Day Dreamers


Lisa Powers sits in Math 101 she is a girl with short brown hair she wears glasses but the are stylish, as afew freckles around her nose.
Over all she is quite cute still growing in all the right places, and she just loves to day dream, thus why she is inthis class for she couldn`t seem to keep her mind on her work .

But it wouldn`t get any better just yet for in walked Mr.Hamm a tall man with semi gray hair steel blue eyes, Lisa looked at him shook her head , he talk with a thunderous voice
found out he was a drill instructor for the army .
So the first week went by with out a problem, she would sit inthe back of the class
the room had few windows to look out
then she started to drift off.
Finding herself dreaming, she had on army clothes and there in front of her was drill instructor Hamm barking at her .
She found her pussy was getting wet,cause he was rubbing it all the while , he told her to drop she went to do a push up he told heto drop her pants and take of her shirt .
Lisa did as she was told , soon she was on her knees unbuckling his pants , unbuttoned them she seen his white boxers and the bulge that his hard cock was making.
Lisa pulled them down seen what look like eight inches of hard meat, she was told to open her mouth, just use her mouth and suck his cock .
Lisa could feel his thick meat around her lips soft but worn by time back and forth she moved her head, she was told she could finger herself, play with her nipples.
He always said : a good solider can multi task
her finger found her slick lips she opened them up inserted two fingers began to pump her pussy, while he other hand played with her dark nipples .
Lisa couls feel him fuck her mouth hod her head he moved faster, till he groane and he pulled out came all over her face jsut as she came too leaving a puddle of her pussy juice between her legs .

He put away his cock told her to clean up this mess he would be back soon to check the area, just then the bell rang, Lisa came back she looked at her paper and she did the problems quickly, knowing they was right , handed her paper in smiled at him as she left the class room.

Max Cross sat in English where his teacher Ms Beles taught, Max was a typical guy always day dreaming about sex but not with the girls his own age, he always thought about older women “Thirty on up “.

Carol Beles was a woman of forty, not at all skinny but not fat either she always dressed in a bussiness suit, with those thick heeled shoes
She wore little make up her face was quite pleasnt looking.
This day she wore a light grey suit with black blouse smoke colored stocking, this caught his eyes, he sat in class, looking at her, he drifted off she stood in front of the class giving her lecture she took off her jacket, lean on her desk, asking for the proper use of a proposition.

She called on Max he stood walke d infront of her she told him f he did it right she would give him something wroth his while .
as he began she would unbutton her blouse soon it was open, he seen her balck lace bra, and her breast for it was just a half cupped bra , she smiled at him pulling down each cup he could see her fat nipples.
She let im lick her nipples right there in front of the class, he was shaken by the girl next to him ,Ms Beles was looking at him .

She made im stand, and tell them what they was talking about , the girl whisperd Pro Nouns and their usage. Max was lucky he wore loose fitting jeans cause he had one hell of a boner .

Jay Briggs had a thing for his science teacher
Jeeny Harford she was a married woman with two kids she always kept pictures on her desk.
she was tall, blonde hair green blue eyes very nice ass, even in her lab coat one could see it and her breast were nice too about thrty four B he thought.

One he caught her walking down the hall she wore a black skirt he just watched her ass wiggle, as did every other guy did too .
He was in class she like to walk around the room between the lab tables lucky for him his lab partner was out sick .

jay watched as she walked by, she stopped looked over her shoulder. She took her lab coat off let fall to the floor she then reached behind her
she wore a skirt with a zipper at the bottom of her skir she began to slowly pull it up .
Revealing her long legs which she spread taking her hands she pulled the skirt apart
showing her naked ass, he could see her pussy it looked so prefect she put a finger in her mouth then it went into her asshole .

Asking him if he would like to explore her black hole, he watched her finger seeing her hole gripping her finger then he woke with the slap of her hand on his table she looked at him with a stern look tell the class about black holes.
Jay did. glad to see you paying attention: she walked away, not too hard in her class he thought.