Cheerleading Camp


Jenn was excited. Her two week cheerleading camp was next week and the days couldn’t go by quick enough. Her squad had been fundraising for the past year, raising enough money to attend the camp in Orlando. There were plenty of expenses such as airfare, lodging, food, etc. Jenn’s mom had planned on joining her, but was asked to take a trip to visit a client in Europe at the last minute. It was a multi-million dollar account they were at risk of loosing and she had developed a close relationship with President of the company at risk.

Being VP of a large Fortune 500 company can certainly have it’s perks, but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. This was one of those situations. They agreed that cheerleading camp was not a reason to lose a multi-million dollar account. So, at the last minute, Nick was asked to go in his wife’s place. He had more flexibility at work and was able to take two weeks off at the last minute.

At the airport, it was clear that he was in the minority. All the other parents tagging along were moms except for one other father. Jenn called her friend over and introduced her father to Mary and her father, Frank. They boarded the plane and did not see each other again until the group’s leader brought them together to explain a mix up at the hotel.

She explained that most rooms were made up of 2 queen size beds with two pairs of mother and daughter sleeping in each bed. The mix up was that they were not expecting any dads on the trip. Right away, Jenn and Mary spoke up, saying they were ok with sharing a bed and the dads would share the other bed. As much as Nick was not comfortable with sharing a bed with a man, much less with someone he just met, he wasn’t going to ruin this trip for his daughter.

When they got to the room, Mary spoke up right away, telling Nick that she would be sleeping with her Dad. She knew the leader of the group was uneasy about two girls in the same room as their dads and would have much less approved of two girls sleeping with their dads. But she also did not want to make him uncomfortable by sleeping in the same bed with her dad. Nick looked over to Jenn and asked if she was ok with it. She seemed excited and said it would be just like when they cuddled on the sofa at night. It was quickly settled. Each couple chose a bed and started unpacking.

After unpacking and resting for a bit, they took off to orientation. There, the girls were encouraged to go to bed early, reminding them that they would be starting early and they would be busy most of the day. Parents were welcome to observe the different clinics, but were expected not to distract the girls. Other useful and helpful info was shared and then they were directed to a different hall where dinner was being served. After dinner they walked around the hotel for a bit before making their way back to the room. They watched TV for a bit before turning out the lights.

During the middle of the night, Nick woke up to use the restroom but was shocked to hear moans and whispers coming from the other bed. He stayed in bed, not wanting to let them know he was awake and totally shocked by what he was hearing. He listened to Mary’s moans without realizing that he was getting a hard on. Jenn quietly whispered, asking if he was awake, he quietly replied that he was. She quietly told him that they had been ‘doing it’ since her freshman year. He was surprised and asked how she knew. She told him that best-friends tell each other everything. When he asked why had she not said anything before, she said Mary had made her promise not tell anyone. After a few more minutes, the moaning got a bit louder before they stopped and finally fell asleep.

The next day, Nick was not sure on how he felt about the whole situation. It was obviously wrong, but Mary did not seem to be complaining. It was quite clear she was enjoying herself. As the only two men on the trip, they ended up at the bar while the girls were at camp. As they got to know each other, Frank explained to him that Mary’s mother had died 10 years ago and he had been a single parent ever since and as a result, they were very close. He went on to say that she behaved like both his daughter and his wife. Nick asked if he ever dated and he said he was not ready to date, he was afraid Mary would get jealous. She was a good girl, but she could be immature, even for a 16 year old.

They ended up grabbing lunch together. Even though he was concerned on what he had heard the night before, Nick actually enjoyed his company. When the girls were done, they met up with them for dinner that evening. Afterward, they ended up watching TV in the hotel room before going to sleep.

Later that same night, Jenn woke him up to tell him that they were at it again. They both laid there quietly turned onto their sides to listen in better. Although they did not admit it to each other, Jenn could feel her pussy getting wet and Nick could feel his dick getting hard as they heard Mary moaning and Frank whispering to her. They were able to hear Frank better than they did the previous night.

“Does that feel good, baby. Do you like daddy’s fingers in your sweet little pussy?”

“Ah, ah, yes, daddy.” she whispered, letting her dad know how much she was enjoying it.

“My god, you’re really wet, princess. I love it.”

Jenn and Nick continued listening in until they heard heavy breathing and moaning from Mary, whispering to her dad that she was cumming. After they heard her regain her regular breathing, they heard Frank and Mary wish each other a good night.

As cheerleaders, both girls were gorgeous, with tight hot bodies. Mary was taller at 5’9” with Jenn at 5’4”. Mary has long, shapely legs that Nick started imagining having them wrapped around him while he pounded hard into her. He felt shame when he had those thoughts, but he was unable to stop his perverted thoughts.

As the week went on, he started noticing little things that other people probably didn’t. Mary always found a way to sit on her dad’s lap, she would kiss him on the mouth whenever the girls left or came back to meet up with them. The kiss always seemed to last longer than necessary. He would catch Frank discretely caressing her ass when he thought no one was looking, like when they were standing outside while waiting to be seated at a restaurant. Both girls would hug their dads, but Mary would press her tits up against Frank and his hand would occasionally caress her ass.

A couple of nights later, about an hour after turning off the TV, Nick was still awake when he heard them whispering, followed by kissing noises. The light from the moon was pretty strong that night and some light was coming into the room. He looked over and noticed that they were both under the blanket, with a body on top of the other. The shape of someone ass was obviously under the blanket. Nick was on his side and Jenn was asleep on her back right next to him.

The body on top started slowly moving up and down. He was shocked. It had gone from touching the previous nights, but now they were fucking. ‘Why wouldn’t they?’ Nick thought to himself as he heard Mary struggling to conceal her moaning as her dad slowly started penetrating her. Frank fucked her nice and slow, trying not to make too much noise. Nick’s cock started getting hard and he unknowingly started caressing his daughter’s abdomen as he saw them fucking.

Jenn started moaning and he realized what he was doing. He looked down and saw Jenn had her eyes closed as she softly moaned. He pulled his hand away and turned around, He laid there shocked at what he had seen and ashamed of what he had done. Most of all, he was surprised that his cock was still hard as a brick. After a long time just laying there thinking about what to do, he quietly fell asleep.

The next couple of days, nothing happened during the night, but he noticed that his daughter was behaving a bit more affectionate towards him. Jenn would sit on his lap and kiss him on the cheek, with their mouths very to close to each other. He did not stop it. He was not sure if she was doing it on purpose, but he knew he liked it. He justified it to himself that perhaps she was just feeling closer to him with all the time they were spending together.

He also noticed that the girls had casually gone from wearing traditional pajamas with long sleeve tops and matching pants to crop tops and boy shorts that showed off their well-developed asses. He not only noticed Mary’s beautiful body with long legs, attached to a tight ass, and tits that were close to a C cup, but he also took notice of his own daughter’s body. He couldn’t help notice that she looked great with perky B cup tits and a firm ass that looked perfect in her shorts. With all the time they spent working out, their bodies were damn near perfect. As they moved around the room, the girls were getting him aroused dressed like they were and he was loving it. He started to allow himself to enjoy it, justifying it to himself that everything would go back to normal when they got back home.

When Saturday came around, it marked the end of the first full week. The girls asked if they could go out to dinner alone, just the four of them. They needed a break from the group and Sunday was a free day for them to do whatever they wanted. After a nice dinner, they ended up at a family fun center, playing miniature golf where Nick noticed more amorous behavior between Frank and Mary. Whenever Mary would sink the ball into the hole, she would tun to Frank for a quick hug and a kiss, very similar to what a loving couple would do. It wasn’t bothering Nick any longer. In fact, he was hoping he and Jenn could be that close.

When they got back to the hotel, the plan was for the girls to go to the room while the Nick and Frank grabbed a nightcap at the bar before heading to the room. Instead, after finding nothing good on TV, the girls decided to make their way back to the bar. Finding their dads, they went over and sat with them. Mary asked her dad if she could have a Margarita. After a short discussion, the girls ended up at an outdoor patio and the guys showed up a few minutes later with the girl’s drinks. Jenn was surprised her dad had also brought her a Margarita. Nick made her promise to never, ever tell her mom.

As the evening went on, Mary was the first to get up and sit on her dad’s lap. Jenn felt left out and got up to also sit on Nick’s lap. Nick had no complaints and enjoyed having his daughter on his lap, with both girls being affectionate with their dads by hugging and kissing them on the cheek. The girls had enjoyed two Margaritas each and it was obvious they were starting to feel the effects of the alcohol as they got louder and louder. The guys decided it was time to go to their room. They too were buzzing and Frank couldn’t wait to get Mary in bed. He was feeling horny for his little girl’s tight pussy, knowing that she got horny whenever she had alcohol.

They guys got ready for bed in the room while the girls got ready in the bathroom. After awhile, when the girls finally came out, Nick couldn’t believe his eyes. Both girls came out screaming and running to their beds. He had an instant hard on as he caught a glimpse of the girls coming out of bathroom in skimpy crop tops that barely came below their tits and wearing bikini style panties with half their asses hanging out. They were behaving as if they were at a slumber party. Everything happened in a flash, with the girls running straight to bed and getting under the covers.

Jenn jumped into bed next to Nick, who was already under the covers waiting for her. He asked if everything was ok and Jenn told him they were just being silly and having fun, asking him if he liked her pajamas.

“Do you like my pj’s daddy? Don’t they look cute?” Unsure of how to answer, he knew telling her the truth that her outfit had his cock stiff as a board was not the correct answer.

“Yeah, sweetie. You look nice.”

Jenn laid down on her back next to her dad and all four watched TV for awhile before they all agreed to go to sleep. It had been a long day and the girls were planning to go jump in the pool the next day. Both the TV and the lights was turned off.

As much as Frank and Mary wanted to wait for at least an hour, to make sure the other two were asleep, Mary just couldn’t wait. So after just half an hour. Nick and Jenn heard them whispering and it sounded like they were arguing. Frank was talking to Mary, insisting that they wait a little longer, but she was not listening. She begged him to touch her while she started stroking his cock. Mary loved her dad and got addicted to his cock from the moment they first fucked two years prior. In the end, Frank did not hear any noises from the other bed and assumed they had fallen asleep.

Frank wanted to eat out his daughter’s precious little pussy before fucking her. He loved her sweet-tasting pussy and as horny as he was, he wanted to first slurp up her pussy juices before penetrating her tight little cunt. He started by kissing Mary while his fingers landed on her mound. With Mary still feeling the effects of the alcohol, she was not being as quiet as she thought she was when she begged her daddy to eat her pussy.

“Daddy, can you please eat me out? Please, daddy, lick my pussy.” Nick and Jenn could hear everything. Jenn was a virgin and tried imagining what it would feel like to have someone lick her pussy. She was getting very aroused and Nick’s cock was now hard as a rock. As Mary continued her moaning, Jenn could feel her pussy getting very moist, imagining her daddy’s head between her legs.

Nick started feeling very aroused as he listened to Mary’s moaning. He did not realize he had turned to his side so he could hear them better and see if he could catch a peek of them going at it. As wrong as it was for Frank to engage in sex with his own daughter, Nick couldn’t help getting aroused with Mary’s moaning and the thought of them committing incest a few feet away from him.

Feeling totally aroused while listening to them, Nick once again unconsciously started caressing Jenn, enjoying the smooth skin of his practically naked daughter. Jenn had never felt a man touch her the way her own father was touching her at that very moment. She felt her nipples harden and her panties were soaked with the juices flowing from her cunt. She laid there, hoping her daddy would touch her all over. She was young and had never had a boyfriend, always focusing on cheerleading, but with all the moaning and groaning in the room, she was ready to be touched. She closed her eyes and simply enjoyed her father’s touch, hoping he would never stop.

The longer he went on caressing her, Jenn started realizing what she wanted. She ever so carefully grabbed his hand and brought up to her breasts. Her crop top made it easy and did not create much of an obstacle. The way her dad had been touching her and hearing Mary moan, begging her own father not to stop, her breasts burned with desire to be touched. When Nick’s hands first landed on her titties, it felt as if a bolt of lighting ran through her whole body. She was, however, quickly disappointed when she felt him pull his hand away. She reached out and brought it back to her chest, telling him it was ok.

“It’s ok, daddy. I love it when you touch me like that.” she whispered to him.

“I’m not supposed to be doing that, honey. It not right, you’re my daughter.”

“Touch me, daddy. Please. I won’t tell mommy.” Her pleading, Mary’s moaning and his impaired judgment won out. She took off her top and he started caressing her all over. Her smooth teenage body felt spectacular as his hand roamed between her titties and her tummy. He dared not go any further than those two areas. He was no longer paying attention to whatever was happening on the other bed, he was solely focused on his daughter’s young body.

“Daddy, I have a surprise for you.” Jenn told him as she grabbed his hand and guided it down between her spread legs. He was shocked when he realized that she was not wearing any panties, she had secretly taken them off when she was moving around taking off her top. His daughter was lying in bed completely naked with him. While guiding his hand between her legs, she asked if he like her pussy.

“Do you like it, daddy? I shaved it nice and smooth just for you. Mary helped me, she told me her daddy likes it when her pussy is really smooth. Do you like your little girl’s pussy, daddy?” Nick lost focus of what was right and wrong. All he knew was that his little girl was holding his hand on her bald wet pussy and he loved it. He started running his finger up and down her slit, enjoying her tight labia as he searched out her clit. In turn, Jenn was loving everything he did. She was a virgin and this was the first time someone other than herself was playing with her pussy, most especially because it was her father. She looked up and made eye contact with him.

“Kiss me, daddy.” she sensually whispered to him.

He lowered his head and brought his mouth down to hers. His kiss was gentle. They pressed their lips together for a moment before she slightly opened her mouth, allowing his tongue entrance to her mouth. She had only kissed a few boy in her short life, but none of them gave her the sexual arousal her dad was giving her. Part of the reason was that his fingers were slowly caressing her slit as they went up and down, occasionally touching her clit. She was was breathing hard, enjoying his fingers on her pussy and his tongue in her mouth, but her breasts were burning for attention.

“Daddy, daddy, can you please suck my breasts. Oh my god, please suck on ’em.”

He was way past the line a father should ever cross with his daughter. He was loving the feeling of having her naked little body all to himself. As a cheerleader, she had always stayed in perfect shape and he was starting to slowly admit to himself that he had, on a few occasions, stared at his daughter with not so fatherly thoughts. He had caught himself staring at her ass while she was in her cheerleader uniform, wondering what it would feel like to grab and squeeze it. But now, that sexy little girl was in bed with him and he had his fingers in her pussy and she was begging him to suck her perky tits.

He wanted to be the first man to make her cum. His fingers penetrated her tight lips and entered her cunt for the first time. When she felt his fingers starting to invade her precious little flower, she gasped as she grabbed his head and brought him in tighter against her chest. She pushed her pelvis up and opened her legs even wider, letting him know she loved what he was doing. He started finger fucking her. He started off slow, allowing her to get accustomed to his thick finger before he started picking up speed. As his hand started going in and out and his mouth switched from one booby to the other, she started pushing her pelvis up and down faster and faster, totally enjoying the sexual pleasure she was receiving from her daddy. He was doing everything right, he was up to three fingers in her little twat and she suddenly started trembling when a feeling of total release overtook her. This felt a hundred times better than when she would make herself cum.

Her ass dropped back onto the bed and she just laid there, breathing like she had just ran a mile under a minute. She was breathing hard, trying to regain her composure and starting to feel embarrassed of what she had just done with her father. She had been caught up in the moment as she heard her friend on the other bed with her own father. Jenn turned to her side and asked Nick to hug her as she slowly fell asleep, feeling his cock poking her from behind.

Nick was woken up the next morning when he heard the girls getting ready in the bathroom. The memory of what he had done with his daughter the night before came back to him and he started feeling sick. He was feeling guilty, scolding himself for doing what a father was not supposed to do with his daughter. That’s when something caught his attention.

Jenn came out of the bathroom with a big smile on her face. She went over to kiss him right on the mouth, telling him the shower is all his. She explained that Frank had already showered and was waiting for them to have breakfast. She and Mary were going down to meet with Frank and they would be waiting for him.

When he came down, Jenn greeted him with another hug and a kiss, telling him she had saved a chair for him. After breakfast, they all went up to their room to change into their bathing suits. When they got down to the pool, he loved what he saw. Both girls looked stunning in their bikinis. They were in good taste, but they still looked great. As Nick looked around, he saw that all the girls in Jenn and Mary’s squad were looking good. He felt a pang of guilt that he was starting to check out the other girls, but not enough to look away.

While sitting there on the shallow end checking out not only Jenn and Mary, but all the other girls, he was not surprised when he felt his cock starting to react. All of the girls were away from home and trying to play grown up by wearing bathing suits and bikinis that they probably wouldn’t normally be wearing. Fortunately for Nick, their dads weren’t around so the mothers were obviously being a bit more permissive.

Looking around and checking all the other girls, Jenn came over and slid right into his arms. She gave him a peck on the lips and asked if he was having fun checking out her friends. Before he could deny it, she told him she could feel his stiff cock, same as she had felt it the nigh before, poking her in her butt. He just stayed quiet and gave her a guilty smile. He had been busted.

“Daddy, all the girls think you and Frank are hot and since you two are the only guys around with our group, I’m here to recruit you for a chicken fight, pleeeaaaasse?”

Since they were Jenn and Mary’s dads, the two girls were the first to get on. Mary was a little more adventurous and suggested they trade dads and Jenn quickly agreed. Feeling Mary’s ass on his shoulders felt great and kept him in an aroused state, especially with his hands on her long smooth legs. However, watching his sexy daughter on Frank’s shoulders, the same man that only last night was fucking his daughter, got him excited. He thought it would be bother him, but instead it turned him on watching his daughter climb onto his shoulders.

All the girls were screaming and laughing as Mary and Jenn wrestled, anxiously awaiting their turn. In the end Jenn and Frank proved to be victorious. When they jumped off, two other girls quickly waited as both men swan under water between their open legs to get them on their shoulders before standing up. They both couldn’t help but admire the girls tight asses. At the end of the final match, both men were tired. They had enjoyed themselves, touching the girls legs and with some some girls even rubbing their tits up against them.

Nick and Frank excused themselves and got out to grab a chaise lounge to lay out. They were both tired and needed a beer to relax. Lying there Jenn came over and tapped her dad, asking him to move over. With no one else close to hear them, Jenn asked which one of the girls he thought was the hottest, and without thinking he told her she was.

“Really, daddy?”

“Yes, sweetheart. Look at you, you’re beautiful.”

“Is that why you couldn’t stop touching me last night? I loved it, by the way. I loved the way your fingers felt in my pussy.” Nick was shocked by what she said. He stayed quiet for a moment before he tried explaining how wrong he was for doing that and he hoped that it would not affect their relationship. But before he could even start apologizing, she put her hand on his mouth to shut him up and started telling him that she had never felt as good as he made her feel. She told him that his fingers in her pussy felt magical, especially when he started sucking on her breasts.

“I know it might not be normal for us to do it, but it can’t be wrong if it feels so good. Besides, Mary and her daddy have been doing it for a long time and they love each other very much.”

That night, Nick smiled when he felt his daughter snuggle into his arms. The whole day he had struggled with what she had said about it not being wrong if it felt so good and how Mary and Frank loved each other even after having been fucking for over two years. In the end, he chose to let fate decide what happened. He could not force himself on her, but he would follow her lead, if that was what she wanted.

When Jenn came to bed, Nick could not get enough of his daughter in the same little outfit from the previous night. She was practically naked and was looking so fucking sexy. The girls were both feeling horny and eager to get naughty with their daddy’s. Jenn was nervous, but excited and was planning on waiting for Mary’s lead. After how her daddy had made her feel, Jenn wanted more of that. Aside from making her cum, she wanted to give her daddy her virginity. Her daddy was her first love and she wanted him to the first one to make love to her. Tonight, Nick would make her a woman.

After only a very short time, Jenn could hear Mary and her dad starting to whisper, with Mary begging him for more and begging him to go faster. This was her signal. Jenn removed her top and turned onto her side with her dad behind her, hugging her as they laid there listening to Mary’s whispers. Jenn grabbed Nick’s hand and softly started rubbing it all over her body. She loved the feel of her daddy’s hand all over her. She caressed her legs and hips, and up to her abdomen for a bit before bringing it up to her tits. Nick’s cock was completely stiff. At that moment, he could’ve driven in a nail using his cock as a hammer.

As he started grabbing and squeezing her tits, enjoying the feel of her little nipples in his hand, Jenn reached behind her and grabbed his cock over his shorts. She could not believe how hard it felt. She and her girlfriends had talked about it, but she never really knew exactly how hard it could get. While feeling his cock, she was also surprised on how big it felt. It felt both fat and long in her hand. Although she was not having second thoughts, she wondered if it would fit in her pussy. Would she be able to give him her virginity?

She turned her head over and seductively whispered to him “Take ’em off, daddy. I wanna hold your cock in my hands.”

Nick knew this was fate talking to him. This was what his daughter wanted. Hell, this was what he was hoping for. He wasn’t sure how far this would go, bur for now she wanted his shorts off and he was going to give her what she wanted. He turned onto his back as he reached down and undid his shorts, struggling a bit trying to get his waistband over his rock hard cock. In the process, he saved her time by also removing his t-shirt. Before he knew what was happening, Jenn had turned around and climbed onto him. She lowered her head and they started kissing with his cock stuck between them. It was quite obvious he was excited to have her there.

Ever since the first time she came over to him at the pool, when she caught him checking out the other girls, she had been dying to kiss him again. He was her daddy, but he was also her first crush. From the time Mary shared her own secret two years ago, she started noticing how hot her dad was. That was also when she started dressing in tight shorts around the house just for him, catching him on several occasions checking her out. Now, there she was in the pool earlier in the day wanting so badly for him to kiss her like lovers do.

As she laid on him while they kissed, Nick decided to help fate along. He brought his hands up and they landed on her calves. He slowly brought them up, softly caressing her legs, taking his time as they kissed, enjoying her soft legs until his hands landed on her firm ass. He had admired her ass, especially when she wore her sexy cheerleading uniform with her little red panties. He loved the way her ass would fill out her outfit so nicely. His hands were now on her ass and she moaned as they kissed, expressing her delight in having his hands on her.

He could not restrain himself as kneaded and squeezed her ass. He loved how it felt in his hands, it felt way better than what he had ever imagined. She herself could not believe that she was in bed practically naked with her daddy, the man that she planned on fucking her for the first time. She felt so close to him, but she also felt nervous, afraid of how much it would hurt the first time he penetrated her.

Jenn’s friends had always talked about how much it hurt when a man makes love to a woman for the first time. Talking in secret, Mary had confirmed it, telling her that it would definitely hurt the first time he went in, but it was sooooo worth it. That was what Jenn was looking forward to, making sweet love to her daddy. For her, this would only be the beginning. If it all worked out, she planned on making love with her daddy at home any chance they got. Who needs a boyfriend when you have daddy to fuck you?

Nick had his daughter feeling good. She felt her pussy getting more and more wet and felt she was ready for him. She moved to her mouth to his ear and as seductively as possible, she whispered into his ear.

“Take my panties off, daddy. I want you to make love to me. I want you to take my virginity.”

Her words were exactly where he wanted fate to take them, but still, he was shocked when he heard her. His daughter was asking him to remove the final piece of clothing left on her. Without that piece of fabric, there was nothing that would prevent him from entering her. He shook with both excitement and nervousness. Even though they had come this far, they had not yet crossed the last line from which they could never undo. He knew they both wanted to, he was just concerned how this would change their relationship. He loved his daughter, but his cock was so fucking hard, ready to penetrate her little pussy with fatherly love.

He was now lying over her, with her beautiful eyes looking up at him. He stopped for a moment to appreciate the moment, he was about to fuck his little princess. The fact that she had begged him to fuck her had him convinced that this was what fate had in store for them. After all, he had chosen not to fight fate. Looking down at her beautiful big brown eyes, he asked if she was ready.

“Are you sure this is what you want, sweetheart?”

She was so excited that she could only nod her head as she felt tingling in her cunt, desperate to welcome her daddy’s cock and become daddy’s lover.

He reached down and hooked his fingers into her pantie’s waistband and slowly started pushing her panties down her legs, thanking his lucky stars for what was about to happen. He had felt her smooth, hairless pussy the previous night, the pussy that Mary had helped her shave just for him. However, this was the first time he was seeing it. Jenn’s pussy was beautiful! The more he pulled down her panties, the more of his little girl’s slit became visible. It was exactly what he expected a young, teen pussy to look like.

She was a virgin and he was excited to take her virginity. But before he stuck his cock deep into her cunt and fucked her nice and hard, he wanted to show her how wonderful sex could be. This would enlighten the experience for her and help get her cunt nice and wet to receive daddy’s cock. He wanted to make certain he would not hurt her much for her first time.

Nick got on his knees on the floor at the end of the bed and pulled Jenn to the edge of the bed. His mouth was salivating when she opened her legs and put them over his shoulders. Her pheromones were driving him crazy as his tongue landed on her pussy for the first time. She threw caution out the window as she moaned louder than what she expected, but at this point she did not care. Mary had been driving her crazy from the first day with her all her moaning. Now it was her turn.

Nick was loving the taste of her sweet delicious pussy. He had never tasted anything so sweet and fresh as his daughter’s young pussy. It easily opened up as he ran his tongue up and down her slit as he pushed it in to touch every part of her delicious little cunt. He grabbed onto her thighs and brought her closer to him as he devoured her cunt, a bit in disbelief that he actually had his mouth on his little girl’s pussy. But now, it was time to get her pussy well lubricated for his cock.

He started by gently sucking on her labia and slowly licking up her slit. He too was no longer concerned about Mary and Frank. It was now their turn to listen to their moaning. With his tongue, Nick stuck it in as deep as he could as he brought it up to the top of her slit, seeking out her clit. Finding it, he brought it out with his talented tongue and sucked on it as he drove a finger into her pussy. Jenn’s body had never felt like she was feeling at that very moment.

Her dad was sucking her clit as he finger-fucked her. Her body started tingling very quickly and she could feel that this would be the most intense orgasm ever. Nick knew that when she came, her pussy would be rewarding him with plenty of pussy juice, the nectar he was craving. Kneeling there while sucking harder and harder on her clit, his hands roamed all over her body. His hands only made her feel how much daddy desired her. The whole experience brought her closer to the biggest orgasm of her life. Unknowingly, she started pushing her pelvis up against his face, trying to shove as much of her pussy into his mouth as she could when she felt an explosion throughout her body. From her finger tips, down through her entire body and all the way to the tips of her toes.

When her body dropped back onto the bed and he saw her tits heaving up and down as she breathed heavily, Nick felt a surge of pride. He had done a great job making his little princess cum with his mouth. Her body twitched with little aftershocks as she laid there enjoying the sexual high her dad had brought her, unaware of how much stronger her orgasm would feel when he actually fucked her.

He stood at the edge of the bed, admiring her gorgeous body and slowly stroking his cock. He had not brought any condoms, he was not expecting anything like this to happen. But now he was ready to enter her. She had offered him her virginity and he was ready to accept her gift. He would let fate decide the consequences of their unprotected coupling. At that moment, his thoughts were interrupted.

“I’m ready, daddy. Please make love to me.”

She asked as she scooted herself up the bed. She wanted to feel his weight on her, she wanted to feel the warmth of his body between her legs. With a coquettish smile on her face, she encouraged him to come to her. He climbed on the bed and made his way between her open legs. The thought of fucking his virgin daughter had his cock hard as rod. He was about to fuck this young teen cheerleader with a rocking body.

When he got into position, he brought his lips to hers and as they started making out as she reached down and grabbed his cock. She started pleasuring herself by rubbing her cunt with it. She had never done anything like that, it all just came natural to her. After a while of teasing his cock, she told him she was ready.

“Daddy, I’m ready. Please don’t hurt me.”

He had every intention of being gentle, at least in the beginning. He slowly started pushing in as she guided him. When his cock head entered, she brought both of her arms around his neck as they just stared at each other as he entered her for the first time. He pushed in more and more, with his thick cock stretching out her cunt for the first time, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth. She relished in the pain his cock was causing her.

At that precise moment, her love for her daddy multiplied tenfold. She opened her eyes and pulled him down to kiss her. They were lovers now, father and daughter. He was loving her how she wanted to be loved. She had long been envious of the relationship Mary had with her father, seeing how Frank would give Mary a look of more than just a father. It was a look that could only exist in an incestuous relationship between a princess and her daddy. But now Jenn had that kind of loving relationship with her daddy.

Nick was enjoying every second as he felt her little girl’s cunt welcome his cock. She was as tight as he expected. Lucky for him, as a cheerleader, she had torn her hymen many splits ago. He was clear to slowly push all the way though until his balls rested on her ass. Oh, that precious little ass. He held himself in place for a moment, allowing her pussy to get accustomed to his girth. Her cunt felt so tight on his cock that he was able to feel her accelerated heartbeat.

“Mmmmmm……..mmmmmmm….Fuck, I’ve wanted this for a long time….do it, daddy, do it. Fuck your little princess.”

He knew what she wanted and she had just given him the green light. He started off slow, pulling out until only the head was left inside before he pushed back in. He was starting to fuck his little pumpkin harder and harder with no protection and he was loving the warmth of her cunt. Her cunt felt perfect, as if it had been especially made for his cock. It was the sheath to his dagger, the holster to his pistol. Her heavy breathing and soft moaning was getting him more and more aroused, if that was even possible. He reached further down to grab her round tight ass as he started pounding hard into her.

She had never thought of herself as a screamer, but the moment she felt her orgasm coming on, she couldn’t hold back. Jenn was not even aware of how she was expressing the pleasure she was receiving from being fucked for the first time. It was the first time she was experiencing a cock penetrating her young pussy and she was ecstatic. When her orgasm overtook her by surprise, bringing total pleasure from head to toe, she did not hold back. She wrapped her legs around his hips and hooked them under his ass, pulling him in as much as possible.

“Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” This was strongest orgasm she had ever felt, even stronger than the one he had given her orally. Mary had shared with her the feeling of cumming while being fucked, but never in her wildest dreams did she ever come close to how good it would really feel. She knew that her and her daddy would need to be careful when they got back home because they would be fucking every chance they got.

The feeling of her cunt contracting on his cock as she came was what he needed to finally feel some release. His cum shot out of his cock and into her cunt the moment he heard her screaming. He was spilling his seed straight into his daughter’s womb. He was not thinking, just enjoying the feeling of making love to her. Fate would take care of the rest. He could not stop as he continued fucking her, loving the feeling of her naked body underneath him. He loved the feeling of her tits pressed against his chest and her legs wrapped around his ass.

When they finally stopped, they heard clapping coming from the other bed as they breathed heavily. They were brought back to reality and Jenn felt totally embarrassed from all the noises she had made. She jumped out of bed and Mary followed her into the bathroom. Mary and Jenn hugged each other. They were now part of an anonymous society of girls that were fortunate enough to make love to the one man that would always love them unconditionally. They were more than friends now, they were part of a special sisterhood with a big secret.

Nick was confused on why she had run away, worried that he had done the wrong thing by giving in to their desires. However, Jenn was not regretting anything, she just felt the need to clean up. Afterwards, she ran back to bed and assured her father that she regretted nothing. She loved him more than life itself.

She carefully cleaned him up with a warm washcloth before laying next to him as she played with his cock, telling him how happy she was and how special he made her feel with all his loving. They made love two more times that same night before finally falling asleep naked in each other’s arms.