My girlfriend gets fucked by her friend’s black lover

My relationship with Michiko lasted 2 years. Two years
that were full of surprises- not least our first date- a
threesome with her and one of her closest friends. That
was just the beginning, this story documents the events
occurring during a trip to Hawaii with Michiko and her
friend Noriko.

Things began to get interesting one night when the three
of us were at a night-spot not far from our hotel. We
danced for a while then found a place to sit. Michiko
and I were talking when I noticed that Noriko seemed
preoccupied with something. I followed her gaze and
found myself looking at a group of black guys dancing
near the front of the dance floor.

A couple of them had lost their shirts and the disco
lights reflected off the black skin, highlighting their
muscular physique. I looked back at Noriko who was still
watching intently then I nudged Michiko and, with a nod
of my head, let her know what Noriko was up to. She
smiled at me and I winked back at her. I leaned across
to Noriko and said, “See something you like?”

“Mmm.” Noriko said dreamily. She looked across at us and
didn’t seem surprised to find both of us looking at her.
There was an excited gleam in her eyes. She leaned
forward and said, “I wanna be fucked by a black guy.”

She was really serious too and I could tell she was
feeling hot. We talked about it for a while and I found
myself more than a little turned on by the thought of
little Noriko being fucked by one of those guys. She was
really serious and begged us to go back out on to the
dance floor with her. Of course, Michiko and I were only
too happy to oblige.

I knew I suggested that Michiko take Noriko to the
bathroom to “freshen up”. They went, and I sat there and
waited, my cock growing slowly in anticipation. After
about 10 minutes they came back giggling. Noriko looked
ready and so we got back out on the dance floor and
found a position near the black guys.

We started to move with the music but none of us had
their mind on dancing. The dance floor was quite crowded
and we slowly got closer to the black guys. Noriko was
dancing with her back to the guys’ circle. Michiko and I
pretended to be pushed so that Noriko was jammed between
the two black guys dancing behind her. It interrupted
their dance, but it gave Noriko her chance. Michiko and
I retreated a little and we watched to see what would

Noriko spoke with the guys and we watched her giggle and
shake her head. The black guys seemed to be standing
very close to her and one of them very casually had his
hand on her lower back. Noriko allowed it to remain
where it was and continued talking with them. After a
while they began dancing again with Noriko between them.
The two black guys were so close we could barely see
Noriko at all as she dance between them. Every so often
she turned to one of them and moved up against him,
smiling as his hands moved over her body.

The music changed and with the change, we saw Noriko
make her way into the middle of the circle. She danced
there, surrounded by a ring of black men. Her movements
became more suggestive, tempting them. One of the men
joined her inside the ring and started dancing with her.
They danced closely, their bodies pressed together, his
hands cupped her ass and held her against him. A chant
of “Brad, Brad, Brad..” went up from the surrounding

Brad and Noriko’s faces were pressed together, we knew
his tongue was deep inside her. His hands were moving
all over her and suddenly a roar went up as he had her
top off. Unphased, she backed away from him a little,
reached behind herself and unclipped her bra. Her small
breasts came free and she allowed her bra to fall away.
The ring of blacks was more quiet now, their eyes locked
on Noriko’s chest.

Noriko moved back to Brad guided his hand to her left
breast and leant back for all the guys to see. One of
the other black guys broke from the ring and got behind
her so she was sandwiched between him and Brad. He
pressed his body against her and managed to get his hand
onto her free breast. Several other guys followed him
and suddenly Noriko disappeared in a sea of black.

I’m sure she would have been fucked by all of them right
there on the dance floor, however the party was broken
up by one of the security guards. He made her put her
bra back on and kindly asked her and Brad to leave.

Michiko and I stayed at the club for a while. I was
imagining Noriko back at the hotel with Brad and I knew
Michiko was thinking about it too. There was something
irresistible about the thought of Noriko spread-eagled
below that black stud, screaming as he humped her.
Michiko and I pressed closer on the dance floor, I knew
she could feel my excitement and she ground her pelvis
against mine. “Lets go” I said.

We arrived at the hotel and tried to enter our room
quietly. Obviously it wasn’t quietly enough because as
we took our shoes off and walked into the living area we
heard Noriko calling out to Michiko. Michiko looked at
me and held her finger to her lips. She walked across to
the bedroom and slipped around the half-open door.

I heard a muffled cry and quickly followed made my way
to the bedroom door. I peered around he door and found
myself watching Noriko spread-eagled underneath Brad who
was plowing into her with an enormous cock. He was like
a black demon poised over his prey, invading her, and
she looked so pale and helpless beneath him.

I was suddenly aware of Michiko only inches away. She
didn’t even notice me as she watched her friend being
fucked. She was completely immobile, her eyes glued to
the scene in front of her, watching as that great, black
rod buried itself inside her best friend only to
reappear again seconds later to repeat the assault.

Brad looked over at Michiko, I saw his eyes meet hers
then drop down her body- he smiled appreciably. He bent
back down to Noriko, kissed her then whispered something
to her. In response, Noriko called Michiko over to her.
Her eyes still fixed on the sight before her, Michiko
moved slowly to the bed as Brad raised his torso a
little and slowed his rhythm.

He was still humping Noriko slowly and as he pressed
into her deep, I saw a brief grimace cross her face.
Noriko’s eyes opened and she reached out her hand to
Michiko. Michiko took her hand and allowed Noriko to
pull her toward the bed until she was standing directly
in front of them. She looked down at Noriko, a look of
pleasure on her face. Her hand brushed Noriko’s cheek
and followed the curve of her neck down to her chest.. A
squeal escaped Noriko as the Brad pushed into her again.
Michiko turned to look at him.

They held each other’s gaze for what seemed like forever
then Michiko looked back at Noriko. Noriko was slowly
removing Michiko’s top. Michiko didn’t resist as her top
fell to the floor. She looked back at Brad and I watched
her hands unclipped her bra. She allowed her bra to drop
to the floor and stood before him, offering her body to

I watched her lean into him, her knee found the edge of
the bed, his black hand appeared on her back and drew
her towards him. Another knee on the bed, their bodies
were close, their faces were closer, and suddenly their
lips were touching.

I was rock hard as I stood in that doorway and watched
that black man and his two women. His shaft buried
inside one lying motionless beneath him, his tongue
buried inside the second, straining up towards him,
giving herself to him. Michiko was kneeling on the bed,
her knees were just by Noriko’s naked chest, and
Noriko’s hand gently caressed her thigh. Oblivious to
all but Brad, I watched as her arm snaked around his
neck holding his face to hers, encouraging him to drive
his tongue deeper into her.

His movements inside Noriko seemed to stop. I saw
Noriko’s hand slide up onto Michiko’s ass, her other
hand found the clasp on her black skirt and undid it.
Michiko’s skirt dropped down to her knees and I could
see Noriko’s hand on her ass. Noriko hooked her hands
around Michiko’s panties and eased them down. They
joined her skirt at her knees leaving Michiko’s ass

Noriko allowed her hand to follow the line of Michiko’s
ass and thigh where it was joined by Brad’s big black
hand. The site of Michiko’s ass, covered by that black
hand, that stamp of ownership, nearly made me cum right
there. Michiko let out a little groan of pleasure as she
felt his hand there and ground her pelvis toward him.

Brad seemed to have forgotten that his dick was still
buried inside Noriko. He tried to twist toward Michiko,
but finding himself anchored to Noriko he rocked back on
his haunches, pulling himself out of her before
swiveling toward Michiko. As he turned, I had my first
opportunity to see just how big his cock really was. It
must have been 9 or 10 inches, jutting out there below

I felt myself wince a little as the head of that great,
black beast came into contact with Michiko’s left thigh.
She looked down as she felt it touch her. It was the
first time she had seen it’s true size. She wrapped her
hand around its shaft, her fingers barely touching, and
looked back up at him smiling.
“Fuck me” she said.

Brad swung Michiko around until she was lying on her
back next to Noriko, who wriggled away to give him room.
He pulled her skirt and panties away and positioned
himself between her legs. I held my breath as she lay
before him, her eyes locked on his, her legs, slightly
bent at the knees, with him between them. He moved
forward, his huge shaft in his left hand. Michiko’s hand
went to his butt as the head of his penis crept forwards
between her thighs.

I could see her trembling in anticipation as she felt
the black shaft brushing against her pale skin. I was
mesmerized as he paused, poised above her. Mesmerized by
the sheer size of the black weapon sticking out toward
its prey. The head of that black monster rested on her
labia- and suddenly it seemed so easy. There was no
rush, no reason for urgency, no resistance. Brad leaned
forward and they kissed again.

As their kiss became stronger I saw his body tense a
little as he pushed inside her. I watched the black
shaft slowly disappear inside her. I saw her hands on
his butt, gripping him, coaxing him in deeper. Slowly,
slowly he drove inside her. I couldn’t believe it was
inside her, it seemed almost impossible, the diameter of
the remaining shaft just seemed to big to enter her. But
it WAS possible. 6 inches or more of him was already
inside her and I found that even then I was able to see
less and less of his great shaft.

To see her below him, welcoming him, was almost more
than I could take. Without looking away I removed my
pants. My own rock hard penis sprung out. I touched it
absent-mindedly as I watched Brad bottom out inside
Michiko. She let out a grunt as the last of his ebony
rod entered her. As if that was the signal he was
waiting for, he began humping her. He was almost
machine-like as he pulled back and then ploughed back
into her.

She lay beneath him, her hands still on his ass, moaning
each time his body came to rest on hers. I walked around
behind the bed to get a better view when I saw Noriko
crouching beside the bed, her eyes glue to the scene.

Noriko had crawled to the side of the bed and was
kneeling on the floor watching her new lover fuck her
best friend. I saw her there and walked around the bed
until I stood behind her. She didn’t even notice me. I
reached down and felt my throbbing member as I looked
down at her. Her black hair lay across her cream
coloured skin, and she looked so innocent and beautiful.
Knowing that Brad had been inside her only increased my
desire to fuck her. I knelt beside her and reached
around for her breast.

She looked at me in surprise, her mouth slightly open,
and I kissed her. She squealed a little but didn’t
resist as I gripped her breast more tightly and pushed
my tongue down her throat. I reached for her hand and
guided it to where my penis jutted out from between my
legs. I felt her hand tighten around it as I moved
behind her quickly. She parted her legs and I moved in
closer and let my cock slip between her legs.

I held her pelvis tightly with one hand and used the
other to guide my penis inside her. I almost came as it
touched the warm skin of her opening, and I quickly
thrust inside her. There was very little resistance, I
guessed the result of Brad’s earlier work, and so I
started fucking her. I drove myself against her hard,
feeling myself ready to explode each time I slammed into
her butt.

I looked up to the bed to see Brad’s huge black pole
appear from inside Michiko and hang above her in all of
its glory. Shining with her juices, its head still
inside her, it was all that I needed- I felt myself
cumming inside Noriko. I leaned forward on her back as I
watched Brad continue his pounding and I felt my own
cock convulse inside Noriko.

Brad seemed to have incredible stamina. He was still
going as my deflated member slipped out of Noriko. After
I released her, Noriko crawled back onto the bed. She
leaned forward and kissed Michiko on the lips then
turned toward Brad. She brought his hand to her breast
and she strained up to him as he rocked back and forth
on Michiko.

As she knelt there, I could see my cum running down the
inside of her left thigh. She kissed him and suddenly
his rhythm gave way to several intense, spasmodic jerks.
He leaned into her and kissed her as he emptied himself
into Michiko. After he was spent, he pulled himself away
from Noriko who smiled down at Michiko and gave her a
peck on the lips. Brad then stretched out upon Michiko.
He was still inside her, allowing every last bit of his
black seed to run inside her. She lay beneath him, one
hand draped around his shoulder, the other resting on
his black ass.

Noriko curled up close to them and they lay there
together. I sat there by the edge of the bed for a long
time, watching that black man and those two Japanese

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