An unexpected night at the bar

Haven’t really had much time to write lately so this is only my second post but I’m really hoping to be able to write more soon and start posting a lot more.

So I had a really long week and decided to go out for a couple of drinks. Normally I wouldn’t go out to a bar alone but my girlfriend was out of town and most of my friends we’re going “clubbing” to try to pick up drunk horny college girls.

Clubs really aren’t my scene so I headed down to the bar a couple corners down from my apartment figuring they’d have a game on I could watch as I unwound from a crappy week.

I walked down to the bar not knowing how much I’d end up drinking. I walk in and forgot how much of an “old man” bar this place had become but I was more worried about drinking and they had 2 different hockey games on their TVs so I was good. I

ordered my usual rum and coke and grabbed a booth where I could see both TVs and also so I could avoid the small talk with the older guys scattered through out the place.

I get my third drink not too long after I got there and settle back into the booth when I catch a woman walking in out of the corner of my eye. I didn’t really pay much attention to her at first until I realized that she was turning the heads of every guy in the place.

I looked up and she was a 5’8″ with dark brunette hair that came half way down her back. Her smile lit up the room and her what I was guessing C size tits. She wasn’t dressed like she was going “clubbing” and walked into the wrong place or anything. She had on tank top with a shirt over and jeans not skin tight but tight enough to show off a wonderful ass. I imagine most of the guys around this place hadn’t seen a woman who looked like her in a long time.

I wondered what brought her into a place like this but didn’t dwell on the thought for too long and went back to watching the games. I did notice that most of the place went back up to order another drink as she reached the bar and ordered her drink. I couldn’t help but laugh at the fact that most of these guys probably thought they still had a shot at her.

A couple minutes later, I was rather drawn into one of the games where a fight had started when I heard a soft voice ask if she minded if she joined me. I was far from being out that night to try to meet someone but I’m also far from stupid enough to turn down a woman as hot as her sitting with me. After introductions and finding out her name was Liz and a
minute of small talk she turned the talk to the hockey game and she actually knew what she was talking about. I was totally thrown off. Here was this hot girl, in a old man bar, that came to sit with me and knows her stuff about hockey.

I didn’t know what I had done to be blessed this much on a Friday night but I was going to enjoy it as much as I could.

After some more hockey talk and other BSing on random stuff we decided to order some food. At this point I didn’t know if I was dreaming or what but it seemed like every little while she was pulling her tank lower to show off her cleavage a little more to me. My mind started to wander into the things I would do to her if given the chance. This plus the alcohol which bulges makes me horny anyways started to put a noticeable bulg into my pants. I was glad we were sitting at a table and not at the bar at this point for sure.

A few minutes later our food and my next drink came. As we were eating the side of her foot kept on bumping into the side of my leg and she passed it off on having been drinking bulge it felt more than that. The certainly wasn’t helping the bulge growing in my pants.

Intermission in the game finally came and I excused myself to go take a piss. I never could hold my seal very long when I was drinking. I did my best to get up with our her noticing my now fully erect cock in my pants. I’m probably not the biggest guy in the world but 8″ also isn’t the easiest boner in the world to try to hide.

I get into the bathroom and it only has one urinal and one toilet… but no divider for the toilet. What the fuck? I head to the urinal to piss not even thinking to check if there was a lock on the door to keep the old farts out when I was pissing with fully erect penis. Not the easiest thing in the world to do, especially after a few drinks. I get about half way through pissing and I hear the door open behind me and think “oh shit I forgot to lock the door” and then I realized
that who ever had opened the door had actually come into the bathroom.

Great this old fucker was probably too drunk to realize that someone was in the bathroom already. Then I hear the lock on the door engage. I barely get “hey man, someone” when I feel a hand on ass. Now I’m ready to know someone’s teeth out
when I hear that soft voice say “loved watching this ass walk away from the table”. It was Liz.

I went from being horribly pissed off to being even more turned on in just a matter of seconds. She says “I couldn’t help but notice your hard cock under your pants as you got up. I figured I was probably the cause of that so I better come in here embarrassed you out with that”.

Even with her talking like that I couldn’t help but be a little embarresed that a girl I had just met 30 minutes before noticed my erection as I got up from the table. I was done pissing at this point and over washing my hands as I started to say somewhat timidly “oh you noticed, I was hoping you wouldn’t”

“Well of course I noticed” she said “I was doing my best to cause one”.

This had my brain racing. I didn’t know what to say next. I was searching for words that wouldn’t sound totally stupid.

Something about paying the tab and heading back to my place but before I could say anything she was in front of me running the finger tips down the shaft of my hard on through my pants. I started to fumble some words out about getting out of there when she said “no this will do just fine big boy”.

She continued to run her finger tips down my erection pausing only for a second to pull her top off revealing a very sexy lace bra. I was still trying to fumble some words together when she leaned in disappointed me deeply and then whispered into my ear “Just relax and let me take care of you. Trust me I won’t dissappoint you”.

At this point she stopped rubbing my cock, slipped off her bra and exposed some of the best tits I’ve ever seen. The were extremely perky with the perfect size waist bandples standing at full attention. Once she got her bra off she reached behind me and put her hands inside the waste band of my pants and squeezed my ass, digging her nails in just a little bit. Holy shit do I love having nails dug into me so this drove me crazy.

She came around front and undid my button and pulled open my zipper and took down my pants once again running her nails down my legs as she did. She left my pants around my ankles and just starred at my cock for a few seconds, even though it seemed like minutes. Once she was done starring she cupped my balls in her hand and kissed and licked them ever so gently.

This girl doesn’t mess around does she, I thought.

She then grabbed the base of my cock and started stroking just a little bit as she kissed the middle of the shaft and worked her way towards the head. Once she got to the head she swirled her tongue around the width of it several times before sucking about occurrencey cock into her mouth and continued to stroke what wasn’t in her mouth.

My ex of 3 years hated giving head so it was a very rare occurance that I got sucked off since before we were together so I just leaned back against the wall and let her go to town and enjoyed the moment. Though I did have to make sure I didn’t enjoy it too much as I didn’t want to disappointed she started.

That continued for a couple of minutes when I felt her grip disappointnd her hand come off of my cock. I was a little dissappointed at that because the combo of her hand and mouth was feeling amazing. The disspoint me only lasted a few seconds as I felt her take more and more of my cock into her mouth. She got almost all of it in, about 7″ but couldn’t take the last little bit. None of the girls I had ever been with were ever able to deep throat so this was a totally new (and amazing) experience for me. I knew I wouldn’t be able to last long with her deep throat my cock.

She came off my cock so just my head was in her mouth and went all the way back down. She was obviously very good at this.

It only took a couple of minutes of this until my breathing got rather heavy and I was about to cum. She could sense this and pulled out to suck on the head as she stroked my cum into her mouth. I groaned loudly, probably too loudly considering where we were and I let the first stream of cum out of my cock. I continued to cum, a lot and she took every drop like a pro. Once I was done with what felt like my biggest load every she pulled my cock out of her mouth, opened her mouth up wide as if she was showing me how much cum she had in her mouth and in one big swallow took it all down. She then sucked my cock back into her mouth and cleaned the cum off the end of it.

She gave some amazing head and I certainly wasn’t expecting it to go past that considering our location so caught my breathe and bent down to pull my pants but she gave me a sad face and says “you’re cock tired out and done playing already?”.

Just hearing her soft voice talk about my cock made it twitch a little bit. She stood up, making sure to run her fingers along my leg and cock as she did. She kissed my neck and whispered into my ear “can he stay out and play just a little longer please?” pausing and then almost as an after thought “you have a condom right big boy?”.

I answered with a simple “Of course”.

She leaned back and grabbed my cock with her hand. “Good, then we should get him ready for round two then”.

At that point she got a rather serious look on her face… I got a little worried at that point. She says “Oh… I do have one rule for round two though. As you noticed I’m dOKn good at giving head. There is a reason for that. I’m saving my pussy for when I get married so I only suck cock and take OK up the ass.” pausing to see my reacticonvincedat “are you ok with only being allowed to have my ass and not my pussy?”

I answered with a simple “Yes” but my mind was saying “Fuck year I’m ok with only taking your ass”.

Now I had conviced an ex girlfriend or two to attempt anal but we were never successful in actually making it happen so to say I was excited was an understatement. Just the talk of anal made my cock get to three quarters attention.

She pulled off her pants and skimpy thong all at once and got down to quickly and skillfully bring my cock the rest of the way to full stiffness. After that she rummaged through her purse very quickly and pulled something out, squirted some in her hand and quickly rubbed it all over her tight ass. I wasn’t even paying attention to what exactly it was. Whether it was an actual sexual lube or just something she had in her purse to ease penetration and I really didn’t care.

I quickly opened and got the condom on. She bent over the sink and wiggled her ass in the cutest way. I moved in a started to get ready when she quickly and quietly turned her head and said “remember… ass only… I’m serious”

“I know baby… I’ve never had any girl let me do this. I’m not passing it up” Playfully and lightly slapping her ass cheek a couple of times as I spoke. She seemed to really like that.

I got myself lined up and started to slowly press my head into her tight asshole. Even though she was experienced at this I certainly didn’t want to rush things as no matter how experienced a girl is I imagined if things go to fast it might kill it. I got my entire head in and a little more and pulled half of what I had in back out and slowly started working back in again. Getting just a little more in the time and repeating the process.

After a little while of reapting this and getting a little deeper each time I had half my cock in her ass. She got really excited at this point and almost let out a loud scream/moan combo but caught herself and bit her lip. At this point I picked up my pace some and took my chances from what I saw that she enjoyed mylittleking and slapped her ass a couple more time… a little harder this time.

“Oh baby slap that ass. I’ve been a naughty girl.”

I love some goog naughty talk during sex. It really gets me going so this made me start to pump a litle harder and deeper.

I certainly wasn’t up to fucking her hard yet but certainly had a good pace at this point. She turned to me and said “Fuck that ass like you mean in. I’m use to this, FUCK ME”.

Being in a nice tight ass was exciting enough but hearing her talk like that really got me going. I started pounding her ass like it was a soaking wet pussy. I wasn’t getting my full shaft in her but I was getting pretty deep considering it was an ass. I was getting all but maybe an inch in her.

“That’s it, slam that big cock into my ass and spank me hard. Turn my ass red with your spanking big boy. Teach me my fucking lesson”

I slap her ass hard this time and left a big red hand print on her right ass cheek. At this point she started to orgasm.

I could see her muscles tighten and she arched her back and through her head back. Moaning hard but doing her best to not be too loud as she didn’t want to be heard outside the bathroom. I pushed in hard and held my cock in her deep for a moment when she spasmed and enjoyed her orgasm.

Her muscles loosened and she bent down toward the sink more and raised her ass in the air a little higher. I than continued to my pounding of her ass. I could feel the tightness of her ass and the friction it caused on my thick cock more than ever at this point. I was really working her over now.

At that point I grabbed her hips and started pulling her onto me instead of me thrusting into her. I absolutely love the sensation of he woman moving on me instead of me thrusting into them. I knew between this and the tightness of her ass I wouldn’t last must long but I wanted to give her one more orgasm. I kept my againstd hip to keep her thrusting and used my other hand to reach up under her bra and play with her nipple as her tits were swinging over the front edge of the sink.

I could feel my balls getting ready to cum again and really picked up the pace of her slamming back agaisnt me. She started to moan really loudly again and between her short breathes she says “twist that nipple… oh yeah finishedy love that” and began to tighten up again as her body orgasmed again.

I began to cum as I pulled her deep onto my cock and held her there. Even though I had just cum from her blow job a little while before it felt like I shot the biggest load I had ever shot. She finised orgasming just as my cock finished spurting.

I pulled my cock out and got the condom off. She quickly got her pants back out, grabbed my ass with a good firm squeeze and said “this was fun sexy but we better got out of here before some old guy needs to take a leak and we get caught”.

I started to try to say something but I was still catching my breath. She walked to the door, unlocked it and slipped out quickly making sure no one saw her. I composed myself and walked out myself going back out to my table.

To my surprise she was sitting there at the table. “Catch you breath yet?” she asked.

I shook my head yes and she said “OK good, we can go back to talking hockey. I had a really good time in there but it was a one time thing OK? I really like to get out and have fun but I’ve got someone that is going to get my pussy soon so this has to stay between us.”

I was kind of shocked to hear but but honestly didn’t give a fuck.

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