men.” Madam said, trying to sooth me. This of
course had the very opposite effect.

I was shocked. I knew that this was the answer to giving
my wife the happiness and fulfillment she needed and
lacked but was I really prepared to sell my wife to a
horny stranger who wanted to fuck her in the ass for
bahts? She was a Thai girl and even if she had sex for
money I knew that once a girl had been a whore she would
always be a whore and that having sex with a man for
money would always make her extremely horny. As for
myself I found an irresistible and morbid fascination at
the thought of watching my wife ride some rich guy’s
cock for cash.

I wondered what would happen if I allowed her to
continue earning money by fucking men who simply craved
to use her lovely body for sex. Would I ruin my marriage
and lose my beautiful wife? I knew it was a risk. But
then I had this obsessive fantasy to see other guys use
and fuck her for money like the bar girl she had trained
hard to be. I was shocked at myself, but deep inside I
knew she wanted and needed to take other cocks in her
even now after we were married.

“You’re very lucky man to have such a hot sexy wife. She
fuck real good, I know,” said the Madam.

My cock was growing harder in my pants now. I lusted to
see this stud bone my petite slutty wife. I wanted to
see him fucking her pussy, making it loose again, then
fucking her asshole and filling it with cum. I wanted to
fuck her pussy and feel his semen squishing around my
cock too. Aliyt had been brought up in a culture where
they were taught to please men and she had worked the
bars fucking many men every day for nine years.

So what was another cock cumming in her tight Asian
pussy anyway? I guess that what had changed now was that
she was mine, my wife, my loving bride and I adored her.
I wanted to jump up and stop it, but at the same time I
loved her so much and I wanted her to enjoy having sex
with the other man.

I wanted to touch her hair and gently stroke her lovely
shoulder. Her eyes were sparkling with sexual desire and
mischief. I wanted to kiss her on the lips and a squeeze
her tight before letting her pleasure her male friend. I
felt a terrible pang of jealousy and arousal, yet I was
proud of her professional dedication to her duties and
her desire to keep him in her hold, pleasure him and
make him cum adoringly in her pussy.

I was torn between a series of strong conflicting
emotions but I just kept fondling my cock to ensure that
I would allow my wife to get the sexual satisfaction she
needed and to earn the reward we both felt she deserved.

The man moved to her head and I watched in horror and he
slid his cock down her throat.

“Fuck her. Fuck my slutty bargirl. She wants and
deserves it…” I thought.

My wife sealed her luscious brown lips around his
exposed cock head and plunged her head down onto his
dick. I watched her head move expertly up and down his
long glistening shaft, suppressing a gag as she moved to
take the whole nine inches deep inside her small throat.
I could not believe it! Little did I know my bitch would
suck that bastard’s cock and fuck him with such a fierce

She came up for breath and groaned, letting out a deep
long “Ahhh!” of satisfaction, hunger and unchaste
enjoyment. Then she began to suck harder at his cock. No
longer able to control himself the guy released a hot
sticky stream of man juice straight down my hot little
Asian girl’s throat. She swallowed hard, taking down
every last drop of his cum. Then she proceeded to lick
the moisture off his cock and tease it with her tongue
until it was hard again.

She pushed him back onto the bed and with a wicked smile
climbed on top of him, mounting his cock. I noticed her
pussy was wetter than I had ever seen it before. Her
juices were running down her inner thighs. Reaching down
beneath her, she took hold of his long cock. Holding hit
firmly with her left fist, she positioned the cock head
against the open entrance of her moist vaginal lips.

With one strong shove thrust, she let herself down the
full length of his cock, taking it up to the hilt in her
hot pussy. As she sank down on his cock, she closed her
eyes, smiled and opened her mouth, letting out a small
sigh of satisfaction. I looked at her as she slowly
began to move up and down on his cock, lifting herself
up on her knees, then gently letting herself back down
on it. She was impaled upon this stranger’s cock and I
could see that she was loving it. His cock was thick and
long and she tightened her ass cheeks to grasp it firmly
inside her tight pulsating pussy.

I knew that she was thrilled feeling that huge cock
inside her, penetrating her belly so fully and so
deeply. She was hot, wet, and tight on top of him,
riding his cock. That way, she could take it all, every
fucking inch of the precious meat into fill her hungry
whore pussy. She swiveled her hips and then rocked back
and forth on the man’s thrusting cock, making sure he
had maximum penetration.

Even though it was a bit awkward with my being there, I
knew from her happy eyes that my cutie was really
enjoying getting fucked by this other guy. I watched my
hot-cunted bitch ride the stranger’s cock. She was
acting like a real horny slut: She thrust up against his
down eagerly riding his dick with fierce passion and
begging for him to fuck her harder.

She had never let me fuck her like that, I realised. Not
that deep, hard and dirty. My fantasy had become
reality: My wife was fucking this stranger deeply. Even
though it had been so fucking hot to watch another man
plowing my wife I knew then and there that our
relationship was in serious trouble. But I just could
not help enjoy watching my wife moan of pleasure as this
other guy drilled her tight wet pussy. I could not help
pulling out my cock and I stroking it hard as I watched
her moaning with guttural pleasure now. I was so horny
watching her new male friend fuck my slutty bride.

“She knows we are watching,” said the Madam.

Effectively Aliyt looked up in our direction, staring
straight at me through the mirror. She smiled and
quickened her pace. I saw my lovely wife squeeze her
legs around his thrusting body urging him on as he came
in her. His strong dark body stiffening as he gushed his
wad deep up inside my wife’s unprotected womb. I was
rock hard and my own cock jerked in my hand.

My wife let out a wild cry and then shuddered. I never
thought I would see her enjoy the most powerful of
orgasms from some random stranger’s cock. She quickly
came again but she kept on riding the guy’s cock like
there was no tomorrow. He looked up at her and they both
leaned in to kiss. They were actually making love now. I
could tell. This wasn’t simply fucking any more. I could
tell by the look in their faces. She told me afterwards
that he was awesome and that he had totally abused her,
screwing their tight anal hole so hard.

Finally I could stand no more and let my seed out
cumming too in appreciation of my wife’s enjoyment.

The bed sheets where my wife had had sex looked soaked
in sweat and sex. Aliyt’s body was glistening from the
hard fucking. The guy rolled over on his back and they
kissed exploring each other’s mouth again. After he had
left I went into the other room. She smiled at me and
pulled me towards her. She kissed me gently, tenderly
and passionately on the mouth. Her mouth and her whole
face smelled like cock.

There was a peaceful and satisfied warm, loving glow
about her. She felt giddy and young; she felt so adored.
As she closed her eyes and kissed she closed her eyes
remembering the feeling of the other guy between her
thighs. The feeling of his long, hard cock sliding in
and out of her wet pussy and imagining its full length
still inside her cunt. She shivered with delight at the

I put my hand on her sticky wet crack, collected a
potent mixture of pussy juice, the semen of another guy
and put fingers in my mouth, tasting the juices of her
coupling. It tasted sweet and musky. She smiled at me,
surprised and delighted then pulled my head down towards
her wanton loose pussy saying:

“Lick my pussy clean, honey. I still have lots more work
to do tonight. Lick it clean for me so another real man
can fuck me good there for you.”

I could not blame my wife if I was a cuckold now. After
all she was a pleasure girl and nothing I could do would
take the whore out her now or stop her screwing other
men’s cocks and letting them pleasure her and cum in all
her holes… I adored my filthy immoral Thai bar girl
wife and that meant I would have to put up with the
situation. She pasted my head against her pussy and
rubbed it over my mouth and nose, directing me to lick
between her soft half parted vaginal lips where the
sticky juice was starting to ooze out in blobs. I licked
hungrily at her unclean pussy, drinking and swallowing
the fresh cum.

“Eat it,” she said rubbing my face in it. “Yes, that’s
right. Suck it all out of me… Can you taste his cum,
honey? You see how he liked fucking your slutty wife’s
pussy? It was so good. He made me cum like a bitch in

She groaned as I licked all around her pussy, sucking
and swallowing the sperm from her sinful arousal. She
told me that he had paid her more to fuck her bareback
without a condom. Anyway it didn’t matter now that she
was married, she explained. After all we wanted to have
children and so she could make more money fucking her
customers bareback. If she got knocked up that was okay
since we wanted to have a kid. It didn’t really matter
to her which cock or whose sperm it was. I groaned and
told her to go and fuck another guy. She smiled and
replied that she was feeling horny too.

I was surfing Thai porn sites when I found the clip of
my wife doing it with this other guy. She told me that
she had stopped working. But when I saw her fuck that
guy on the internet, I couldn’t deny anymore the fact
that she had lied to me. She was wearing her wedding
ring so I knew this was only a week or two old. She was
working as a bargirl again fucking and sucking men for a
living. When you see the footage on my site, you’ll see
why you should never trust a fucking whore! My mouth
fell open and I swallowed hard as I watched the new post
of my new bride fucking this dude;

I watched him kiss her on the lips and her avid little
mouth responding to his embrace. I felt weak at the
knees. I wanted to faint but I forced myself to watch
with dawning horror, realizing at last what I had got
myself into. I felt anger, arousal and fascination as I
watched. I would really like to rub her breasts and lick
her pussy firmly as she sucked on a customer’s cock
head, licking his cock conscientiously and massaging his
balls at the same time.

It was obvious that he wanted to fill my wife’s pussy
full of cum. I thought to myself that surely she would
like it too and this would certainly make her little
girlish nipples are very hard and erect. It was not long
before I was watching as my filthy Aliyt get a hard hot
fucking, Her small tits and ass trembled as the guy
banged her pussy, making her gasp with pleasure and cum
hard. I watched unable to decide whether I was angry or
horny. I watched as the guy spread some KY jelly heavily
onto his cock. He then positioned himself between her
legs and spread her buttocks so that his cock head would
slide up and down her slit to her ass. My wife did not
seem to protests. He applied lube to her ass and worked
it into her tight ass making her squirm and moan.

He began working his cock into her ass very slowing
against her anus till the head popped into her asshole.
My wife squirmed and let out a little yelp, but the guy
held her steady as he slowly pushed his cock deeper into
her ass. He began sliding his huge black cock in and out
of her asshole while she whimpered and grunted till he
was finally pounding her ass as hard as he could driving
her face down on the bed. As he penetrated her, he
fingered her clit, helping to enjoy it fully.

His strokes became longer and with more power in her
tight ass. She arched her back to meet his thrusts. I
watched eagerly as the guy’s thick cock fucked in and
out of her exposed ass. I listened to her grunt each
time he slams balls deep and his cock is buried in her
hole! I didn’t care that she was getting fucked for
money. All that mattered was the cock embedded in her
ass. I watched the video several times until I came

I still could not believe it. I then got the idea to
check the clothes hamper. In it I found her panties, top
and mini jeans. The panties were lacy and tight and the
clothes smelled of cigarette and beer. She had been
drinking in a bar. The panties on the other hand were
definitely used and dirty. The crotch of the panties
smelled of sex. It was stained around the vaginal area
with a darker white discharge – a proof of her cheating.

I put the panties to my face and breathed in the scent.
I had to prove it to myself. It was definitely a mixture
of sex. I felt depressed, like a beaten man, as I
clutched her stained panties. My mind was spinning. I
felt sick and angry. You cannot imagine my confusion. I
pleasured myself with my cheating wife’s cum-stained
panties pushed against my face. And, it didn’t take
long. I fell asleep from exhaustion sometime after that

When the next day I confronted her, I demanded to know
what was going on. When I told her about it she cried
and said how sorry she was. She told me she loved me and
asked me to forgive her. Reluctantly I commented on how
beautiful and sexy she looked with another man’s cock in
her mouth and I admitted how horny it made me to have
married a slut and see her fucking another man like
that. That it just made me want to fill her cunt with my
own big long hard piece of hot meat.

I was totally addicted to her pussy too. My wife had
promised me that she wasn’t going to do any adult work
after we married, but she had continued and now I knew
that she would not be able to stop her. This made me
crazy and at the same time it turned me on. I knew I
would not want her to stop either even though I knew
that soon she would be sucking and fucking other dicks.
Aliyt admitted to me that she wanted and needed to fuck
other men for money but that she would not cheat and do
it behind my back anymore.

My wife loves only me but she also enjoys working as a
bargirl and hooker, earning good money and enjoying male
company. She wants me to allow her to continue working
in a beer bar. She wants to continue earning money by
fucking men who desire her lovely brown body for sex.
Certainly the idea of other men fucking my wife turns me
on. Would it ruin my marriage and lose my beautiful
wife? She likes taking a hard cock into her tight little
Thai pussy and I cannot blame her really. I am sure now
that my wife will want to continue fuck other men for

We watched the porn movie of her fucking together on the
bed and she put her hand between her legs and rubbed
herself. It was obvious that she still felt horny about
the episode and that masturbation alone would not
relieve her desires at all. In fact it only served to
make her even more horny.

I felt her pussy: it was wet and hungry. She suddenly
embraced me as she felt an urgent need to be fucked and
to have a stiff cock inside her. I was unable to satisfy
her and to fulfill her sinful urges and desires even
though I came four times. So after she had fucked me my
wife had told me she was off to work. Back to the bar…

I later got the details off her. My wife had picked a
guy in the beer bar. Aliyt was sucking his cock the
whole ride back to the hotel in the back of the taxi.
They went to the bedroom as soon as they got in. She
pushed him on the bed and started ripping his clothes
off. She rode him like a bronco while clawing at his
chest with her long, painted nails. His cock was hard as
a brick as she was riding him. He began to fuck her
upwards to meet her thrusts, sinking his cock all the
way into her writhing cunt. He watched her face, flush
with her arousal, and felt her body tense.

“Ride my cock, you fucking whore. Ride my big dick,” he

Aliyt thrust her ass up and down on his stiff stick,
fast and hard. Her breath was heavy and short. He
slapped her ass to make her speed up. Her pussy squeezed
his cock tightly as she trembled violently through waves
of intense pleasure as he sent his sperm into my young
wife above him.

My wife came home in the early morning hours. She was
wearing a short skirt and a revealing halter black
blouse with black stripper heels. She looked trashy and
sexy like a beer bargirl. She kicked off her heels and
hiked up her skirt. I could see she wasn’t wearing any

She spread her legs and reached down with a tissue and
wiped between her crotch before she dropped her skirt.
She brushed her teeth without saying a word before
jumping into bed. She smelled of beer and sex as her
smooth legs brushed against mine as she adjusted the
blankets. Her pussy was red and puffy from and ass were
sore after being stretched the guy’s big cock and a lot
of sex. There was dried semen on her thighs and my
wife’s hair was a mess and she smelled like cum. I took
a deep breath of air and then went down on her.

The taste was salty and acidic but I gave her the best
oral sex I knew how. She orgasmed twice and then almost
yelled at me to stop because it was getting too
sensitive. She told me to use a condom as she was
working now and she did not want me to catch anything or
make her pregnant as that would interfere with her being
able to attract and fuck others. Just knowing some guy’s
sperm was already inside her from earlier in the night
and feeling the cum squishing around against my wet
condom was driving me crazy. All that man-lube caused my
penis to glide right in.

I could hardly feel her vagina around me but that was
actually a good thing. She lay on her back as I rammed
her shaven cunt with aggression. She winced as we made
love and told me that she was a little sore down there
as the last guy had got a big dick. Imagining his large
dick inside my wife made me even harder. My cock was so
hard it was throbbing inside of her. Aliyt groaned as
she wrapped her legs around this me, surprised at the
amount of energy I had found in spite of my age. The bed
was rocking and banging against the wall. Her cunt was
oozing pussy juice all over my hard cock. She had a
powerful orgasm as came inside her tender pussy hole.

Watching my wife with a customer

A couple of days later my wife brought home her first
male friend as her friend who shared the room where she
usually fucked her customers had her family staying
there and the guy was married on vacation there with his
wife. She admitted to me on the phone before she got to
the house that she had not told him that she was married
and that I better keep out of the way. She turned up at
my house with this tall black guy. From the way she was
all over him and flirting I could tell that she really
wanted this black hunk in her pussy.

I saw it was making her hot and flushed. I knew that I
would love to watch her be used by this powerful Black
man so I went in the other room and let her make her
move and take care of business. Meanwhile I was
imagining watching him slide his big dick deep inside
her loving pussy and making her whimper and then
lovingly clean her up afterwards.

After a while I crept upstairs and peeked in. I saw my
wife down on her hands and knees like a proper slut. He
was balls deep in her tight Asian snatch which was
tighter than any slutty white wife, while her sissy
wimpy white husband remained outside. The guy was
fucking her doggie style. This perfect stranger had his
long hard dick in her ass and he was pushing himself
into her soft moist cunt, showing her what it meant to
have a real hard dick banging her wet pussy, grabbing
her big tits and calling her a slut. The guy held my
Thai whore in place using her like an evil fuck doll and
abusing her slut pussy.

Until a few days ago my wife had been home with me her
husband playing the role of dutiful wife. Now my wife
had taken this big black gangbanger upstairs into our
bedroom and she had a nine inch black cock abusing her
and drilling her senseless. I couldn’t believe the vile
filth that came spilling out of my cute bitch’s mouth
while she begged for a harder fuck in the ass.

I just stood there, cock in hand and watched. As he
fucked her pussy hard with his powerful cock she looked
into his eyes with adulation and total sexual
submission. The look of content sent an icy feeling to
my heart as I knew that she had found a new way to
satisfy her greedy appetite for sex and money. As I
watched my wife also enjoying being screwed I just
wanted to fuck my beautiful dirty wife in the same
manner…but admit I simply do not have the body,
virility and over-sized cock to do so as she would

After a moment I saw him pop his dick out of her cunt
and shove it in her ass. She wasn’t expecting to take it
up her ass but before she could say anything he had
stuffed his cock in her butt hole. She groaned as his
big cock stretched her anus but he just pushed it in
further. She said it hurt for a minute but then she
began to moan as she pushed her ass back on his hard
dick. After a few minutes of pounding his cock in and
out of her asshole, by wife begged him to cum. Of course
he obliged her and pulled his dick out of her ass. She
kissed him briefly on the lips and told him to come back

After this my wife told me she had never felt so filled
and nasty in her life and that she had enjoyed it like
crazy. I told her black men had the biggest cocks and
more spunk than white men, that is what made her cum
harder. I remarked to her that she had failed to use a
condom again. Aliyt admitted that she loved me very much
and wanted a baby very bad.

Since she was still working as a bargirl and whoring
this would end up another bastard. My wife argued that
this is okay and that it didn’t matter whose sperm it is
was long as we were married. After all if we wanted to
have children she could also make more money fucking her
customers bareback. If she did get knocked up that was
okay since we wanted to have a kid. It didn’t really
matter to her which cock or whose sperm it was. Having
many cocks fucking her pussy would give her maximum
seeds in her loins and impregnate her.

I did not know what to say at first and started to
protest but Aliyt insisted on taking cum in her pussy
until she is seeded by a bull. She declared that I was
not allowed to fuck her unprotected anymore until she
knew that she is knocked up good. I gave in on condition
that I be allowed to watch her being used by her black
bull as she knows I enjoy seeing their huge cocks in
her tiny Asian pussy. I had a very young Filipina friend
who had married a white guy from my town and after nine
months she had produced a black baby. I knew that she
had been regularly fucking other men throughout their

I should have known that my wife’s tiny Asian pussy was
helpless to withstand the overpowering sexual
performance capabilities of that man’s thick black dick.
Now she is addicted to it, addicted to his cock,
addicted to cumming over and over at his command. I had
witnessed what a big black cock could do to her married
Thai ass.

I had sex with my wife after he had left. She rode me
pretty rough. Her pubic area was already flooded by
their juices. After a couple of minutes, I lost it. It
was probably the most intense orgasm of my life. I loved
my wife. I loved her for giving me sex. She was still
riding me when I told her I already came. She hadn’t
noticed. She stopped and looked down between her legs at
my shrinking erection. She got up and went to the
bathroom. I couldn’t move, it was so intense.

The next day the black farang was back for more. She was
all over him kissing him, calling him darling and
staring him deep in the eyes with lust and adulterous
desire. Her body seemed to shiver with anticipation as
he squeezed her ass. She was so eager with the
anticipation of worshipping his beautiful, perfect black
body that she was caressing her superior black cock
through his trousers. She quickly dragged him upstairs
for another session of raw se and a chance for him to
stretch her small Thai pussy with his big black cock

I watched through the bedroom door as she his massive
erection out of his pants, her eyes gleaming with sinful
lust and her lips trembling with anticipation. It was
the biggest black cock that I had ever seen in my life!
Before I knew it, her lips closed around his hard cock.
I was now watching her mouth slide down on another man’s
prick! Her tongue swirled around the tip and then she
put his entire cock into her mouth all the way down to
the balls.

She bobbed her head up and down, and her fingers lightly
caressed his balls as she ran her tongue from the base
to the tip and sucked the head. She sucked and slurped
while she stroked his balls, and then fisted his prick
and sucked as she stroked it, up and down, over and
over. She was already hungrily sucking that huge cock,
licking and spitting on it, trying to swallow it all the
way down to its big balls. I could understand why she
was so greedy and lusty at having a dick that size. I
guessed that her pussy was just itching to get that
extremely large cock filling her cunt all the way up,
banging her lusty wet hole while she moans with

He threw his head back and groaned: “I’m gonna ruin that
tight little pussy and her ass girl. I’m gonna pump a
massive load of hot spunk deep inside of your booty…”

His black cock was starting to ooze. I watched as she
sucked his wet dripping cock. She wanted and lusted for
that real a big fat black cock in her juicy hole. After
a while when the monster cock could grow no longer my
wife slid her warm tight cunt over the guy’s big
erection and rode him and fucked him hard, banging his
balls against her pussy. Her wet mouth remained wide as
she panted and rode his cock hungrily.

While she was being fucked, she glanced at the door. She
knew I was watching. Her eyes were glazed with immense
promiscuous bliss while the black bull split her open
and filled her small pussy with his dark cock. They
fucked in every position with Aliyt making sure the
positions were such that I could see his cock going in
and out of her little housewife pussy.

I watched with pain, envy and adoration even though I
know she is humiliating me by cheating and prostituting
her body with this man. This guy treated my wife like a
Thai street meat and completely abused her pussy with
his big dick. This is what happens when you marry a wife
who’s young, hot, and dick hungry whore. We just got
married and she was already spreading her legs for other

I watched with mixed pleasure and disgust the lewd scene
of his long black shaft stretching her cheeks and
stuffing her pussy mouth. He had her hips in a vice grip
and proceeded to pound her pussy, his dick was a
battering ram crashing into her horny hole. She squealed
in delight. Her pussy was never been more alive. She
loved to be used well by men. This stranger gave her
what she needed.

He was groaning now. My wife stared into my eyes as she
experienced an earth shattering orgasm. As I watched
this black man probably half my age and twice his size
putting a load like that into my unprotected married
Thai wife I felt aroused beyond belief and terribly sad.
My wife was allowing this guy to fertilize her eggs. His
spunk was so abundant that it filled her pussy to the
brim and flowed out of her sleeve in a white sticky
mixture and ran down her thigh.

After seeing the amount of cum he had pumped into my
wife’s tight pussy I’m sure that he had impregnated her
tubes and that soon I would be the proud cuckold father
of a black baby. Then I thought I love the taste of her
well fucked cunt, perhaps she would let me try and stop
it and lap up the gobs of spunk that were oozing from
her well fucked cunt.

After he had left I found my wife there waiting for me
with his cum in her pussy. The big black cock bull had
left her married baby making pussy full of his cum. I
was rewarded with the pleasure of cleaning his seed from
her pussy with my tongue on her sticky vaginal lips. She
insisted I put on a condom before I was allowed to slide
my relatively smaller cock into her well used stretched
and gooey vaginal hole.

I guess she did not want me to contaminate her breeding
stud’s potent seed. With the amount of sperm I her belly
I thought that would be highly unlikely but I was hard
at the idea too. She was a bitch and did not care who
impregnated her as long as he fucked and paid her well,
made her cum hard on his big cock and was not her

I pumped their promiscuous thick juices in and out of
her womb helping her to fertilize her eggs. As I came
she groaned and kissed me hard on the lips. I tasted the
cock on them. A few minutes earlier she had been sucking
her bull’s hard black cock with her lovely lips and
licking and gratefully swallowing his cum.

After that sometimes she has sex in front of me but
mostly in her customer’s hotel room. I don’t know why I
have not put up much of a fight. I lost my pride and
dignity when it came to my wife. It was a mixture of
love and complete hated at the same time. I know my
fucking slutty bitch is getting her skinny cunt getting
banged in the shower, on the bed, on the floor or
elsewhere and I am not able do anything about it. My
petite Asian bar girl is getting a dick stuck in her
dirty pussy several times a day now for money and it
makes me horny.

Once you have been with a Thai or Filipina women it is
hard to go back to a western women. They are so cute,
loving, caring, feminine and they all have good hot sexy
bodies. Why would a western man want to return to an
equal relationship in the west when he’s got a woman who
will make his dinner every night, not require help
instinctively know how please a man, to make him feel
special, and use this same talent in bed.