Enjoying time in adult bookstore booth


It was in Venice Florida and while it wasn’t real bust there was enough guys cruising to make it interesting.

I was looking for cocks to suck or get fucked by as usual for me. I was a cock whore from the first time I tasted one on my lips and tongue. Then I made the mistake of bending over naked and lost my virginity there too.

So here I was on a Saturday night in a booth horny as usual wearig a bra and boyshort panties watching for hard cocks to cum my way.

I had openiong at bpoth both adjoining walls and an unlocked door for entry. As I was watching another gay flick I heard th door of the adjoing booth opena nd close. So I sat down next to its opening so hoever it was could see me in my undies. I also had my cock head hanging out in open display. As I sat there a cock appeared through the opening, it was nice sized, cut and had some precum leaking out of its head. i reached for it and caressed it and iot grew a bit larger, mmmmmmmmmmm. I licked the precum off its head and started sucking on it as he pushed it in my mouth. As i sucked about 4inches into my mouth I felt a breeze on my ass as the both door opened. i went on sucking this delicious cock as a man entered into the booth to join me. I heard his belt open, pants unzipped and fall to the floor. I saw a large 9inch cut cock come into view next to my face adn I moaned a bit. Then i switched my mouth to his cock head and licked and sucked on it as I held the other cock in my hand.

He swelled up to a big thickness as I sucked him, playing with his huge balls as he reached down and under my panties to finger my cunthole. He had large hands and fingers too i noticed and felt him work one into my cunt as i sucked his cockhead. Then he worked a second finger in along side the first and was driving me crazy finger fucking my cunt.

I came up for air and started sucking the first cock again as the second guy continued to play with my cunt. His two fingers felt bigger than some cocks I had had in me, it was heavenly sucking cock and being played with. My clitty copck was stiffening with desire. I switched back to the second cock again and got it good and wet then went back to number one again.

Now the secondmoved behind me and pulled my panties down and I felt his large cock head at my cunt hole. He dropped some spirt on it as lube and it popped into me with a thrill I felt him enter me and pause. Now I had two men in me, the first was 5inches in my mouth and throay with about 3 more to go and the second was teasing my cunt with his cockhead.

The he grabbed my hips and lunged inot my cunt hole with his full 9inches. As I felt his balls hit my ass cheeks I gasped and opened my mouth and suddenly had his cock deep ion my throat with his balls at my lips as well. I full of hard cock at both ends. As the guy in my cunt started a rhytymic fucking of me the guy in the other booth caught onto what was happening and staarted fucking my mouth and throat as well.

I was totally spitted between two cocks using me for their pleasure. I was at their mercy and couldn’t/didn’t resist their intentions. I was moaning with the pleasure of being fucked by two menat once. Suddenly I heard felt the booth door open again and someone was seeing me being impaled by two cocks. I didn’t care who watched it just added to my enjoyment to be seen in such a sexual encounter. Then I heard a female giggle and others making comments I had no idea how many were watching through the open doorway.

I was lost in the thrall of being used as a bitch for mens pleasure. Then i felt a femine hand on my clitty cock heightening my arousal of sexual pleasure. Then some put a cock in my hand and used it jerk himslef off as he watched me being fucked. I lost all sense of time then the cock in my mouth was cuming and i was trying swallow his huge load of cum. Then the man in my cunt drove his cock all the way in and held it there and I knew he was filling me with his seed as well. i was a cum filled slut again.

As the cock in my mouth siftened and withdrew the man removed hos cock form my hand and entered my mouth with it. He took over fucking me there as my cunt was stilling being filled by the other man. Then i felt his cock fall out of me as well and felt empty and wet.

Then to my surprise another cock entered my cunthole, it was nice and large too. As I was well lubed with cum he starrted fucking me hard and fast and it seemed in no time he wasa cuming in me as well. As i continued to be mouth fucked by the fourth man.

I could hear females and men talking in the doorway about what fuckslut “she was” meaning me of course. As the guy in my mouth came i felt warm fluid splashing on my back as well in two different spots. I hadn’t know that teo men were jacking off watching me till they shot their cum on me as well. As the guy softened and left my mouth I felt someone scooping cum off my back and then a hand appeared in front of my mouth full of cum dor me to lick and swallow, I did.

I was still being fucked well when the hand disappeared and a bare pussy was in front of my face. It appeared wet and warm as I felt a hand on the back of my head pull me into the cunt. I licked and slurped it and found it was very wet and full of cum for me to eat. As I did so the owner moaned and twisted on my mouth. I thiought she was trying to fit my head into her cunt. Then she started climaxing and she was a squirter as well as she filled me with her juices spewing forth into my mouth.

When she calmed down she stood there still mouth to pussy with little quiver quakes happening. Then suddenly she started peeing in me as well anmd when she finished i licked her clean.

I guess others had realized what was happening as no sooner had she moved away two guys stepped up and started pissing in my face and m,outhas well. Followed by two more after them. I was now thoroughly soaked and filled with with cum and piss. and my undies and bra were soaked as well. Someone had found a towel and it was given to me to dry off and clean up as best I could.

i had no idea who all had filled me and used me, male or female and didn’t care as I was sexually excited about iy all. As I stood there now naked drying off and emoving left over cum and piss I was suddenly aware of someone watching. There was a huge black man in the doorway looking at me. He saw the used panties and bra laying on the floor and looked at me and smiled.

he stepped in and closed the dooe without locking it and dropped his pants, He had the hugest black cock i had ever seen. soft it was 9inches long and 4-5 inches around, and uncut. He stood there and i was quivering at the sight of it hanging there. I reached out to touch it and it started to harden. OMG it grew to 13inches long and must have been 6-7 inches around. I was practically drooling looking at it. My cunthole was quivering with desire for it.
I started licking the head and shaft to get it wet even though my cunt was soaked in cum.

He sat on the bench and tuned me to pull me onto his huge cock. as he enteredf me I felt stretched more than I ever had been before. My cunthole felt pain and pleasure as he entered my fuck canalhe kept pulling me by my hips and pushing his cock into my cunt. My little clitty was hard and straining as well. It felt like forever till I felt his balls against my ass cheeks. I was fully impaled by his 13 inch cock. I felt like I had a fence post up me. he could have walked around with me impaled on him and I would have to go with him.

He started bouncing me up and down on his cock and lap like a child. It felt like my fuck canal was going to be pulled out of me each time he pulled partially out of me. Somewhere he had some lube as I felt it on his cock and the in and out was easier/smoother. Still In felt like I was being fucked with a fence pole by him . My legs were spread over his so anyone who looked could have a clear view of his cock in me.

I was lost in the thrill of his huge cock fucking me when I looked and the door was open again and people were watching me being used by this very large black man nad his huge cock. very time he completely entered me I felt like he was pushing my whole insides up. suddenly I felt a cock at my mouth again.

I looked to see a 10inch long thin 3-4inch around cock pushing at my mouth. I opened and it entered as the owner started fucking me with it. I was once again impaled on two cocks as men adn women watched me being used by these men. And once again as they fucked me other men jacked off on my naked body and left me dripping in cum.

Two different women came up and peed all over me as i was being fucked. That started men peeing on me as well. Then the man in my mouth was shooting his cum into me in thick spurts as I was swallowing it as fast as I could. He was salty sweet tasing and pleasurable. After he finished cumming he held his cock in my mouth till he started peeing in me as well and I had to swallow his warm piss as well. It seemed like a gallon of piss came out of his cock. My belly looked like a pregnant womans.

I continued to ne impaled by the cock in my cunt as i sucked two moew men off. Now everyone was watching him fuck me with his huge cock. He stood up and started to really pund my cunt with his cock in ever quicking strokes. He suddenly grabbed my hips and pushed his full length into my cunt and started pumping it full of his thick warm seed.

When he finished and pulled his fence post cock out of me my cunthole was dilated open and dripping cum down my legs. One guy slid his arm all the way in me without difficulty. there I stood nakled dripping cum and piss again. a well used cum slut cock whore. Totally fucked for the night.