You look HOT girl


Leaora put her long blond hair into a pony tail and checked herself out in the mirror. “You look HOT girl” she said to herself as she admired the mirror image. She had on her running-slash-teasing outfit, tight running shorts and a tank top that hugged her body.

At 19, Leaora was the youngest wife in the neighborhood, and by far the hottest one for miles around – maybe in the entire city. She ran every Saturday – not that she had to. She was about as perfect as she could be – slim, but with curves in all the right places. She had started it as a show-off kind of thing, running through the neighborhood on Saturday mornings when all the guys were outside doing yard work or other honey-do stuff. She knew that every guy out would stare at her as she jogged by, watching and wishing that THEY were her husband – that THEY were sticking their meat into her firm little body every night. In fact, one of the other wives once told her that after Leaora’s Saturday morning run her husband would often come in for an afternoon quickie. Another wife laughed about how on one Saturday her husband jumped her, with the firmest cock she had seen on him for years!

But this morning Leaora had her own reason. She knew that the new good-looking guy down at the end of block would be out this morning. He was a body-builder and she had spotted him a time or two and wanted to run by his place and check out HIM and HIS body. She went out onto the front porch and stretched out, then started running.

Michael spotted her when she was three houses away. The first thought that came into his mind was ‘fucking YEAH’. His next door neighbor had told him about the hot young wife down the street but DAMN – THIS hot he had not expected. From first glance he couldn’t tell her age, but it was certainly easy to see that she had a body he could play with for HOURS. He caught a glimpse of blond hair jumping about at the side of her ass, and his cock started to tussle about. FUCK! A body that hot AND long blond hair?

As Leaora ran by his house he was completely thunderstruck. Fucking young wife was right … she looked like she was some 17 year old cheerleader from the local high school … and damn if she was not just as pretty as any model he had seen. As she ran by and he got a good look at the length of her hair and the tightness of that ass – MOTHERFUCKER – if she was his he would only remove his cock from her long enough to move it to another fucking hole! After she ran by she glanced back and he was glad he had worked out earlier. If God had created one perfect fuck toy, THIS was it!

After her run, Leaora finished brushing out her long blond hair deep in thought. She had showered and changed from her tight little running clothes to an even tighter pair of jeans, and a one-size-too-small t-shirt that read ‘I’m ready – how about you?’ on it.

Her idea had come to her as she was checking out that new guy. After she had run past him (damn he was good looking), she turned and glanced back. He looked, well … MESMERIZED with her. She realized he had been staring at her tight little ass, and even when she had turned towards him he didn’t drop his eyes away like most of the guys did. He had simply looked directly at her and smiled. She had felt foolish for looking back, but she simply couldn’t help it – he was DIFFERENT – she could feel it. Besides, when she had looked back at the muscles on his arms and at the tightness of his shirt she felt something ELSE – a little shiver than ran through her body.

And ever since that moment she simply couldn’t get her mind off a mental picture of her running by this guy, his muscles bulging, his eyes glued to the sight of her long blond hair bouncing around her tiny little ass, and (at least in her mind’s eye) his cock turning firm and hard. During her shower she had actually masturbated to an image of him lining his cock up against her ass, as if to fuck her (God, what would if FEEL like she thought as she had brought herself to orgasm).

Would her husband do her in the ass, she wondered? She thought perhaps yes, but she would have to talk him into it. He loved her kneeling before him, his cock in her mouth. He would often joke about her age, saying “at least you’re old enough to drink THIS …” as she accepted his hot juice. Not that she didn’t enjoy that … in fact, when he took control of her and wrapped his hands into her long hair and pushed her mouth down, forcing her to take his entire cock … forcing her to keep it in her mouth as his cum shot out … it gave her little shivers. Just like thinking about that new guy getting ready to force her to take his cock up into her ass.

Her husband, she sighed to herself. He was a good man, and treated her well. So why did she feel the need to show off to the neighborhood guys, and why, she smiled to her mirror image, why oh why was she thinking what she was thinking?

As she finished primping herself up, she kept trying to tell herself that she really wasn’t going to do this. Really she wasn’t. As she took the cover off the toilet she kept saying ‘I just can’t’ to herself. As she released the chain she thought ‘it really isn’t right’. Soon she was on the way to HIS house. Damn, she thought … I REALLY, REALLY shouldn’t. But all along, she knew, somehow KNEW, she WAS – and with that thought the little shiver ran down her body again.

So, in a few minutes, Leaora was there. At HIS house, the new guy, the one who watched her without guilt, the guy who was mesmerized with her, and (she thought a bit guiltily) the guy in her mind when she brought on her orgasm in the shower.

Then he was there, right in front of her. “Hi” she said with a bit of hesitation. “Umm … I live down the street?”

What a DOFUS she thought. Like I’m asking him if I live down the street?

When Michael had opened the door, the same ‘fucking YEAH’ went through his mind. Hell, he had just now been in the back room, thinking about jacking off to the image of that little blond thing that had run by, and DAMN, now she appears in front of him!

“Hi. I’m Michael. I saw you running this morning.” He stated to her.

Leaora looked into his eyes, and they seemed to drill into her. She knew there was no way that she was going to back out after looking at those eyes. “Umm … I need some help. I mean, COULD you help me out?”

Michael stared at her, thinking about some of the ways he would like to ‘help her out’ … then finally said “Guess I could. What do you need?”

She smiled back. “Well, my husband’s not home this weekend, and I have a little plumbing problem with the toilet in the bedroom. Could you come on over and take a look at it for me?”

“I guess” he answered, “I’m not really a plumber, but I’m pretty handy” like there was any way he was going to possibility say no to walking off with this hot little tart.

“That’s ok” she said, “Let me show you and maybe you can fix me up.”

As they walked back to her place her mind started running. Why was she doing this? Would she actually go through with this? She had never seduced a guy before – after all, she never actually HAD to. Guys normally couldn’t wait to get their hands all over her. She glanced back towards him and saw him watching her ass again. Another shiver … “we’re almost there” …Then a new thought hit her – she was actually looking forward to this!

Michael couldn’t take his view off her ass. She had on what he considered ‘fuck me’ clothes – all VERY tight, so tight that he could see every curve of her ass. And her top, damn, it had to been a size or two small … not that he minded! Fuck, if her clothing was flesh colored you wouldn’t know she had anything on!

Finally they made it into her house. He walked into the bathroom and could hear the water running. He jiggled the handle. “Most likely the chain came off. Let me take a look.”
He pulled off the cover and she admired the muscles in his arms. As he bent over the tank, she admired how firm HIS ass was. Did he know, she wondered, like she knew how hot her little ass was?

He looked down into the tank, and then looked at her. “I see the problem – I can fix it up in a jiffy”. He pulled off his shirt – not that he really needed to, but he wanted her to see his upper body.

OHMYGOD when through Leaora’s mind as the guy’s shirt came off. OHMYFUCKINGGOD. She had seen bodies like this in advertisements, but she had never actually seen a guy this built, this close! He could be a T.V. model for the ‘six-pack-abs’ commercials!

“Done. That was an easy fix for you” he said, pulling his hand out from the water and putting the cover back on. He glanced around. “Got a towel?”
The moment was here. She could run out and grab a towel, thank him, and push him out the door. She glanced at him again. Wow, those muscles looked good – and DAMN those eyes of his! They made her almost MELT.

She reached out to his wet hand, making her final decision. “No towel, just use this …” and she placed his wet hand on her tight jeans, mid-thigh level, and then she wiped them slowly up and to the inside until his hand was cupped over her pussy. She looked up into his eyes “the palm still feels a bit wet … why don’t you try squeezing and rubbing it a bit?”

Michael did better. He not only squeezed, but he moved his other hand behind her, placing it on over her ass cheeks and pushed in with BOTH hands.

The movement against her pussy took her breath away … she felt her nipples raising up to hard little points, sticking out from her t-shirt.

FUCK! Michael thought. This has GOT to be the best day of my life. He looked up at her … by GOD she was a beauty. Young, firm, and obviously willing.

Leaora looked down and into his eyes, and she saw him gazing at her, mesmerized again.

Michael was locked into the beauty of this fine young thing. He looked closely at the long blond hair that fell around her and the hard nipples pointing out to him. He said “Oh god yes I AM”

“Am what?” she managed to peep out, the feelings of his powerful hands now working nothing short of magic on her body.

“Your shirt silly, I most certainly AM ready.” He rose up, putting his face to hers, sliding his lips over hers, and picked her up easily by simply forcing his hand together.

GOD! As he pushed in and lifted her slight little body a not-quite-an-orgasm-but-damn-close washed through her body. He stepped towards the bed as if he was holding nothing but air, but with each step a BUZZ circulated through her. She didn’t know who she was anymore – didn’t really CARE anyway. She bit the bottom of his ear. “I want it ALL” she whispered. “Every THING and every WHERE” she took time to be sure to put emphasis just where she wanted.

He felt his cock rise. He knew she didn’t really know exactly what she was getting into, but he was more than willing to give it his best shot. He whispered back “Your husband, umm … damn, I don’t even know your name yet …”

She nipped his ear again. “He’s gone for the entire weekend … and as for my name …” she moved her face to his and slid her tongue over his lips and gave a little giggle, “Why don’t you just call me your little BITCH …”

Blood slammed into Michael’s cock and he felt it strain against his pants. Bitch? He thought. Oh fucking GOD yes. He tossed her onto the bed and she reached for his pants. He stopped her and said “No way, I’m going to do YOU first … bitch”.

The shiver that ran through her was wilder than before, and she could feel the undercurrent of the type of excitement she longed for. He pulled her up to her feet, standing next to him. He looked her over slowly, examining the body that was being offered to him. He took one of her nipples into his mouth, the tiny t-shirt fabric quickly giving away its ability to hide her smooth skin.
The moment Leaora felt her one nipple being sucked up she could feel the other one LONGING to be taken the same way. And she realized it was she that was longing for him … longing for him to take her, to CONTROL her.

He pulled his mouth from her nipple, and grabbed up her t-shirt. She started to raise her arms so that he could remove it, but before she could she saw his biceps bulge a bit and he literally RIPPED the t-shirt in half so it was just hanging off her body! OH GOD, this man was EXACTLY what she needed!

He held her at arm’s length, like a master would look at a slave, and she felt her excitement level increase another notch. She could see him looking at her curves, at how her hair fell around her body. He moved her in small circle, and spent a few minutes looking at her ass. “By GOD your beautiful” he finally said, and she actually felt a blush coming on! What had this guy DONE to her?

Then he dropped to his knees, and placed his mouth on her pants, over her Pussy, just where his wet hand had been. Now a resounding FUCK when through her mind! His hands had felt fantastic there, but was NOTHING compared to the feel of his mouth, sucking her in, right through her jeans! And the VIEW she had of this good looking muscle-man, kneeling before her, SUCKING away at her … GOD!

His hands came up behind her, grabbing hold of her ass cheeks. Soon she started getting dizzy with the shivers he was giving her, and then she heard the zipper of her pants, and then felt his rough hands as he pulled her pants off her body. She had always admired how she looked in her little panty thongs, and had picked out a hot red pair to wear, but he paid no attention, simply pulling them down with her pants, leaving her completely naked and open before him. A new thought jumped into her mind – Before my … Master? Just that simple thought forced a new wonderful feeling to shoot through her.

Then, oh GOD, his tongue pushed up inside her, while his hands pushed against her ass, forcing his tongue deeper into her. She melted into him, allowing him to take her in this way, letting him play with her body like it was putty to him.

Michael felt the touch of her long hair on his hands as they roamed over her ass. He grabbed a handful with one hand, and pulled slowly downwards …

Leaora felt her hair being pulled, and adrenalin shot through her body. As he continued to pull on her hair she was forced to raise her head up towards the ceiling to release the pressure. Oh GOD this was SO FUCKING GOOD she thought.

The pressure eased, just a bit, but not enough to let her lower her chin, now pointed up at the ceiling. Then the finger of his other hand started to slide down between her butt cheeks. She let out a sharp breath, and a moment later he pulled her hair down another increment, past where it had been just before. She rose up onto her toes, trying to relive the pressure, but it was too, too much! She arched out her back as the only method to relive the pain, and as she did she felt her pussy push up harder against his mouth, and his tongue slid a bit deeper into her. At the same moment she felt his fingertip slide over the hole in her ass, and she moaned in both pain and pleasure …

When she rose up onto her toes Michael knew where she was going. When he felt her back arch almost to the breaking point, when he felt his tongue slide in that extra little bit, he pulled down on her hair just a little bit more, at the same time taking the fingertip he had positioned on her little ass hole … and pushed it in …

Leaora EXPLODED as his finger forced its way into her ass, as he forced her back to arch more, as his tongue went in SO fucking DEEP. GOD! His tongue was in deeper than her husband’s COCK went! She felt the wetness of her orgasm as it slipped around his tongue. He released her hair, but kept his finger deeply implanted in her ass, ass-fucking her with it as she continued to cum and cum for him.

It was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. NEVER had she been man-handled like this … like some type of toy for a guy to do as he wanted. GOD! She would to ANTHING to have another experience like this one! She looked down at him, but he had his eyes closed, and kept his tongue firmly in her pussy. She wrapped her hands around his head, and he glanced up, finally pulling his tongue out and kissing her pussy lips.

“Wow! That was fantas” she started to tell him, but he covered her mouth with his hands.

Michael had enjoyed the feel and taste of her as she came for him, and knew that he would enjoy it even more when he dumped his cum into her hot little body – because he was only STARTING with this hot little bitch. She started to talk, but he clamped down on her and pushed her down on the bed.

He looked her over again … GOD what a fuck toy she was. He didn’t know her age, but he still figured her for 17. It was nice to think of her as underage anyway, since his lust turned in that direction. He lowered his face to hers, and slipped his cum-covered tongue into her mouth.

Leaora’s lust started building immediately after her first orgasm was completed – the moment he stopped her from talking and just pushed her body down onto the bed. She liked how he looked at her – she knew she was hot, and she loved seeing it in his eyes. When his tongue came towards her she accepted it eagerly … she had never tasted her own cum before, and if her husband had asked her to (not that HE had ever tasted it) she would have said no way. But for this guy, for this guy she would do it ALL. Every fucking thing he wanted.

As his tongue snaked into her mouth she was amazed at how … sexy … her cum tasted. It was MUCH better than her husband’s. In fact, the taste of it was a bit of a turn on in itself. She wondered if every girls cum tasted this wonderful, and if so, maybe doing it with a few of her girlfriends wouldn’t be too bad …

Michael felt the lust in this young wife’s body, and knew she was experiencing new ground. He was certainly not new to sex, and he knew what she didn’t yet … that she was a young little nympho just coming to terms with herself. And he had been lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time. He should be able to work this so that he would be fucking this hot piece of meat for some time! He let her lick her cum off his tongue, and helped her ever so slightly until he had her licking it off his lips and face as well. Once he felt she had it all, he rose up from the bed and stood before her prone body.

When he stood Leaora said nothing to her. She had gobbled – yes , that was the right word she thought, gobbled – up all of her cum from him. WOW it was good, feeling his tongue in her mouth, licking her cum off his lips. She took up her hands and placed them over the bulge in his pants. GOD! The bulge was HUGE!

She started to undo his pants, but instead he grabbed her and pulled her up to him until her mouth covered the swelling in his pants. As he had done earlier to her, she started licking and sucking it right through the jean fabric. She tried to estimate the size of his cock as her tongue flittered back and forth, but couldn’t believe it could possibly be as large as it felt.
He stepped back from her, and let her watch as he undid his jeans and let them fall to the ground. He worked out, daily, and knew that his body would be pleasing to any girl … and he knew that he had a oversized cock – not a monster, but one that you usually only saw in an X rated movie. It excited him as he saw her eyes get large as she looked at it.

GAWD! Leaora thought … it’s HUGE! It’s twice the size of my husband’s! As he stepped forward to her she let her tongue travel around it … up and down … over and under …

Michael looked down at the fabulous picture before him. This young honey, pretty as could be, fit and sweet, lying on the bed, her long blond hair fanned out around her, busy administrating to his cock. A fucking DREAM girl, perfect in every way, already brought to climax once, and totally open and willing to let him take her. That’s it, he thought, get my cock HARD, FIRM and WET … because I’m going to be sticking it in every sweet, tight little hole you have.

She felt his cock growing as she continued to devote herself to it. Unlike her husband, this guy was in no hurry to force his way into her mouth and was letting her take her own time. She used her hands, eyes, fingers and tongue on it, as if she was worshipping it. Finally she moved to the top of it, and slipped her mouth completely over it, taking in what she could, but only succeeding in getting a bit past the tip. She realized it was not just the length of it, but it had to be twice the girth of her husband’s as well. She dropped down on it again, taking it in deeper this time. She realized that shortly he would be sticking this massive piece of meat into her petite-sized pussy, and felt quivers of lust start back up in her body.

Michael placed his hands into her hair, and pulled her a bit more onto his cock. “Well BITCH, are you enjoying a MAN-SIZED cock?”

His words reacted in her, and desire ran rampant again in her body. GOD how she wanted this cock, this MAN, inside her. His meat filled her throat, and it was all she could do to moan in response to him.

Michael pulled her off his cock, holding her head in his hands. He looked down at her. “You know, my most BEAUTIFUL bitch, I’ll have to FORCE it in …”

Before she knew what she was doing she heard her voice go “GOD yes … FORCE IT IN! FORCE your man-sized cock DEEP into me! FUCK ME! GOD how I want your fucking cock inside me right now!” She couldn’t BELIEVE she was speaking out loud like this to him!

He picked her up again, like she was nothing, then he lay back on the bed and she found herself on top on him, he holding her up in place, her pussy slowly being opened up by his gigantic, steel hard tool. He let her weight do the work, slowly letting her body drop down onto him. He was MASSIVE, and she felt her pussy opening larger than ever before. She moaned and shook her head, letting her hair fly as his cock slowly worked its way deeper and deeper. Finally she was full, she knew he could take no more, but she looked down and saw it was barely half way into her. The pleasure was intense, NOTHING could be better than this. Then she would push down, just a bit, and new pleasure would course through her body. She had once heard that size didn’t matter. It was a fucking LIE. She gritted her teeth, and pulled his hands aside, moaned out a loud ‘YES’ and PLUNGED herself down until he was fully seated in her.

Her second orgasm washed through her as she forced her body to take the rest of that massive cock, that beautiful cock, that MAN cock into her pussy. This one was more powerful that the first (another myth busted she thought).

It was all Michael could do to hold back his orgasm during the fucking INSERTION process! GOD-DAMN this was a hot little bitch! He almost lost it when she was moaning and shaking that beautiful hair around. Her body was fucking hot ENOUGH, but add her young age and that long, blond hair … AND how fucking hot she was for his cock? SHIT! He wasn’t sure how the hell he HAD held on!

But he HAD. And so now he was in the most enviable of positions. A hot young blond on top of him, his cock fully inserted into her, her FILLED with it and fresh from her second orgasm, and ready for more – MUCH more. He knew that any red blooded guy would swap places with him in a heartbeat.

Leaora sat there on top of him, basking in the afterglow of her orgasm, still feeling his giant cock filling her. She looked down on him knowing the picture she was presenting to him.
Michael looked up at her. “WOW my young, blond cutie. You are fucking HOT” he said

She smiled down at him, and looked at his cock fully inserted into her. “And it wasn’t easy, big boy, but I’m FUCKABLE now as well …”

He reached up and grabbed her face, pulling it down to him and kissed her. “Then let’s fuck, shall we?” he asked, as his cock slowly (and shortly!) moved in her. She felt every inch of his cock in every movement it made. Already she was starting to become dizzy with lust again, and as the lubricant coming from the tip of his cock continued to drip out, his movements continued to become longer with each stroke.

Within only a few minutes his cock was RIPPING into her, forcing her to rise off the bed with every stoke he made. Her long blond hair was flying around them again, first wrapping itself around her, then around him, then around the point of their coupling. NEVER had she experienced this much passion in the pure act of sex! Fuck her husband, fuck her entire life – THIS is what she wanted, this huge steel hard cock SLAMING into her body! She heard a moan escape from her lips … Oh GAWD .. she was going to cum again for this guy! As she felt herself on the edge once more she leaned her body back and flipped back her head until she was looking into the mirror on the ceiling, watching their reflected image as her hair cascaded around her, as he held her ass and continued to push and push and push into her.

She screamed “YESSSSSSSSS” as she came for the third time, and this time she could feel his cock expanding, filling itself with cum. It increased her level of excitement, knowing that she had pleased him to this point, and she started bucking up and down harder that before. “GOD YES – CUM IN ME – CUM IN YOUR LITTLE BLOND BITCH” she smiled as she felt him blast into her, felt his cum filling her pussy, sliding down her legs and being squished with every pump his cock continued to make into her.

And to her great surprise he didn’t stop. He didn’t even slow down – he continued to pump and pump and pump himself into her! His cock had not dropped an iota in size, and already she could feel the monster of desire begin to burn yet again in her. FUCK! She was in LOVE with this hunk of manhood. He could have her FOR-FUCKING-EVER. “YES MY LOVER … MY MASTER … FUCK YOUR LITTLE GIRL … YOUR LITTLE SLAVE …FUCK her like you KNOW you want to …”

The reaction in him was noticeable. His cock actually INCREASED in size within her, and his movements became a bit rougher. Now HE was moaning for her and she liked it.
“YES … TAKE my little body … take it and FUCK it … SLAM that HARD FIRM GIANT COCK into me”, she followed it with a moan.

He began slamming into her again, but this time he slipped his finger back onto her little asshole. The same tingly feeling rose over her as she remembered how he had stuck his finger inside it just awhile ago.

“Yes my lover … stick it in … god PLEASE stick it in …”

He pulled himself from her, surprising her, and she looked quickly at him. He grabbed her and flipped her over onto her back, his hard cock slipping into the crack between her ass cheeks.
Oh GOD! That’s not what she meant! His cock would split her in two! He would rip her apart if he tried to stick his massive cock in her ass!

“NO. God it won’t fit in me!”

Michael said nothing, but let the tip of his cock slip inside her ass. “Relax BITCH. Your ass was MADE for this …” he pushed a bit harder, and she felt it muscle its way a tiny fraction into her.
“No. GOD I want you, but no … not this way … please …”

“BITCH! You said ANY thing and ANY way. You run around teasing every guy, you fuck around on your husband, you take my massive cock in your mouth and pussy … NOW you get it in your ASS …”

He pushed again, this time sliding it in about a full inch. She SCREAMED. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. “Like it BITCH? Like my hard cock in your ASS?” he pushed it in another inch as she screamed out again.

The pain Leaora felt was unbelievable! But … there WAS a small feeling of lust lurking about as well.

“Your ass is SO TIGHT …” he pushed again. This time she gritted her teeth and steeled herself for it, like she had the last couple of inches during their first fuck. She felt him ready to push again, and this time she pushed back a bit, searching for that same feeling of lust. He moved in a couple of inches this time, and she definitely felt the pleasure beginning to take root. She allowed it to take possession of her.

“Ummm …. HARDer my love … get it ALL the way in …”

Michael grinned. Yep, he knew his nymphos. He pushed and this time she met him fully, pushing back towards him. His cock slipped back the half way point. He pushed in and out at that point a few times, enough to lube her up some. He pulled out of her, and then positioned her on her hands and knees, her ass up high, her blond hair sliding down around her back and over her round ass. Now THIS was EXACTLY what the doctor ordered! He placed his cock in front of her mouth.

“Better get it nice and wet” he said. He smiled as she started licking and sucking on it. He ran his hands over her firm little ass and down her back. He was as rock hard as he had ever been, and within a few moments she had his cock soaking wet. He lined up behind her, and slipped his tool right into the mass of blond hair that lay on her butt, and then pushed his cock into her ass. It felt so fucking good, looking at this hot little blond, ass up, his cock starting to slip into it … he almost came with only the fucking TIP in her!

It was tight – fantastically tight. He pushed, “oh my sweet, sexy BITCH” he said.

“oh my GAWD!” she responded as his giant tool passed the half-way point. The most fantastic of feelings filled her body. She thought she had experienced her deepest desire, but this, THIS was bringing her to new heights of ecstasy.

Michael pushed yet again, and the huge cock plummeted down. “FUCK!” she panted out as the huge cock seated itself fully inside her ass.
WHAP! Michael’s hand slapped across her ass. “You’re such a trashy little slut. You’re just a little girl-slut-bitch that deservers a good hard ASS FUCK aren’t you?” WHAP as his hand hit the same exact spot as before.

Leaora moaned loudly as the passion rose up inside her. It was more that lust, more than love, more than sex – much, much more. She was some wild animal in heat – and she needed a MALE of the species, a TRUE MALE to take her – hard and rough. She growled out at him “FUCK YOUR BITCH – FUCK YOUR CUM-SLUT.”

He slapped her again, and then roughly grabbed her ass with his hands, pulling it up higher, his cock still buried deep inside in. He pushed her head down deep into the bed, where she could hardly take a breath, and then he pulled his massive cock out and rolled it over her ass. “This is what you wanted, isn’t it my sweet little bitch?” she heard him ask – and she knew he was right. This was why she went back looking for him, why she ran half naked in the neighborhood. Somehow her body knew, absolutely KNEW that she needed this guy.

“You’ve been waiting for years for someone to take you, for someone to OWN you” he slid his massive cock across her ass cheeks again. “For ME” he placed the tip of his cock over her asshole once again and should fell the tip beginning to push again at the tight small opening. “For me to slam my hard cock into you just like THIS”

GOD! His cock pushed into her, forcing her ass down, down onto the bed, down into the pain of hell … and down into the joy of heaven …

Finally he pulled away and she felt this NEED roll over her body. GOD she needed it back in her – she wasn’t complete without that hard cock FORCED up inside her – without this, her new MAN, her first REAL MAN, the only MAN she every REALLLY wanted and needed. She stuck her ass back up, straining for it to catch back up with HIM, with HIS tool, with her LOVE. “Oh gawd … pleeeeeaaasssseeee” she mouthed out.

Suddenly it SLAMED back into her ass.

She screamed, louder than ever before, but the bed covered much of the sound. He pulled fully out again, and then SLAMMED it back into place.

Orgasms began filling Leaora’s young body. Each SLAM brought another ultimate wave of pleasure to her, each one causing her to moan out in some erotic combination of pleasure and pain.
He continued DRIVING and DRIVING into her! FUCKINGGODHOWFANTASTIC. How long could he GO? She was hoping FOREVER – his man-cock felt SO FUCKING GOOD inside her!

She glanced into the mirror on the dresser and could catch pieces of their coupling. She watched and fell into a dream-like state – he was like a fucking machine, pulling that huge cock out and then plummeting it back into her. GOD! How was that thing FITTING inside her?

Michael continued to ass fuck his new little bitch. She was tight, but slick and smooth as well. He grabbed her by her long hair, pulling her up towards him. “I’M FUCKING YOUR ASS, MY SWEET LITTLE BITCH, YOUR HOT, TIGHT LITTLE ASS” even as he said it he could feel his cum filling his cock, like soldiers getting ready for an attack.

Leaora felt it as well, and she started wiggling her slight little body. She feel her desire for his cum “YES … CUM IN ME MY LOVE … CUM IN MY ASS”

It was all Michael could take. He pushed her head roughly back down onto the bed, then he pushed his cock down as deep as he could and held her there, moaning as his cum attempted to spurt from him. He could feel the heat as it pushed its way around his manhood, coating her ass.

He held her there for some time, letting his cock slowly drain into her. Then, before he lost all of his hardness, he fucked her a bit more, enjoying the feeling of power he was exerting.
Finally he pulled out from her, his cock covered in his cum, long strings of it falling from its tip. He sat on the side of the bed, and pulled her up, then off it and forced her to her knees in front of him.

He didn’t have to ask, force, or make any move. She instinctively licked the tip of it, allowing his cum to fall down on her body. She looked into his eyes as she slowly opened her mouth for him. GOD what a find this little bitch was, he thought to himself, looking at the long blonde hair which now fell wildly around her as she continued to clean his cock with her mouth.

He could feel himself starting to respond. It wouldn’t be much, after all he had already cum in her pussy and her ass, but he knew he could get –something- out. Besides, he thought, as he laced his hands into the hair behind her head and started taking control of the face he was now fucking, might as well go for the triple play …