First step to be a Fuck Sow

I HAVE FORGOTTEN MY REAL NAME. The Great Lodge of Lesbian Mistressess call me now Karla like a name they have branded in my body and mind. I am 18 years old. I had a good job, I drived my own car and I read quite a bit. I liked watching girls, lesbian girls. Things have changed a lot since then. I loved to see very feminine lesbian girls like me, still in the closet or sometimes a little more open. I’m a lesbian fem, white, with a proportionate body, my breasts delicately full, amber brown eyes, dark hair and a bright smile. I liked to dress up in jeans showing my attractive legs: a shy teenager looking for other girls.

When I walked the streets, men often turned to see me and undress me with their eyes, but I don’t care about them, I never respond to their calls or suggestions. Straight women just hated me as a potential contender, a temptation to their boyfriends or they were envious of how I looked sometimes. I didn’t care. I was only interested in girls or mature women, married or not. I looked at their eyes and their body language, how they reacted to my presence. Some were embarrassed when they realized I knew what they were thinking (too shy like me), others did not like to be discovered but sometimes both could not hide their attraction to me. Others were smiling and waiting for my next move and there were some who came directly to speak to me.

I loved to insinuate myself in clothing stores, lingerie departments, exclusive women shoe stores and boutiques. There I found lesbian or bisexual girls. The shoe stores were particularly good. I tried on various pairs of shoes, specially the ones that made my feet look desirable. Straight girls hated me because they worked a lot with me and I didn’t buy. But there were girls who helped me to try on the shoes just to see how I looked. That was one of my favorite places. I showed my legs with confidence and without danger: they could not avoid that their eyes would look at them. It was time to cross my legs several times so that they could see for a moment my shaved pussy barely covered by a small thong. They’d start to feel nervous. The worst was when I asked them to adjust my shoes to my feet. All of my detected lesbian saleswomen did it, but in different ways. Some did it with shaking hands as one of their fingers touched the skin of my feet, then I moved my leg to offer them my other foot and suggested my hidden treasure. Some got nervous and needed more effort, others smiled with their eyes and praised me (future telephone number exchanges if I overcame my shyness) and finally the discreet ones but with open signals for a sexual encounter. The latter stroked my feet and showed their clear desire to tickle my soles: they and I knew it, but no one else noticed. I was already a safe prey if they wanted to be predators of my body.

The clothing stores were uneven: too many people or different saleswomen, not so good, but it was still possible to do some flirting there. The best were the exclusive women’s boutiques especially those with lingerie. I joked with the girls and went in and out of the changing rooms each time to ask the opinion of the saleswoman, so that they would see me in a skirt, tops, bras and, of course, sexy and revealing clothes when I was driven by desire and not fear. Once I found my lesbian girls I began to visit the boutiques frequently, more and more promising, but in the end any date or exchange of numbers was frustrated by my fear: they made me crazy, crazy with desire for them. I just loved it. My favorite was an elegant boutique on one of Perth’s exclusive streets. I was always attended by one beauty specially. She devoured me every time I entered with her eyes, undressing me with open gazes. At just 18 years old, Erin was beautiful, slim, petite, with amber, almost yellow eyes, very white skin and black hair. I really enjoyed watching her, going back and forth to the changing rooms where I would force myself into a slow private striptease for her. She couldn’t touch me and they were very desperate to do so, but at the last moment they always took a step back. For Erin and the other young woman it was like a long orgasm denied by me each time without realizing it.

One day I went to the boutique to see them again but this time the second girl, a beautiful Mexican 28 years old, welcomed me. “Hi, I’m Gabriela … I’m the owner. Welcome.” She had an impressive body worthy of showing off on a beach, a 1.65 meter mestiza latina beauty and very elegant: class and personality I had never seen before.

I did my clothing request routine and they were both all smiles. When I was almost finished, wearing designer pants and a “daring” top to cover my breasts, Gabriela approached me: “You are one of our best customers. Someone told me your name is Karla [It’s not, but I have forgotten my real one now, so as I was named Karla then, let’s go on with it] Karla, would you like to see our exclusive collection? It is not for sale yet, but we can make an exception for you. ” I said yes.

“Then come to our special showroom” and she led me to the back of the boutique. I didn’t know the room, so Gabriela let me in first, followed by her and Erin. It was spacious, with three mirrored walls and the ceiling as well. The fourth wall was a large closet with wooden doors, closed. Near it was a rack with clothes. Erin, the little English redhead, started showing me the most beautiful and daring clothes I have ever seen.

I was distracted and in a second, Erin and Gabriela grabbed me. Gabriela took my arms and my hands, Erin by the neck. “What the fuck? What are you doing?” I screamed.

“Don’t pretend you’re not doing what you’re doing to us,” Gabriela said. “You know perfectly well Karla. You’ve been watching us since the first time you came in. Now is the time for you to know us close up, you fucking bitch.”

I screamed at the top of my lungs: “Help, help, someone help me!” As I fought with all my might, kicking, screaming, trying to get away and be free. I am attractive but slim, and Erin and Gabriela’s strength and height gained in seconds. I started crying and begging,

“Please let me go, if you want my money to take it away, but let me go.”

Gabriela became cold, severe with a voice of steel: “No way, Karla, you must enjoy our collection and special services. Now shut up bitch! ” She took my mouth with her hand pressing hard, distorting my lips and making them ugly to the extreme.

“Now we will transform you into our new bitch. You are not the first baby trained here. We have very private clients. Maybe in the end you will become one of them”, Gabriela said.

“Oh, she doesn’t agree with our proposal”, said Erin.

“She will”, answered Gabriela.”It’s only a matter of time”.

” You must learn, Karla, that we take what we want and we desire you, asshole “, Gabriela said.

I tried to free myself but once again I failed.

Erin opened the wooden closet and suddenly all the BDSM paraphernalia appeared inside: handcuffs; black, white, red clothes; gagballs, strapons of all sizes, even thin and thick ropes, but, curiously, they had no whips or instruments of torture.

“Oh, you noticed, Karla,” said Gabriela. “The worst pain is the fear of pain. In the long run, the best bondage is psychological: humiliation, degradation. Pain alone is for amateur dominants. Humiliating slaves is more perverse and we’re going to sexually distort you, Karla. You won’t recognize yourself”.

Erin moved quickly and produced a king-size mattress that looked comfortable enough to lay on the floor. They threw me over there and tied me up like jungry panthers. I was a perfect X of meat, spread out on the mattress. My wrists were tied tightly with thin ropes, a bit uncomfortable, but I felt like the ropes would really hurt if I struggled to free myself. My ankles were also tied with thin ropes, they would only cut my skin if I resisted hard. If there was to be any pain involved, it would be self-inflicted by my stupid resistance.

When I was a perfect X on the mattress, Gabriela pulled a professional Rambo-type hunting knife from the closet. “I won’t cut you, Karla, but if you don’t obey me and fight, my pulse may tremble”, Gabriela said. “Your first task as our lesbian sex slave is to NEVER stop looking at this knife until I tell you”. Then she slowly started cutting my clothes: first my bra, then she cut up my expensive designer jeans. And then she saw my thong … “You stupid bitch, did you think we wouldn’t notice your provocative teasing without consequences? What an asshole!”, said Gabriela.

I was completely naked and subjected to her will. The two of them spent a moment contemplating my beauty, my hair, my body, my face. And then Gabriela brought the knife to my pussy and I started to get scared! She was crazy! She put the tip of the knife at my shoulder and I felt the cold, cold steel. I wanted to leave, but I remember that for the first time I consciously obeyed her!

“Do you want me to cut off you, bitch? I shook my head again Nooooooo. She took the knife across my belly and brought it up to my breasts. I felt the steel cold as ice the whole time. I began to tremble with fear: she will surely cut me off, I thought. With the fingers of one hand, she took my left nipple and, like a surgeon, she put the edge of the knife at the base and, strangely, my body betrayed me: my nipples were completely erect!

I said in my weakest voice muttering, “No, please don’t hurt me!” Suddenly, lightning fast, Gabriela put the knife to my throat and also muttered: “Your first two lessons. First, always answer me as Mistress Gabriela and Erin as Mistress Erin, understand?”

She started swinging the knife like a violin bow across my throat. I was terrified but I didn’t move an inch. “Second lesson, do you know why I’ll call you FuckSow, Karla? Men and unsophisticated dominatrix insult their slaves and call them FuckPigs, pigs, but pigs are males, they are only interested in their own pleasure, they only think about penetrating the Sows with their penises. Female Piglets and FuckSows are females, always ready to do what is expected of them: get caught and get pregnant! So you must always be receptive to our wishes and orders, FuckSow Karla! It is understood?”

“Yes, Gabriela, yes”, I said in a shaky voice.

She brought the knife to my hair. “I noticed you have beautiful hair. a little bit below your shoulders… Do you want me to cut your amazing hair and leave it as if a donkey had bitten it, all uneven? Or do I directly shave it off to weave a wig for Erin?”

I said in my thinnest, shaky little voice: “No, please leave it as is, please!”

“You said it”, Gabriela replied. She put the knife before my eyes, I could see my fear reflected in it. “Look at it, Karla, take a good look, for the first time I´ll show you fear in a handful of dust!”. She pointed the closet and ordered, “Now, prepare Karla for her transformation.”

Instantly, Erin looked at me and showed me her most sadistic smile. I was just shaking again for the first time showing my terror, shame and submission through my body. Erin inspected my strings so that my body didn’t scape the X and then she got into the closet. Gabriela just sat on the floor watching everything. Then after a few minutes Erin came out of the closet transformed.

“Well, well ! This is my ERIN GO BRAGH at her best. That’s a compliment for you Karla ! First time Erin Dresses like this for a FuckSow ! What a surprise ! Before it was only just for me”, said Gabriela.

In schoolgirl uniform, socks and shoes she looked awesome. In an instant I understood that for Gabriela I was a different dream than Erin’s: to become a lesbian slave, which I was already in my heart. Erin lifted my body a bit and lay on top of me. She began to move over me like a sensual little snake, writhing sensually on top of me, crushing her body against mine.

“Do you like it Karla? Do you like your little sister is also a lesbian and she wants to fuck you? Why are you so shy with me, bitch?” My body reacted to image of Erin and started to get hot. Her twisting movements over me were calculated, but I didn’t know it then.

She showed me a gagball before my eyes. “Open your little mouth, Karly, spoil your little sister.” I shook my head. She slapped me hard. “Don’t piss off your little sister, Karly, open it up.”

My fear came back suddenly and I opened my mouth. Quickly, knowing very well what she was doing, Erin tied the gagball very tightly. I felt invaded and couldn’t speak. “We don’t want to hear your stupid talk, Karly. You are just fresh meat to us, a new disgusting crawling worm”. And she twisted over my body the whole time. I was horny to see and feel Erin.

Then Erin sat on my chest. Suddenly I felt the full weight of her over me and gasped. “Now Karla, how is my sweet little meat? How’s your shyness today bitch? Well, it won’t last long, trust me.”

Suddenly she put a totally closed mask over my eyes. I could not see anything. Total blackout. “Now you see me, now you don’t see me, hahahaha. Focus on what you feel, bitch, my last advice as a friend.” I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t see. I was totally helpless and at their mercy.

Then Erin took one of my nipples and started licking and sucking wildly. Sometimes her tongue would go in circles, sometimes she would bite my nipples, sometimes she would suck me with tremendous force making me scream. I felt different movements of her tongue multiplying my sensual sensations squared. An unexpected orgasm was building inside of me.

Then Erin’s little hand was on my pussy. She massaged my clit and licked my tits. I started showing signs of orgasm: screaming, moaning, moaning. Then she increased the pace. I was going to come when she suddenly stopped and left me frustrated. “It’s not yet time, little sister, not yet, no,” Erin said. “I’m in control, remember?”

Then something worse happened. Since I was wet, Erin put her fingers together like a duck beak and began entering my pussy! The little pervert was fisting me! Later 3, 4 fingers also inside my ass, but not her fist. And I began to feel pleasure against my will, again my body betrayed me! Erin began to play dirty games inside me. The fingers of her hand inside my ass, well, they could feel Erin’s other hand inside my pussy. They could almost shake hands inside of me and say “hi” except for my thin muscles in the middle.

She started to spread the fingers of both her hands, in my pussy and ass, like dark roses blooming inside me. I could feel her nails against my muscles, my delicate inner skin… and my body betrayed me once more and began to move, as much as I could, against the dark flowers of her fingers spread inside me. Once again I started screaming, moaning: all the signs of my orgasm. Once again, Erin withdrew her fingers from my gut and left me very frustrated on the brink of my orgasm.

She said in my ear muttering: “You really are a stupid bitch. Your pussy and your ass are my gifts, not yours. And you should know that always, always, all orgasms belong only to Gabriela, they all belong to her” and she withdrew from my body leaving me very frustrated, incredibly dissatisfied.

A strange silence fell, an evil angel passed … all silence. I felt a new body close to me: Gabriela’s. She knelt in front of my pussy and waited.

“Wake up Karla,” Erin yelled as she ripped the mask from her eyes. I was blinded by the light. When I could see, I saw an image that I will never forget…

Gabriela was in front of me burning like a goddess, My New Goddess. Her hair gleamed in the light, her eyes widened coldly, her nipples erected, her belly strong and powerful … and then … a butterfly dildo, a heavy and obscene strapon, a little bigger and thicker than my pussy, made with bands of colored horizontal stripes like a rainbow.

She wasn’t smiling, she was stern. “Karla, from this moment on, you will be transformed into my own lesbian slave, my FuckSow.” Her voice was like cold steel hitting my ears.

She put the head of the strapon at the entrance of my vagina and I felt a lightning bolt throughout my body. She came inside me very slowly, making me feel really invaded for the first time. It was like a hand entering a velvet glove, expanding my pussy as this obscene strapon entered a ransacked city like a conqueror. Gabriela really possessed me, body and mind, my whole being. I couldn’t stop looking at her, I didn’t make any noise: I was entirely at her disposal, I was hers.

She started ‘in and out’ very slowly, using my own pussy wetness to lubricate the entire strapon from tip to root. Finally lubricated, she increased her speed, sometimes coming in with small and short backs and forths, sometimes big and strong end-to-end thrusts in a single entry. Oh God, it was not a question of being full, but of having been submitted to her will, to her strapon, to her eyes.

She combined all with twirling motions when she filled me up. I just couldn’t resist her, I was perfectly bound at my hands and feet, gagged, just watching my own transformation to a lesbian sex slave with no will of my own. She leaned over my entire body as she moved the harness like a piston with just her hips.

She murmured icily cold: “Karla, in a few minutes you will be changed, transformed into my personal Sow. Remember, Karla, what is a FuckSow?

I nodded yes.

“Then so be it”. Gabriela said.

She increased the pace on the long strapon strokes going in / out in one hit. I started to moan as my orgasm built for the third time. Two mysterious hands entered in action and began to pinch my nipples, Erin was participating in my mental and physical distortion.

Gabriela put her face millimeters from mine seeing my eyes and my reaction. “You have amazing hair Karla, of course you know, you fucking mindless worm.”

She grabbed my hair and parted it into two strands. She then she placed the two strands of my hair in front of my throat and behind my neck like a tie. I felt Erin grabbing a strand behind my neck.

For the first time, Gabriela showed an incredible kinky, weird smile I have never seen from anyone else since. Suddenly, the two of them pulled my hair with all their might behind my neck, strangling my throat with my own hair like it was two steel ropes. Pulling and pulling until I felt air was turning off. It was scarce while Gabriela entered and left my pussy with her rainbow strapon. My body finally betrayed me, my lust exploded overstimulated: I was a chaos of physical and mental sensations. As I was a bit ahead of suffocation, I began to moan with lust and then with fear. The two of them moved furiously against me, degrading me in my defenseless condition: “bitch, bitch, bitch, puta, putita, eres mi putita”, said Gabriela, as they both pulled my hair with all their force down my throat.

As they were strangling me in the middle of my crazy lust I started to really gasp, to need more air, I wanted to scream but couldn’t. The moment I was going to come, I thought: “I’m going to die”.

Gabriela pushed with all her might and the strapon entered me to the root and filled me completely. And then… they let my hair down. I gulped air at once and then I came brutally, like never in my life. At the same time, I was breathing like I was born again and yet my orgasm came like a mountain that hit me sexually like no other coming in my entire life. The air, the strapon harness and my coming combined made for an instant orgasm in which I lost all sense of where I was, who I was: a Long Timeless Coming. I was my own orgasm, I was orgasm.

My Corrida/Coming lasted an eternity. I lost my sense of time. When I finally realized it, the first thing I saw was Gabriela’s fase smiling at me: “Welcome, Karla, your Glorious Orgasm seals your total transformation. You are now my Little FuckSow now. No return, no turning back, Karla.” and stood up.

Erin stroked me, bringing me back to my senses. They removed all the strings and set me free, still floating in the rest of my chaotic sensations. When I finally got to my feet, I was shaking and walking like a drunk. Erin dressed me in new clothes, all obscene: leggings with “bitch” written all over it, new and very expensive designer sneakers, a top with ‘slave’ written in phosphorescent yellow letters to cover my breasts. No bra, no panties, no thong.

At the door of the boutique, Gabriela was waiting for me, now dressed in leather with high-heeled boots. I could barely walk, but tried to keep going. When I walked through the door I turned to see Gabriela. I don’t know what she saw in my eyes, what she saw in the deepest well of my soul:

“Anytime, Karla, anytime,”, Gabriela said and closed the door on my face.

Two weeks have passed since that day, fifteen long days in which I am no longer myself. I do my daily things as usual but my mind is elsewhere. Deep in my soul, my lust cries and cries for more like a thirsty animal in a desert. Am I now a lesbian sex slave? Do I want Erin to become my Mistress and Lady? Do I want to be fresh meat for Gabriela? Do I really want to give my body and my will totally to Gabriela as my Goddess? I don’t know what I’ll do with my memory of such a massive orgasm while they were degrading, debasing, humiliating me like never before.

But I think Gabriela really kept her promise. They never hurt me, they never did anything bad or extremely painful to me. But I remember quite well, engraved now in my mind Gabriela telling me “the worst pain is the fear of pain”. I may add that the best orgasm overcomes any fear of pain and I feel my whole being ignite like a wildfire without control.

I don’t have the answers when I go outside and walk like a zombie. Every step I take makes a sound in my head. “I am Gabriela’s slave, her FuckSow now”, step “I am Gabriela’s Sow”, another step “I was born only to be her FuckSow”, the next step “I am her FuckSow”, one more step “FuckSow “, step “FuckSow”, step “FuckSow”, many steps until I am in front of her right now. “I am your FuckSow, Gabriela, I am yours “, I end up stammering. She smiles.

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