Tale of sluttish sex


A sun-drenched, Italian beach…
Horny Lover sunbathing beside me…
My sexy g-string beautifully slicked with cuntoil…
Catting for a fuck….


Because he wouldn’t give me one!

‘It’s a public beach!’ he moaned, squirming a little as my
loving hand stroked his dreamboat ass, arching wonderfully
beneath a sheen of bright-orange spandex – continental-cut,
ultra-brief swimmers.
Groaning, he rolled onto his back. ‘Suzie, don’t feel me up
here for fuck’s sake! I’m getting a hard these trunks just can’t
‘Shit Babes! I HAVE TO! Call THOSE THINGS TRUNKS? They’re
man-panties Babe. And they’re tit-throbbing, cunt-juicing,
girlhorny gorgeous! I could suck the ass off you I’m so horny
just seeing all the BeachBabe fannies juice their little
bikini-pants on you.’
‘What you mean, Suzie,’ he groaned, ‘is that you’d like to
suck out those juicy BeachBabe fannies – once they’re nice and
slicked after getting horny on me.’
Well, he was right, of course – but right then, what cuntie
needed was cock.
And he was content just spit-roasting his all-male
gorgeousness in the afternoon sunshine as I gazed woefully at the
(unavailable) shape of our cock and balls in those sexy swimmers.
A lovely trickle trickled – from somewhere to somewhere deep
within me on the start of its journey to mingle with its trickle
friends that were partying in the tiny triangle of canary-yellow
satin cunt-cover I’d been flashing around town all afternoon…

It was MY fault I was so horny…

I’d been ‘showing out’ in town in a tiny, white spandex
mini-skirt and a peach bikini-top. The pretence of a ‘skirt’
barely covered my crotch, allowing me to flash the sexy ‘g’ (or
bare-assed cheek) to my wilting (but willing!) ‘victims’.

The bikini top wasn’t one really – it was more a teat-
coverer – know the type? One of those where everything just
spills out? In a slutty, gaudy peach colour too, so my tits had
been on permanent flash – to whoever chose to look!

I’d been stared at, drooled over, followed…
So I was just ultra-fucking horny!
Ultra, fucking-hungry-horny-for-cock horny…

Flashing-off always does it for me. Always has. Ever since
age twelve when I played ‘Rudey Queen’ in front of the mirror –
with my imaginary ‘subjects’ forced to watch ‘Suzie-the-Rudey-
Queen’ strip and sexy-dance her rude bits at them…

It wasn’t just the shortness of the skirt either. The
spandex was so white and filmy-shiny, that the dark cleft of my
tanned, cutey-tight, high-jutty ass showed through the fabric

Ah! ‘PrickTease!’, you say?
No tease!
If cock’s offered (and Mick’s approves) I take!

And I’d been ‘accidentally’ brushing my tits, bumping my ass
and squeezing my crotch into men all afternoon in the town’s
little shops and markets. I’d had four direct gropes on my cunt
and five on my ass, and numerous ‘accidental’ brushes against my
tits so by the time we arrived at the beach, nippies and clitty
were lovely hard, tingle-jutty twigs … ready and begging for

‘Mick, pleeasse fuck me?’ I pleaded the hunky-muscled
horniness I love so much. His powerful, tanned body lay there,
taunting me, with cock and balls lumped in those sexy, shiny,
bright-orange spandex swimmers.
I reached out, slid my hand up hard-muscled thigh, and over
that gorgeous lump of pleasure.
His hand clamped my wrist … dragged it away!!
‘Let me just LIE on you then Spunkie … please? Let me lie
on you and just jerk-off on those sexy things. They’re so
beautifully TINY, so SHINY … and I’m so FUCKING HORNY, just
even … please, just let me jerk clitty on you? Please?’

I whipped over and kneeled astride him, squatting my yellow
satin’d, horny-hotted cunt down firmly onto that squishy bulge…

‘For fuck’s sake Suzie! Have you no shame!’
‘Stupid question, Lover,’ I quipped.
I kept on squeezing my cunt on … yes … a bulgy-
squidgyness that was becoming cock…
‘Mmmm … Lover! I can feel your cock on my cunt. Feel me
rub off on you … it feels lovely, sexy satin on sexy spandex.
No mistaking now, Mick can’t resist my horny-talking…
‘I can feel it Mick, growing! Mmmmm! Feel cuntie feeling
cockie Mick!’
He was going to cum, like it or not, I thought. A SuzieStory
would help him on the way…

‘Imagine Mick … you’re sunbathing in these sexy-bulgy
swimmers. A young girl comes up … a seventeen-year-old blue-
eyed blonde – with perfect teenage body … a seventeen-year-old
Pamela Anderson…’

I leant forward onto him, brushing my tits on his chest …
aware that the mini-skirt had risen at back, giving any passers-
by a view of bared, tanned ass, split by the thong of bright-
Breathing words slowly into my Lover’s ear, I lightly
squeezed my crotch on that fattening bulge, gently fucking myself
off on him. The juice in my g-string oiled the way to a
beautifully dirty feeling…

‘She’s wearing a shimmering-shiny, crimson-red swimsuit
Mick, pulled tight into her crotch – tight into her little fanny,
Mick – splitting it so it bulges through the fabric. And THIS
suit’s far shinier, slippier, sexier than on Baywatch.

‘Mick – imagine it you CuntLover – this one’s low-cut and
cleaves open in a wide V-split from tits to navel. Imagine Mick,
those young tits – tops bared by the low-cut, and the inner bits
bared because of the V…’

Words were becoming hard. My cunt drooled, imagining Mick
with a girlchick like that. I could see the bitch doing it for
him and I was turning on at the sight of my words (if you see
what I mean). I squirmed on him more…
‘She straddles you, Mick. Like I am now. And when you’ve
torn your eyes from the split-wide thighs and horny cunt that’s
rubbing your bulging trunks, you look up that ‘V’-split…

Young tits just sitting there, Mick.
Taunting tits.
HornyProud tits. Begging tits.
Begging to be touched,
To be groped,
To be licked,
To be sucked,
To be fondled,
To be loved,
To be milked…

“Lick me please,’ she pleads with you Mick. “My cunt’s all
juicy after watching you sunbathe. I’m all horny, I want you to
lick my horny fanny, then fill it with cock and fuck me…”‘

By now I had a tennis ball to frig off on! Down-thrust cock
and bulging bollocks in tight swimmers … luvvelly! So I
frigged, rolling clitty on it … determined to make him cream
those sexy trunks…

‘Sexy bitch doesn’t wait for a reply Mick, she settles on
your mouth, sliding the hot n’ silky crotch of that swimsuit on
You can smell her horny cunt through it Mick … imagine
that … a girl’s horny cunt through her bright-red, wet-look
spandex swimsuit, Mick…
Imagine the feel as it brushes your lips … the soft mounds
of that young, splitwide cunt.
Imagine the heat of her, the musk of her – the smell of her
– the smell of cunt, Mick … as she settles it on your mouth …
and all because she’s hot for your horny body…’

I lifted up on my elbows, still squeezing against his cock,
brushing my swung-down teats on his chest. I knew I already had
him past the point of have-to-cum. I knew his fantasies and he
was about to get the lot! Selfish sod – if I couldn’t have a
fuck, I was going to have second best!
I breathed into his mouth, kissing him lightly…

‘She looks down at you Mick. Over her heaving tits…
“Lick my cunt,” she says.
“Lick my horny-wet twat.”
She’s sitting on your neck. She takes your hands and presses
them inside the ‘V’ of the suit. You feel her hot tits.
“I’ve got nice titties haven’t I?” she croons – rubbing her
crotch on your mouth with a fuck-jerking motion…’

(Mick’s gasping a bit by now and his crotch is involuntarily
fucking back at me. I wriggle, imagining all that lovely
cock-drool wasting in his swimmers…)

‘You feel her tits, Mick…

“Oooooh! Mmmmmm! That’s nice!”, she says, “But I love men
to be rough with my tits. Pinch them, pinch my nippies, they’re
all lovely and hard… Mmmmm … yes! Now stick your tongue in
my cunt.’ She hooks back the suit crotch with a finger and
exposes her horny-wet little split-peach. She bumps it to your

“Mmmm … yessus!’ she hisses. ‘Like that! A hard-horny
big-man’s tongue, I’m going to cum soon, in your mouth. Pinch my
titties harder, pull them. Go on, FUCKING SQUEEZE the bitches,
like you’re REALLY enjoying them…

“Yessss! Like THAT!’ she gasps. ‘And after I cum in your
mouth I’m going to pull your swimmers down, put that lovely cock
in my mouth and suck you off – I love the taste and feel of spunk
in my mouth; the smell of a real man’s cock – it’s so fucking
horny to suck a man’s drooley cock…”‘

Mick was almost there – and so was I – and I knew how I’d
bring the sexy, selfish sod over the brink. His favourite…

‘”I like to do something to men…”, she says, suddenly
pulling off your face, leaving glistening trails of gleaming
fuck-froth around your mouth…

“… I like to do something … it makes me cum off.
I’m going to do it to you … now … can I please…?”

‘You nod stupidly…

‘She flips down your body and lies on top – like I am now
Mick, rubbing her hot cunt on your sexy swimmers … like this
– wiping her horny fanny on your sexy orange swimmers – you can
feel the heat can’t you? Feel the wetness? Feel the cunt juices
making us luvvelly and slidey?

‘Well, she fucks you like this … like this … and this
.. trying … to find your pubic bone to wank her little clitty
off on.
‘She can’t, not with this hard-on in the way. So she rubs
her cunt against your cock – hard, like this – and she rubs her
tits on your chest, like this…
‘And then, she pisses on you…

‘A sudden, hot flush soaks your swimmers, Mick and you
realise what the dirty slut had meant! She’s pissed on you! Your
cock erupts, pumps your sexy trunks full of lovely spunky cream
.. she cums off too, gasping on top of you…’

Mmmmm … YESSS! Mick! Feel it Mick. Feel me piss on you…’

I rolled off, panting, pulling him against me, so we lay
close, side by side. Reaching between us I squeezed the
piss-soaked swimmers.
‘Mmmm yes Mick,’ I crooned, squeezing the fat head of his
cock through the hot-soaked spandex, feeling the oily cock-juice,
gorgeously slidey in the dark-stained orange trunks.
‘Your swimmers are soaked, Mick. Soaked with my piss. Your
cock’s drooling in them, I can feel it. Cum off for me Mick!
Spunk your sexy swimmers for Suzie. Cream your pants for me Mick.
I want to feel it, thick and hot on my fingers … want to taste
Down-curved manmeat jerked and spewed. I felt warm-slippery
thickness gush, slicking the spandex. My fingers slid under the
waistband for my prize…
‘Mick – watch…’
Scooping spunk onto my fingers I brought them out, sliding
them over my crotch, wiping his spunk on my piss-wet, satin’d g-
string. I delved and collected more, for my tits. And more, for
my lips. He watched my tongue lick, savouring the taste of his
cock, of his spunk. I sniffed his cocksmell off my fingers…

My index slicked on my spunky ‘g’. Clitty burned – exploded
– I clung to him, jerking against him with short, fucking jabs
… cumming, cumming, cumming…


A while later we took a quick run to the sea!

Twenty minutes later we were back, sun-dried and sunbathing.
My top was off and I was horned again – after being leered at
sunbathing in just a g-string.

‘Mick … SHHHIIIT! Look at this piece of horny-boy ass!’

At the time I was lying on my front facing down the beach,
enjoying hot sun on bared back and coarse towel on swinging tits.
(And also enjoying the bulging trunks that sauntering past!
Then, Bingo!
Walking slowly towards our little bit of beach, a toy-boy
vision! Dark-skinned, obviously Italian, about eighteen years
old, a small frame but beautifully muscle-hard.
‘As you say,’ Mick said slowly. ‘A nice piece of ass, and
coming our way – looks as if he’s going to camp on our doorstep!
Suz! Look at the size of his packet – has he got a stonker on or
I didn’t need to be told to look, I’d been staring at it
since I spotted him. Briefest of brief, tightest of tight, the
yellow ‘BOA’, spandex workout shorts looked like they were
stuffed with rolled-up socks…
Low-cut on the boyish hips the bulbous shape at the crotch
tingled my tits and clit. I squirmed into the towel, my eyes
glued to the gorgeous piece of fuck-meat in the oh-so-sexy,
showoffshiny shorts.
He was still coming right at us! And he came and came and
came and came until he stood right there in front of us!
I rolled onto my back and gazed up hairless tanned thighs
at the obscenely-bulging (especially from this angle)
yellow-Spandex’d crotch.
(And he gazed down at bared tit-flesh and almost-bare cunt!)

‘You like fuck?’ he said.

Shocked, I whirled around and over, so I was kneeling, or
rather sitting on my haunches, thighs splayed wide, giving him
(I knew) an offering of trimmed black minge, with the yellow
satin pulled into the crack.
‘Sure we like to fuck,’ Mick countered, ‘but it’s not the
sort of thing you ask strangers is it?’
(I quashed mounting temptation to grab his ass, pull him to
me and suck bulgy cock and bollocks through those damn-sexy
I could see the cockhead. Right there, in front of my face,
the outline clearly visible through the skimpy-shiny spandex …
and a shiny sheen of pre-fuck clung over it! A shiny sheen, right
over the contours of the head of a fat, uncut dick!
‘No, I mean … you like to be watched when you fuck? Do you
know we’ve been watching you?’
That startled the both of us. We’re well-used to
exhibitionistic fucking, but usually know about it!
My ‘Boy’ pointed up at the cliffs behind us. On a ledge,
half way up were four shapes. Three men. And a video camera on
‘Couples come to this bit of beach to fuck,’ said ‘Boy’,
smiling nervously. ‘They know people watch, I thought you knew.’
‘No we didn’t know,’ Mick said, almost angrily. ‘And we
haven’t been fucking anyway.’
‘Over there, under the cliff behind those rocks – people go
there to fuck – most evenings.’
‘Can I ask just what your interest is in all this?’ Mick
asked somewhat sarcastically. I glared at him.
‘That’s my uncle up there. I been with him. He likes to
watch and film the sexies – I like to watch too. Sometimes he
send me down to couples to see if they want … how do you call
it, a trio?’
‘Come on Mick! I’m outa here!’ I said, jumping up, hurriedly
gathering towels. ‘I’m fuckin’ well fucking with this horny piece
of ass even if you’re not! You can bloody well watch if you don’t
want to join in!’

Behind the rocks I wasted no time, grabbing my little toy-
slut while Mick lay out the towels. Kissing him deeply I rubbed
my bare tits on his chest, reached down to fondle that bulging
and – as I found – not yet full-hard packet. He gasped into my
mouth when he felt the groping hand and reached behind me, his
young hands sliding over tanned, silky-smooth and bare, slut-ass.

I dropped to my knees – gently licked hornyboy cock through
lovely spandex. Sucking gently at the bulgy head. At that glossy
spot of gorgeous slime.

Loving the feel of my lips on slippy, cock-oiled spandex.
And best of all – I tasted and smelled, rutting-horny cock.

My fingernails raked the backs of his strong thighs, snaked
upward, over a beautiffy hard and silky ass…
And discovered Mick’s bulging crotch, squeezing into and
sliding on, that jutty-proud silky-spandex’d ass!
Licking, tonguing – suckling gently – my fingers slid on
him, loving his cock and balls, while I gazed upward into his
face. It shone back down.
My Boy’s knee trembled.
‘What’s your name?’ I asked the owner of the cock I was
mouthing (not unusual!).
‘Ri … Riccardo…’ he stammered.
‘Riccardo, nice name!’ I said (biting gently at the shaft
through the shorts), how sexy are you Riccardo?’
‘I … I very sexy … I think…’
‘I think too. That’s why you like to wear sexy little shorts
like this isn’t it? So the girls will look – so they’ll stare at
you and see your cock and balls, and your honey-of-an-ass?’
I got hornier … dirtier…
‘Do you like pee games, Ricky? To piss, perhaps on yourself
– in secret?’
‘Sometimes … sometimes some of the … lady visitor – the
holiday lady – they pay me. Some like me to do that … they say
“pee on me honey, more cash. Please pee on Auntie.”
‘Good, Riccardo,’ I said, swallowing the golf ball that
suddenly came in my throat. ‘Good. Because I want you to piss
your shorts for me. I’ve always dreamed of a horny young stud
pissing in sexy shorts. Will you do it … for me?’
I groped his balls, ran my hand under to slide up the crease
of that silky ass. The shorts were so tight they cleaved the
He swallowed hard.
I stood and kissed him then, feathering my tits on those
gorgeously-swollen pecs.
He could kiss back, this one! My little kitten could kiss!’
‘Do it … for me Ricky,’ I mouthed onto his tongue, chewing
his lips, licking his chin.
‘Piss your sexy shorts for Suzie, please?’
He nodded, groaned into my kiss.
‘Mick would like to piss on you too, Ricky. That would make
him really hot. Can he?”
‘I … no mind … some men, they too…’
I sank back to my knees. I gazed up, waiting for him, my
hands stroking up his hard thighs. I felt like a mother waiting
for her young son to go in the bathroom…
I also felt guilty … but only for a moment…

It was hot. Hot and salty. It burst the spandex, swelling
the lovely fabric briefly, before finding its way out.
I suckled, licked, rubbed my face on the slidey-hot wetness.

More hissed, gurgled, filled the shorts again.
It sprayed, burst the thighbands.
I pulled back and stared at the two shades of yellow.
I heard Mick piss on the spandex-sheathed boy-ass.
But then realised he wasn’t pissing ONTO but INTO the
shorts! He’d pulled them half down and had his cock in there,
pissing right into Boylover’s ass-crack … filling his shorts
with his piss…
It spread, soaked around the slim hips towards me, bubbled
the shorts around the bulging balls, and poured down his thighs.
I slid a hand inside my ‘g’ and fingered myself roughly.
This was the stuff that fantasy-frigs were made of…

Mick peeled the shorts inside-out halfway down Boy’s thighs,
and looked around him – to watch me.
He knew me, you see. Knew what I’d want to do…
I found it – the glistening, thickly-cloying pre-fuck,
clinging to the inside of the shorts.
I sucked it off, cock-taste now stronger in my mouth.
And pulled the shorts down. Ricky stepped out of them, cock
jack-throbbing with a raging pulsebeat.
I watched it, panting, as it jacked until it stood rigid,
almost touching his hairless belly.
I slowed the frigging of my clit. I was rushing. Had to
force myself to slow down and enjoy more.
Mick’s right hand came around, grasped the boy’s meat at
it’s base, pushing it horizontal – at my mouth. The fingers of
Mick’s left hand slid around Ricky’s torso and stroked, then
squeeeezed at a nipple.
‘Piss in Suzie’s mouth Ricky – she wants you to…’
Mick knew. I DID want him to.
But he couldn’t. A dribble squeezed from the slit.
‘Suck it then Suzie-Slut. And me. Let us fuck your mouth.’
(Mick’s order, growled from above).
His own cock pushed under Boy’s hairless balls, one cock’s
head pushing another’s ballsac – wonderfully erotic.

Two juicing pleasure-poles – both wanting me!

Instinctively, my mouth moved towards the heady smell of the
two horny cocks.
It enveloped me, that smell. I inhaled it greedily, enjoying
the intravenous-like shot that the smell of horny cock gives me.
The slut’s aphrodisiac…

For an eighteen-year-old, ‘Boy’ sure had ManCock…
Seven-inches of uncut, browny silky-smoothness, the skin
almost closed over a gorgeous rude head.
My hands caressed. I skinned it slowly, lovingly – as if
unwrapping a favourite toffee.
I found my prize…

Thickly coating. Wonderfully cloying,
Mouthwateringly – copiously, glistening,
Deliciously-dirtily smelling.

And more oozing…
More pre-fuck slime…
The good sluts’ prize…
Slut’s Caviar.

I forced myself not to suck it all up in one go…
I glanced upward, finding the staring, unbelieving eyes of
my Boy, and those of my husband.
The slut performed…

My lips formed an ‘O’…
I pressed them to the tip of that gorgeous cockhead…
Backed my head a little…

Lips to cock…
Lovers’ bridges…
Of shiny-thick strands of hanging glisten.

They broke, hung from my chin, dripped to my tits, cooling.
My lips touched around the pisshole. My head sank slowly
forward, lips ploughing up the goo so that it gathered, clinging
to my lips…

Gorgeous, gorgeous, taste.
Fantastically horny smell.

I sucked the rest from the head, then looked up – gloating
at the feel of the cloying slime around my mouth, knowing how
sluttish I looked to them – kneeling there. Doing that.
Sluts’ lip gloss…

Overpoweringly wonderful taste.
Overpoweringly erotic smell.

Mick wanted to play.
He pushed my head back, waved Boy’s cock in my face,
stabbing me with it, slapping my face playfully with it.
Right, left, right.
Teasing me with cock!
Mouth followed, trying to get it…
A little puppydog, teased with a tasty sausage!
He gave it back, holding it as I sucked and washed it with
my mouth … gazing up into the fresh, young face.

I was horny as hell, my cunt a fiery furnace trying to put
itself out. My teats crawled, bursting with desire.

A dog-bitch on heat.

Mick was behind Boy. The cock in my mouth lurched forward
as he squeezed a finger up Boy’s ass – while his other hand
continued its abuse of Boy’s teats.
Cock jerked and I knew a ballsload in the mouth was imminent
if that action continued, so I made it last…
My head dipped under – nuzzling those gorgeous, hairless
balls, sniffing the smell that’s always there on a man … I
fondled Boy’s cock, wanking Mick’s slowly. Mick’s was ready…
‘Suzie!’ Mick cried, and the plan went into action. I wanted
to lick Mick’s spunk from those gorgeous balls.
I sucked Mick, taking the spurting cock’s first rope in the
mouth, the second on my face, the third on my tits. The rest I
spread lovingly onto the cock and balls of my Boy.

Then my hands were back on his cock, wanking…
My mouth back on his balls, licking.

Licking my husband’s spunk off another’s balls.
I gazed up into Boy’s face … eyes pleading.
‘Cum in my mouth,’ I managed to mumble…

He did.

Keeping still, I let him, looking up, as pulsing doses
filled my mouth. When he’d finished I opened it to let him see
his spunk, clinging, cloying. Connecting teeth, tongue and lips.
I put out my tongue, let him see the pool of his stuff lying on
It slid slowly down my tongue, dropped onto my tits.
I licked up, over his hard, flat belly, flicked around his
teats, up his neck … and on up…
‘Like that, Ricky?’ I breathed over his lips. ‘Can you smell
your spunk on my breath, Ricky?’ He nodded, mouth opening in a
greed for his own taste. My sexy little hunk of horniness.
As we kissed, I felt one of Mick’s hands between us,
fondling Ricky’s cock. I sensed that the other would be enjoying
his ass.
‘Like me kissing … you, Ricky?’ I breathed into our kiss.
‘Can you … taste your spunk now? Is it nice … tasting
.. your own jizz … from the mouth of a slut?’
‘Mmmmm … Mmmmm,’ was all he managed. But it was enough to
know he was enjoying…
‘I bet you…,’ I kissed, ‘sometimes eat your own spunk …
after you’ve wanked yourself off … don’t you Ricky? Do you
taste your own spunk?’
‘Can you smell … the cock off my face, Ricky? I can smell
it still … like that too? The cocksmell on … a horny girl’s
My hand shoved Mick’s away and groped those gorgeous balls.
I reached around, held his ass and pressed against him, feeling
the hardness of him between us.
‘I want you … to fuck me now, Ricky,’ I kissed. ‘I want
this hard cock up my cunt … I want this beautiful young cock
.. thrusting up my hot twat, it’s yearning for cock – yearning
to be fucked by a young stud’s cock. Want that Ricky? Want to
fuck the slut while her husband watches?’

Mick pressed against me from behind, he bent his head,
biting my ear, my neck.
‘Go for it baby,’ he grunted. ‘Show the kid.’

I knew exactly what Mick wanted.
I was to be the ‘I want-the-shit-fucking-out-of-me slut.’
I didn’t have to act. I WAS it.

Shaking mussed hair, I stood in front of them, gazing at
their cocks, licking my lips slowly.
‘My turn.’ I said, snaking my hands upwards to play the
spunk-trails on my tits. I performed, pulling at my tits,
squeezing the teats, pulling them outward – thrusting, proud and
I bent my head, lifted the right to my mouth and licked,
then sucked the teat, licking around to gather stray wisps of
precious spunk.
‘Like my tits boys?
Like my big, juicy, spunked-on tits?
I want you to maul them with your sweaty hands.
Kiss them.
Squeeze them.
Hurt them.
Fuck them if you like…’

Hands snaked back down, over my stomach, my index slicked
the wet scrap of satin ‘g’ still (unbelievably) shielding my
‘My cunt’s hot and juiced for your cocks, hungry for lovely
throbbing cock-meat. My panties are soaked, see how wet they are?

Watch as I push them down. Now you see my hot n’ horny cunt, open
and begging … begging-horny-hungry for a feed of cock.’
I straddled, proudly showing it to them. I slicked my
fingers and stared at my lovers, sucking my own juice from my
I turned my back, ran my hands over bared ass, wriggled it,
and bent right over – exposing both holes for them in a pure-sex,
stripper’s act.
My hair trailed sand as I stared at them through parted
legs, licked an index, reached under, pressed the tip into my
‘My ass too. I love cock up my asshole.’
They advanced. I flipped back up and turned to face them.
Boy’s shaking hands went straight for my tits and I stood
and let him feel me, staring into his face, enjoying the groping
of those feverish, sweaty young hands.
I reached between us with both hands – grasped wet cock,
fondled hot balls.
I straddled my legs – for Mick was behind me now, pressing
his hard between my thighs from the rear, poking up for my cunt.
It slid in, easily. I gasped. Wanked cock, my body jerking
with each powerful thrust up my cunt from the rear.
I looked down, pleased to see Boy’s fingers ‘V’d’ on my
fleshy cuntlips, squeezing Mick’s cock as it fucked me.
And … bliss … his thumb jerked at clitty.
The he stood back to watch me get fucked, reaching out to
feel my tits as he watched me – the quivering, sex-crazed slut

cum off in front of his eyes.
He wanked slowly as he watched and that really did it for
me – watching him getting off on me getting fucked.
Him watching Mick’s cock screw hell out of my cunt.
Orgasm roared. I groped between my thighs to feel the
plunging cock.
Boy watched the slut get fucked, and cum…
With mouth gaping…
Eyes rolling…
Thighs quivering…
Tits heaving.

My knees buckled, yet I wriggled back, urging Mick to cum
but it wasn’t to be. Because Mick wanted more…
‘Sit on him Suzie. Sit on the kid and fuck yourself with
his cock. While I fuck your mouth.’
Boy heard and moved quickly. He lay down on a towel, cock
rearing proudly from hairless crotch. I straddled, split cuntie
with my fingers and lowered onto the throbbing meat.

Finding instead – a hungry mouth!

He’d scooted down! Where his cock had stood, proud and hard,
his mouth now waited! A cool mouth, cool on a hot, frothy, fresh-
fucked cunt. The sound of him slurping mu core! Teel of that
I groaned and mopped his face with my burning bush, then
used the hard bits – his nose, chin and forehead to jerk off on,
all the time sliming his face with the hot spew from my horny
‘Like that, Ricky boy?’ I groaned, jockeying on his mouth,
delighting in the ‘sickysicky’ sounds of juicy cunt on wet mouth.
‘Oooh! Ricky Boy! It’s …. gorgeous using your mouth like
this … fucking sooo lovely to see your face down there, under
my horny twat. Oooh … do you like … that? I love to do that
to you. This, and this … and to see you enjoying the feel of
my slimy cunt on your face…’
Hornytalk, guarranteed to produce reaction…
‘You … fucking … little … dreamboat.’ I gasped as he
pushed me up slightly and slid a little further under, his tongue
delving, flicking in my asscrack.
If he wanted asshole – he could have it…
I settled it on his mouth, loving that probing tongue…
‘Oooooh Ricky … tongue my asshole, YES! Yesss! YESSS! More
.. like that, deeper, go deeper. Now the crease, up, down, up,
down… Ooooh that’s good! You must like the taste of my ass.’
Boy stiffened, and before I looked over my shoulder I
knew what I’d find … Mick, suckling the boys balls, then his
cock. And Mick’s fingers were groping my ass … no, reaching,
reaching now – my cunt! Poking his HotBitch even while she was
getting her asshole sucked!

Oh, wonderful depravity – glorious perversion!

I jockeyed Boy’s face and husband’s fingers … and came…

Mouth gaping in silent scream, tits bouncing, fingers
screwing my teats off, I came in a frenzied, jerkoff cum, falling
forward onto my hands, almost crushing Boy’s head with my belly.

I’ll never forget that horny fuck.

Neither will ‘Uncle’, his two friends plus camera who were
then summoned down to our little beachparty! Three more cocks!
Uncle was oldest – about fifty and balding, wearing loose
khaki shorts. His two friends were younger, also in shorts.
The shorts wern’t tight, but they showed the tents – they
showed that there were three more cocks needing me.
Mick pulled me back and I finally did sit on Boy’s cock,
felt it prod the depths of my cunt. Our pubes meshed as I
shuttled back and forth on him. I grabbed his hands, pressed them
urgently to my tits and gazed down into his face … excited even
more knowing that I was now on close-up camera…
‘Mmm .. I’m fucking myself with your big Dick Ricky. Pinch
my tits – make them hurt – I like men to hurt my tits. Ooohhh!
Can you feel the hot flushes from my cunt on your cock? Mmmmm,
yes pinch my teats, harder … harder… ‘
The smell of heated cock and cunt rising from our sweating
bodies hornied me even more. His hips jerked three times under
my weight, bouncing me up and down.

I felt him spunk me with hard shots.
Hard, deep spurts of man-cum in my horny cunt.

Lifting off I ‘doggied’ for Mick and while he fucked me,
reaming my asshole with his thumb I licked our mess from Boy’s
cock, my eyes staring into the shaking camera.

Mick thrust, grunted and spunked.

I lay back on the towel, hands splitting my cunt, pulling
it wide – the camera bored in…
I jerked my hips up and down, thrusting three bunched
fingers into my hot n’ horny, feeling the mess, the slime –
performing for the men and for the camera.
I licked the mess, smeared it over my tits and face.
The Mick stood astride me, hands on hips, cock hanging,
swaying, dripping.
I stared at him, knowing.
Knowing and wanting what HE wanted.
‘Go on Mick. Piss on your slut and see how she writhes!
Please Lover, do it for me…

He did.
My deliciously-dirty-perverted lover did it for me.
And the camera.
Hosing, spraying, bouncing, raining I writhed under a
cascade of LoverPiss, losing all sense of time and place, or
I wallowed in depravity, stabbed myself with bunched
Writhed and screamed as another wonderful orgasm ripped.

Then flipped on my knees, shuffled to ‘Uncle’ and slid his
shorts down.
Not for the camera – for me.
I wanted – needed more cock – fresh cock.
Needed more fucking. Needed to be FILLED with cock.
I got it.
After sucking away the slickness of their previous horniness
from the inside of their shorts.
After sucking the three men off to mouth-cloying completion.
With Mick playing cameraman, I doggied for the three.
And at first they fucked me LIKE dogs – grunting, thrusting,
dirty dogs, using cunt, ass, mouth, tits.
Then gave me their cocks to suck again, and pissed on me
‘Uncle’, cock embedded in my asshole, creamed then pissed
uncontrollably, uninvited, until my belly swelled – muttering
incoherent obscenities in Italian as he filled my ass.

It was a fucking I can’t forget, for we still have a copy
of that tape and there was more – lots more.

When they had nothing more to give, just the three of us ran
down to the sea. In the water, my hands were all over my men,
theirs all over me.
The sight of Boy’s horny young body – and of course his
tired cock and balls jiggling in the soaked-to-almost-see-thru
yellow Spandex workouts … the feel of them through … is
another vivid memory.

The following evening Riccardo took us out to enjoy
ourselves – and do a little recruiting!
‘Have you any horny friends, Ricky?’ I’d asked him the
previous day as the three of us wandered back up from the beach.
He looked at me puzzled, then understood. The handsome face
cracked in a smile.
‘I have plenty horny friends,’ he said slowly. ‘You want
more fun tonight?’
‘Tomorrow night Ricky. Tomorrow is our last day.
‘And I want it to be memorable.’

The disco was a dive by any standard, but it was Riccardo’s
His advice to me to ‘wear something sexy for my friends,’
was unnecessary. I don’t possess clothes that aren’t sexy, but
for THAT night, I went overboard.

I went out on my cockhunt, dressed for the kill.

A good dancefloor – centre-club and mirrored.
I danced…

In white PVC knee boots.
In white spandex, halter crop-top, with diving V, showing
top tit, all cleavage – dark-thrusty nipple poking through filmy
And in gleaming-white spandex (ultra-sheen), hipster and
high-thigh shorts that clung every curve, invaded every crevice.
Cuntie split by the crotch seam, lips ovalled in a rude-lewd
kiss, bulging either side. At back the shorts only just giving
cover, clutching to my rudely high-jutty ass, with just a wink
of bare-assed cheek.
A hip-jerking, ass thrusting, tit bouncing combination
designed to mesmerise, to cock-tease – designed to produce the
‘you made me cream in my pants’ look I know so well.
Mick filmed.
Riccardo danced with me, wearing only tiny stretch-denim
shorts, washed-out and frayed to indecency, showing ass and
front-packet off perfectly.
The two friends that joined us made me feel even more
privileged – and horny. The way they looked at me I knew he’d
told them about the beach. The way they fondled me on the dance
floor, in view of other customers, I knew they’d later be giving
me the horny young-buck-fuck I craved.

Jo, a swarthy, long-haired type, wore white PVC pants, black
ankle boots and a white muscle-top baring most of a powerful,
worked-out torso. The shiny-tight pants wrinkled into the crack
of his ass and under his balls as he danced.
As we danced I managed to get a feel of that hard bubble-
butt, feeling it through the sexy-shiny-slippy PVC. I managed to
slide a hand between us as we danced close, to give that cock a
loving stroke.

I creamed my shorts. Blame me?

At one point I placed both my hands firmly around him, on
his ass, pulled us together and humped him in time to the heavy
rock beat. The sight of my ass in the mirror, jerking against
him, the feel of the cockbulge beneath slippy PVC sliding on my
spandex’d cunt almost made me cum – would have if our little dry
fuck hadn’t been interrupted by the end of the record…

Then there was Sparky (he wasn’t called Sparky but something
unspellable so I’ll keep to Sparky – it was similar). A petite
yet muscular toy-boy vision – much like Riccardo. He danced like
an eel wearing nothing on his hairless, tanned torso. The white
leather shorts were far too brief, far too tight and showed that
his cock was as worked-out as the rest of him.

Then there was Tammi…
The gorgeous, raven-haired, teenage FuckSlut who joined the
three of us on the dance floor.
At the time I was dancing at Ricky and Sparky – and I mean
AT – not WITH! They were jerking their crotches at me, and
wriggling those tight asses, and I was fucking them back with all
the slut-dancing skill I have.

Suddenly she was there, dancing with them – and at me.

Jet-black, permed hair fell to her shoulders, framing
gorgeous features dominated by huge black eyes and a large, pouty
mouth. Her brief, white-flashed smile preceded the most sexual
dance I have ever seen in public.
She wore black plastic, high-heeled thigh-boots, almost
reaching halfway up deep-tanned, lightly-muscled thighs. The rest
of her thighs were on show on account of the strip of equally
black and equally shiny, slinky latex miniskirt she wore, slung
low on her hips.
In stretchy, filmy rubber, it was supposed to be a skirt but
it skirted only from well below her peirced, gold-ring-toting
belly button to a point a couple of millimetres below her crotch.

She moved in a constant ass-jerking, crotch-thrusting, tit-
bouncing dance, her hands occasionally pressing lightly on her
belly and lifting the skirt that couple of millimetres,
deliberately exposing the ‘V’ of her crotch.
To begin with, the bright-yellow satin panties showed as a
perfect ‘V’ but gradually, as she danced into frenzy, the V
became narrower and narrower as the slippy satin slipped its way
into the crack of her – definitely shaved – very pouty, teenage
slut cunt.
A thin, nylon-lycra, wet-look top covered – only just – tits
that wern’t made for that petite frame. They were far too
(jealously) big, far too wonderfully round, and yet still
jutting-high. Through the clinging, shiny top the nipples were
large dark circles, centered by a thrusting bud.

And – the slut wore nipple rings!
Under a white-shiny, wet-look top like that she dared to
wear nipple rings!

Cuntie juiced into my white-shiny shorts as I watched those
perky tits jerk, watched the slut’s fuckthrusting cunt wink at
me under the hem of that the shiny rubber miniskirt.
The way she looked said ‘I want to fuck you’, but she made
sure certain I knew it by mouthing letters at me as we danced…
‘F U C K M E,’
I didn’t need to be a lip-reader to understand what she was
saying as she danced, staring at my body and into my eyes.

‘Suzie, that’s Tammi,’ Ricky explained, just as I was
getting myself over the erotic shock. ‘She’s over on holiday from
London and does she GO! Mind if she joins our party?’
‘She joins. As long as it stays MY party – she doesn’t take

Tammi had got herself behind the dancing Sparky, in his
white leather shorts and trainers. She stared at me over his
shoulder, while sliding her crotch on his ass. Then she put her
arms around him and started running her hands up and down that
gorgeous little body of his.
She did it for me … first carressing his nipples, then
running her hands down his belly, briefly over that bulging
shorts-crotch to his thighs, around back to his ass, then to the


I thought I’d been daring with my quick, semi-hidden grope
but she was there groping his nuts with everyone watching!

‘Ricky, we have to go – NOW! And SHE comes!’ I ordered.

(I knew that back at Uncle’s place more cock awaited. I knew
NOW that MORE than just cock awaited! Besides, my indecent shorts
had become very indecent – on account of the amount of juice my
cunt was pissing into them…)

We left.

Uncle’s place.
A living room set up for sex with couches, armchairs and
beanbags framing a cleared area, covered by a black rubber

An arena for dirty sex!

My reserve cocks (Uncle and two friends) sat on one couch
wearing what I’d asked them to wear – swimming trunks – and for
their age looking very well in them too!

This was my farewell party, so I took charge, splaying out
in an armchair, thighs spread, a hand idly cast in my crotch,
fingering cuntie’s fleshy bulges through the white spandex
shorts. Mick filmed.
‘Mick, have you got enough of Jo in those PVC pants? I want
some good shots of that ass and the way that lovely shiny PVC
sort of crinkles under his balls and into his ass. And get
Ricky’s in those denim shorts, and Sparky in his leather ones.
Get us all before we get our kit off. And don’t forget Tammi!’
‘Tammi! And Jo! Stand in the middle … there.
‘Dance for us!’
They didn’t dance.
They fucked each other as near as dammit – clothed and
Jo’s cock, poking a gorgeous, downcurved, crinkled tent in
those PVC pants was no longer semihard – the shape was fullcock,
hard, angular, beatifully vulgar – straining the PVC.
Twice, Tammi used it to jerk off on – raising the hem of her
miniskirt and sliding her scrappy, gaudy-satin panties on it. And
while she did it she flicked her tongue around his mouth, on his
face, while rubbing those gorgeous tits on his chest.

‘Jo! Come here and get your cock out!’ I ordered, sitting
up and stripping my top over my head.
It poked lewdly through the flies of his white pants,
throbbing. He put hands on hips, staring at me insolently.
‘Ooohh it’s a nice cockkie, Suz,’ Tammi observed, leaving
Jo and standing, sliding her index finger in the groove of her
satin-pantied cunt.
‘Can I suck him off?’
‘Tammi. You’re the gatecrasher remember? It’s my party and
you’ll do as you’re told,’ I said, coolly.
‘Ooh yes Mistress!’ she retorted. ‘Be the dom. You tell me
who and how to fuck. Tell me to suck your cunt if you want.’
I did want. But it wasn’t in my plan – not yet anyhow.
‘Jo! Wank, slowly. Ricky, get yours out and come over here.’
Ricky did as bidden, waddling to the side of my chair with
that familiar pole wavering in front of him, sticking lewdly
through the zipper of his tight cut-off’s. I reached up to it
‘Sparky! Get naked!’
Sparky wriggled out of his shorts and stood proudly, staring
at me and grinning.
‘Come here, Sparky. Take my shorts off. You as well Jo, and
stop wanking or you’ll waste what I want.’
Sparky and Jo knelt in front of me and I gazed into their
excited faces.
‘Go ahead boys,’ I said, lifting my ass high off the chair.
‘Get ’em off!’

Three horny youths, a husband, three older men and a fellow-

All mesmerised … their eyes boring into me as I sprawled
back on the couch, thighs splayed, tits heaving as my shorts were
peeled off me…
‘Like what you see?’ I half croaked.
My hands strayed over my tits…
‘Like my tits? Want to suck them?’
My hands strayed over my belly and stroked into my cunt.
‘Like my cunt? Like to watch the slut play in her cunt? It’s
yours to fuck. It needs cock. It’s yours. Take it. But first…
‘Jo, come here and lick me me.’
Sparky grinned and pushed Jo’s head forward into my crotch.
He licked gently.
‘What’s the matter, Jo? Taste too horny for you? Smell too
horny? Well let Sparky have it. See if Sparky likes licking horny
Sparky would have eaten all night if Ricky hadn’t pulled him
off and shoved his own head in there, eating my cunt like a dog
eats his dinner.
‘Mmmm … nice Ricky. But enough, stand in front of me – the
three of you.’
I stood up and smiled at Tammi.
‘Come here, my little minxy slave!’
She did.
Our mouths instinctively met – in gentle show of tender
female lust. I pulled her to me, dropped my hand between us and
lifted the tiny skirt and stroked my fingers where hers had been
stroking minutes before. She gurgled into my kiss.
‘Tammi, you fucking tart. Your cunt’s … a hotted sopping
.. pantie slicker…’ I mouthed into the kiss, pushing the
scrappy panties up her cunt, feeling the slidey juices oozing
from her.
‘Let’s play for them,’ I whispered.
‘Take off your top, slave!’
She eased the top over her head and stood, in just miniskirt
and boots.
Wonderful tits. Proudly jutting, despite their size.
‘Feel your tits!’
She did.
With a relish, finishing by pulling on the gold rings so the
teats were stretched painfully far out from her body. But, as she
stared back at us all the black eyes betrayed nothing but
laviscious delight in doing it, while being watched.
‘Lift that ridiculous skirt, slave!’
She stood with thighs parted, panting now, her skirt bunched
in her fist, showing us her panties.
Tiny-shiny, canary-yellow panties – the crotch a darker
yellow from the internal kiss of her cunt.
‘Turn around!’
Perfect, pouty, tanned – almost boyish – ass.
Panties clinging beautifully.
‘Take them off. Show the men your cunt, slave!’
The lithe little body trembled slightly as she bent and
eased the panties over her boots.
The ass revealed at last. The gorgeous ass of a beautiful
young sexy kitten.
She straightened, slowly – lifted the skirt’s hem
tantalisingly slowly and shuffled her thighs apart.

Bared, shaven cunt.
She trembled.
She was losing it.

She looked slowly from cock to cock, pressed her index into
that proud, puffy crease.

‘Sicksicksick,’ – her juiced cunt spoke to us all…

‘Fuck me,’ she said, sliding the finger one-knuckle deep in
her cunt, looking at the boys, glancing at the men.
Then, slowly, she turned, and split that beautiful ass with
her hands…
‘And here … fuck my asshole. Shove you cocks up here.
‘I love it.’

The men ogled.

Especially when she licked her middle finger into her cunt,
then pushed it two-knuckle deep into her ass!

Too fucking much! This was MY cockparty!

‘Sparky. Take Ricky’s shorts down! Ricky, you take Jo’s
pants off!’
The spell was broken. The slaveslut was put in her place –
but I’d make sure-certain she’d be put back in that place later
.. at a time of MY choosing…

The three man-boys stood naked, awaiting instruction.
Three cocks, standing up hard bellies, wanting cunt.

This was fun. I stroked myself again.
They stared.
Mick filmed.
The older three watched from the couch, their hands gently
squeezing hard-bulging, spandex trunks. I knew they’d be juicing
them. My imagination smelled those horny cocks.

‘Ricky! Kneel! Suck Jo’s cock!’

My little ‘tester’.
Ricky and Jo failed.
The way he quickly knelt, took his friend’s cock fondly into
his mouth showed that these young studs played both sides of the

I was pleased.
Clearly, I had no part in corrupting the eighteen-year-olds’
– they were far gone already!

I watched with pleasure as Ricky loved Jo’s cock … then
Sparky joined the cocksucking pair by lovingly caressing Jo’s

But this wasn’t what the night was about either…
Tonight, those cocks were promised to ME…

I slid off the couch to the centre of that little ‘stage’
and knelt on the rubber sheet. ‘Come here. The three of you. I
want to suck you off.’

It wasn’t really fair on them – just sucking them off into
my face. But I needed it. And I wanted good cumface shots on that
video to take back home.
So I sucked those three horny-juicy cocks, loving every
second of the smell, the juice, the taste….
Alternating between each until all were ready to cum.
Then I lined them up in front of my face. Sparky was the
lucky one – in the middle.
As I wanked the flankers I sucked Sparky in the centre,
knowing that both camera and three older men had closed in about
me … for the sluface shot…
I got what I wanted – three ballsloads – in the face.
Three jerking, spunking, spunking-gorgeous ballsloads…
The smell of cock and hotfresh spunk bloomed as each threw
its ropes of white spew at me.
The taste in my mouth, incredibly strong, as each cock
thrust forward for cleaning.

Oldies turn!

They’d done as I’d asked (via Ricky). All wore the briefest
cut swim pants, pouches packed with promise.
‘Like us Suzie?’ asked Uncle, grinning down at me, stepping
close. His thick fingers slicked in the mess on my right cheek
and slid it to my mouth. I sucked the fingers.
His white swimmers were no more than a pouch at front. As
I moved my head forward to smell and taste the pearly spot of
ooze that glistened on the shape of the cockhead I ran my hands
up the backs of his hairy thighs to feel his ass. They were high
cut as well – almost a thong.

The other two pushed forward. One in shiny-crimson swimmers,
the other in blue. All with telltale patches spots of horniness.

I squeezed at Uncle’s twisted-down cock through his trunks,
smoothed the glistening and deliciously thick spot of goo around
the cockhead…
I looked up at him, my mouth teasing the lumped shape of his
‘Piss in them for me Uncle? Piss your sexy trunks for
He tried, for the slidey-wet patch increased in size. But
he couldn’t – not with a stonker like that. But his friend did.
Shiny-crimson suddenly blossomed into darker shade as he pissed
the tiny swimmers. Piss hissed and gushed, cascaded onto the
rubber sheet. I sucked at the front of the gorgeous trunks,
nibbling gently at the cock beneath…..

Then, lying on my back, naked with thighs parted, my fingers
gently plowing my cunt.
Looking up I saw seven pairs of firm thighs, seven pairs of
hands, seven pairs of eyes boring down at the piece of fuckmeat
– me.
And seven hard cocks. And I just couldn’t wait to get the
first of them to ram itself up my juice-slicked cunt and fuck me
up … to fuck me up the road to heavenly bliss.
But then there was Tammi…
Standing there with them.
‘Tammi, sit on my mouth!’
She came, kneeled astride…
And lowered that shaven, dripping little split-peach onto
my mouth.
Obviously, she was horny. And she smelled horny and she
tasted horny. And now it wasn’t her finger making the ‘sicksick’
noises it was my mouth as she gently used it on her cunt.
I kept still and let her.
And felt the sprigs of juice warm on my lips as she played
with me.
I couldn’t have asked for a more erotic sight either, than
gazing up her body and watching her first looking down into my
eyes, then looking up as Uncle’s cock asked for he mouth.
She gave it.
A fifty-odd year-old man, being sucked by a young slut,
watching that, and watching her getting her cunt licked by
another slut…
Uncle didn’t last long. It was Tammi’s turn for face-
decoration, Tammi’s turn for cock cleaning…
But when that was over she did the strange thing. She held
his cock, looked down at me, questioning.
The look said … ‘Shall I get him to piss on my tits while
you eat my cunt?’
I nodded as best I could, and tightened my thighs around
whosever head it was doing such a wonderfully abusive mouthing
job to my cunt…
Uncle pissed on Tammi’s young tits. It sprayed hard from the
softening cock and she aimed it over her tits, up to her neck and
down over her flat, tanned belly.
Her movements became vigorous now, she was using my mouth,
and ready to cum. Clearly, being pissed on turned her on as much
as it did me.
Uncle’s piss, of course, once it had poured over her tits
and down her belly, was destined to find its way between her
thighs and ultimately to my mouth. A lot did.
And when it did I reached, grabbed the head in my cunt,
pulled it into me and fucked myself off on that mouth.
I came on that mouth. into that mouth, trying to piss at the
same time…
Tammi, when I sucked her clit, staring into her face,
desperately, came almost at the same time.
And one of Uncle’s friends, unable to hold his fire any
longer (hardly surprisingly) came too, all over Tammi’s tits.

‘Uncle. Get down here and shove that ugly, disgusting,
gnarled, old – gorgeously-evil looking cock up my horny twat and
fuck me…’
He did.
And so did the other two. And as the third of them spunked
deep in my cunt Mick kneeled next to my head and filmed as he
himself shot his first load, adding to the three already there.

I stood, shakily and turned my back on them all. I bent
slightly at the waist, gazing at the cream beginning to slide
from my cunt. I pulled the cheeks of my ass apart and showed them
the forbidden hole.
‘Asshole,’ I croaked. Who’s first?’
Mick was there first, his fingers collecting the gloop from
my cunt to gently condition the hole. While he did, I collected
the glorious slime sliding from my cunt and wiped it back up over
belly and tits. The sweetest stink of cock, cunt and spunk – the
fucking smells of horny sex – arose from my body.
‘Enough Mick, Babe. Fuck me first and last.’ I knew that my
Lover would know exactly what I wanted – for him to spunk up my
ass, then when all had finished with me he’d be ready to do it
again and piss up there after he’d cum.

They each took turn at my asshole. I had to watch Tammi get
fucked at the same time, lying on the rubber sheet in front of
me. The lithe little body wriggled and fucked like a live snake
as it took cock and the sounds, the screams as my little minx
came would wake the dead.
She got nearly as much cock as I did.

We were both left exhausted on that rubber sheet, with face,
tits and belly spattered, slimy with spunk and cock – and asses
sliding delightfully on that rubber sheet in the mess.

There were no hard cocks.
This time the furnace in my cunt was quenched, replaced by
a happy, throbbing fullness. And I felt full of my Lover’s gift
to me – an assfull of his piss.

There was one thing left.
One final act to please the sluts…
And for the video.

‘Uncle,’ I said, staring at him. ‘You’re not too hard now,
kneel over me, sit on my tits…’

He sat on me, gnarled cock resting on gnarled hand. I
stroked it gently, staring at the drooling eye, excited once more
at the thought of what I must look like lying there with this man
sitting on me.
And what I would look like…
‘Shhhhhhh … lovely cockky,’ I crooned, stroking it softly.
‘Lovely cockky … piss for Suzie. Suzie wants cockkies piss
in her face….

It came, softly at first, spurting gentle warmth onto my
neck. Then with more force and I lifted my head and opened my
mouth to receive his gift…

Cognac after a good meal.
To drain a man thoroughly of spunk, to the point when he’s
nothing left to give, and then to get him to piss on me…
Icing on the cake.

That night I had plenty of icing. And found that I had
corrupted at least some of them. Because after Uncle had finished
he himself lay down and had ME kneel over him.
Knees either side of his head, he gazed up at me with the
strangest look in his eyes, then gently pulled my cunt down onto
his mouth.
As if giving back to me what I had given to him…

He sucked the spunk from my cunt as our eyes locked together
in a strange understanding. Indication that he was ready to
receive came by a simple raising of his eyebrows and as I loosed
the gushing torrent into his mouth, and as he swallowed as fast
as he could and as his face was drowned in that torrent a strange
bond seemed to be established and it is with very fond memories
of him that I write this now, wondering if someday he will read,
and remember that bonding.

Eight pigs, wallowed in filth-dirty sex that night.
The night that will NEVER be forgotten…

Neither will the fear we both felt passing through customs
the following day…
Suppose they suspected we were importing porn on those
innocent-looking video tapes in our bags????