The Yard Boy


Derrick Jackson took a break from working in Ida Crumb`s yard standing six feet tall with blonde hair nice tan ,he was in great shape too, played soccer for Midtown High.

It was summer so Derrick took up his summer job taking care of lawns , it was just him and his mom Sally, he never knew his dad
Ida walked out with a glass of lemonade look at her yard she just shook her head ,
Derrick thanked her for the glass Ida was a womman about fifty with touches of grayinher light brown hair , he did her yard as afavor for his mom Sally was the nurse who took care of her husband before he died .

Derrick finished the glass, and cleane up the trimmings, which he put inthe back of his 1971 chevy truck , which he also fixed up .

Derrick arrived home found a message onthe answering machine it was a new job, he wrote down the address, went out to find the house
hed rove to the beter part of town, found the house , he stood looked at the yard.

Out walked Wendy Franks a middle age woman with brown curly hair,she wore dark sunglasses Derrick was just watching her lips move they were full , she also showing some nice cleavage with that top she wore , she took him to the back yard he was looking into her back yard too nice tight ass , she asked do you clean pools too , Derrick told her he could .
As they sat inside, she kept crossing her long legs, Derrick kept his composure he knew this job will be the best of the summer.
Derrick figured up the number of bushes to be trimed the size of the yard, oh yes cleaning the pool .
Derrick gave her his offer, just then he geussed it was her hsband he shook hand he looked over the offer, they agreed , Derrick would start tomorrow. he left, Dam she hot he thought, his cock was getting hard Derrick pulled off the side of the road, his cock was hard just thinkng about her lips around his cock , he pulled his shorts down out came his foot lang cock.
He wasn`t called the yard boy for nothing
Derrick storked his cock his eyes closed he could see her on her knees sucking his balls begging him to fuck her , what more could a sixteen yearold guy want to have a older woman sucking his cock . Derrick pumped his cock
faster he could feel the cum surging up wards he came all over his chest for he wore no shirt.

Derrick arrived home seen his mom was home
she sat him down , told him about his father,Sally told him about the time she was rapped by some black guys, she had just started at the hospital , they had these three black guys who there looking after one of their buddies he had been shot.
She was makng some rounds checking on the
patients ,when she was drug into a empty room
the three teen took her clothes off, forced her on her knees they made her suck them hard.
One after the other, they fucked her filling her with their vile cum , they even fucked her ass . They left her naked full and covered in cum , month went on, one night after y shift i was attacked again , this time just by one of them , he raped me right in my car.
making me suck his cock cvered with his and my cum .
Sally covered her face Derrick held her he looke dat him but justice is served he was killed today, i seen him when they brought him in the hospital .
Derrick asked why did she keep him ? Sally told him i believe in life she kissed him
“so i have this guy in me too ” Derrick asked his mom if he could get fixed.
Sally told him think about it you`re so young he left.

Derrick arrived at the Frank`s house early
Wendy greeted him dressed in a sun dress
her breast stuck out like two ripe melons
he unloaded his trailer, he began to work when she called him he walked inside, she had a ladder she needed to hang a picture, Derrick climbed the ladder while she held it.

He climbed down she ran her hand down his back he could feel her nails, she then began to lick his back tasting his sweat, kissing it her hand wraped round him rubbing up n down the front of his shorts, she pulled her hand away, turned him around, his cock head was out of his shorts.

Wendy knelt she slowly pulled them down she got hit hi the face with his cock as it fell forward, she just open her mouth, stuck out her tongue began to tongue his cock head , just flicking her tongue all over it. she soon began to suck it, he could hear her gagging she never had one this big.

He held her head she sucked him hard, lickng it all over, she then sucked is balls, just like he dreamnt, she laid onthe floor raised her dress pulled off her thong, she opened her pussy she looked like a depraved women.
pulling the front of her dress down exspose her breast they were golden looking with pink nipples , she begged him to fuck her with his “BIG” cock , Derrick looked at her waiting for him to fuck her.

Derrick tore her dress off her, he sat on her put his cock between her breast while she held them together , he fucked them she sucked his cock head. Derrick felt his balls slapping her breast,she told him cum on her face, “CUMMING UP “: he groaned he shot a huge load all over her face hair pulling a trail between her breastthen still hard he rubed his cock head against her clit, he pushed hard into her .
Wendy had neevr felt anything like this even her lover didn`t do this to her , she told him : more i wnat more , she raised her ass
Derrick was between her legs moving like a jack hammer, Wendy wa licking her breast still tasting his cum.

Derrick fucked her on his side, she rode his cock ,empaling herself his cock head hitting her cervix as she just sat down , feeling him inside her , slowly raising, feeling his cock against her pussy walls
WEndy fet his balls slapping her pussy as he fucked from behind .

Derrick laid onhis back once again as Wnndy sucked him off she clean his cock up down to his balls she washed them with her mouth, Derrick was drained, but he dressed went back to finish the days work.
Derrick wa s greeted by Ken Wendy`s husband
he told Ken he be back tomorrow to finished, Wendy stood at the door, with a smile.
Derricks was glad his mom wasn`t home cause he smelled of sex bad .

Derrick slept, was up again met his mom gong out she jsut got home , Derrick arrived at the Frank`s he heard noise inthe back
yard Derrick seen four women in different size swimsuits, Wendy was ina bright yellow one barely covered her breast.
Wendy took hold of Derrick`s arm told the other ladies this was her “YARD” boy she winked,the ladies giggled.

Derrick went to work, it was hard they kept asking him if he could do their yards too giving him their address.
Wendy gave Derrick his check , he looked at the amount she she smiled, we can do some good bussiness she kissed his cheeck
one of the ladies came up to him she was quite drunk , she dropped to her knees pulled his shorts down, called the others over
she began to suck his cock, soon Derrick had three women sucking his cock while Wendy watched , her pussy was still knda sore.

Derrick laid onthe ground as the hungry wives took turn riding his cock , and sucking him hard again just to fuck him. he watched one woman lick another pussy drinking his cum out of her, anotr stood over Wendy oened her pussy he watched his cum drip all over her face as she licked it up.
Once again he drug him self away, she walked into the house, told his mom he never knew yard work could be so hard, she went to shower .