Hole in the Wall

It wasn’t her fault; Cathy tried to convince herself, as
she walked through the door once again. If only her
husband didn’t want to try something kinky and new that
night, her life would still be normal. On the way home
from a cocktail party Brian was feeling more then a
little frisky. “What the hell are you doing?” she had
shouted, as he pulled into the parking lot of a sleazy
little porno store.

“Come on Cathy! If I don’t fuck you right now, I’m gonna
wreck the car!” He ran around to her side, and grabbed
her arm, dragging her into the store. He walked her right
to the back, and pulled her into a little booth. Locking
the door, and turned to his startled wife. “Nobody will
bother us here!” he said with a grin. Brian forcefully
yanked her gown up to her waist, and then ripped her
panties down. “Bend over,” he hissed, as he unbuckled his

Cathy was getting turned on, despite her unease. “Brian!
What if someone catches us?” she whispered, even as she
bent over, and braced her hands against the wall. Brian
inserted a few coins into the control unit on the wall,
and suddenly the TV over it switched on. Cathy was
stunned to see a video of a woman just sitting on the
floor, letting one man after another blast her face with
thick ropey strings of their semen! She stared at the
screen, as her husband shoved into her.

“Oh my god!” she gasped, as Brian pounded her in an
almost insane frenzy.

“That’s fucking nasty,” he muttered, as he pumped his
hard cock into his wife’s now willing body. “How can she
let all those guys do that to her?”

“I can’t believe it!” she answered. The light in the
booth was bad, and Cathy’s body blocked his view, anyway,
so Brian never knew Cathy was talking about the huge,
hard cock that was suddenly jutting through a hole in the
wall, right in front of her face! “Hurry Brian! Just fuck
me and cum!” she gasped in panic, as her husband’s
thrusting pushed her closer and closer to her univited

“Brian, please slow down!” The cock in front of her was
dripping clear fluid from its huge purple head. The way
it was bobbing up and down, told Cathy a hand was rapidly
stroking the unseen portion of shaft on the other side of
the wall! Someone must have been watching them, and
decided to join in on the fun. “Brian, cum now!” she
almost screamed, trying to push back away from the wall.

“Yeah baby! Take me deeper!” he grunted, mistaking her
panic for arousal. “I’m gonna cum!” he grunted as he
slammed one final time into her.

Cathy plainly heard a faint “Me too!” as Brian pushed her
even closer to the cock before her. The cock thrust
completely through the hole, the throbbing head actually
brushing warm wetness against her trembling lips!

“Oh God!” she gasped, as she struggled. Her body betrayed
her, and her orgasm overwhelmed her senses. Her mouth
opened wide all on it’s own. She took the strange member
between her lips and began to suck, just as warm salty
liquid pulsed forth. Her tongue swirled eagerly around
the silky flesh of the spurting cock, as a massive load
filled her mouth. The thought of this unknown man using
her like this, drove her into another, much more powerful

“Honey, that was fantastic!” he whispered hoarsely, as he
pulled out of his wife’s trembling body. “I love you,

Cathy swallowed her mouthful of hot semen. She didn’t
dare spit it out in front of Brian! “I love you too!” she
gasped thickly. Thankfully, the cock in front of her had
disappeared. In the darkened booth, Brian would never
notice the hole!

Thinking fast, she spun around, and sucked her husband’s
cock clean. She had to hide the fact that she had semen
breath, when he only fucked her pussy! He pulled her up,
and hugged her tightly to him. “I know it’s weird, baby,
but I love eating my own cum out of your mouth! Did you
save me a taste?” he grinned, and kissed her. Brian
probed her mouth with his tongue, happily swallowing, not
noticing he was tasting the semen of a total stranger.

That was over a month ago. Cathy was totally ashamed of
herself, but hers was a powerful addiction. She needed
her fix, just as bad as any junky in the street. Cathy
had gone back the next day, and fearfully slipped into
that booth. She was hooked! It was nasty, and disgusting,
but she had never been so aroused as when that stranger’s
cock had shot off in her mouth.

She swore to herself that each time would be the last,
but every weekday found her on her knees, in the little
shop. A thrill of excitement ran through her body, as she
walked towards the booths in the back. There must have
been over 20 men just standing around, waiting for her!
Word sure got around! They all seemed to know she was
here every day until 3pm, when she had to hurry home, and
clean up, before the kids came back from school.

“Looking good Cathy!” Mickey grinned from behind the
counter. He didn’t mind her coming around at all. His
business was booming, since she started her new hobby. He
only had one rule. If the cops raided, she was on her
own. Officially, he didn’t know what she was doing back
there. That was really funny, considering how many times
he stopped by her booth, on slow days!

Cathy slipped into her favorite booth, and closed the
door. Her eyes grew wide, when she saw the added holes.
All three walls now sported a hole! Mickey must have
figured she would be able to handle more customers this
way! She took a cushion out of her tote bag, and placed
it on the floor. She pulled off her tight tee shirt, and
eyed the holes around her. “Who’s first?” she whispered,
as she knelt, and made herself comfortable.

A movement, at the hole to her right. A twenty-dollar
bill was gently waving at her. She took it, and stashed
it in her tote. Cathy gently grasped the hard penis that
soon appeared, and ran her fingers expertly up and down
the shaft.

“Does that feel good? Do you want me to make it even
better?” she whispered, as she began to jerk off the
throbbing shaft. She smiled, when another twenty appeared
as if by magic. These guys never realized that she would
do it for free, if they just stuck in their cocks and
waited! Hell, it sure did help with the groceries though!
Cathy leaned over, and took the swollen head between her
lips, and ran her tongue around it. She eased her mouth
over him, and let the head slide right up to the opening
of her throat.

“Suck me slut!” he grunted. Cathy obeyed, and began to
bob her head, being sure to make lots of slobber sounds.
She had learned that guys went wild over that! She was
taking him deep, actually bumping her nose on the wall;
when the cock in her mouth gave a mighty jerk. Thick hot
semen pumped into her throat. She convulsively swallowed,
not wanting to waste a single drop.

“Thank you baby!” she whispered, as the shiny penis

She turned, and spotted her next treat. “Wow!
Uncircumcised!” She giggled, as she took the three tens
that were wiggling at her over the uncut beauty before
her. She playfully jerked it a few times, watching how
the foreskin moved up and down the head, in a
delightfully nasty game of peek-a-boo. Cathy wiggled her
tongue under the tight foreskin, and was delighted with
the speed in which “Mister Uncut” showered her tongue
with his spunk.

“Shit! That was too fast!” she heard him mutter, through
the thin wall.

“I’m sorry honey!” she whispered into the hole. She
peeked in, and looked up at the man’s face. “Tell you
what, baby. You come back again, and I’ll give you a
freebie, ok?”

“You’re shitting me, right?”

“No, I swear! I’m here every day. You come back any time,
and I’ll really make you feel good!”

“Thanks, sexy!” he said as he zipped up his fly. “I’ll
definitely see you again!”

Cathy looked over to the hole on the right, and her heart
skipped a beat. It was the biggest, thickest cock she had
ever seen! Over it waved a hundred dollar bill, too! “Oh
honey, do you have a license for that thing?”

The man in the neighboring booth laughed. “It’s all for
you baby. Why don’t you get over her, and let me fuck you

Cathy hesitated. The guy misunderstood her total rapture,
and a fifty soon joined the hundred. “Ok, baby,” She
whispered. “You have to wear a condom though,” she

“No problem!”

“I’m gonna like this!” she whispered, as she rolled the
sheath over his massive shaft. Cathy never saw a cock
that stuck so far through the hole before! The condom
didn’t even make it three quarters of the way down! She
hastily pulled down her panties, and stripped off her
tight leather skirt. Usually she managed to hold off, and
fuck only a couple of regular customers, just before she

This thing seemed to draw her to it, like a snake
charming its prey. Cathy was so hot she couldn’t stand it
any more. She had to know what this monster would feel
like, inside her!

“Hold still baby. Let me get that animal in me!”

She backed against the wall, and placed the huge latex
covered head against her soaked vagina. She had to
wriggle and push, to get the massive thing into her tight
body, but she did it, and it filled her more then she
ever was in her life! She started to thrust back at huge
shaft. It was painfully stretching her, but that didn’t
matter! “Oh baby, fuck me!” she squealed. “Fuck my pussy!
Split me with that thing!”

“You got it, baby!” he shouted, as the huge shaft began
to pump.

“Oh shit!” he exclaimed, suddenly stopping.

“Fuck me!” Cathy shouted, lost to her growing arousal.
“Don’t stop now! Fuck my cunt!”

“If you say so!” he yelled right back, and started to
really slam into her.

“Yes! Fuck me!” she panted, as she rocked back to meet
every thrust. She was doing it! Her bottom was banging
against the wall, as she took all of that massive cock
into her body!

Cathy was in a frenzy herself now. She leaned over, and
clasped her lips around another cock, while she reached
over, to jerk a third. The guy in her mouth came first.
She swallowed all of his spunk, just as her body
stiffened, and her orgasm ripped through her. Jets of
semen arched through the air, landing in her hair, as she
cried out in total joy. She madly jerked the spurting
cock, milking every drop, while her body quivered.

“I’m gonna shoot!” the guy fucking her shouted, as his
cock moved inside her.

Cathy slammed back hard, pain and pleasure mixing, as she
moaned in delight.

“Yes, fill that condom!” she gasped. “Pretend you’re
knocking me up! Give me a baby!” she cried out, as her
body started to shake anew.

“You, you asked for it!” he stammered, as he thrust one
last time.

Cathy very nearly passed out, as her body began to spasm
around the huge cock. She finally managed to catch her
breath, as she carefully grasped the base of the condom,
and eased her aching, but satisfied body from the still
hard cock. He must have really filled it. It was all
baggy and loose! She couldn’t believe how wet she was
either! Hot fluid was running over her fingers, as she
let the monster pull out of her, with a wet plop.

“Watch through the hole honey, and I’ll suck that condom
dry for you!” she turned around, and froze, as she saw
the unthinkable. “What? It broke? Oh my God, the condom
broke! Why, why didn’t you stop?” she stammered, as she
stared in horror at the shiny, semen dripping cock, with
the ring of bunched up latex around its middle.

Quick as a wink, the cock disappeared. “I did, but you
told me to keep going! Thanks! See ya around, cum slut!”
he called cheerfully.

“Wait! It broke! What do we do? I’m not on the Pill!”
Cathy cried, as she heard a door bang open, and feet
hurrying away. She never even saw his face. She looked
down at herself, and saw a truly amazing amount of semen
dribbling from her sore pussy, and running down her leg.

“Oh God, oh God!” she whimpered, as she did fast
arithmetic in her head. “Why, why did he have to be here
today?” she cried, as a ball of ice seemed to form in her
tummy. She was as fertile as could be right this second!

Worse yet. Brian had gone for a vasectomy right after
Sarah was born. They had figured two sons, Bobby and
Sarah, made a perfect family. “Oh no! What will he say?
What will he do?” she moaned, as she tried uselessly to
scoop semen from herself, using only her fingers.

“Hey, anyone home?” a voice called.

Cathy looked up, and saw a nice looking penis, with a
fifty-dollar bill, just inches from her face. “Sorry
honey.” She whispered through her tears, as she bent and
took the throbbing cock between her lips. She took
comfort in the thick creamy fluid that flooded into her

Cathy dried her tears. She had another hour before she
had to go home. Maybe if she swallowed enough cum, it
would help her feel better about the baby she was sure
was growing inside her, right this second.

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