Beachslut In Italy

Lying there, on that sun-drenched Italian beach, cunt
slicking-up my sexiest g-string… catting for a fuck with my horny
Mick lying right there beside me.

And he wouldn’t give me one!

‘Too many people about,’ he moaned as I stroked his ass under
the sexy-bright lycra swimpants. And saying that, he rolled onto his
back to spit-roast his gorgeousness in the hot afternoon sun.

I gazed woefully at the lump of our cock and balls in those
sexy swim-pants and a trickle flowed from somewhere to somewhere, deep

It was my fault I was so horny.

I’d been flaunting around town in a tiny white Lycra mini-
skirt and peach bikini-top. Entire thigh (to a peek of the canary-
yellow, satin ‘g’) was exposed, together with almost entire tit, to
whoever chose to look.

Most had.

That’s why I was so horny.

With the skirt dropping just a few centimetres below that
shiny ‘V’ of filmy-taut satin I flashed a little bare-assed cheek and
at front, the tiny ‘g’ string of a cock-beacon had done its work.

Men gawped, and came back for seconds. Men got hit by jealous
wives (how come the jealous ones are always the frumpiest – why don’t
they do the best for themselves and their partners?)

Anyway, that’s why I was so horny – flashing tits and cunt to
strangers just makes me juice. It always has.

The skirt wasn’t just indecently short – its fabric was so
white and filmy, shiny and clingy, that my cutey-tight, tanned, high-
jutty ass showed through – dark cleft n’ all!


No tease!

If cock’s offered, Suzie takes.

Mick’s all for it, so long as he watches me get it or joins
in. We’re just a very, very horny, exhibitionist couple who love sex.

I’d been ‘accidentally’ brushing my tits against men all
afternoon in the town’s little shops and been groped three times up
the skirt – twice on the cunt, once on the ass – and those were the
‘direct hits’ as I call them. So by the time we arrived at the beach
nippies and clitty were as I like them to be – lovely hard, tingle-
jutty twigs.

‘Mick, please? Fuck me?’ I pleaded to the hunky-muscled
horniness I loved so much. That powerful, tanned body lay as if
taunting me, with those cock and balls lumped inside his sexy, shiny-
bright-orange Lycra swim-pants. Another reason I was horned – next to
a man in tight lycra shorts, lycra swimpants really get me.

I reached out, slid my hand up hard-muscled thigh, and over
his cock. His hand clamped on my wrist, dragging it away.

Denying his wife her food!

(‘Cause cock’s food to me, if I don’t get enough I starve!).

‘Let me lie on top then Spunkie… please? Let me lie on top
and have a jerk-off on your sexy pants… I’m so horny! Even just let
me diddle clitty on you? Please?’

I hadn’t thought we’d be coming to the beach and while Mick
had worn his swim-pants under his shorts, just in case, I’d only the
minuscule, yellow satin ‘g’.

He didn’t notice until I lay on top and started screwing my
cunt onto that lovely Lycra’d bulge. His hands automatically slid down
my back and over my ass.

‘For fuck’s sake Suzie, a g-string on the beach for fuck’s
sake! Have you no shame!’

I knew he didn’t mean that. He’s always happy for me to show-
out. I squeezed and rubbed myself against… yes… a surely-fattening

‘Mmmm… Lover! I can feel your cock on my cunt. Feel me rub
off on you… it feels so lovely, my sexy satin on your sexy Lycra.

There was no mistaking it now, it was jacking, but then Mick
can’t resist my horny-talking…

‘I can feel it Mick, growing thick and hard… cunty’s feeling

I made up my mind then and there we were both going to cum,
fuck or no fuck!

A horny-story would do it – Mick can’t resist my horny-

‘Imagine Mick… you’re sunbathing in these sexy-bulgy swim
pants. A young girl comes up… a seventeen-year-old blonde with blue
eyes and a perfect body… ‘

I breathed my words into his ear, lightly fucking myself on
him and swinging my tits against his chest. My wet must be showing by

‘She’s wearing a shimmering-shiny, crimson-red swim costume
pulled tight into her little fanny – splitting it so that it bulges
the shiny-red crotch. The suit has a V-split from tits to navel.
Imagine those young tits, forced upward and outward by the suit, the
sides of them visible because of the V…

Words became hard, I was turning MYSELF on with his fetish-
tale! I slid – squirmed – on my hunk…

‘When you’ve torn your eyes away from her cunt you look up
that split and see her tits sitting there… young, horny- proud tits,
just inside that ‘V’.

Tits begging to be touched, to be groped, to be licked, to be
sucked, to be milked…

She straddles you, standing with feet either side of your

“Will you lick me please”, she says, “I’ve been juicing on
your sexy body. I’m all horny and I want you to lick me and then fuck
my horny little fanny… “‘

I had a tennis-ball to frig off on now. Downward-thrusting
cock and big bollocks in tight swimpants… lovely.

I frigged, rolling clitty on it slowly… determined to make
him cream…

‘Sexy bitch doesn’t wait for a reply Mick, she settles on your
mouth and slides the silky crotch of the suit on it…

You can smell her horniness through it Mick… a girl’s horny
cunt through that red, wet-look lycra swimsuit Mick…


Imagine the feel as it brushes your lips, the soft mound; the
split-wide cunt.


Imagine the musk… the smell of her through… and all
because she’s been watching you – getting hot on your horny body… ‘

I lifted up on my elbows, still squeezing against his cock,
brushing my swung-down teats against his. I knew I’d got him past the
point of no-return. I knew his fantasies exactly and he was about to
get the lot – the selfish sod – if I couldn’t have the works I’d take
second best!

I breathed into his mouth, kissing him lightly…

‘She looks down at you Mick.

“Lick my cunt,” she says.

“Lick my horny-wet cunt.”

She takes your hands and presses them onto her hot titties,
inside the ‘V’ of the suit…

“I’ve got nice titties haven’t I?” she croons – rubbing her
crotch on your mouth with a tiny fuck-jerking motion… ‘

Mick’s gasping a bit now and his groin is fucking back at me.
I wriggle, imagining all that lovely cock-drool wasting… maybe

‘You feel her tits…

“Mmmm that’s nice”, she says, “I love a man to be rough with
my tits. Pinch them, pinch my nippies, they’re all lovely and hard for
you… Mmm… yes and stick your tongue in my cunt (she hooks back the
suit crotch with a finger and shows you her horny little split-peach.
She kisses it to your lips).

“Mmmm… yessus! Like that! A hard-horny big-man’s tongue, I’m
going to cum soon, on your mouth… pinch my tits harder, pull them,
squeeze my tits!

“Yes like that… and after I come I’m going to pull your
pants down, put that lovely cock in my mouth and suck you off. I love
the taste and feel of spunk in my mouth; the smell of a real man’s
cock – it makes me so fucking horny… “‘

Mick was almost there – so was I – and I knew how I’d bring
the sexy, selfish sod over the brink. His favourite fetish…

‘”I like to do something to a man… “, she says, suddenly
pulling off your face, leaving glistening trails of gleaming fuck-

“… something that makes me come. I’m going to do it to
you… now… can I please… ?”

You nod stupidly…

She flips down and lies on top -like I am now Mick, rubbing
her hot cunt on your sexy pants… like this – wiping her horny fanny
on your sexy orange swim-pants – you can feel the heat can’t you? Feel
the slide?

She fucks like this… like this… trying to find your pubic
bone to wank her little clitty off on.

She can’t, not with this hard cock in the way. She makes do
with your cock – like I’m doing now – and she sways her tits against
your chest, like this, and then… she does this…

The sudden, hot flush soaks your swim-pants and you realise
what the dirty slut meant. Your cock erupts, creams your pants… she
cums off too in hers as you share the ultimate… ‘

Mmmmm yesss! Feel it Mick. Feel me piss on you… ‘

I rolled off him, pulled him against me, side by side.

Reaching between us I squeezed the piss-soaked swim-pants.

‘Mmmm yes Mick,’ I crooned, squeezing the fat head of his cock
through the wet lycra, feeling the oily cock-juice under the thin
fabric. ‘Your swim-pants are soaked, your cock is drooling, come for
me Mick. Cum in your sexy pants for Suzie… spunk them for me Mick, I
want to feel it in there, squishy and hot on my fingers… ‘

I felt the twisted-down meat pumping; felt the warm-slippery
thickness between cockhead and lycra; delved into the waistband and
found the mess. I scooped with my fingers and brought them out,
sliding them over my ‘g’, wiping his spunk on my piss-wet crotch.

Clitty burned – exploded – I clung to Mick, thrusting with
short fucking jabs against him… cumming, cumming, cumming…

Some things are better than plain fucking!

A while later we took a casual stroll to the sea with towels
around our waists…

But not the end to our day, not by a long way!

Twenty minutes later we were washed, sun-dried and back

‘Mick! Look at this piece of horny boy-ass!’

At the time I was lying on my front facing down the beach,
enjoying the hot sun on bared-swinging tits (and the occasional
healthy bulge sauntering past!) when, Bingo!

Towards our sheltered little spot, sauntered a toy-boy vision
of sex!

Dark-skinned, obviously Italian, about eighteen years old. A
small frame compensated for by a beautiful, muscle-hard body.

‘As you say,’ Mick said slowly, ‘a nice young piece of ass,
and coming our way – looks as if he’s going to camp on our doorstep!
‘And look at the size of the packet – has he got a stonk-on or what?’

I didn’t need to be told to look, I’d been staring at it since
I spotted him. The white-gleaming, lycra cycle shorts looked like they
were stuffed with rolled-up socks.

Low-cut on the boyish hips the bulbous shape at the crotch
tingled my tits and clit. I squirmed into the towel, my eyes glued to
the gorgeous piece of fuck-meat.

He was coming right at us, a towel slung casually over his
shoulder. He came and came and came and came until… there he was –
standing right in front!

I rolled onto my back and gazed up hairless brown thighs at
the obscenely-bulging (especially from this angle) white-Lycra’d

He gazed back purposefully – at bared tit-flesh and scanty-
clad cunt.

‘You like fuck?’ he said, matter-of-factly.

I couldn’t believe it! I whirled so I was kneeling, or rather
sitting on my haunches, thighs splayed wide, giving him (I knew) an
offering of trimmed black minge, with the yellow satin pulled into the

‘Sure we like to fuck,’ Mick countered, ‘but it’s not the sort
of thing you usually ask strangers?’

I licked my lips, trying to quash mounting temptation to grab
bulging bollocks and suck cock through sexy shorts.

I could clearly see the shape of the cockhead. It was there,
right in front of my face, the outline clearly visible through the
thin fabric… a shiny sheen of pre-fuck clinging over it, seeping
through the white.

‘No, what I mean is… you like to be watched… do you know
we’ve been watching you?’

Now that startled both of us. We’re well-used to
exhibitionistic fucking, as I’ve said, but usually we know about it!

‘Boy’ pointed at the cliffs behind us. On a ledge, half way up
were four shapes. Three of men, one of a video camera complete with

‘Couples come here to fuck,’ said ‘Boy’, smiling nervously.
They know people watch. I just wonder if you knew.’

‘No we didn’t know,’ Mich said, almost angrily. ‘And we
haven’t been fucking anyway, too many people about.’

‘Over there, behind those rocks under the cliff, men and women
– they go there to fuck, most evenings.’

‘Can I ask just what your interest is in all this?’ Mick asked
somewhat sarcastically. I glared at him.

‘My uncle up there. I been with him. He likes to watch the
sexies – I like to watch too. Sometimes he send me down to see if you
want… how do you call it, a trio?’

‘Come on Mick, let’s go!’ I said, jumping and hurriedly
gathering towels. ‘I’m fuckin’ well fucking this horny piece of ass
even if you’re not – you can bloody well watch if you don’t want to
join in. hell, that ouzo’s a bloody cock-killer!’

Behind the rocks I wasted no time, grabbing him even while
Mick lay out the towels. Kissing him deeply I rubbed my tits against
his chest, reached down to fondle that massive and – as I found – not
yet full-hard pack. He gasped into my mouth when he felt my groping
hand and reached behind me, his young hands sliding over tanned,
silky-smoothed slut-ass.

I dropped to my knees – mouthed boy-cock through Lycra;

Suckling the bulbous head, the glossy spot of slime.

Savouring the feel of the pre-fuck-slicky lycra;

And best of all – the taste and smell of rutting-horny cock.

My hands clawed the backs of his strong thighs, snaked over
hard boy-ass.

And discovered Mick’s cock!

Out of his swim-pants – sliding on jutty-proud, silky-
smoothed-lycra’d boy-ass!

(Mick, when he’s horny tends to forget his gender, as do I –
sorry folks – when we’re horny anything goes!)

Licking, tonguing – suckling gently, my fingers slid upward to
fondle healthy balls. I gazed upward into his face.

It shone down. Boy’s knee trembled. I had him.

‘What’s your name?’ I asked the owner of the cock I was
sucking (not unusual).

‘Ri… Riccardo… ‘ he stammered.

‘Riccardo, nice name!’ I said (biting gently at the shaft),
how sexy are you?’

‘I… I very sexy… I think… ‘

‘I think too. That’s why you like to wear sexy shorts like
this, so the girls will look – so they’ll look and see your cock and
balls, and your honey-of-an-ass?’


I got dirtier.


‘Do you like pee Ricky? To piss, perhaps on yourself – in

‘Sometimes… and sometimes some of the… lady visitor –

the holiday lady – they pay me. Some like me to do that…
they say “pee on me honey, more cash. Please pee on Auntie.”

‘Good Riccardo. Because I want you to piss in your shorts for
me. I’ve always dreamed of a horny young stud like you doing that for
me. Will you do that for me?’

I groped boy-balls, man-balls in the shorts.

He swallowed hard. Seemed pleased.

Liked to be a “horny young stud”?

He didn’t need to say he’d like to do it.

I stood again. Pressing my tits against his chest I kissed him

And he could kiss back, this one. My little kitten could

‘Will you… do that… for me Ricky,’ I mouthed onto his
tongue, chewing his lips, licking his chin.

‘Will you piss your sexy boy-shorts for me?’ He nodded into my

‘Mick would like to piss on you Ricky.

That would please him a lot. Do you mind? He wont if you don’t
want him to… ‘

‘I no mind. The men at the hotel… ‘

I sank back down and chewed gently at the head of his cock.

I gazed up and waited, hands working the base of his firm

It was hot. Hot and salty. And it sprayed through the lycra as
I sucked it into my mouth.

A gurgling sound as it filled his shorts too.

Soaking them. Filling them.

And spraying through them at the same time.

I pulled back and stared.

And Mick pissed on his lycra-sheathed boy-ass.

No. I realised. Not ‘on’, ‘in’!’

He had the waistband pulled down, cock inside and was pissing
into the boy’s ass-crack!’

The sound of it hiss-gushing into the shorts.

The sight of it flowing, spreading around the slim hips, and
under to totally soak the already dripping see-thru lycra. The sight
of it cascading under the seen-thru balls.

I slid one hand inside my ‘g’ and fingered my cunt roughly.

The other slid over the revealed meat, the balls, the insides
of his thighs.

Mick peeled the shorts down. Inside out. Ricky stepped out of
them, cock jack-throbbing with heartbeat. I watched it, breathing hard
as it jacked until standing to almost touch his hairless belly. I had
to slow the groping of my cunt. I was rushing. I forced myself not to
cum. Not yet.

Mick’s right hand came around, grasped the boy’s meat at it’s
base, pushing it horizontal, pointing at my mouth. The fingers of
Mick’s left hand slid around Ricky and stroked, then squeeeezed his
teat. (Yes – sqeeeezed – damn spellcheckers!)

‘Suck it Suzie-Slut! And me! Let us fuck your mouth.’

Mick’s order was growled from above. His own cock pushed
through Boy’s thighs, the head poking through, under hairless, low-
hung balls.

Two juicing pleasure-poles – horny on me!

Instinctively, my mouth moved towards the heady musk of horny

It enveloped me, I sucked it up my nostrils – and received the
usual intravenous-like shot of aphrodisiac.

The smell of horny cock always does that to me.

For an eighteen-year-old, our ‘Boy’ had man-cock – no mistake.

Seven-inches of thick, browny, silky-smoothness, foreskin
almost closed over a gorgeous bulgy head.

My hands caressed. I skinned it slowly, as if unwrapping a
favourite toffee – for my prize.

There, thickly-cloying, deliciously-dirtily, copious juice.

Slut’s Caviar.

But I didn’t let it make me get carried away.

I glanced upward, finding the staring, unbelieving eyes of my
Boy. And those of my husband over the boy’s shoulder – Mick loves
watching his slut-wife perform.

My lips formed a perfect ‘O’. I pressed them to the thick
drool of pre-fuck and backed a little.

Bridging lips and cock, shiny-thick threads of glisten.

I backed a little more and they broke, hung from my chin.

My mouth closed over the head.

I sucked it out of the foreskin.

Overpoweringly sensual taste filled my mouth.

Overpoweringly sensual smell rose to my nostrils.

But Mick wanted more. Mick wanted to play.

Pushing my head back he waved the cock against my face,
stabbing me with it.

He slapped my face with the meat – hard. Right, left, right.

My mouth followed it, trying to get it back, like a little
puppy being teased with a toy. A tasty sausage perhaps?

I was desperate for that taste again. Mick gave it back, held
it. I suckled him, looking up into the fresh, young, horny face.

Hot as hell. Cunt a burning furnace trying to put itself out.
Tits crawling.

A dog-bitch on heat.

Cock lurched in my mouth – Mick had a finger up the boy’s
asshole – while his other hand still abused his teats.

I knew that I wouldn’t have to suck him for long… more’s the

My head dipped and I nuzzled the big, hairless ballsac,
sniffing the smell, wanking and fondling both cocks at once.

‘Suck me, Suzie! I’m coming!’ Mick’s urgent voice… I already
had my plan… this was part of it – Mick had to come first…

I sucked Mick and took the spraying cock’s first jet in the
mouth. The second rope clung on my face. The third on my tits. The
rest I directed upward, onto the rampant cock and hanging balls of my

Then my hands were back on his cock, wanking. My mouth was
back on his balls, licking and sucking on my husband’s lovely spunk.

I gazed up into Boy’s face.

My eyes pleaded, “come in my mouth’…

He did. I held still and let him, looking up, as pulse after
pulse of his lovely dose filled my mouth. When he’d finished I opened
wide and let him see it, clinging, cloying, joining teeth and lips. I
put out my tongue and let him see the pool of his stuff.

Two down, me to go!

While I rose, stiffly, Mick extricated whatever from his
friend and stood, playing with himself. He nodded to me and I knew
what he wanted – something he loves me to do to strangers. Something
I love to do. He wanted me to be me.

The dirty come-and-fuck-the-shit out of me slut…

Shaking mussed hair, I stood in front of them, gazing at their
cocks. I licked my lips slowly.

‘My turn.’ I said, snaking my hands up to play in the spunk-
trails on my tits. I pulled them, squeezed the teats, making them
stand, thrusting, proud and hard.

I bent my head, lifted my right tit to my mouth; licked,
sucked the teat, licked sideways to gather a stray rope of spunk.

‘Like the tits boys? Like the big juicy, spunky tits. I want
you to maul them with your sweaty hands, fuck them if you like… ‘

Hands snaked back down, over my stomach, my index slicked
hot-wet satin into my cunt…

‘My cunt’s hot and juiced, hungry for lovely throbbing cock-
meat. My pants are soaked, see how wet they are? Watch as I push them
down. Now you can see my hot n’ horny cunt, open and begging… for a
feed of cock.’

I turned my back, ran my hands over bared ass, then grasped my
ankles, opening my cracks for them.

My hair trailed sand as I stared at them through parted legs.
I licked an index, reached, slid it in and out of my asshole…

‘Or my ass… you can fuck asshole… I like that too… or
I’ll take both of you… ‘

They advanced and I flipped back up, turned to face them.
Boy’s hands went for my tits and I stood and let him grope me, staring
into his face, enjoying the feel of him fumble. I reached down with
both hands, grasped wet cock, fondled hot balls.

I straddled my legs – Mick’s cock was pressing between my
thighs from the back, searching for my cunt. It slid in easily, I
gasped, wanked, jerked with each powerful thrust. Boy kept one hand on
my tits, slipped the other down to my cunt.

I looked down. His fingers were in a ‘V’ on my engorged lips,
squeezing Mick’s cock as it fucked me; and… bliss… his thumb
strummed clitty.

He stood back, reaching out so he could see me, see the
quivering, sex-crazed slut come off in front of his eyes. As orgasm
rolled through me he saw that slut, mouth open, eyes wide.

Being fucked from behind and cumming deliriously.

My knees buckled, yet I wriggled back on Mick’s cock urging
him to come but it wasn’t to be; Mick wanted more…

‘Sit on him Suzie! Sit on his cock and fuck him.’

Boy lay back on the towel, cock rearing, swaying from his
hairless groin. I straddled, split my cunt wide with the fingers of my
right hand and lowered toward the throbbing head.

But suddenly found his waiting, open mouth!

He’d scooted down. Where cock had waited, mouth now did.

The sound of him slurping my cunt, the feel of that tongue
flicking and fucking me… I groaned and smeared my freely- juicing
fanny on his face, fucking clitty on his nose and chin, mopping his
face with my juicy fig before returning to be serviced again by that
willing mouth.

Boy stiffened and even before I looked over my shoulder I knew
what I’d find… Mick, lovingly suckling the boys balls, then his
cock. And Mick’s fingers were groping my ass… no, my cunt…
finger-fucking me even while I was being sucked!

Oh, wonderful depravity, glorious perversion!

I jockeyed Boy’s face and my husband’s fingers… and came…
and how! Mouth open in a silent scream, hands pinching my bouncing
tits, screwing my teats off, I came and came in frenzied orgasm,
falling forward onto my hands, almost crushing Boy’s head with my

I’ll never forget that horny fuck.

Neither will ‘Uncle’, his two friends and the camera who had
joined us! Three more cocks to join the party!

Uncle was oldest – about fifty and balding, wearing loose
khaki shorts. His two friends were younger, both wearing running
shorts. All I really took in were the three cocks, at attention,
poking the short-fronts.

Mick pulled me back and I finally did sit on Boy’s cock, felt
it prod the depth of my cunt. Our pubes meshed as I shuttled back and
forth. I grabbed his hands, pressed them urgently to my tits and gazed
down into his face… excited even more knowing that I was on

‘Mmm… I’m fucking myself with your big Dick,’ I crooned.

‘Pinch my tits Boy, hurt them I like men to hurt my tits. Can
you feel the hot flushes from my cunt on your big dick? Mmm, yes pinch
my teats, harder… harder… ‘

The smell of heated cock and cunt rising in the heat from our
sweating bodies hornied me even more. His hips jerked three times
under my weight, bouncing me up and down.

I felt him spunk me. Hard shots.

Hard, deep shots of man-cum in my horny cunt.

Lifting off I ‘doggied’ for Mick and while he fucked me and
reamed my asshole with his thumb I licked the mess off Boy’s drooping
cock, my eyes staring into the camera lens. My expression that of a
porn-queen, the best.

Mick watched me do it, thrust, grunted and spunked.

I lay back on the towel, hands splitting my cunt, pulling it
wide – for the camera.

I jerked my hips up and down, thrusting three bunched fingers
into my hot n’ horny, feeling the mess, the slime – for the camera.

I brought them out and licked the mess, smeared it over my
tits and face – for the camera.

Mick stood astride my writhing body, with hands on hip, cock
hanging, swaying.

I stared at him, knowing what he wanted.

Wanting what he wanted.

‘Piss on me Mick. Piss on your slut as she writhes, please?

‘Please Lover, do it for me. You know it makes me cum…

My deliciously-dirty-perverted lover did it.

For me – and the camera.

Hosing, spraying, bouncing, raining I writhed under a cascade
of Lover-Piss, losing all sensibility of time and place, or people.

I wallowed in depravity, fucked myself with stabbing,
bunched-up fingers.

I writhed as orgasm ripped.

Then flipped on my knees, shuffled to ‘Uncle’ and slid his
shorts down.

Not for the camera – for me.

I wanted – needed more cock.

More fucking.

I got it.

After sucking the slick from the inside of their shorts;

After I’d sucked-off three more horny-juicies.

Then, with Mick acting camera-man, they fucked me doggy.

And fucked me like they were dogs.

Grunting, thrusting, dirty dogs who fucked me in cunt and ass.

Then fucked me again and pissed on me too.

‘Uncle’, his cock deep in my ass, creamed then pissed
uncontrollaby, uninvited, until my belly was swollen with it.
Muttering incoherently in Italian while he filled me.

A fucking I shall never forget, even among the multitude.

I can’t forget. The copy of the tape shows me from all angles,
taking it from all angles. And it clearly shows how much I enjoyed.

Afterwards we pulled our stuff back on and just the three of
us ran down to the sea. My hands were all over my men, theirs all over
me. The sight of Boy’s cock and balls jiggling in the soaked and see-
through white Lycra cycle shorts, the feel of it through them is
another vivid memory.

And the next day the three of us fucked for the three men
again, at the uncle’s smallholding. Two camera rolling we sucked in
the living room, fucked in the barn, and fucked naked in a corner of
the farmyard, covered in mud.

Six of us.

Some holiday!

Of course it could have been very embarrassing at the customs
if they’d taken the videos, perhaps thinking we were importing porn?

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