A story of a nerd – my teacher’s daughter

During my Junior year in highschool, I was… well, a 17 year old nerd, someone who had few friends, but was not friends with the “super-cool guys” group. I talked to some “cool” kids, but was definitely considered cool. Maria was quite the opposite. She was a very cute, popular girl with beautiful eyes. I had known her for a while, and talked to her more than other cool girls, mostly because I was a friend of her older brother. She had a very beautiful smile, and her eyes were some of the prettiest that I had seen of any of the girls in the grade. Above all her ass was incredible!

She talked to me, but I never really expected that she liked me until one day, while both of us were at a public event outside of school. She was wearing a tee-shirt and short, pink shorts. We were standing a few feet away from each other; I was reading a flyer, while she was texting her friends. As I turned to look at her, and she stuck her phone in the elastic band. To do this she had to pull her shorts down a bit, exposing her pink panties. I had never seen panties before, so this turned me on, making my cock harden a little bit.

For the next few weeks, I saw her everyday at school, but sexual encounter came after school one day, just after AP Biology class. The class had worked on a lab that day, most of us finished early so we talked. We looked at some hairs under the microscope, cells from out own heads. We had to get too samples, one from ourselves, one from someone else in the class. Somewhat unexpectedly, she asked for one of my hairs to look at under the scope. I gladly gave her one, and she gave me one of hers.

The lab was pretty unexciting, until one of my classmates asked to look through the microscope. He asked which hair was which, until Maria answered Corey’s on top. The kid chuckled a bit at this joke, which, by some, could be taken sexually. Enough of the blabber…

When the bell rang, I walked out, headed towards the student area to grab the rest of my bags. When I entered the locker area, she came in through another door, smiling at me when she saw me. She grabbed her bag and walked in my direction, asking me about what our homework was for Spanish class. As I answered, she moved closer to me, until she was about inches from me. She asked if she was beautiful, because apparently she didn’t think that she was. I told her that she was incredibly beautiful with great features, which was something unlike I would normally say, being a nerd and all.

She said thanks and moved closer and kissed me on the cheek and hugged me. The hug lasted longer than expected. But ended by her looking me in the eyes. She told me she had something to say, but couldn’t tell me in such a public place. Her mom was a teacher, but the mom and every other teacher were at a faculty meeting for at least two more hours. Maria had a key to her mom’s room, so we quietly slinked inside and she locked the door. Maria’s big secret was that she found me extremely attractive, a HUGE surprise to me. Again, we looked each other in the eyes and leaned in for the first real kiss I had ever experienced. It felt so wonderful to be kissed, my hands in her hair her hands around me.

After our long kiss, she asked me if I really liked her. Of course I did! She asked me if I wanted to go further, and me, thinking about the handjobs boys at school talked about, said sure with a smile on my face. She look off my shirt and slowly undid my shorts, leaving me in my boxers. I was expecting her to pull them off too, but instead, asked me to take her shirt off. This was going to be more than a handjob! I pulled off her white tee-shirt leaving her in a white bra, exposing more of her breasts than I had ever seen.

She pulled off the shorts, leaving her now in her bra and panties. The panties were pink, much like the ones I had seen several weeks before. At this point, she told me she had never seen a cock before, and I admitted that I had not seen any female parts either. At this comment she smiled, as if to say, “Well all that is about to change!” We kissed again, out hands exploring each other’s mostly naked bodies. The next article of clothing was my boxers, leaving my hard cock sticking out towards Maria. She gasped and said it was beautiful, longer and wider than she had expected.

I embraced her and pulled of her bra, but she continued to stare at my hardened dick, which now rubbed against her bare stomach. I asked what she was thinking, and her only response was, “Corey, I think it so hot that you trim your pubic hair… I love it!” I said that I did that for masturbating, which she found very interesting. I had jacked-off numerous times thinking about Maria, and when I told her this she allowed me to pull of her panties, the last piece of clothing remaining on her hot body.

Pulling them off, I kneeled down, putting my head near her crotch. I stuck my face into the pink and started licking like I had read about so many times. We both lied down on the floor. We got into the 69 position right away and licked each other until we were both groaning with pleasure. I almost forgot what I was doing because her throat, mouth, and tongue felt so good around my virgin cock.

I came in her mouth. She licked my cock to get all of the cum off, making sure she swallowed every last bit. I continued to eat her out, until she came into a shattering orgasm, where her juices sprayed over my face and our naked bodies. She screamed a little bit while we got up and embraced out naked, not juice covered bodies. We kissed for close to ten minutes. Her mouth had traces of my cum, and mine covered with her love honey. I got to taste my cum, which, with the wonderful taste of her mouth and her juice taste amazing.

After this drawn out kiss, we looked at each other as we had several times before that afternoon. I asked her if she was willing to go all the way. She didn’t even say a word, she just pulled me onto the floor and grabbed my cock. She held it in front of her wet pussy for a few seconds, and told me how she fantasized about me when she fingered herself. This really turned me on, as did the fact that her hymen was still in place, ensuring that she was definitely a virgin. I pushed in and she screamed. I asked her is she was okay, and she said the scream was pleasure, not pain. I pumped into her body, my cock sliding in and out of her tight, warm pussy hole. She moaned as I continued to push in and out. Before long, I too was moaning.

I jammed a few more times into her skinny body until my cum spilled into her vagina. I must have cummed more into her than I had ever cummed before while jacking off. As I slowly pulled my slightly shrunken cock out of Maria, we fell into each other’s arms and laid on the floor, both of our juices dripping from our genitals. We must have fallen asleep, but when we awoke, the clock revealed that we had two minutes to get out before Maria’s mom returned to the room. We got our clothes back on, and moved a rug over the wet spot we had made on the floor. We closed the door, and returned to the student area. We kissed for about two minutes before I headed out to my ride home.

The next day, I stopped in Maria’s mom’s room after school, as she told me that she was going to be doing homework in there. Sure enough she was, so we made out for a bit before I had to leave. While heading down the hall, Maria’s mom, her nicely shaped body, much like her daughter, was walking towards me. As she passed me, she winked as if she knew my secret, and enjoyed the thought!

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