Girl on Girl

My name is Nikki . It was Friday and my girlfriend
Kathy called and asked if I could come over and spend the night. She
said Trish was coming too. The three of us were in ninth grade and
the best of friends. Kathy’s parents were away for the weekend and
we would have the house to ourselves.

When I arrived at Kathy’s, I let myself in the back door and looked
around for the others. I heard water running upstairs and the sound
of giggling. Heading up to Kathy’s room, I peeked in to her bathroom
and saw the two of them in the shower. Kathy was washing Trish’s
back while Trish leaned forward with her hands against the wall.
They looked so cute with the soap bubbles all over them and their
nipples sticking straight out.

“What do you two think you’re doing?” I said in mocked shock with my
hands on my hips.

Kathy wrapped her arms around Trish from behind and cupped her
breasts. “See what you’ve been missing?” she said.

They both laughed and Trish said, “Hurry up and get your ass in here,

I was already stripping off my shorts and T-shirt. I never bothered
wearing a bra or panties to our all-girl sleep-overs. Kicking my
sneakers off, I slid open the big shower door and stepped into the
hot water streams of the double shower heads.

“We started without you,” Trish said. Then they opened their arms
and we all hugged. I loved the feel of their wet bodies pressing
against mine.

“If the boys at school ever found out how much fun we have without
them,” Trish said, “they’d shit.”

“Who’s gonna tell?” I said, and kissed her on the mouth.

“Hey, I want some,” Kathy said, and tried to push her tongue in
between our mouths. We ignored her as we French kissed until she
pinched both our butts.

“Oh, all right,” I said, and we put our three mouths together and
did nasty things with our tongues.

“So,” Trish said, holding her arms open wide. “Who wants T and who
wants A?”

“Tits,” I said, and grabbed the bar of soap. I lathered up and
rubbed my slippery hands all over her breasts, squeezing her nipples
between my fingers. Kathy took the soap and started on Trish’s ass.

“We’ve got a hot movie to watch,” Trish said with a twinkle in her
eye as she rested her arms on my shoulders.

“What is it,” I asked, hoping she got some good porn.

“I slipped it out of my dad’s collection,” Trish said. “It’s got
lots of boy-girl and girl-girl fucking.”

“Mmmm,” Kathy said. “That’s what I’m in the mood for.”

“Which one?” Trish said.

“Take a wild guess,” Kathy said. “Do you see any boys in here with

“Oh, and when are you not in the mood?” I asked.

“I don’t know,” Kathy said innocently as she rubbed her hand up and
down Trish’s crack. “When I’m sleeping, I guess.”

“Yeah, right.” I said. “Anytime I sleep with you all you ever wanted
to do is fuck me.”

“I never hear you complain, especially when I wake you up in the
mornings,” she said.

She was right. I loved sleeping with Kathy because she liked to
wake me up with her tongue. There’s nothing more delicious than
coming out of a wet dream only to come for real with your girlfriend
licking your pussy. I hoped she didn’t forget to do it tomorrow

“Oh, fuck,” Trish said, closing her eyes, her head drifting back.

“Kathy, are you being a nasty girl?” I asked, looking over Trish’s

Kathy stuck her tongue out at me as she slipped her finger up inside
Trish’s ass.

“Oh God, that feels so good,” Trish said, breathing hard. “I think
I’m in love.”

“That’s not love, girl, that’s lust,” Kathy said. “Besides, all you
love about me are the parts of my body that I can stick inside you.”

“Not true,” I said, playing with Trish’s nipples. “I know for a fact
she likes to swallow all your hot girl-cum too.”

Trish licked her lips and winked at me.

“Well,” Kathy said. “I just don’t think I’m appreciated for my true
self. Besides, there is more to life than eating pussy, you know.”

“Yeah, like what?” Trish said, her chest heaving.

“You know exactly what I mean, Trish,” Kathy said. “Screwing boys.
You can always do girls, but letting a boy stick his thing in you
feels great, and it’s fun.”

“That’s what dildos are for.” She was hardly able to talk now as her
stomach sucked in and out.

“I wish I could find a boy that could last for more that ten seconds,
” I said. I slipped my hand down between Trish’s legs. “The last
time a let one fuck me, he stuck it in, stroked a few times and
started squirting. I wasn’t even wet yet. Then he pulled it out and
went off to play basketball with his buddies. I was left with
nothing but his shit dripping down my leg. As usual, I had to finish
the job myself.”

“That’s why we’ve got each other,” Kathy said. While she moved her
finger in and out of Trish’s ass hole, she reached around and played
with my breast.

I had two fingers in Trish and my thumb found her clitoris, already
rock hard and erect like a miniature penis. I could feel Kathy’s
finger through the thin wall of flesh between Trish’s vagina and her

Trish pulled me to her. “Why should I want some prick inside me when
I can have your sweet fingers instead.”

“Always,” I said, and we kissed passionately.

Kathy and I pumped in unison as we fucked Trish. Suddenly, she
opened her mouth and cried out, “Oh, shit, I’m gonna fucking come.”
She gritted her teeth and her body trembled. I leaned around and
French kissed Kathy while we got our girlfriend off. As Trish climax,
we hugged her between us.

“That’s one cum you owe both of us,” Kathy said, kissing her neck
while her climax subsided.

“God, I love sex,” Trish said, and turned so we could all press our
breasts together. “And I’ll gladly pay you both back with interest.”

We finished washing each other and shampooing our hair, taking every
opportunity to stick a finger or tongue inside any openings we came
across. Then we got out and dried each other off.

“About time I gave you a trim,” I said, bending over to inspect
Kathy’s bush. We all had our pubic hair trimmed alike: a thin line
of fur that ran down to the top of our slits.

While I was bent over inspecting my girlfriend, Trish squatted down
behind me, caressed my ass cheeks, and ran her tongue up and down my
crack. “Mmmm, a fresh piece of ass,” she said.

“You better save that wicked little tongue of yours for later,” I
said, and she giggled. Then I turned around and pulled her up in my
arms. “God, you turn me on,” I said, and we pressed our bodies
together and ate each others mouths.

“Come on, you love birds,” Kathy said, and walked out the door.
“There’ll be plenty of time for that nasty stuff later.”

With arms around each other, Trish and I followed her down stairs to
the kitchen, both of us watching Kathy’s beautiful ass wiggle as she
walked. Just knowing I would bury my face in it later made me wet.

I loved being with my girlfriends and how free we were with each
other. We would do anything to please and were never afraid to try
something new. There were never any hassles, arguments, or
jealousies. When we were together, nothing else mattered except
getting each other off.

As Kathy opened a bottle of wine and Trish reached up in the cabinet
to get three glasses, I leaned against the counter and watched their
beautiful, naked bodies. We had so much fun together on the Friday
nights when Kathy’s parents were away and we had the run of the house.
We would drink wine, watch porn, and fuck like rabbits. And after
a tasty night of all-girl sex, we would wake up the next morning and
eat each other for breakfast.

I first realized I liked having sex with girls when I went to a girls
camp for a week last summer. There was a counselor named Heather.
She was sixteen and one of the most beautiful girls I had ever seen.
Heather was tall with curly black hair and a deep tan. Although I
had never been sexually attracted to another girl, I had to admit I
had a crush on her from the start. She had an incredible smile that
really turned me on. Every time I got close to her, my pussy tingled.

It was late afternoon the second day of camp and Heather was in the
small camp office doing some paperwork. I had to go there to turn in
a form and she saw me walk in.

“Nikki,” she said, “can you help me with this?”

I went behind the counter to where she was sorting papers into file
folders. I said I would be glad to help and stood behind her,
leaning over her shoulder to watch as she gave me instructions on
what to do. We were very close, and I could smell her hair and skin.
She was so fresh and clean like flowers. I couldn’t believe the
heat between my legs. When she looked up and smiled at me, I melted.
I wondered if she could read my thoughts.

After I finished helping her, she said, “I’ve got to go inspect some
cabins in the old section of the camp so we can get them ready for
next week’s girls. Want to come along and keep me company?”

“Sure,” I said, jumping at the chance to be with her. We stopped by
the counselor’s cabin so Heather could change out of her uniform. I
waited for her on the pouch, and when she came out, I almost died.
She wore a T-shirt that was cut off just below her breasts, and I
could tell by the way they wiggled that she wasn’t wearing a bra.
Her denim shorts were frayed and slit up the sides almost to her
waist. If she had anything on underneath, they would have to be the
skimpiest bikini panties on earth. She also had on white socks and a
pair of sneakers.

As I walked beside her, I could see the bottom of her breasts peeking
out from under her shirt, it barely covered her nipples. Her breasts
looked so soft and inviting, and her beautiful long legs were tanned
and smooth. My head swirled with fantasies of make love to her.

It grew dark and Heather used a lantern to guide us through the woods
to the remote location. There were five cabins in all and we
inspected three before we heard thunder.

“Should we go back?” I asked.

“No,” she said, and told me how much she loved the rain. Then she
smiled and said, “Anyway, it might be fun to get stranded in a storm.
” It didn’t take long for her wish to come true.

Suddenly the sky opened up and it poured. By the time we ran to the
next cabin, we were soaked. Rushing inside, Heather said, “Let’s get
out of these wet clothes.” Without waiting for me, she pulled her T-
shirt over her head exposing her perfectly shaped breasts. They were
small but so firm, her wet nipples grew hard from the cold air. She
smiled when she caught me looking at them.

“Do you think these are too small?” she asked, cupping them with her
hands and pinching her nipples.

“No,” I said, almost breathlessly. “They’re perfect.”

“Really? I’m glad you think so.” She tossed me a towel to dry my
face and hair. Heather had a two-way radio and let the camp office
know where we were. She told them we would stay there until the
storm passed and it was safe to go back to the main camp.

She laid the radio aside and watched me unbutton my shirt. I
hesitated for a moment and she said, “Well, come on. You’ve seen
mine, now lets see yours.”

She watched me take my shirt off then came over and lightly touched
my nipples with her fingertips. “Nice,” she said, and softly caressed
them. “You know, since we’re gonna be here for a while, maybe we
could have some fun.”

Her touch sent shock waves through me. I opened my mouth but all
that came out was a moan. Then I said, “What do you mean?”

“Do you like sex?” she ask, looking into my eyes, her fingers softly
playing with my nipples. My legs went limp.

“I love it,” I said, mesmerized by the casual way she was suggesting
we make love.

“Good,” she said, “cause I can’t get enough of it.”

“But there’s no boys here. It’s just us,” I said.

“I know.” She giggled and she kissed the top of my left breast.
“That’s what makes it so wicked.” Then Heather took a step back and
slowly unzipped her shorts. She seductively pealed the flaps open
exposing her short pubic hair. “I’ve always believed that any sex is
good sex, don’t you agree, Nikki?” She placed her thumbs in her waist
band, and with an incredibly erotic sway of her hips, she let them
slip down and fall to the floor. She wore nothing underneath as she
stood with her legs slightly spread. Then she slid both hands down
and rubbed herself. With her finger tips, she opened her outer lips.
The inside glistened taking my breath away. “Have you ever thought
about doing it with a girl?” she asked.

“Well . . . yes,” I said, my heart pounding. I couldn’t take my eyes
off her pussy.

“Would you like to make love to me?”

“Oh, yes,” I stammered.

“Then hurry up and take off those clothes.” She slipped out of her
shoes but left her socks on. Then she went and laid on one of the
bunk beds.

Outside, the lightening flashed and the rain poured. In the glow of
the lantern, Heather looked heavenly.

Once I was naked, Heather said, “Why don’t you come here and get me

It was like a dream as I walked over and sat on the bed. Heather was
laying on her side propped up on her elbow. As she patted the
mattress beside her, she brought her leg up, fully exposing herself
to me. It was impossible for me to take my eyes off that beautiful
place between her legs.

“Relax, lover. I promise I won’t bite,” she said. “At least not too

I laid down facing her and she draped her leg over my hip. I could
feel her damp pubic hair on my skin. Our breasts touched and my
nipples grew hard.

Heather touched them and said, “Look how hard you get. Must be the
chill of the damp air”

“I don’t think it’s the chill,” I said.

“What else could it be?” she said, still lightly touching my nipples.

“I think it’s being here with you,” I said shyly. “I have a
confession to make, Heather.” Our faces were on inches apart and I
was looking into her eyes. “All I’ve thought about since this
afternoon was being with you. I can’t believe how lucky I am.”

“How do you know luck had anything to do with it?” she said, with a
sly grin.

“You mean?”

“I decided I wanted you when you walked into the office today.” She
placed tender kisses on my cheek as she cupped my breast. “When you
leaned over my shoulder, I knew you were getting turned on. What you
probably didn’t know was how wet you made me. I knew I was going to
sleep with you tonight. The storm just made it easy.”

My heart was jumping out of my chest and I could smell my arousal and
hers. Her scent made me even more turned on. I put my hand on the
side of her face brushing her hair back. “I’ve never done it with a
girl,” I said.

“I have,” she said, continuing to place kisses on my face. Then she
whispered in my ear, “It’s delicious.” She opened her mouth and
pulled mine to her.

We kissed, our tongues playing with each other, exploring the warmth
inside. She was so soft and sexy pressing against me. I felt her
leg slip between my and push against me. My clitoris was hard and
erect, and when her leg touched it, my body shuddered.

Heather rolled on her back and pulled me on top of her. We ground
our pussies into our thighs as we kissed. “This storm might last all
night,” she whispered, running her hand down my back and over my ass.

“I hope so,” I said, returning her caresses. I propped myself up
slightly so we could rub our breasts together, all the time sliding
my tongue in and out of her mouth. “I never thought it would feel
this good with another girl,” I said. Pressing her soft body against
mine was like nothing I had ever experienced.

“Wait until I eat you,” she whispered, and kissed me hard. The
thought of her licking me causing a wave of passion to shoot through
me. My pussy was on fire.

Heather’s warm girl-cum spread all over my leg. I felt my juice
flowing out onto her too. We ground into each other as we kissed,
the lust and passion taking over.

We were fucking hard now and Heather was moaning loader with every
thrust of our hips. “Come on my leg, Nikki,” she said. “I want your
juice all over me.”

I had never felt anything like this before. Heather was so soft and
gentle yet her body felt strong and firm against mine. She smothered
my mouth with kisses, her tongue hot and hungry.

My body built to an incredible climax, stronger than anything I had
ever been able to do by myself. Heather was moaning and begging me
not to stop. Suddenly, she arched her back and ground her leg into
my. We broke our kiss and both screamed at the same instant. It was
the most intense orgasm of my life. Soaked in sweat and breathing
hard, we finally separated and lay there for a long time recovering.
Then I turned to her. “That was wonderful.”

“It was luscious,” she said, and kissed me lightly. “And we haven’t
ever started yet.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, feeling the tingle in my pussy again.

“Nikki,” she said, and ran her hand down between my legs. “We’re
going to have lots of fun tonight. I’m going to teach you all about
girl love.”

I felt her finger slip inside me and I spread my legs for her.
“Please don’t stop,” I said as I took her nipple in my mouth.

She sighed and inserted a second finger into me. “God, you’re wet,”
she said. “I’m just going to have to suck every drop of that girl-cum
out of you.” She brought her two fingers up and smeared my sticky
juice all over my nipple. “I hope you didn’t plan on getting any
sleep tonight,” she said, and licked it off.

My body was about to explode as she cleaned my nipple and then licked
and kissed her way down between my legs. Within a few minutes, her
tongue was inside me and I was on my way to my next of many
incredible orgasms that night. My life was never the same after
Heather: as much as I like letting boys fuck me, there is nothing
that gets me off more than the taste of another girl.

When I got home, I couldn’t wait to tell Kathy and Trish. At first,
Kathy was hesitant but Trish was ready the moment I suggested we have
sex together. After I described to Kathy everything Heather and I
did, how much fun it was, and how incredible it felt, she were
willing to try. After our first all-girl sleep-over, we couldn’t get
enough of each other, and we can thank Heather for turning us on to
teenage girl love.

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