A night not quickly forgotten


This is a true story of mine which I have turned into one of my erotic stories. I have many written but have not had the courage to publish them so far. This is a story about me encountering an Ex-Girlfriend of mine who was married. Names have been changed to protect the guilty.
I was driving in to the city and I had called up an old girlfriend of mine who I had stayed in touch with throughout the years. I was going to be there for about 2 weeks for business, and staying in a pretty nice hotel. It’s not like a Hilton or anything but it’s not a motel 6 either. Anyways during this conversation we are talking about babies and she told me how much she wanted to get pregnant with her husband. I make a joke that Ill give you one and she laughed at me and told me to be serious. So I say seriously you should stop taking birth control, That you and your husband Steve should just play baby roulette and if it happens then great you got the baby you wanted if not then that is ok too. I know that at the time of our conversation my intentions where very pure I was just being friendly. Then a day or two passes before we talk again and the next thing I know Sarah is coming over to see this hotel because I have told her how awesome it is and how I have a Jacuzzi in my room. Which I don’t know why I do, because it’s not like I have a premium suite or anything, I just do.

I had kind of anticipated this might happen and had kind of hoped it would. Sarah and I have this semi-flirtatious relationship even though she is married. She is the vision of a lot of my fantasies and she might be well the one who got away. When we dated we had great sexual chemistry, but not a lot else. Sarah has this long flowing blonde hair almost like what you see in a movie, and it makes great special effects in the many dreams I have which include her. She also has the cutest, perkiest B cups you would have ever seen. So you can imagine I was excited when l she came over. At the start of her coming over to visit Sarah told me that she and Steve had sex that morning, but then had a big fight like right after that. She didn’t tell me what it was about just that it was big, but Sarah assured me that they weren’t fighting because of me. (which is what I was worried about). Well I put my arm around her shoulder and consoled her and told her everything was going to be alright, and she kinda looked at me like that was really, really nice.

(I know that her husband does not do physical touch much unless he wants sex, but she likes to just be hugged sometimes for no reason). Well I ordered us pizza and I had a bottle of wine. At first didn’t want to drink the wine, because her husband is strongly against alcohol. But after a few minutes of her debating back and forth all of a sudden she was like well if Steve is going to be dumb then I guess I can have a drink, because I guess she was still mad at him. I know this sounds funny but I was a little bit surprised because it wasn’t like I was really pressuring her to drink, it was almost as if Sarah was pressuring herself or something. Well here is where it starts getting R-Rated. After a few glasses we were both feeling good and I suggested the Jacuzzi, of which Sarah quickly pointed out that she had no swim suit. I said me neither but let’s get in our birthday suits and just get in, the bubbles will hide us I said. And I promised to sit on the other side of the tub which wasn’t way far away but it sounded like it would “keep us out of trouble”. So we both stripped down to our birthday suits and got in the Jacuzzi and had another glass of wine where we emptied the bottle. Sarah tried to convince me that I should go get another bottle and leave her there in the tub. I said not tonight, then she responded with some smart-alec comment and started teasing me and I said something back and before we knew it I was at her end of the tub tickling her.

I ended up with my arms wrapped around her. And all of a sudden we paused and looked at each other and then we just started kissing with our naked bodies pressed up against each other. Sarah broke off the kiss with a wait we shouldn’t, but then immediately followed it with a teasing joke of saying well I guess someone really wants to play as she grabbed my penis which was already getting hard. Then she said well I guess we can since we already did all this why not go all the way. I immediately started kissing her neck, and could tell she was really enjoying it. Then we switched positions and she sat on my lap and we were kissing like crazy. all of a sudden she moved and the next thing I knew I was inside of her. It felt amazing, like I hadn’t had sex in years or something. Sarah rode me for a little bit and then she got off and was like lets get out. We got out and then I took her from behind and pressed her over the bed wear her stomach was flat against the bed but both of our feet were still on the floor. I entered Sarah in an almost doggie style and we did that for several minutes which caused her to have the first of 3 orgasms. Then we switched positions again and eventually ended up on the bed, in a 69 position, where she was making me feel amazing with your mouth and I was going crazy. She was doing this thing with her tongue that was just incredible and I knew I was about to blow my load right then and there in her mouth, but I also knew she didn’t want me to cum in her mouth, she only wanted me to come in her pussy because that’s how she liked it back when we were dating. Because I was feeling so good, I was really going to town with my tongue, which caused her second orgasm of the night. She just started moaning and convulsing and got extremely wet and I knew we were close so I had her stop giving me the best blow job of my life so I could finish her off before I went.

Then we finally switched positions again and we ended up with her on her back and me on top. I was fucking her good and hard and I would have told you at that point I didn’t care how it felt for her except Sarah kept on saying harder, until I was just pounding her with no mercy. Then All of a sudden she screamed so loud I am sure they heard us in the lobby of the hotel and convulsed around my penis for her third orgasm. All of this caused me to ejaculate, and I let out a groan and then wave after wave of sperm shot inside her dripping wet pussy. We were both cussed as we realize what had just happened, and Sarah got a little upset. And we ended up talking for a while and I comforted her and let her know it was all going to be alright. We realized it was late and I told her she probably needed to get home before her husband got suspicious, but then Sold told me that Steve was working out of town, and her daughter was at her mom’s house for the night. Sarah then told me she didn’t have to be anywhere till lunch time the next day. So she ended up staying the night and sleeping naked cuddled up in my arms. The next morning I guess we still weren’t thinking and so we ended up doing it again and I went inside her again. Then I could tell that Sarah felt very badly about cheating on her husband and told me that we couldn’t see each other any more.

And I was like ok I guess your right. When Sarah got home she felt so guilty that as soon as Steve got home she had sex with him like 3 different times. Which apparently she was very good at hiding the guilt and just making him think she wanted him; because he had no clue. But then for some reason the night before I was to leave town, Sarah came back and we ended up having sex again, but I think it was her trying to bribe me for it to be our little secret that I wouldn’t tell anyone. (Not like I would have told anyways but for some reason she thought it needed to happen again and I didn’t object) I got ready to leave that day and she told me what if she was pregnant, she had sex with both me and her husband with out any birth control. I told her that both me and her husband looked similar and he would never know it wasn’t his baby. She was very happy with that idea and that is how we parted company, never talking again.