A night that changed my life

I could never believe that it could happen. I have
spent years not really even thinking about it
happening, because I simply knew better.

I have been in love with Francesca (Franny) since she
was 3. I don’t mean to sound like a pedophile.I mean
in love, not in lust. She is a spirit that defies
description. From the moment I met her and her
parents 15 years ago, I have loved almost everything
about the girl.

She is like a creature out of a fairy tale. A
delicate, sweet, outgoing and with a spark that
propels her into life. I have watched as she has gone
from a precocious child, a gawky girl, a lanky but
promising young woman with braces.to a full fledged
creature of such grace and poise that she takes my
breath away. We have always been great friends and I
hope always will be. I treasure her spirit the most.

She dances. She moves across the floor with ease and
a precision that speaks her dedication and love of
the art. She had a recital on December 30th.

Our families (hers & mine) have been spending New
Years together for 10 years. This year was no
exception. We were meeting (as usual) at my beach
house on the Jersey Shore. My wife and daughter had
gone to see her folks in New York while I stayed and
minded my business. Franny’s folks had gone on to the
shore two days earlier to meet with relatives and I
was to bring Franny with me on the 30th after her

I attended and watched the joy in her face as she did
what she loves most.dance. Around 3PM, we left our
town (near Washington D.C.) and headed north hoping
to out run the impending storm being widely forecast
as a huge one.

All was well until we approached Philadelphia. We
headed east into New Jersey and the snow started
falling in earnest. About 30 minutes later (it was
getting dark), the snow was blinding and I was having
difficulty seeing. I was becoming increasingly
obvious that I couldn’t keep this up for long.
Shortly I spied a roadside motel and as much as I
wanted to keep going I realized that it was simply
too dangerous. We pulled over and went into the

I asked the fellow behind the desk for two rooms, and
was told that I was in luck.he had only town left. I
took them. We then called everyone concerned and told
them about our plight. The storm was projected to
blow through over night, and I was hoping to be on
the road first thing in the morning. Everyone agreed
that it was the smarted thing, and we’re we lucky
that they had two rooms. We unloaded into our rooms,
and moved on to the caf� for some dinner.

Dinner was terrific.nothing more than burgers, fries
and pie, but Franny and I were on an adventure. We
had always communicated with a special understanding
that I think neither of us could really explain, and
here for the first time, we didn’t have the rest of
our family’s around to add distractions. We talked
about her school (she’s a senior), her studies,
prospects for college, her dancing (always her
dancing), boyfriends (a little shy on that note) and
a dozen other topics.

Around 8:30 we retired to our respective rooms,
kissed on the cheek with the understanding that I
would get her up in the AM to continue our voyage. It
was never even remotely implied that anything more
might take place.

11:30, and there is a rapping on my door. I sleep
naked so I quickly threw on a towel and looked
through the peephole. It was Franny looking cold and
upset.it was still snowing like mad. I quickly opened
the door and excused myself while grabbing clothes.
She went on to explain that the heat had gone out in
her room and she was freezing. I immediately called
the front desk (having to wake the owner) and asked
to have it fixed.

He muttered something about the “goddamned pipes” and
informed me that he had been having some problems
with that room, and that repairs weren’t likely for a
day or so. I indicated that we really needed it, but
was informed that my “daughter” would just have to
stay with me.

I started to explain the situation.but stopped. I
couldn’t tell you that I honestly had envisioned this
scene, but something inside of me just made me pull
back and think.had I ever said that Franny
was.anything? No.everyone who had seen her just
assumed she was my daughter. Who was I to change that

At any rate I explained our situation, and just told
Franny that I would either sleep in the lobby or on
the floor. She seemed hesitant, but finally said ok.
She also said that she was freezing and was it ok if
she took a quick bath to warm herself up.

Of course I agreed, and while I piled up what spare
blankets there were on the floor (she quickly had
vetoed the lobby idea), she headed off to the
bathroom. A moment later I heard the water running
and the sigh of a cold body feeling some much needed
heat. I then felt light headed.I had to see her
naked! It was an immediate and almost irresistible
urge. I silently crawled over to the bathroom door
and inched my way up to the keyhole. Keeping just a
hair away so as not to rattle the door I put my eye
to the opening. I guess this was the moment I’d never
even dreamed would happen. There she was.my friend,
my soul mate, and without question the most heart
stopping beautiful girl I’ve ever seen!

I will describe her, but it’s honestly is like trying
to describe a sunset. I can tell you that she’s @5’6
with long silky auburn hair. I can also say that her
physique was one of a dancers, long lean and with a
muscle tone that would make you cry. Her breasts were
slightly larger than most dancers, and you could tell
that her bra had a job to do. From what I could see
(upper chest and head.she was lying back) she also
looked..just .soft! I was in a trance. I simply
couldn’t stop looking at her.

After awhile she looked over at the door just for a
moment and then looked up at the ceiling. I saw her
arm drop from the side of the tub into the water.

A moment later I saw her shoulder slowly and only
slightly move. I couldn’t believe my eyes.she was
touching herself! Or at least I thought so.the
movement of her shoulder was so slight that I
couldn’t be sure. Then in a moment her other arm came
up from out of the water and slowly cupped her breast
and started to massage the nipple. A long sigh
escaped her lips ever so softly and I could see her
muscles starting to tighten and her shoulder moving
more actively.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.she was
masturbating knowing I was in the next room. I was
aroused beyond measure. My penis has never been so
hard in my life and I felt like I could hardly
breathe. Finally, Franny arched her back up, squeezed
her nipple even harder and let out a soft moan.

I knew she was cumming and I was actually getting to
watch! She stayed rigid for what seemed an eternity
occasionally jerking ever so slightly, and then
slowly lowered herself back into the tub. A moment
later she glanced back over at the door and then
slight smile crept over her face.

She soaked for a few minutes longer, and then let the
water out of the tub with her toe. When the water
level receded below the level of comfort, she slowly
stood up and reached for a towel. I knew I had a
moment longer to watch as she needed to dry off and
get her clothes back on. Standing, she was simply
stunning. As I said before (and will never tire of
saying) she was long and lean with perfect breasts
and a small round tight bottom that..oh well, you get
the picture. As she toweled off she wiped herself
between her legs and a broad smile spread over her

I knew I had to compose myself, so I crept back into
the room and started thinking of baseball (always
worked before!). I walked around adjusting my totally
swollen penis so as not to be so obvious, and then
opted for sitting down.

A few minutes later Franny reentered the room in a
fairly frumpy nightshirt and climbed into bed,
thanking me profusely for my sacrifice. Being the
gracious host, I did my best Gary Cooper “it ain’t
nuthin marm” routine (I’d sleep on nails for the show
I’d been given) and she gave me a chaste but slightly
lingering kiss on the cheek, and we both snuggled
into our respective beds and sleep.

Yeah.right! I knew that sleep was impossible for me,
but that doing anything was simply out of the
question. She was Franny after all, not just some
young nobody. I resigned myself to my fate and the
hard floor, when I heard her clear her throat and

Since the heating was broken in the connecting room,
it was none to toasty in ours. Franny sat up slightly
and said “I’m still cold and neither of us have
enough blankets to really be adequate. Why don’t we
combine body heat and double up on blankets. After
all it only makes sense.” She hesitated and said, “I
know it would look funny, but no one will know, and
it’s not like we’re going to do anything.”

Right! (she had no idea what I WANTED to do)
I told her that I didn’t think it would be such a
great idea..it really wasn’t, no I really couldn’t.do
you think? I guess since no one would know.well ok,
but I’ll stay to my side.ok? Oh my god.what was
happening here? Was I really going to be in bed with
this WONDERFUL girl? It was too good to be true, but
I also knew that in many respects it would be even
worse than the floor, to be so close and yet so far!
But of course I had clothes on, she had clothes on
and that 6″ of bed between us might as well be miles.
So up I hopped, and we both staked out our sides with
an awkwardness that you could taste.

I heard every breath she took, every move she made,
in my mind I was watching her (thank you Sting). I
thought my heart was beating so loud as to heard in
the next room. This is crazy I thought, I can’t
honestly stay here.it’s just too hard. I resolved to
get up.make my apologies, and head to the lobby, when
the covers rustled. A hand reached over and touched
my forearm.

I might as well have been in the electric chair when
they flipped the switch.

“It’s alright” came a small voice and her hand slid
down into mine.

We must have held hands for 10 minutes. She was
right, it was good. I suddenly felt ok with this.
“You can’t start this, but I can” she said as she
quietly slid over and laid her head on my shoulder.
We lay like that for a while, and I rolled over about
to say .something (who knows?), and she put her
fingers to my lips and said “shhhh.” She then lifted
her head up and lightly kissed me.just barely
touching my lips with hers.

I wanted more, and so did she. With increasing
passion, we kissed with her pushing me back against
the pillow and leaning over me. Our mouths became a
single thing with two tongues dancing in an intricate
duet. Gasping for air, we separated. and looked at
each other wildly. It was WAY too late to stop now.

Franny stared at me intensely for a moment and then
with one fluid motion crisscrossed her arms and
pulled off her nightshirt. Never in my life have I
been so in awe of another human’s body. With the
street light from the parking lot illuminating the
curtain behind her, that wonderful form was a

She leaned over and pulled on my t-shirt. “You too,”
she said. I did as commanded (I had a choice?).

(footnote: I’m 43 years old, @5’11” and have been
active all my life. In a word, I’m very fit for my

I laid back, my chest bare, and waited. This was her
gig.I was only to follow her lead. She ran her hand
through what chest hair I have, and said something
about Ryan not having any. She then shook her head
and said, “Not here, not now.”

Lying there with Franny sitting so casually facing me
with blankets only around her waist (barely), her
breasts firm and nipples hard (it was chilly).it felt
so natural. She leaned over and put her mouth over my
left nipple and slowly circled it with her tongue.
She then blew on it.

That had never excited me before.but it did now. She
then leaned over and let her breast dangle over mine.
She caressed my nipple with her own. Slowly, just
barely touching, nipple to nipple. It was electric..

I was aroused and entranced all at the same time. I
put my hand up and touched her nipple. I moved my
finger around the whole breast just touching it..then
not. Slowly I put my whole hand on it and cupped it.
I felt the warmth of my hand on her cool skin. I
raised my head just as she shifted and put the nipple
to my mouth. A moment before my mouth was dry.now it
was running over with saliva.

I lightly licked her nipple and then before I knew it
I was taking as much of her breast in my mouth as I
could fit. I sucked and twirled her nipple with my
tongue. I caressed, sucked, squeezed.I wanted to
consume the whole thing. Franny moaned and pushed
harder forcing more of her wonderful tit into my

She then pulled back and looked at me again (seeming
to come to a decision). Her right arm slid down the
covers onto my stomach. It made my muscles flinch.
Down further, and right when I thought she would land
on my penis, she kept on going along the side of my
leg. Down a little further and then back up, along
the inside of my thigh.

There was no doubt now this girl was into a major
tease. You could tell it on her face as well. Had a
photograph been taken at that instant, it would be
the Mona Lisa of a woman in total control of a man. A
slight smile and wicked look in her eyes told me that
this was going to take awhile. It did. Up and down my
legs, inside my thighs, up through my pubic hair,
with an occasional “oops” against my penis (which was
so hard as to be painful). The experience was
excruciating and totally wonderful.

Finally she pulled back the covers to expose the one
thing I was desperate to have touched. She looked at
me and smiled and then made an “O” with her thumb and
forefinger and put it at tip of my penis. Ever so
slowly she slid it down over me to the base of my
scrotum and back up again. Slowly repeating
herself.up and down, barley touching me, alternately
looking at my straining cock (I must start to be
graphic here) and at my face. Then she stopped.

She leaned over to me and gave me a long lingering
kiss. Then she swung over, still holding my penis in
her hand and moved her face to it. There was a large
bead of seminal fluid (pre-cum) on the tip and she
stuck out her tongue and just touched it with the
tip. A spider web like strand of cum stretched from
her tongue and my cock.

Needless to say I was in a trace. She then moved her
head down and opened her mouth. Her tongue slipped
first to the underneath of my cock where she licked
me, then in one movement took the whole of me into
her mouth and down her throat.and stopped. I should
say at this time my penis is fairly long, but not
terrible thick. I am @7″ long and uniform in width.

She stayed with my dick all the way in her mouth for
at least 10 seconds and then with a sucking action
slowly pulled her head up. The sensation was
incredible. Too incredible in fact, as through the
past hour my level of arousal was so heightened that
I simple couldn’t retain anything close to control. I
told her to stop, that I couldn’t control myself if
she continued.

She stopped and looked at me for a moment and said
“good.” She then (still gripping me as if I might
escape) and opened up her mouth and started sucking
me again. Licking, pumping with her hand, and working
on my “knob,” brought me to a peak in seconds. I told
her I was cumming and started to pull her head up.

That only made her take even more of me in her mouth.
When the spasms started and I felt myself start to
spurt, she went all the way down and took all my
sperm directly down her throat. There was no
swallowing involved.I was shooting straight into her.
I have simply never encountered anything like this
before in my life!

My entire orgasm was deposited into her mouth and she
stayed for every last bit. When finally I had
finished and was starting to soften, she pulled up.
As my penis fell out of her mouth she want back to it
softly licking it to make sure that nothing remained.
Then she lay down her head and slowly sucked on my
now soft penis, slowly licking a sucking for about a

Finally, she looked up with a dreamy smile on her
face. I saw a small remnant of my cum on the side of
her lip and gently pulled her up to me. I softly
licked it off of her and showed her my tongue before
I closed my mouth and took it in. She smiled and then
kissed me deeply. I could taste the salty/pepper
spice of my sperm in her mouth and liked it.
Francesca and I were now bound in a very special way.

As I lay back, I thanked her for her gift. She
replied that it was only fair since she was one
orgasm up on me.and then winked. “You knew,” I
replied blushing. She went on to say that when she
got into to tub she wondered if I might not look and
had looked at the door. The light from the vanity was
shining through the keyhole.

A moment later it wasn’t. She wasn’t positive, but
suspected I might be looking. Anyway, the thought
that I might be was enough. She said she had been
mildly aroused all day, and the tub just brought it
to a head. We lay back, pulled up the blanket and
cuddled. That warm naked girl lying with her body
wrapped around me..it was priceless!

When I alluded to her amazing talents orally, she
told me her story.about Ryan. He was her boyfriend of
the past year and a half. They had broken up four
months ago, and she made it clear that they were not
getting back together. They had made love for the
first time shortly after her 16th birthday. It
apparently was (and appears to still be) and exercise
that she took to. She said that they made love every
chance they could, and although she really liked it,
Ryan wasn’t very giving. He enjoyed her attention to
himself, but apparently didn’t care much to

There, to quote Shakespeare “lies the rub.” Franny
got tired of giving but not receiving. Apparently it
overflowed into other areas and ended up in a final
parting of the ways. This was my cue. I said that
even though it might create another “imbalance”
(orgasm wise), giving pleasure to women was my
greatest joy. What wonderful sensations she had given
me were hers only for the asking. She looked at
me.blushed and simply nodded. I didn’t have to be
asked twice!

After adjusting the heat up (it looked like covers
were just going to get in the way for awhile), I
pulled down the sheet and knelt in between Franny’s
legs. I just stared for a moment. I still couldn’t
believe how incredibly beautiful she was and the
things she WANTED me to do. She looked up hopefully,
and with arousal in her eyes.

I leaned over and just started to massage her body.
Starting at her upper thighs, I slowly rubbed up her
stomach, over her breasts, her shoulders and to her
face. As I continued for a number of minutes just
massaging her, I felt her skin start to warm and her
muscle tone relax. That’s what I wanted. I wanted to
give her the orgasm of her life, and that wasn’t
going to happen if she was tense. I then rolled her
over and did the same to her backside. What a rear
end! I could simply stop right now and do nothing but
describe the perfect butt on this woman. Perfectly
round, with terrific muscle tone. I leaned down and
put a small lingering kiss on each cheek.

She giggled and rolled over. At this point my
previously spent cock had found new life and she
started to grab for it. I brushed aside her hand and
reminded her that it was my turn and to be still. She
pouted (playfully) for a moment and nodded. I rubbed
her front again, but this time starting at her neck
and going down over her breasts, on to her stomach
and now down to her public area.

She flinched when I reached there, but I (taking a
chapter form her book) kept going. I returned, and
then back up to her breasts. My mouth found there way
back and I suckled like a new born. Apparently she
had VERY sensitive nipples for she started to
immediately moan. I then did something she didn’t
expect. Taking my right hand, I gripped my penis and
started rubbing it slowly in between the lips of her
vagina. Parting the lips and rubbing it up and down,
but not putting it in more than � .”

She started to moan in earnest now and was bucking
her hips to get me to put it in deeper. She then
simply took my face in between her hands, kissed me
VERY passionately and said softly “fuck me. put your
dick in me NOW.”

I simply shook my head. no.

She looked shocked. “Why not?”

I said I would later, but now .I wasn’t finished. She
looked frustrated. I just said, “Have patience. I’ve
done this before.” I continued with my rubbing for
only a moment longer, and then slid down and off the
bed. I would have flipped around and had my head in
her crotch in a 69 fashion (more comfortable that
way) but I didn’t want her to have any distractions.
I knelt over the end of the bed and pulled her vagina
right up to the edge and put her legs over my

This was a sight only a true pussy lover could
imagine. It was natural.no shaved pubes (although she
later said that she did in the summer). A naturally
trim public area and a vagina of perfect proportions.
Slightly swollen lips, and a clit that protruded a
good �” from its hood. This was a pussy that was
designed to FEEL things, and I intended to do just
that. I made my index and second fingers into a V and
started rubbing lightly up and down outside of her
pussy lips, occasionally squeezing the lips together
at the top near her clit.

After a minute of that she was softly moaning
especially when I squeezed at the top. I then moved
my fingers together and did the same thing on the
inside of her lips going up to the clit, but
spreading the fingers apart just as they hit the
clit. I didn’t want her to become desensitized. This
really got her going and she then started bucking her
hips. I wouldn’t be long now. I leaned forward and
put my mouth where my fingers had been.

Oh, the unbelievable aroma. Sweet and musty at the
same time.I could drink at this fountain forever. She
was so wet that I thought I could drown. I licked up
one side of her lips and down the other with just a
brief flick at he clit. I used both fingers put
together to slowly push into her slippery cavern,
slowly in and out, but not too much as to be a

She was really bucking now, and making quite a lot of
noise (luckily the adjoining room.hers.was empty),and
she was obviously going to loose it soon. I made my
first big move. I went directly for her clit with my
lips and started to suck on it. It the same time I
pushed both fingers in her up to the knuckle and
pushed in and out rapidly. That was the last straw
and she started to cum with an intensity that amazed
me. I then went a little nuts, and took my index
finger from my other hand and stuck it up into that
perfect butt just as her orgasm seemed to peak.

Her whole body went completely rigid and she shoved
her vagina violently into my face bucking it up and
down. I gave up with my fingers (except the butt one)
and was simply fucking her with my face, from my chin
to my nose.everything was in her cunt as she shoved
it up and down. I was barley even a part of her
orgasm anymore.her entire being seemed focus right on
her clit. Then it was over.

Her body went slack, shivered a couple of times and
then a huge sob erupted from her throat. I flew up to
her and took her shaking body in my arms. She threw
her head onto my shoulder and cried. Wracking sobs
shook her for at least 2 or 3 minutes and then she
slowly calmed down. She started to speak and then it
was my turn to put my fingers to her lips to quiet
her. We just lay there, silent for quiet awhile.
Finally, she just said “that’s what I’ve wanted
for..forever.” I just nodded accepting her thanks. It
was a dream fulfilled for me too.

For the longest time, we just lay in each other arms
listening to the sound of our breathing. I finally
broke the stillness but saying, “You know.” and she
immediately interrupted me saying, “I know that this
is just here and now. I wouldn’t EVER want to do
ANYTHING to hurt Becky (my wife). But we’re here.
now, and until I have to open that door and leave
this room, can we just be. and do. anything we want?”

I thought for a moment and nodded. What had happened
couldn’t be undone, and somehow putting guilt into it
now was somehow negating all the wonderful things
we’d done. I rolled over and kissed her and said,
“Until the door opens and we walk out. whatever you
want, we will do.”

She smiled and hugged me. We lay and talked for a
while, and then got a snack form the munchies we had
pulled in from the car. I looked out the window and
saw it was still snowing heavily, and the drifts were
deep. I said that it looked like we might be there
for a while.

Franny smiled and said, “Okay then. looks like we
need some exercise to keep us fit!”

I grinned and before I could ask her what she had in
mind, she had my dick in her mouth again. I let her
suck me for a bit until I got hard, and then pulled
her back. I said, “Before, when I was on top of you
asked me to fuck you (I wanted to see if my use of
the word would shock her… it didn’t), is that offer
still open?

She didn’t reply, but went to the bed, lay down and
spread her legs, and just smiled. I took that as a
yes and did a quick repeat of my earlier performance
rubbing my cock in between her pussy lips. This time
though, she put her hand down to her clit and started
to touch herself. I asked her if she had ever used a
vibrator, and she slightly blushed and said no, but
not through lack of interest.she just had never had
the opportunity to get one. That was a situation I
could solve.

I was traveling fairly well prepared as it was New
Years weekend and my wife and I would have a private
room from my daughter. My wife’s favorite “toy” is an
AA battery operated number called a “pocket rocket.”
She swears by it, and after seeing its effect, I do
too! I decided it was time to introduce my young
friend to toys.

I went to my suitcase and pulled out the “rocket”
from my shaving case. Franny looked at it, twisted
the top to turn it on.smiled at me and looked
expectantly. “Of course, try it,” I said.

She timidly lowered her hand with the device in it
toward her crotch. Slowly she lowered it onto her
lips, and then up to her clit.

“OH,” she gasped in surprise, and then got a really
big smile on her face. She held it there for a
moment, and then pulled it away. “I REALLY LIKE
THAT!” she said with enthusiasm! “But, as much as I
want that, I want you in me. I want you to take this
(she sat up and reached out to take my penis in her
hand) and put it here,” she coyly slid her finger
into her pussy. “But first.do you have.protection?”

I couldn’t have agreed more, and went to her. I did
say, “They don’t have to be mutually exclusive. in
fact, I prefer to use them both. soon.”

“But first. she said, do you have. protection?”

I smiled and explained that after the birth of my
daughter Becky and I decided that I would have a
vasectomy. I’ve been test 3 times, and ..well, there
is no possibility. I also haven’t had sex with anyone
other than Becky in years.I’m about as safe as they
come. She smiled and beckoned me to come.

I positioned myself over her and she put her hand
down to guide me into her. I was hard and she was
tight and very wet. I pushed myself into her inviting
tunnel slowly savoring every moment.

When I was all the way in to her public bone, I
stopped. I put my arms around her tightly and kissed
her for a long time. I then just using my butt
muscles pulled in and out slightly.making sure my
pubic area was in contact with hers. She moaned
loudly and wriggled her hips pushing herself into me
trying to get me in even deeper. I then pulled out
all the way and then pushed into her only about and
inch. Then out, then in.but always just the tip.

She then said, “I can stop this.” And before I could
do anything about it, she wrapped her long muscular
legs around me and pulled her self up and me all the
way into her. I was trapped inside, so then I just
decided to grind against her clit. He moaned louder
and louder and bucked her hips. Just then I pulled
free, and sat up. She said, “Come back here I’m not

“Exactly,” I said. and pulled out the “rocket.” I
told her that it was damn near impossible for a woman
to cum with a man on top, because as good as it felt,
there was no consistent friction on her clit. I lay
on my back and told her to climb on top. My dick was
at full attention, and she slowly lowered herself
onto me letting out a loud sigh as I went in deeper
and deeper.

Kneeling over me she rocked back and forth feeling my
pubic bone rub against her vulva. Then I handed her a
switched on “rocket” and told her to put it at her
clit. She lowered it down and put it in-between her
lips.right at the base of my cock sliding in and out
of her soaking canal. The affect was immediate, and
she started plunging up and down on me.never once
letting the vibrator lose contact.

She leaned over and I put my hands up and cupped her
breasts as her body rocked back and forth trying to
get the maximum leverage between my dick sliding in
and out of her pussy. I licked my fingers and started
to pinch her nipples as she came closer to orgasm. I
then reached behind her and started to massage her
lips from behind, and the skin in between her pussy
and her anus.

She then said, “Put it in. put your finger where you
put it before.”

I put it in my mouth to lubricate it a bit, and as
she started to cum, I slid it up into her ass.
“More!” she almost shouted, and I then slid my second
finger into her and pushed and pulled with some
force. That apparently was the combo, because she
then let out a long loud groan. sat bolt upright with
the vibrator against her crotch and went totally

She didn’t move a muscle, but I could see the
vibrator was shoved against her clit as hard as she
could bear it, and my fingers were shoved up her ass
to the knuckles. After what seemed like forever she
collapsed on me and started panting heavily. For a
minute or so her body would twitch with a last
vestige of her orgasm. The rocket lie cast aside on
the bed.just making noise.

I lay there with her on top and my VERY rigid dick
still deep inside her, when she dreamily said, “I’m
going to stretch my legs out, and with you still
inside me, I want us to roll over together.”

Being a good boy, and still having some desire to cum
left in me. I did as told. On a count of three we
rolled over and I found myself on top and still
“plugged in” to that soaking pussy. “Cum” she said
and that was all.

She spread her legs and I without any fancy
techniques or missions just started to push myself in
and out of her. I was really lovely. I knew that
there was no reason to hold back, or hurry for that
matter. This beautiful young woman just wanted me to
fuck her and cum.nothing else.

I did just that. After about 2-3 minutes (being a bit
desensitized) of slowly thrusting in and out (my body
propped up with my arms so I could look at her and
also look and my dick slide in and out of her.a REAL
turn on for me) I could feel the pressure start to
build. It was slow and easy, and when I felt the
orgasm come, it didn’t explode, but rather it was one
continuous wave of feeling.

I could feel the sperm start to squirt as my dick
twitched inside her, and I filled her with quite a
lot of the stuff. I slowly lowered myself on top of
her and we kissed gently. After a moment I rolled
off, but asked her to kneel over my stomach. She
asked why, and I told her I’d show her. She did as I
asked and then I asked you to squeeze inside like she
does after she pees. She looked puzzled, but did it

Out of her pussy came one glob of my cum after
another onto my stomach. She smiled and when she
finished emptying herself of me.she leaned over and
started swirling the stuff around with her finger on
my tummy. She then scooped up a bit on her finger and
put it in her mouth. “It tastes different with my cum
mixed in with yours.”

I tried some myself, and she was right. It wasn’t as
spicy.proving again that girls are sweeter than men.

Franny then just lay down on top of me, and said,
“I’m tired.” We slept.

Sunlight came streaming through the crack in the
curtains. I woke up as if having been drugged. For a
moment I really didn’t know where I was or when. Of
course as they say in the movies, it all came
flooding back to me. There she lay.with bare
shoulders and just the top of one breast exposed.

All of my cultural upbringing shouted at me to feel
totally ashamed at what had happened the previous
evening. but it just wasn’t there. We hadn’t done
anything that either of us hadn’t VERY much wanted at
the time. I just couldn’t look at that beautiful face
and feel anything but the utmost tenderness.

I silently slipped out from under the covers and went
to the bathroom. I started the shower and soon got
in. I was somewhat reluctant to wash off the
wonderful smells that I had accumulated over the
evening, but alas I was bound for public. and I was
sure I reeked of pussy and sperm.

After standing in the warmth for a minute, I felt the
cold air of the curtain being pulled back and a
sleepy warm girl entered. “Mind if I join you?” She
asked sheepishly.

At the risk of being redundant, I have to make sure
you understand the beauty of this woman. Although she
wasn’t tall in real terms, she seemed it. She was so
well proportioned and long legged as to seem taller.
Her long chestnut hair gleamed and even as messed as
it was, could never look anything but gorgeous. Her
breast (I’m guessing a 33-34 B cup) were nice sized
and full.

Franny’s overall body was so firm and her stomach
totally flat. I was just stunned every time I saw
her, and this time was no exception. She came to me
and hugged me saying, “Last night was..I can’t really
put it into words. I have had sex before. plenty of
times, but I guess no one has ever made love to me
before. I know this is only for now, but I want you
to know that I’ll relive this night for the rest of
my life.”

I was pretty much speechless. I finally managed to
compose myself enough to respond. “Franny, this has
been one of the most wonderful experiences of my
life. I can’t and won’t feel bad about it, because
there was nothing bad that happened. Certainly others
would think so, and we can NEVER tell another soul
(she was nodding), but (taking her in my arms) you
are simply the most exciting woman I have ever
known.” We kissed for a long time. Then she smiled
grabbed the soap and started to wash me, and I her.

The warmth of the shower and the slipperiness of the
soap did its magic. I was hard as a rock again, but
Franny said. “No, not until you feed me, and I mean
REAL food!” (while squeezing my dick)I relented and
as the snow was WAY too deep for us to even consider
leaving. We dressed and headed to the restaurant.
After a HUGE breakfast of all the bad stuff we could
find on the menu.we got the latest road conditions.
The State police had declared a snow disaster and
wouldn’t let anyone on unless it was an emergency.

We called our beach house and assured everyone that
we were fine and that we’d be on the road as soon as
the cops would let us. Yes of course we were BORED,
but what were you going to do. Franny and I would
find a way to stay entertained. Maybe a crossword

Back to the room after hitting the gift shop for
games (we had to keep up appearances), and the door
had been closed for 2 seconds when Franny started to
slowly unbutton her blouse. She looked at me, and
came over and started to undo my shirt as well. “Well
old man, lets see, I fucked you, now I’ve fed you.are
you ready for me again?”

I had a choice? I must admit, I was unaccustomed to
this much sex in this period of time, but I felt like
I was in college again.I just simply wanted more, and
was all ready and willing! I grinned and simply
pulled down my zipper. My cock leapt out of its gate
and stood at attention. She smiled and put her hand
down and grabbed it. With her other hand she pulled
down her own trousers and then her panties. She then
lifted her left leg and propped it up on the dresser.
Taking my penis she hoisted herself up and put me in-
between her legs. She rubbed the top of her pussy on
the top of my penis. The friction of her pubic hair
on my dick was maddening. She kept at it and then
started to softly moan.

She finally slowed down, stood back and slowly took
off the rest of her clothes. She then lay back on the
bed, naked, and took the vibrator from the bed sided
table, tuned it on and started to masturbate all the
time looking directly at me. The “rocket” was on her
pussy, but she stuck two fingers into herself from
underneath and repeatedly frigged herself.

You could tell from a distance how wet she was. She
then stopped and looked at me kind of funny. She took
her fingers out of herself and slowly seemed to wipe
her fingers from her pussy lips to her anus. She then
slowly stuck one into her ass and gently moved it in
and out. The sight of all of this was becoming too
much for me, I needed to do something soon or I would
just explode in my own hand.an experience I had WAY
too much practice at.

Again she stopped, looked at me again, and then
nodded as if she had made a decision. “Remember last
night when I was cumming and you stuck your fingers
in me.you know, here (pointing at her ass). I didn’t
think I would like that. in fact Ryan had tried it
before, and I didn’t. like it that is. Well last
night was different, and I think that maybe. maybe,
I’d like to try it. If it’s okay with you?”

I agreed as that it might be something I’d be willing
to try. I also told her that I had something that
might make it a little less uncomfortable. Good ol’
K-Y. better sex through chemistry!! But first, I
asked if she was willing to experience something that
may seem a little gross at first but I guaranteed
that she’d like. She looked a little apprehensive at
first, but when I said “trust me?” to her she smiled
and just nodded. I told her that I was going to use
my mouth “all over.”

She looked a bit surprised, but then just spread her
legs a bit wider. I lay down with my head in-between
them and started licking her pussy lips. Franny laid
back and started to breathe heavily. I then slowly
started to stick my tongue into the pussy like a
little dick. In and out, up and down it licked and

After a moment she started to buck her hips, and I
knew she was ready. I slowly lowered my mouth and put
my hands under her butt and lifted up. I licked,
sucked and gently bit at the perineum the skin in-
between the ass and the pussy.a VERY sensitive area!

Then she got the message and pushed on her feet
lifting her ass up higher. I then started licking
around the crack and using my fingers in her pussy.
Then I went for the “full Monty” so to speak and put
my lips right on her ass hole. I used my tongue and
swirled all around it and finally put it right into
her. I could barley keep my mouth there as Franny was
all over the place bucking and smashing her ass into
my tongue.

It was time. I had Franny flip over onto her stomach
and lift her ass up I the air. At this point she was
so tuned on I could have asked her anything. I took
the K-Y and applied a liberal amount onto my finger
and applied it onto her ass hole. I rubbed it around
with my finger and then slowly slid one into her. She
lightly sighed and then pushed her ass back onto my
finger harder. I put in two, and she pushed even
harder. With my other hand I put some more K-Y on my
penis and then withdrew my fingers. She looked back,
and then up at me.

She then just nodded and I put my cock right at her
ass hole. I then slowly rubbed all around the hole
itself and then put it right at the opening. I so
VERY slowly started to push it in.

“Exhale as I push it in, and when I get the tip in
I’ll stop.” She did as she was told, and took a deep
breath as she started to exhale, we both pushed and
then I was in her. The rest would be easy. As I have
mentioned. by dick is long, but not thick. I moved
very slowly, barely back and forth, but every time I
pushed.Franny would push a little bit harder. Soon I
was � way into her ass. She was moaning loudly now
and actively moving.

I wasn’t being all that gentle now, I was actively
fucking her in the ass. and she seemed to be enjoying
it! She then grabbed the vibrator and shoved it up
into her crotch. She was getting wild now bucking
against me hard, and I was all the way in her.

I was fucking her with abandon now, not caring if I
hurt her because I want to do nothing now but cum in
her ass! She started to shout that she was cumming,
and that pushed me totally over the edge. My dick
went rigid and I started to shoot my sperm into her
just as her body went into orgasmic spasms.

My dick jerked and jerked with spurts of cum into
her.it just never seemed to stop, my dick sliding
into her with no resistance now because of all the
cum. She then went rigid for one last time and then
collapsed down onto her stomach with me still in her
on top.

I stayed like that for some time, with my penis
getting softer, until it finally just slid out.
Franny than told me to get off and lie down. I did
and she rolled over and sat on my stomach and put her
legs just past my shoulders onto the pillow.

She said, “You wanted to watch before, now watch
again.” She lifted up her ass so she could see
herself in the mirror on the wall behind the bed, and
started to squeeze her ass muscles.

You could see a steady river of white frothy sperm
slowly start to be ejected from that lovely ass. I
was an amazing sight, and if I wasn’t totally
spent.it would have gotten me hard in a second. I
was, and didn’t, She lowered herself down, and I
pulled her pussy up to my mouth, and lazily licked at
the amazing amount of fluid there. She shifted over
and did the same to my penis. We were simply cleaning
each other up and doing a little nuzzling. We did
this until we fell asleep again.

I say this was the end.it was. Things happened after,
but they have no bearing on my story, because they
have no bearing on what happened before. I love
Franny and I always will. I don’t think I’ll ever
fuck her again, and in some ways I don’t want to.

The intensity of our night in that motel will exceed
anything we would be able to recreate in future. Her
body, her mouth, her vagina. it’s just now in my head
and on this paper. Forever.

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