Heidi Gets a Spanking


Heidi’s mom and I were eating dinner at a nice restaurant, out on one of our infrequent dates. Dinner and a movie, and then, I was reasonably confident, once she’d paid the babysitter, a little bit of pussy before the evening was done. But the conversation took an interesting turn…
“What do you think about corporal punishment?” she asked me between bites of free-range chicken.

“Corporal punishment?”

“Yeah, you know, paddling, that kind of stuff?”

“I guess I haven’t given it much thought.”

“You know me,” she said, “I’m like one of those traditional ladies. I think there’s a time and a place for it.”

“I think you have a point.”

“Here’s the thing, John. Heidi got in some trouble at school. Her friend Amy and her lipped of to a teacher and they got a week of detention.”


“I’ve grounded her for life and all that shit, but, call me old fashioned or whatever, but I think she needs a paddling, too.”

“I suppose.”

“In my family, it was always my father that did the paddling. Seems like a guy thing to me. But Heidi’s never had a father, you know. You’re the closest thing to a ‘father figure’ in her life.”


“I know it’s a lot to ask.”

“So you want me to, what, give Heidi a paddling?” I asked as quietly as I could in the crowded restaurant.

“Yeah. I think it would be good if she started out the weekend grounded and with a sore bottom. It’d give her something to think about.”

Sex with Heidi’s mom has always been a bit mechanical. Like she said, she’s a traditional lady. She pretty much likes to just lay there with her legs open and let the guy do his thing. But not that night. Maybe it was because she felt she owed me, since I agreed to her strange request. Or in retrospect I can’t help but wonder if maybe the thought of me paddling her daughter gave her some inspiration. But whatever the reason, the woman was hot that night, licking and sucking and riding me like a whore.

The next morning I was sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee.

“I think a ruler would be good,” Heidi’s mother said, “don’t you? There’s one in the desk drawer in the pantry.”

“Um…” it took me a second to figure out what she was talking about. “Oh, for the paddling? OK.”

“My dad used to give us five. Does that sound right to you?”


“Yeah. Not enough?”

“No, I think that’s good.”

“And, I know this sounds weird, but he always did it on our bare bottom. Can you do that?”


“Thanks so much, John. This really is important to me. I’m gonna go talk to her now, tell her what’s going to happen, OK?”

While Heidi’s mom was talking to her, I went into the pantry and found the ruler. A minute later her mom came downstairs. “OK,” she said, “Heidi’s ready.”

I went upstairs and into Heidi’s room. She was wearing a cute little pair of puppy-dog pajamas and looking sleepy and a little scared.

“Good morning, Heidi,” I said to her. I walked in and sat in the bed next to where she was laying down.

“Hi, John,” she said, without her usual smile.

“You know what your mom asked me to do, right?” I saw that her mom was standing at the open door, watching us.


“Come here and lay over my lap,” I told her.

She crawled out of bed and sullenly lay, stomach down, over my lap, her sweet, full, baby-fat bottom up in the air in front of me.

“Your mom asked me to do it on your bare bottom,” I said.

“OK,” she said, and reached down and pulled her pajama bottoms down a bit so that her adorable pale ass was bare and right in front of me. I looked over at her mom, who smiled at me.

“Look, Heidi, I don’t want to hurt you or anything but you do know that what you did was really bad, right?”

She had the side of her face against the bed and she looked up at me, her blue eyes wide. “Yeah,” she said.

“And you promise you’ll never do it again, right?”

“I promise,” she said.

“Now, I’m going to paddle you five times, OK?”

She looked at me with those big beautiful blue eyes. “OK.”

I raised the ruler in the air and brought it down quite hard on her bare little girlish bottom. Whack! Her body tensed and her face grimaced, her eyes shut tight. There was a long, red mark across both of her ass cheeks. I looked up and saw her mother watching over the proceedings from the doorway with a grim look on her face.

I lifted the ruler again and brought it down even harder. Whack! After the initial shock, Heidi looked up at me, her eyes shining with tears.

I was embarrassed to discover that my cock was beginning to harden as I looked at the tears welling in her beautiful blue eyes. I lifted the ruler again and brought it down a third time–Whaaaack!–and she had her eyes squinted closed as tight as she could and the tears were flowing now.

I lifted the ruler again and saw that her beautiful pale ass was angry red now, and I brought the ruler down. Whaaaack! She took in a sharp breath and then she sobbed.

My cock was rock-hard now, a raging hard-on. For some reason, watching the little girl sob while I whipped her ass was an amazingly sexually exciting experience for me. And I knew she knew, her belly was right against my crotch and she could feel my hard-on and she must have known I was completely turned on right then.

Charged with sexual aggression, adrenaline coursing through me, I put my free hand on her head, pushing her face into the bedsheets and causing her ass to lift even higher in the air. And then I raised the ruler one last time and brought it down as hard as I could on the poor little girl’s painfully reddened bottom. Whaaaaaccckkk!

Her whole body tensed and shook and she let out a deep, painful breath, and then started sobbing, big, childish sobs, tears flowing out. She just lay there, her pajama bottoms down over her bottom, her bare ass cheeks up in the air and angry red, her belly pressed hard against my engorged cock, and she sobbed and sobbed.

I ran my fingers gently through her hair. “All done, Heidi,” I said.

She looked up at me. I wiped some tears from her cheeks. Then I stood up, and she stood up too, her pajama bottoms falling to her feet, her bare, bald pussy right in front of me. “I’m gonna go lay down now,” she said, the words hiccuping as she continued to sob.

“OK,” I said. She crawled onto the bed and lay down on her belly and cried a little more.

Then her mom signaled to me to follow her into her bedroom.

“You got hard,” she said, looking down at my crotch where a rather obvious erection was standing up.

“Uh,” I stammered, feeling extremely embarrassed.

“It’s OK,” she said. “My father always got hard when he paddled me.”


“And if my mom wasn’t around, then it was my job to… to take care of it for him.”

“You mean…?”

She gave me a little smile. “It wasn’t rape, if that’s what you’re wondering. I wanted it almost as bad as he did. He never did fuck my pussy, he wanted to keep my cherry for my ‘future husband.’ And I didn’t really like it much when he made me blow him. But mostly he liked to put it in my ass. I still remember so well how it felt, to get a hard paddling and then get fucked like that.”

“I never knew.”

“I’ve never let any other guy do that to me. Only my daddy.”

“Do you think Heidi would like it?”

She squinted her eyes at me. “You want to fuck my daughter in the ass?”

“I think she would like it.”

“I suppose she would. But…”

“Enough talking now. I need you to suck me.”

The bitch sank down on her knees in front of me and looked up at me with big blue eyes. “Yes, Daddy,” she said quietly. She pulled my pajama bottoms down and went right to work, warm mouth wrapped around my head, silky tongue lapping, one hand jacking, the other hand caressing my balls.

After about a minute of a decently good head job, I pulled out of her mouth. “Get up on the bed now,” I said to her. “Take your pants off, then get on your hands and knees. I’m gonna paddle you and then fuck your ass.”

“Yes, Daddy,” she said, the big baby blues looking up at me.

Whack! That ruler came down hard on the bitch’s big womanly ass. Whack! again, and again. She moaned into the bedsheets, then looked up at me with tears in her eyes. Seeing those tears made me rock hard again.

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” she said. “I’ll be good, I promise.”

Whack! Whack! Then I grabbed her reddened ass, spread open her cheeks, and positioned my cockhead right over her anus.

I rubbed it over it a couple of times, then pushed it in. She was so warm, and so tight, and I pushed my whole head into her.

“Oh, Daddy!” she moaned into the bedsheets.

As if on cue, Heidi opened the bedroom door. She stood and watched for a moment as I started fucking her mom’s anus with the head of my cock.

“Come here, Heidi,” I said to her. If the mom noticed that her daughter was there, she didn’t let on. She just kept her ass in the air and her face buried in the bedsheets.

“I heard a noise,” Heidi said as she walked over.

“Up on the bed, sweetie,” I said to her.

Heidi knew what I wanted and climbed up next to her mom. Her mom turned her head to look at her. “Are you OK if he does this to you?”

The girl nodded.

As my cock burrowed a bit deeper into her mom’s hot rectum, I reached over to Heidi’s ass and gently touched her angry red cheeks. I slipped a finger in between her cheeks, swirling it around her anus. Then I pushed it in, still swirling, loosening her tight little sphincter.

“Are you ready, Heidi?”

She looked up at me and smiled, nodding.

I pulled out of her mom’s ass and moved over to Heidi’s. I pushed into her gently, just letting her little muscle loosen in response to the assault.

“Are you OK, Heidi?” her mom asked her.

Heidi nodded, moaning as I pushed my head all the way into her hot rectum. “I love it when he does this,” she said.

Her mom looked up at me. “So this isn’t the first time, huh?” She rolled over on her side and put her hand between her legs and started diddling with her clit as she watched her daughter being fucked in the ass.

It didn’t take long for me to get to the point of no return. “Oh, Heidi, you little whore! I’m gonna come in you! I’m gonna come in your ass!” My cockhead was sliding half-way into her warm rectum now, her tiny asshole tightening and loosening in rhythm with my thrusts.

The mom’s fingers were moving quick down between her legs.

I grabbed the little girl’s tender behind. “Oh, fuck, Heidi! Oh fuck!” I said as my orgasm started. I shoved into her, three-quarters of my shaft buried in her bottom now, and unloaded, filling her with semen.

“Oh, fuck,” I said breathlessly as the second shot fired out, but much smaller than the first. I’d pretty much dumped the entire load in the girl with the first huge shot.

When I mercifully pulled out of her battered little ass, her mom took her hand and led her to the bathroom to help clean her up. For me, I just stood there, feeling my cock tingle, a wonderfully happy, satisfied dick, thinking to myself that this might be the beginning of a really good time in my life.