Strip pool with my slutwife

About a year after our strip poker threesome With Nick, He moved to a new place in the same town as Mandy and I. He had graduated with a Bachelors Degree and would be attending our university to get his Masters. Nick moved into his Uncles place. It was a rather large place with a game room upstairs that had a pool table. My wife Mandy has always liked houses with pool tables. I’m not sure why, since she’s not very good and we only played now and then when we went out to a bar. We manage to use it maybe once a month, so she’s still not very good. Mostly we play on Saturdays before we go to the bars. We’ll have a few drinks and play a few games before heading out. None of us ever seems to improve our pool game, but my wife Mandy is the worst player and although Nick plays more confidently, he’s not too hot either. Now and then I make comments about how we should play strip pool, I mean what the hell, we had so much fun playing strip poker. It’s become sort of a running joke and no one seems to take it seriously.

A few months after Nick moved in, his uncle had to move out of town to be with his mother, who was having trouble caring for herself. That Saturday, we got together for our usual weekend game. After some burgers and a few beers, we started up the pool game. During the second game, I cracked my usual comment about playing strip pool. Rather than just ignoring me, Mandy said that it wouldn’t be much of a game, since we didn’t have much on to start with. It was summer, we had all been hanging at the pool out back. Nick and I were wearing Swim trunks and T-shirts; Mandy was wearing an off white thong bikini. It was pretty obvious that shed been in the water since you could still almost see her nipples through the bikini top. Sort of joking, I said we could always grab a few more layers and play cutthroat, that way we’d each have five items of clothes and five balls on the table. Mandy replied that it would be a pretty short evening if we finished up in one game. Nick was just keeping quiet. I thought for a sec and said, “so if you sink a ball, you can choose between the other two having to lose a piece of clothing or you can put one of yours back on”. Mandy thought for just a moment and said “OK, get my clothes when you get yours and bring me another drink…that is if Nick is up for it?” and looked at Nick. Needless to say, Nick and I went downstairs to get our clothes and some fresh drinks.

So we started the game. Like I said, none of us is a very good player. I’m the best of us three, but a few drinks and some nervous energy didn’t help. So after a couple of games, we mostly took off and put back on our sandals. I had no interest in putting stuff back on, but I figured I’d let things develop slowly. We decided early on, that even if you made a shot, you didn’t get to shoot again, to prevent someone from running the table and ending the game too quickly. Somewhere in the third game or so, I made a good shot and sunk a ball. I was barefoot, and up until then would probably have put my shoes back on. Nick and Mandy both had all their clothes on. I had them take off their sandals, which left us all barefoot, each with a top, shorts, and underwear, except Mandy, who was still wearing her bikini under a pair of skimpy shorts. Nick was after me, he made one and put his shoes back on to my dismay. Mandy shot next and also made one of her balls. She had Nick and I both lose a piece. That left me the closest to loosing every article of clothing.

I made my next shot and recovered my shirt. Before I did I looked at Nick and then at Mandy and he knew I wanted him to call for her to lose something “important” after his next shot. Nick shot next and took a long time to line up his shot carefully. He made it and said “why don’t I go get us some more drinks while I decide what to do”. Mandy and I chit chatted while he was gone, I tried to gage her reaction to the game but got nothing. Nick was downstairs and back with fresh drinks in seeming record time. He announced “I think it’s time for the married couple to loose their tops. “No problem for me”. Mandy joked, “it’s not like you guys can’t see through this bikini top anyway. She reach back with one hand, pulled her bikini top off with one hand and stuffed it down Nicks pants. “Don’t loose that, I’m gonna need it later,” she kidded him.

Her turn followed though, and when she bent over to shoot…Nick’s eyes were glued to her perky tits and erect nipples hanging toward the table. She shot quickly and missed. When she stood back up, she cuped her boobs and said, “I think these are going to get in my way.” I missed my next shot and so did Nick. I think we were a little distracted by those lovely breasts.

Mandy bent over again to shoot and once again we had a fine view of her awsome tits. She shot well, made her ball, and decided to reclaim a top. Instead of putting her bikini top back on, she grabbed my sleavless T-shirt and put it on. Every time she would lean over a tit would peak out of the shirt. The turn went around a few more times, and Mandy lost and reclaimed her t-top a couple of more times. Nick and I had our shirts on and off and I think I lost my shorts briefly. Eventually we came to Nick’s turn. Mandy was back in my shirt and we boys had only shorts. Nick made what I thought was a pretty lucky shot and he again had us lose a piece. So Mandy was again in only the sexy little shorts she brought and I was down to my boxers. Mandy took a long time lining up her next shot and we enjoyed the view while she did. Mandy made a pretty tough shot and I just knew shed put my shirt on once again.

Instead, she said “well this could go on forever, let’s see more skin guys”. “Well Shit,” I thought. For me, that meant I was going to be naked and Nick down to his boxers. Since we couldn’t cheat at pool, it wasn’t going quite as smooth as strip poker had. Nick got his shorts off pretty fast, and was in his “Woody” from Toy Story boxers. You could tell his Cock was pretty hard. I think Mandy may have been a little turned on by his bulge, because she blushed when she stared at it?

Mandy announced “OK, game over, you’ve got nothing left to lose.” As soon as my boxers hit the floor. Nick argued that since it was my turn, it did not matter if I had nothing to loose as long as they both did.. She had to admit he was right. I took my time and eyed my line carefully. Fortunately, Mandy had left me a fairly easy strait shot and I pocketed it with no problem. “Alright loose something.” I said. To Nick, that meant getting naked along with me. Mandy had to loose her shorts or bikini thong.

Nick disrobed and Mandy announced that she was going to get some drinks since the game was over. By now, Nick and I were both rock hard. So there we were with our rock hard cocks hanging out waiting for my wife to get back with our drinks. I quickly came up with an idea. I had Nick give me Mandy’s bikini top and I stood there with it hidden behind my back. When she came back, she was in her bikini thong. She handed us our drinks and sat next to the table.

Mandy once again tried to claim that the game was over since nick and I had nothing left to loose. This time I argued that since it was Nick’s turn it didn’t matter that he had nothing left to loose. She said that didn’t matter since I had nothing left, that’s when I pulled out her top and said, “I have this.” She protested saying “That’s mine”. “No,” I said, “You gave them to Nick so they were his to do with as he pleased. He gave them to me so now I have something to loose.” She finally agreed and consoled herself by saying that Nick didn’t have a chance in hell of making his next shot . No one had really paid attention to the table while this was going on. We all looked down and realized that Nick had his ball sitting on the very edge of the corner pocket with the cue ball just a few inches away.

Nick really took his time to line up a very easy shot. Mandy grabbed his dick and started stroking it to get him to miss. I just smiled. Nick made the shot easily. Mandy rolled her eyes and said, “Alright you guys win I’ll get naked.” She hooked her fingers in the bands on the side of her thong, and slowly inched it off. As she slid her thong down her legs, she bent over and put her tight little ass up in the air showing us her nicely shaven little triangle and bald pussy lips.

She sort of posed for a moment and then “OK you both come here for a second”. I didn’t know what to think nor do I imagine that nick did either. She held out her arms and grabbed us both by our nearly hard cocks. She said “OK guys, I’m gonna play with these sticks now”.

She got down between us and started swallowing my cock while she stroked his. As soon as my cock was hard and wet, she started to suck his massive cock until he was hard and wet as well. She swapped back and forth swallowing our cocks while stroking the other for a good 15 minuites. She then Turned toward Nick and pushed his cock into her throat until her eyes started watering. She pulled him from her throat and did the same to my cock. When she pulled my cock out of her mouth, A long thick line of saliva dribbled down her chin and between her breasts.

I picked Mandy up and lay her over the corner of the pool table on her back with her head tilted back over next to the pocket. Nick, being the tall basterd he is, stepped up and started pounding my wife’s pussy. I stepped up on a small box and put my dick in Mandy’s mouth. While Nick was working his pleasure in her cunt, I was throat fucking her with my ball bouncing off her nose. Nick and I both grabbed a boob and massaged it. After a bit, I nodded to Nick to switch. Amanda bent over the corner with her ass in the air. I slid my prick into her pussy as she put her hand out and guided Nick’s cock into her mouth. My every thrust made her gag on his huge dick. Mandy began to message her own breast, teasing her nipples between her fingertips, as she took us from both ends.

Nick got on the floor and Mandy mounted him. As soon as they started to get in rythem, I got behind Mandy and slid my cock into her ass. We all moved in sinc. Soon Mandy was shaking with orgasm. After she stopped shaking, I pulled out and she got off Nick. She turned toward me and sat back on his prick, but this time he was in her ass. I then knelt on top of her and slid into her pussy and began thrusting. After every thrust, she would slide back down onto Nick’s cock. I started to massage her clit as we fucked her and she was soon moaning and cumming very violently. We kept Fucking her until we were both ready to cum. We pulled out and she got between us. Nick and I simultaneously began squirting load after load of jizz onto her face and tits. As our sperm ran to her tits, she rubbed it over herself with her hands making her breasts gleam with our sticky juices. She grabbed our pricks and licked the remaining jizz from the tips.

After we all got cleaned up, Mandy said, “Nick, you have this whole place to yourself, I can’t wait to see what game we play next week.”

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