Cheating Heart

“Excuse me, is this the room for the aerobics class?”
asked a soft musical voice from behind Karen.

“That it is,” Karen said as she started to turn around.
“In fact, I’m your instructor, Karen…”

The dark haired woman stopped in mid-sentence as she
turned and looked into the most beautiful green eyes
she had ever seen. They belonged to an oriental girl
about 22, a few inches shorter than Karen’s 5’7″. Try
as she could, Karen couldn’t bring to mind a word to
describe her features. Beautiful was not right, and
cute not enough. Classical was the best Karen could do,
and even that didn’t seem really right.

“Excuse me,” Karen said, realizing she was staring. “My
name is Karen O’Brien, and like I started to say before
I forgot how to speak was that I’m the instructor for
the course.”

“Keiko Yamaguchi,” She smiled. “And I guess you’re the
person that I want to see. Is it ok to join in just for
tonight’s class. I’m only in town for a few days so I
really don’t want to have to join some kind of

“Well, the people who run this YWCA usually from on
that kind of thing, they’re really big on collecting
dues and such.” Karen answered, finding herself getting
lost in those emerald pools. “But I guess I can sneak
you in, just don’t mention it to anyone else ok?”

“Thanks, I appreciate it.” The Japanese woman said and
headed for the locker room.

As she walked away, Karen found herself staring at her
swaying ass. I’m getting as bad as those jocks in the
gym, she thought to herself. Still, it was a really
nice ass.


Halfway through the class, Karen was having a hard time
keeping her mind on the exercise routines. She kept
stealing glances at Keiko in the far end of the third
row. This is silly, she told herself, I’m acting like a
swooning teenage. Not only am I sixteen years older
than her, but I’ve been in a relationship with Amanda
for almost five years now. She’s probably not even into
girls anyway.

After repeating all the arguments to herself, Karen
still found Ms. Yamaguchi the center of her attention.
True the age difference might be a dozen years, nearly
double that which separated her and Amanda. Also true
that she’d always been attracted to older women. Yet
times and tastes change, and after all, Amanda had been
gone for the last four months. It would still be
another three weeks before she returned from the
oceanic research cruise the College had sent her on.
Then again, as in the past, this was after all just a
harmless little fantasy. Something to help keep her
warm when she crawled into her empty bed later that

Finally the class was over and the large group of women
headed for the showers. Karen stood behind and picked
up a few loose items. She was wiping the sweat from her
face when she realized she wasn’t alone. Turning, she
was again face to face with Keiko Yamaguchi.

“I just wanted to thank you again for letting me into
the class,” She said, her voice like a musical
instrument. “You’re really very good at this, if I was
going to be around longer I’d definitely sign up for
the course.”

“Thanks for the compliment,” Karen smiled, trying very
hard not to be aware of Keiko’s sweat covered breasts a
few feet in front of her. While not very large, they
were in perfect proportion to her size. “I really only
do this part time. During the daytime hours I’m usually
a research assistant over at WRDJ, Channel 3. This just
gives me a chance to keep in shape and make a little
extra doing it.”

“That’s funny,” Keiko laughed. “I’m with Channel 8 out
of Los Angeles, I’m here doing a feature piece on the
trade conference and decided to stay the weekend. I’ve
never been to New York before.”

“You’re a reporter?” Karen asked, suddenly interested
in more than the young woman’s breasts.

“Well, feature stories only so far, but I’m working my
way up. This was the first out of town assignment I’ve
ever gotten. I take that as a big plus.”

“I used to dream of being the person who actually went
out and got the news,” Karen said. “But research was as
far as I ever got.”

“Well, I’m sure that was Channel 3’s loss,” Keiko

“Everyone else’s already showered,” Karen said,
changing the subject. “We’d better hurry before there’s
no more hot water.”


As the two women showered, Karen’s thoughts again
turned erotic. She felt the little tingles from between
her legs as she watched Keiko soap up her body. After
watching dozens of out of shape housewives over the
last few months, it was a joy to admire such a fine
body. While Keiko had her back to her, Karen slid a
soapy finger into her own pussy and softly rubbed
against the clit, thinking how nice it would feel to
help the golden skinned woman wash.

A stream of soap tinged water ran down the crack of
that beautiful ass as Karen wished she could just walk
over and kiss it. When the Japanese woman began to wash
and squeeze those bouncy round breasts, Karen had to
bite down to keep from moaning in admiration. She knew
what the subject of her dreams tonight would be.

Drying themselves in the locker room, Karen kept her
eyes on anything but Keiko. She was sure she had been
too obvious in the shower and didn’t want to compound
it out here among the other women.

“Damn Amanda, for going on the research trip,” She
thought, “Leaving me alone all this time.”

As a Professor of Oceanic Studies, Amanda Bishop could
easily take six months off to engage in research, but
Karen wasn’t so lucky. That had always been one of the
sticking points of their relationship – the difference
in their economic and social standings. It had come up
before, but had always vanished as soon as they were in
bed together. That was one of the reasons Karen had
taken this part time job at the Y, so she could pay an
equal share of the expenses.


“Karen?” Keiko said as she walked over and sat down
beside Karen who was tying her sneakers. “Do you have
any dinner plans?”

“Dinner plans?” Karen asked questioningly.

“Well I was planning to go out to dinner

after the class, and I really hate eating alone.

Besides, I owe you for the class.”

Karen thought about it for a few moments. Thought of
what Amanda would think of her having dinner with a
woman half the Oceanographer’s age. She knew Amanda was
always jealous of her spending time with other women,
but then again, Amanda was over six thousand miles

“No plans, I’d love to join you.” Karen answered with a
wide smile. “Just let me lock up and I’ll be right with


Dinner turned out to be at Georgio’s, one of the best
Italian Restaurants on the Upper East Side. By the time
the desert came, Karen felt like she’d know Keiko
months instead of a few hours. At first she was worried
how she’d skirt around the issue of her lesbianism.
Normally she didn’t care who knew it, but some people
were very put off by it. Her usual attitude was, hey
this is what I am, if you don’t like it – tough! But
she really didn’t want Keiko to dislike her for any
reason. For the first time in months, she was really
enjoying herself. And the question of whether she had a
man in her life never even came up.

“Will there be anything else?” The waiter asked.

“No, that will be it.” Keiko said as the waiter placed
the check on the table and she reached into her purse
for her credit card.

“I wish you’d let me at least pay for my own dinner?”
Karen said, her old habit of wanting to pay her own way
cropping up.

“Nonsense,” Keiko said as she placed her credit card on
the small tray. “I did invite you after all. Besides,
it all goes on my expense account.”

As Keiko again reached for her card and the receipt
upon the waiter’s return, Karen spotted something she
had totally overlooked earlier. There on the Japanese
woman’s slender left hand was a gold wedding band. She
was married!

The black haired woman’s heart sunk as her little
bubble burst. Sure it had all been a fantasy, but she
wanted it to end on a happy note. Why hadn’t she
spotted it earlier.

As they left the restaurant and walked down the street,
Keiko felt the change in Karen.

“Is there something wrong?”

“No, nothing,” Karen answered, forcing a smile. “It’s
just been a long day and all.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry I’ve kept you out so late.” Keiko
said apologetically. “I’ve been enjoying myself so much
that I’ve completely lost track of the time.”

“I guess it is kind of late and you must be wanting to
get back to your hotel,” Karen said as she looked at
her watch and noted that it was almost 11. “Its about
08:00 in LA, you might want to call your husband before
you turn in.”

“Husband?” Keiko asked, a puzzled look on her face.
“What makes you think I’m married?”

“Well the ring for one thing.”

“The ring… Omigosh I forgot I was even wearing it.”
Keiko exclaimed as she looked down at her hand. “I’ve
been divorced for almost two years.”

“Yet you still wear his ring?”

“Well actually, this one’s a family heirloom, it
belonged to my grandmother. I usually wear it to
discourage guys. You know, they find out your single
and right away all you are is another skirt to get
into. They have a hard time taking you serious after

“I know the feeling,” Karen said, her smile returning
with the news.

As they walked and talked, Karen noted that they were
only two blocks from her apartment.

“Since you bought the dinner, would you like to come up
for a nightcap?” Karen asked apprehensively. “We can
call you a cab from the apartment.”

After a long moment, Keiko said she would love to.

“Make yourself comfortable,” Karen said as she turned
to lock the door behind them.

“Nice place,” Keiko said as she admired a row of photos
on the mantelpiece. “Your roommate?” She asked as she
spotted a photo of Karen and Amanda taken last year.

“Err… yes,” Karen replied. “She’s away right now.”

“This really is a lovely apartment,” Keiko said as she
dropped the subject and moved on. “So unlike the decor
you find in Los Angeles.”

Karen quickly poured the nightcaps and handle one to

“New friends,” She said raising her glass.

“Definitely!” Keiko responded as she took a drink.

After they both finished the toast, Karen again looked
into those haunting green eyes. Less than a foot
separated them and she felt flush. She knew she should
call for the cab, but she didn’t want her fantasy
evening to end.

She then leaned forward and kissed Keiko on the lips.

The kiss lasted just a second, and once it was done,
Karen took a step back. She looked into the oriental
girl’s face for a reaction but found only the same
calmness it had all evening. Then, suddenly, her face
widened into a smile.

“Oh God,” Karen exclaimed. “I wanted to do that all
evening. I just wasn’t sure how you would take it.”

“To tell the truth,” Kaiko answered. “Until this
moment, neither did I.”

She then took a step forward and returned the kiss.
This time they embraced and held the kiss much longer.

“This night has been so wonderful,” Karen said, still
holding her. “And I’ll understand if you want to

“Actually, I was thinking it might be pretty nice to
stay,” was Keiko’s reply.

Karen’s face just glowed at the response.

Karen quickly led the short haired oriental to the
couch and kissed her once again. This time the kiss was
long and deep. She felt Keiko’s mouth open, allowing
her tongue easy access. Their tongues met and began to
dart in and out of each others mouths.

While this exchange too place, Karen began to unbutton
Keiko’s blouse, slipping her hand within. The Japanese
woman’s body trembled as she felt the Irish girl slip
her hand inside her bra. Her hand cupped the small
breasts and soon her fingers began to work their magic
on the small nipples. Keiko let out a soft moan, just
to let Karen know that she wanted her to continue.

The rest of the buttons quickly followed and soon the
light blue blouse was on the floor. The half cup bra
joined it, giving Karen a good look at the golden
mounds she had only glimpsed in the shower.

“They’re beautiful,” Karen smiled.

“They’re too small,” Keiko countered.

“Nonsense,” Karen retorted as she cupped one in each
hand. “Anything more than a mouthful goes to waste

With that her mouth was on the dark drown nipples, her
tongue covering the small protruding tips.

“Oh that’s nice…” Keiko sighed as she felt the
wetness of the white girl’s mouth.

Karen continued to make oral love to the Oriental’s
breasts, even as her hands moved down and undid the
clips of Keiko’s skirt. Keiko shifted a little, lifting
her ass off the couch. With a quick tug, the skirt and
panties now topped the growing pile of clothes.

Karen began to kiss downward, covering the golden
belly, converging on the small triangle of hair below.
She was fascinated by the absence of any real body
hair. What little there was around Keiko’s mound was
trimmed tight against the skin. Her own bush was quite
large and full, in preference to Amanda’s taste.

Her fingers stroked the outer walls of Keiko’s pussy,
then Karen moved closer and kissed it in the center.
She could smell Keiko’s perfume, it was obvious that
she had put some there at the gym. As she continued to
kiss the outer edges, she slipped a finger inside. Soon
it was followed by a second, then a third. Finally it
was followed by her probing tongue.

Keiko had stretched her legs as far apart as she could,
balancing herself on the back of the couch. For the
moment she was content to just lay back and enjoy
Karen’s ministrations. She couldn’t help but note how
much nicer it felt than any of the men who had eaten
her. Those few who had be willing to even try she
corrected herself.

For a good ten minutes Karen thrust her eager tongue in
and out of the cavity of oriental delight. Every woman
tasted different, but Keiko was somehow ever more
unique. Perhaps it was just her imagination, perhaps

“I want to see you naked!” Keiko said as she pulled
Karen away. “I want to make love to you too.”

Karen stood and began to slowing pull her shirt over
her head. The she reached up and played with her large
36 inch breasts, still within the confines of her bra.
Those beautiful emerald eyes were riveted on her hand
as she undid the front clasp and sent the white
material floating to the floor.

As they popped free, she grabbed a breast in each hand
and gave them a playful squeeze. She had never really
been impressed by breast size, but she could tell Keiko

She leaned forward, one knee on the couch and lifted
her right breast to Keiko’s mouth. The Japanese girl
reached out with her tongue and lightly licked the
already erect nipple. After a third pass with her
tongue, she reached up and guided the whole of Karen’s
aureole into her waiting mouth.

Keiko sucked tenderly at first, like the newborn she in
a way was. Then her motions became stronger and she
pulled more and more flesh into her mouth. While she
suckled at the first breasts, her free hand sought out
the second and fondled it. Soon she switched positions
and lifted the other nipple to her mouth.

Karen let her take her time exploring the new
sensation, remembering her own first experience with a
woman. Her own delight at the first time she had
actually touched another woman’s body.

Running her fingers through Keiko’s short almost boyish
hair, she whispered sweat words of encouragement. Words
that translated into an increased desire by Keiko to
please her.

Keiko then began to move her attentions down Karen’s
body, duplicating the motion Karen had used on her
earlier. Have to give her credit, Karen said to
herself, she’s a fast learner.

Keiko’s first attempts at cunnilingus were awkward,
even a little rough. Karen reached down and pulled her
own lips aside for the neophyte lover, giving her a
clear view of her objective.

“Take your time,” She whispered. “Just lick it softly,
it’ll come to you.”

Sure enough, after a few minutes, Keiko began to
develop a rhythm of her own and began to send little
sparks into the walls of Karen’s love tunnel. I was
right, Karen congratulated herself, defiantly a fast

Soon Keiko was rewarded with her first tastes of
girlcum as Karen’s body began to respond in earnest.

“Let’s move to the floor.” Karen said as she guided
Keiko into a 69 position. “That way we can both enjoy

For the next half hour, the two women lapped at each
other, taking turns increasing and decreasing their
passion. Karen knew she was close, but was determined
to hold off until Keiko was ready.

It wasn’t long, and both women exploded in unison.
Globs of hot cum gushed from each as they each buried
their face in the other’s mound. Keiko had never
experienced an orgasm like this and she wanted it to go
on and on. Her face was covered with love-juice, but
she continued to lick away between Karen’s legs. But
all good things must end as they say and finally both
were exhausted.

For twenty minutes they laid entangled in each others
arms. Their bodies covered with sweat and cum, they
silently kissed and licked each other.

“I’m so glad I met you tonight,” Keiko said softly.
“I’d never have had the courage to try something like
this back home.”

“I’m just as glad to have met you,” Karen replied as
she kissed Keiko’s breast. “It’s been so long since
I’ve felt this good. I wish I could…”

Just then she was interrupted by the ringing of the
phone. She let it ring a second time, thinking she
should let the machine pick it up. Then she decided to
answer it.

“Hello?” She said, continuing to play with Keiko’s

“Karen…can you hear me?” Came the voice on the phone.

It was a few seconds before Karen realized it was
Amanda’s voice.


“Hi lover, you don’t know how delightful it is to hear
your voice.” replied the voice over the receiver. “I’m
in Los Angeles.”

“Is something wrong?” Karen asked as she let go of
Keiko’s breast and lifted herself into a sitting
position. “I thought you would still be out at sea for
another few weeks.”

“We had engine problems and had to cut the trip short.
I have to wrap up a few loose ends out here over the
weekend, but I should be home by Sunday night.”

“That’s great…” Karen said, wondering if she really
meant it.

“Karen, there’s something I want to say, something I
don’t want to wait for Sunday for you to hear.”


“Baby, I love you, I don’t think I’ve ever realized how
much until the last few weeks. At first I was so
involved in my work that I didn’t see how much I hurt
you by just up and leaving like that. Then as I began
to miss you more and more , I knew that no work was
worth leaving you again.”

“Oh God Mandy, you don’t know how long I’ve waited to
hear you say that. I can’t wait for you to get home.”

“Well Sunday’s only another day and a half, it’ll go by
quickly. I hope you’ve been taking care of yourself. I
was passing a phone in the hotel lobby, we haven’t even
checked in yet, and I suddenly felt the need to call
you. Have you eaten dinner? I know how you get after
those Friday night classes at the Y, you get so worked
up you forget to eat at all.”

At Amanda’s mention of the aerobic class, Karen
suddenly remembered Keiko was lying beside her. For the
moment she was at a loss for words.

“Karen, are you there?”

“Err… yes, I’m here,” She said as she saw Keiko sit
up and smile. “Must be the connection.”

Keiko brought her finger up to her lips and signaled
silence. There was no need for Karen to mention her
lapse of fidelity.

“I was asking if you’ve been remembering to get some

“Oh yes, don’t worry about that, I brought a little
Japanese home after the class, it was delicious.” Karen
said, smiling as Keiko.

“I didn’t know you liked Japanese,” Amanda said.

“It’s a newly acquired taste,” came Karen’s answer.

“Honey, Dr. Walsh is calling for me to catch up. I have
to go. I’ll be on Continental Flight 203 on Sunday,
we’ll get in about 5:30.”

“Fine, I’ll pick you up then.”

“Good-bye love, and when I get home I want to start
over. As far as I’m concerned, anything that happened
before 5:30 Sunday never existed.”

“That’s fine by me, I love you too.”

“All right in the world with your lover? Keiko asked.

“Yeh,” Karen said sheepishly. “I guess Sunday will be a
new beginning, this time maybe we can make it work.”

“I’m glad. Maybe when I get back to LA I’ll be able to
find someone as nice as you.”

“I’m sure you will,” Karen said, feeling a little
awkward. “Listen, Keiko, about tonight…”

Keiko placed her outstretched finger on Karen’s lips.

“What happened within these four walls will always
remain here,” she said. “When I walk out that door, all
that will bind us are the sweet memories. A memory I
for one will cherish.”

Karen just had to reach out and embrace Keiko. Another
time and place things might’ve been very different. But
deep down she knew she had to give Amanda her chance at
that fresh start.

“You know,” Karen said in a quiet voice. “You don’t
have to walk out that door right this minute.”

Keeping to her word, the Japanese woman never looked
back when she walked out the door – early Sunday

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