First Time Foursome

The car came slowly to stop at some location. I had been handcuffed and blindfolded in the backseat of my girlfriend’s car. Our friends John and Kelsey were with us. The girls simply told us they had a surprise before covering our eyes and cuffing our wrists. The driver’s side door opened and Amy got out to do something. It began to feel too quiet until Kelsey slid a CD into the player and Eminem’s “Criminal” began blasting out the speakers at near max volume. I didn’t even hear the passenger door open as Kelsey got out and left John and myself chilling in the backseat.

The song switched to “Mockingbird,” followed by “Drop the World.” We were about halfway through “The Real Slim Shady” before the music was cut off and the back doors were opened. I felt my girlfriend’s slender hand wrap around my arm as she pulled me out of the car. The doors shut and we were led about ten yards and into a room. I heard a click and felt the handcuffs drop from my wrists. My first instinct was to reach for the blindfold but Amy’s hand stopped me. “Not yet babe… Soon” She whispered sexily into my ear. I felt her hand brush lightly against my crotch, causing my dick to twitch in anticipation. John’s handcuffs fell and I heard Kelsey whisper something into his ear before she moved away. “Ok boys, lose the blindfolds,” the girls said in unison.

I was 18, my friend John was 20. I had known him all through high school and kept in touch after he graduated. He stayed at the Job Corps center in our city, making it easy. My girl, Amy, was 19. She had dark red hair and piercing green eyes. She was skinny but still managed to maintain a nice ass and full 32 C tits. Kelsey was the oldest of the group at 21. She was curvy without being overweight and had gorgeous 34 DDs. Her dark brown hair fell about a third of the way down her back and her soft blue eyes could sell a paintbrush to Picasso.

I pulled my blindfold off and almost jizzed my pants at the sight before. A gasping cough sound next to me told me that John had a similar reaction. Amy was dressed in a see through green bra that matched her eyes and a matching thong. Kelsey was dressed in a black lace bra and a skirt so short you could just glimpse her mound beneath the hem of the fabric. Both girls performed a slow circle, letting John and I soak in the glorious sight before us. I felt my erection painfully pushing at the constraining fabric of my jeans. I reached down and began to rub myself through the denim.

Then the girls began a sexy strip tease for us, to remove what little clothing they had left. Amy slid her hands down over her luscious chest and to her stomach, swaying her hips a slow steady beat. Her hands went up behind her back and unhooked her bra, but she held it there, massaging her breasts under the fabric. After what felt like an eternity but in reality probably only lasted a few seconds, she slowly removed the bra, revealing her handful size tits and dark red nipples to me and John. She flicked the bra towards us and I followed its arc as it landed, squarely on John’s dick. He must have taken it out a short while ago and was stroking it slowly. He had a thick six inch cock that pulsed in his hand like it was alive. I decided better late than never and released my own seven inches to the world. I had an inch in length but john’s had just a little more girth so we were about even.

Kelsey took a different approach to the tease. She moved her hips to the same slow rhythm in Amy’s head but rotated around until she was facing away from us. I could see at least half of her juicy ass in the skirt. She unclipped her bra and tossed it away, remaining turned around so as to hide her melons from us. She bent over and began to shake her ass at us. Seeing it move like that made my cock feel like it would explode in my hand from too much blood. Amy glanced over and licked her lips hungrily. With a wink at me, she reached over and smacked Kelsey’s ass. Kelsey yelped and looked over at Amy, who smiled in that sexy way she always did before we had sex. Kelsey grabbed the back of her head and pulled her into a full on kiss, I saw tongues darting around before their lips locked. Kelsey slide one hand in between their bodies and began massaging Amy’s pussy as Amy kneaded Kelsey’s ass meat in her hands.

The girls staggered over to the single king-sized bed and fell onto it with Amy pinned under Kelsey. Their kiss broke apart and Kelsey began to suck on Amy’s neck, eliciting a quiet moan from her. John and I took this moment to strip out of our clothes. I was tall at six foot two inches but a little scrawny at only 155. John was a short man of five foot eight inches but had a stocky build at 170. By this point, Kelsey had kissed her way down my girlfriend’s body and was currently licking her navel. John and I finally made our move. Kelsey pulled the soaked thong down Amy’s legs and off. She took a deep sniff of them before tossing them to me. I inhaled deeply of the musky scent and even licked the wet fabric with my tongue before tossing it to John, who did the same. Kelsey blew gently on Amy’s sensitive pussy before running her tongue the entire length of her slit, eliciting a whimper of impatience from Amy. I looked down and smiled. The breast nearest to me was shiny with Kelsey’s saliva from earlier. She must have sucked on it earlier while John and I undressed.

I leaned down and gently licked the swollen nipple, flicking it with my tongue. John saw what I was doing and quickly took the other nipple in his mouth, sucking on it gently. Amy was now moaning constantly, with an occasional gasp to signal whenever Kelsey flicked her clit or another sensitive spot. I moved away from the breast I was sucking on and moved up to her head. I held my dick in my hand and waited for the right moment. Amy opened her moth in a long moan and I quickly stifled it by shoving my dick inside. My girlfriend only smiled and began to suck on rock hard dick. Amy loved giving head. She sucked on my rod, her head bobbing up and down on it as one of her hands gripped my balls. The other hand, I saw, was jerking John’s cock. My dick slid out her mouth with a pop and was quickly replaced by John’s own member, which she began performing the same operation on. Just as John really began to feel it, Kelsey launched a full on attack on Amy’s pussy. Amy couldn’t control herself and screamed in ecstasy as her orgasm washed over her. I heard a noisy slurping sound as Kelsey drank every last drop of the sweet female cum.

Kelsey smiled up at us, her chin glistening with cum. She stood up and wiggled out of her tiny shorts, revealing a neatly trimmed landing strip above her dripping pussy. I licked my lips in anticipation and she must have seen me because she instantly moved in on me and pushed me back down on the couch. She lowered her chest onto my face and I began to lick and suck whatever areas of skin I could reach. Her DDs wiggled in my face for about a minute before I pulled myself up and out of them. I held my cock in my hand and slowly began to guide it into her pussy. She groaned as I slowly slid all seven inches up inside her. It wasn’t long before I felt my balls slap against her ass. She sighed hungrily and wiggled my dick inside her, causing me to grunt. She lifted herself up and slammed back down. I gasped with pleasure, feeling her juices squirting around my cock in her tight pussy. I glanced over and saw only my girlfriend’s legs. John had twisted her around and had her hanging upside down off the bed as he fucked her throat.

He had one tit in each hand to hold her steady and was slamming all six inches down her throat at a furious pace, rarely letting Amy come up for air. When he did, he only gave her a few short breaths before slamming back into mouth. “Yeah baby! Fuck her throat. Use her like the slut she is!” Hearing Kelsey talk dirty did wonders for me and I had to exert all my control not to blow my load inside her right then. Her slow rhythmic bouncing however was not doing much. I grabbed her ass and, holding her steady, began to slam myself inside John’s girlfriend at a furious pace. Her tits bounced furiously and I grabbed one of them, squeezing it in my hand. I looked over again and saw Amy furiously rubbing her cunt with one hand. John’s head tilted back as he cried, “Oh shit! I’m cumming!” With that, he pumped his load directly down Amy’s throat. She struggled to swallow it all, couldn’t and John pulled his dick out, spraying two last thick ropes across her face. When Amy looked up at me, seeing her face covered in cum pushed me over the edge. I slammed myself as deep inside Kelsey as I could manage and cried out, “Take my seed, bitch!” she cried out at the same time and I felt her pussy convulse on my cock, milking every drop of cum it could. I must’ve fired five strings of my steamy cum into her before pulling out.

Amy quickly descended on her leaking pussy and began suck out the cum dripping from her. After a short time, she smiled up at John, “Now you won’t have to worry about sloppy seconds!”

I laughed, “Oh yeah… My bad, bro!”

“No big deal. How do you think we should thank your girl for being so considerate?”

“I’ve got an idea!”

I slid over to Amy and pulled her into a long kiss. I held her tight against me and nibbled her ear while beckoning John over. Kelsey saw what was about to happen almost let out a squeak of reveal. She held it in though and I slid myself about halfway inside Amy to distract her. John got into position, and pressed the head of his thick dick against her ass. It was too tight but Kelsey pulled some lube, seemingly out of nowhere, and tossed it to john. He rubbed some on his dick and this time, the head popped in her virgin ass. She cried out in pain as her ass was slowly penetrated by John’s dick. I held her tight and whispered words of comfort in her ear. After a few minutes John grunted out, “There you go. All in.” Now both of us were buried inside this skinny sexy redhead.

I began to slowly pump myself in and out to help her get used to the two dicks inside her. John just stayed still, letting her ass adjust to its invader. When she began to moan in pleasure from my movements, he slowly began to pump his cock inside her. With some effort from all three of us, we got a good steady rhythm going. Kelsey, not wanted to be all left out, moved in front of Amy, and sat on my face, which not only gave me a great taste of her pussy and ass, but also gave Amy access to her delicious tits. I began to lick and suck on Kelsey’s ass, driving my tongue up inside her butt. She moaned in pleasure as I slid two fingers inside her as well. I felt John’s pace quicken and knew he was close to blowing so I picked up my pace as well, driving in and out of her like a piston. My tongue worked furiously on Kelsey’s ass and I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers. I curled them up and at them same time, pressed her button with my thumb, she screamed in her powerful orgasm and I felt her juices spray over my face. She collapsed off of me, trying to regain her composure. A second later, I felt John freeze as his orgasm overcame him and he sprayed his jizz deep inside my girlfriend’s ass.

John rolled off of her, his dick leaving her ass with a pop. Kelsey sat up and looked hungrily at the cum leaking out of Amy’s ass. “Mind if I return the favor hun?” Unable to reply, Amy just nodded as a continued to pump myself inside her. Kelsey licked all around Amy’s ass, sucking up each drop of cum. Occasionally, her tongue would glide across my dick, causing me to almost blow my load. Finally she just sucked on balls. That finally did it and I fired my second dose of cum deep inside me girlfriend. The cry of her name, mixed with the sound of mine, made such a passionate sound that even the darkest pessimist would have been overcome. Amy collapsed on top of me and just laid there, my softening dick just buried inside her. I smiled happily and kissed her neck.

A whimper broke me out of my post-couital stupor and I glanced over at Kelsey. “So what? Amy gets DPed and I get left here high and dry?” I looked over at John and grinned. Amy rolled off of me and I got onto my knees. Kelsey crawled over to John and straddled him. He smiled up at her as he guided his dick into her pussy. I found the bottle of lube and squirted some onto my own dick. I rubbed all over before positioning the head at her puckered star. I pushed slightly and met with mild resistance, but not much. Kelsey was not an anal virgin and I was quickly balls deep in her ass. John and I, now with experience, almost immediately got our steady rhythm going and were soon driving in and out of Kelsey with unbridled ferocity. Amy crawled over and rubbed her tits against my back while her hands found my balls and began to massage them, rolling them between her fingers. It wasn’t too long before I felt that familiar tightening and pumped my third orgasm inside Kelsey’s ass.

I pulled out of Kelsey and collapsed, utterly spent, on the bed. Amy lay next to me and we formed our favorite spooning position and fell asleep with John and Kelsey still fucking, inches away.

I was lost in a dreamland of wet velvet wrapped around my entire body. As time passed, the feeling became more and more localized until just my cock was wrapped in a tight hug. My eyes flickered open and I saw Amy bouncing up and down on my dick. “Well hello sleepyhead! Took you long enough,” she giggled playfully.

“Hey yourself, babe. Where are John and Kelsey?”

“They left an hour ago. I wanted just a little more time just you and me though.”

I reached up and cupped her handful sized tits, kneading the soft flesh as she continued to ride me, “I wouldn’t have it any other way”.

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