Deepest Fuck of All

I have had the distinct pleasure to be married to one of
the most beautiful and hottest women on the earth. Renee
and I have been married for about four years now and
ever since we first started dating we have enjoyed an
erotic love life.

Renee has always been very sexually adventurous. Her 5′
8″ 120lb frame has been blessed with a fantastic set of
tone legs; heart shaped ass, nice 36C sized breasts,
long curly brown hair and a face that should have won
her a place in Playboy. She had for a while worked as a
local runway model before we married and has kept her
shape by working out with me at the Gym. Many of my
friends have lusted for her after seeing her in her
usual sexy attire and all consider me a very lucky man
when they have seen her dressed erotically. I am indeed
lucky for not only is Renee beautiful and dresses her
hot body in sexy attire but her sexual drive has led us
into many unexpected erotic encounters.

Early in our relationship we got into the swinging
lifestyle. Renee wasn’t satisfied with teasing people;
she wanted to play which was all right by me. There was
no problem with getting couples to swing with us. One
look at Renee in the photos and both guys and women
wanted to meet us. After meeting with us and seeing how
much of a slut Renee was they stayed friends.

It was in the same year that we got married when one of
the couples that we swing with introduced Renee to
interracial sex. I have to admit that watching Renee
fuck a big black cock turned me on a lot which was
fortunate because Renee got hooked on black guys from
that night on.

As time progressed Renee began fucking more and more
black guys and at this point in our lives, mine is one
of the few white cocks she takes. Renee loves to get
fucked by well built attractive, well-hung black studs.
She loves to watch as their ebony shafts invade her
prime shaved white pussy and stretch her.

She does have rules, the guys must be professional and
they must have condoms on even though she was on the
pill. Oh, on occasion one or two of the close “regulars”
got to penetrate her bare and deposit their cum deep
inside her but she reserved this for only friends.

I enjoyed these times because that’s when I got to fuck
her well-used sloppy cunt, which resulted in tremendous
orgasms for the both of us. As much as she said that she
preferred the guys to wear condoms I knew deep down she
wanted those black cocks bare. I could tell by how
excited she got when that did happen, but the times
necessitated caution.

Over the past four years the well-endowed black men who
have had the pleasure to fuck her have visibly stretch
her once tight pussy. She gets turned on when I call her
pussy the “Black Cock Hole,” she would spread her legs
and pussy and smile for she knew I loved it too.

For as many black cocks as she has had, we never ever
found the infamous horse dicked black studs we so often
read about. Many potential fucks claimed huge cocks and
quite a few were really big, Renee’s adjusted pussy
proves that but none were as Renee puts it “Awesome

We still looked and had fun looking and fucking up until
several months ago when we decided it was time to start
a family and Renee went off the Pill. We still got
together with our usual group but we were extra careful
and Renee’s rules were reinforced with limiting her
fucking only to the end of her cycle, and the man had to
wear a condom. We then did nothing for three months
during the holidays, which made Renee very hot for some
Black Cock but her studs were away or with family.

After New Years, about the second week in January we
decided to brake our boring winter lifestyle had imposed
and go out on a “Date”. We sometimes plan a “Date” with
each other where Renee dresses very provocatively and we
go out for dinner and dancing.

The evening of our date, Renee dressed in a hot looking
black Cire dress with a low cut front and the back
cutout. It was about mid length and had a slit up the
back about to her ass. Under the dress she wore a black
satin thong and black seamed Victoria’s Secret lace top
thigh highs that came up to about 3″ from her crotch.
She needed no bra because the dress had a built in one
that showcased her breasts well. Her choice of shoes was
black glossy 5″ ankle straps that really defined her
legs well. A thick gold ankle chain finished off her
attire and the beautician did a wonderful job of putting
her hair up in a sexy French braid. Renee was a sight;
class and beauty all rolled up in one, not to mention a
slutty attitude. I know the sight of my pretty wife all
dressed up made me hot.

Dinner was fantastic and Renee was the object of all the
men’s attention at the restaurant much to the obvious
displeasure of some of the wives.
After dinner we then went to a local nightspot for
drinks and dancing. It was there the night took an
interesting turn. We danced and sipped our drinks for
hours. There were a lot of guys that checked out Renee
as we danced. Quite a few caught glimpses of her Thigh-
Top hose as we danced and when she sat back down at our

I could tell she was enjoying the attention she was
getting from all the men and some women too. About 11:00
P.M. Work paged me so I got up from our table and went
to return the call. When I got back, there was a tall
black man at our table and Renee had a fresh drink in
hand. The guy excused his boldness and explained that he
had just arrived and spotted Renee sitting alone. His
attraction to my wife led him to send her a drink and
only when he came over to talk to her did he realize, by
virtue of her wedding ring that she was spoken for.

The guy was very good-looking and distinguishably
dressed; it was obvious he was some sort of Executive
for some company or other. I told him that no offense
was taken, when Renee and I were dating I got used to
guys sending drinks over for her when I was away at the
bathroom or had to leave for a moment. Renee always got
a special thrill out of going out with her friends and
never spending a dime on drinks.

The wedding ring always slowed things down a bit, but
from time to time a long distance suitor or a too drunk
asshole would not notice the ring and buy her a drink in
hopes of an interesting evening with a very hot looking

We exchanged names, his was Marvin. I took my place
beside Renee as Marvin again began to apologize for the
drink. I assured him everything was OK and that I was
flattered by his attraction to Renee. He smiled and was
about to depart when Renee invited him to sit down and
share a drink with us, my treat. Cautiously he accepted
and I hailed a waitress for another round. He set down
next to Renee on the other side of the semi-rounded
booth and we all began to carry on idle conversation.

Marvin was indeed an executive for an automotive company
and was here on business and alone. He staying at the
Hilton only a few blocks away from the nightclub and
wanted a brake from the paper work that he was involved
in. He was single and had played collage football for
one of the Big Ten teams. He had been a third round
draft pick but was washed out of summer training only to
land a nice job at one of the Big Three auto makers.

He had obviously kept up his physical training because
you could see his muscles through his shirt and his
handshake was strong and stiff. His physical attributes
were not lost on Renee. I could see her eyeing him up
and licking her lips like a hungry wolf ready to move in
for the kill. It didn’t take long.
Renee soon had him out on the dance floor and her moves
could have made the Tango look like a Catholic School
Dance. I could see her as she temptingly moved her hips
and pushed her butt into his crotch every so often. She
very erotically ran her hands down his chest and moved
in and out exposing a little thigh here and a little
breast there.

This carried on for several songs before Renee excused
herself and made her way to the restrooms. Marvin came
back to the table and sat down. “That’s one hot woman
you got there Sam!” he said. I agreed and asked him if
he enjoyed dancing with her.

The smile on his face gave away his answer long before
he said a word. “I would give anything to have a woman
like her in my life.” Marvin replied.

“Well if it’s OK with Renee maybe you could borrow her
for the night.” I said in reply.

If the word “shocked” needed a poster child, Marvin
would have been the overwhelming choice at that moment.

At that moment Renee came back and saw the look on
Marvin’s face. I explained the history to the look,
which made Renee laugh.

“Ah I get it! You shock all the dudes who hit on your
wife with that one, right.” Marvin shot back.

“Only the ones I consider potential lovers!” Renee
replied. The poster child was back.

After Marvin “came around” he said, “You folks are
serious aren’t you.”

To which Renee replied, “If you’ve got what I want, the
you’ve got me!”

We explained to Marvin Renee’s love of handsome well
hung black studs and assured him of our discretion.
Renee moved closer to the somewhat shaken Marvin and
cooled the shock with some of her special sexual charm.
Renee also wanted a feel of his “qualifications”.

Marvin quickly set aside his inhibitions and was soon
enjoying my Renee’s obvious physical attributes.
Suddenly Renee’s face lit up like a light! “Oh my God!
Your Huge!” Renee blurted out, looking around as if she
was afraid everyone in the room had heard her.

Marvin acknowledged that his cock was between 12 1/2″ to
13 1/2″ long, depending on which way the wind blew and
about 7″ around but 8 1/2″ at his cock head.

“That’s not huge! That’s Moby Dick!” Renee said. “Honey
can I keep him?” she said throwing her arms around him.

I invited him to our place for some fun, an offer he
quickly accepted. I reached over to pat Renee’s pussy
and came away with a hand full of pussy juice. The satin
thong was a slippery mess from the anticipation of the
evening to come. We quickly got up and left.

Marvin was parked close to our car so we all walked
together. We came to Marvin’s car first and he and Renee
began to kiss passionately against his vehicle. He hiked
up Renee’s dress and pulled down her panties with his
large black hands. He inserted two fingers into her
soaking hole, exposed her breasts and began to suck on
them in the parking lot.

Not to be out done Renee pulled out his cock and began
to rub it to life. “Oh God Sam, it is awesome,” she

We all heard the door of the nightclub open and another
couple began to come our way. Renee and Marvin quickly
pulled themselves together. Renee gave Marvin a kiss and
said, “I want more later, much more.” With that we got
in our cars and Marvin followed us home.

The drive home was an interesting one. Renee was excited
at the prospect of maybe finding the perfect “Awesome
Cock” we had been looking for. Her pussy was a sloppy
mess as I teased her with my hand. Her cunt was already
open and a flow of slick pussy juice had made a wet spot
on her dress. Her satin thong if wrung out would have
filled a cup I think.

Renee was a women determined to have Marvin’s cock no
matter what. Once we arrived home I poured Marvin a
drink as Renee hurried upstairs to change. Marvin took
off his jacket and tie and got comfortable as did I.
Renee returned downstairs wearing a semi sheer black
nightgown with slits all the way up the sides and cut
out lifts for her breasts so they were exposed for play.
Her thong was gone so her shaved pussy was slightly
visible. The Black Thigh Top nylons remained but a pair
of 4″ black slippers replaced the shoes with a fuzzy on

Renee poured herself a drink and sat down next to Marvin
and went right to work. She unbuttoned his shirt, had
him take it off and she sucked on his nipples.

Marvin was busy too! Each of his massive black hands was
toying with Renee’s tits and nipples. Soon Renee tired
of playing with just his chest and decided to get down
to business. She unbuttoned his pants and slid them off
then pulled his half- erect cock out.

This was the first time that we had seen it in the light
and it was massive. I have only seen larger on horses.
This was a true rare find. Renee’s eyes lit up as she
held it up to admire it. It was too big for her to fit
fully into her mouth but she did a proud job of sucking
what she could.

Before long the mighty cock in her hand was standing
like a flagpole and rock hard. Renee gasped at its
impressive stature and the slushy wet sounds coming from
her pussy as she fingered herself told all she was ready
for some intense fun.

Marvin had Renee pull up the gown and lay on the sofa. I
was busy getting myself disrobed and ready for a show
that was going to be nothing short of wild. Marvin began
to lick Renee’s pussy and soon had her moaning and
squirming in excitement with legs outstretched of either
side of Marvin’s head.

It didn’t take long for Renee to have a screaming orgasm
from the tongue lashing of her pussy was receiving.
Afterwards she pulled Marvin’s face to hers, she kissed
him passionately and breathed out in a throaty voice
“Fuck me with that thing! Fuck me now!”

I absent mindedly tossed Marvin a condom, which made him
laugh saying; “This thing is for you small white boys.
It will never fit me.” Indeed it wouldn’t for being held
next to his cock it became visibly clear it was too
small. It was like trying to fit 10 pounds of potatoes
in a 5-pound sack.

Renee wasn’t to be denied. She pulled Marvin’s massive
cock to her pussy and told him to slide it up and down
her super wet slit while I went up stairs to look for
some spermacide. Renee explained that she was off the
pill and needed at least that to protect her while they

I hurried up stairs as Marvin worked his massive cock
head up and down Renee’s primed, slick pussy to keep her
hot and ready. I could hear her moaning with excitement
downstairs as I looked for the spermicide, Suddenly I
heard Renee let out a set of “Oh God’s” that increased
in tone with each repetition.

I ran down stairs just in time to see the last of
Marvin’s huge cock head slide home into Renee’s
unprotected pussy. Renee’s breath came in gasps as she
tried to overcome the pressure and pain of taking
Marvin’s cock head into her.
As the last of his cock head slid into her pussy I could
see the extreme size that her pussy had stretched to,
close back over the head and grasp onto the black vainy
pole that was his shaft.

“Too late honey, I just couldn’t wait.” Renee gasped.
Her hands had a tight grip on the side and back of the
sofa and her sexy, long nylon clad legs were spread to
allow her lover access to her cunthole. She was in slut

Marvin began working the length of his ebony shaft up
into my wife’s fertile pussy. “You’ll pull out when you
cum. Please be sure to pull out when you cum!” she
panted to Marvin.

“I’ll do what ever you tell me to do.” He replied.

Slowly, inch after huge inch of Marvin’s cock
disappeared up into Renee. “I think I’m fucking up your
nice pussy forever Sam.” Marvin said to me.

“Use it baby! Fuck it up real good!” Renee replied “Give
me all I can take and then some” she grunted as more of
his cock pushed into her.

He had about half of it worked into her when he began to
pull back out. Renee’s stretched thin pussy lips clung
to his shaft as it withdrew from her tormented hole. As
his cock head neared the entrance to her pussy, it
bulged out like it was giving birth and stretched even
thinner. With a slight plop it came out which made Renee
shudder in pain.

From where I sat, cock in hand I could clearly see
Renee’s pussy. It looked more like a hole than a pussy
and her vaginal walls were clearly visible. Again he
began his onslaught of her with his black weapon. The
pain of cock head penetration followed by the intense
look as he fed his tool into my wife’s pussy. This pain
and pleasure mix continued until most of his cock had
wedged its self up Renee’s now widened pussy. Then the
mating tango began.

Marvin began to pick up his tempo as Renee changed
positions so she could get her legs around him. They
kissed passionately and whispered things to each other
as they fucked. Renee was in full form, her pussy was
producing enough juice to fill a bottle and Marvin’s
black cock was almost white from her copious love juice
production. Her moans of pleasure replaced the grunts of
pain and slowly, ever so slowly her cunt took more and
more of Marvin.

“Oh God Sam, it feels like he’s pushing my cervix up
into my uterus,” Renee managed to say between moans.

I asked her if it felt good to which she replied “Oh
Fuck Yes! I don’t ever want it to end!”

Much to Marvin’s credit his fucking of my wife went on
for a good long while and he got Renee off twice.
Renee’s breath came in excited pants as she watched with
lustful eyes the ebony pole that was pounding her pussy
and had made her cum twice. Marvin kissed my wife and
again whispered into her ear. Resuming his stance
between her thighs he skillfully brought her close to
another body shuddering orgasm. That was when he
suddenly stopped and said to Renee, “Tell him what you

“No!” She said.

“Then I’ll stop!” he shot back. Marvin began to withdraw
is pole form Renee.

“No! No! Please don’t stop! Fuck me make me cum! Oh
please finish me, I’m so close,” Renee begged.

“Then tell him what you promised me slut!” Marvin said.

“Sam honey, I’m sorry! I promised Marvin that if he made
me cum three times before I got him to cum he could
shoot his cum into me,” was Renee’s reply.
Without a second to hear my opinion Renee wrapped her
black nylon encased legs around Marvin and pulled him
deep inside her. The shock of what was about to happen
should have angered me but somewhere deep down inside I
knew that one day Renee would do this, I secretly hoped
she would! Renee was too far in love with the “Awesome”
ebony baby maker that was enlarging her pussy to care.

Marvin began drilling Renee in Ernest now. His cadence
of dirty talk to my wife only spurred her on to new
slutty heights. Renee began to beg him to impregnate
her. She pledged her love for his massive cock and said
how much she wanted to have his baby. His verbal abuse
of her was as filthy as her desires demanded.

Each spurred the other on to the ultimate conclusion,
which from the tempo of the action was close at hand.
Renee was the first to cum. She arched her back with a
loud throaty moan and tightened the grip of her legs
around Marvin. With one mighty thrust of his huge cock
and a “YES! Take my cum and fucking get knocked up
bitch!” he delivered his potent sperm into my willing
wife’s fertile womb.

“OH Sam!” Renee moaned, “He’s filling me up like no one
before! It feels good!”

Indeed he was delivering a copious amount of black baby
juice to my black cock-loving slut of a wife. The over
flow shot out of her enlarged cunt from around his
imbedded cock like a leaking plumbing fitting. My cock
was about to explode from the excitement I had just
watching the unbelievable action.

I looked at Marvin, as the sweat dripped from his
glistening muscular body onto my wife and said “Hay can
I add a load to her too?” Marvin looked over and replied
“You can stick you cock into her but if past experience
holds true, she’ll never feel you in her man!”

Marvin withdrew his massive pole from Renee. As her
reddened and stretched pussy gave birth to his cock head
she again shuddered and her pussy belched forth a
mixture of Marvin’s cum and her pussy juice. Renee was
spent and limp on the sofa as I pulled her to the edge
and knelt between the semen stained Lace tops of her
thigh high black nylons. I looked into the open wound
that once was my wife’s pussy and now could only be
called black cock slut’s cunt.

“Baby! “Fuck me too!” she breathed, with that I plugged
myself into Renee. Marvin was right. At no time did I
feel more than one side of her cunt on my cock. Her
messy hole continued to ooze its sexual mixture as I
attempted to fuck my wife.

The excitement of what I’d seen and the erotic fact that
I was fucking my wife’s possibly racially impregnated
pussy made me spew my seed in no time at all. My baby
juice mixed with the black seed in her hole. The damage
was done.

Renee regained her composure about a half-hour later and
began to passionately kiss Marvin and tell him how much
she needed his cock. In no time at all his ebony pole
was ready for round two. Renee had him sit and she
squatted over his massive black cock. A large gob of
fuck mix dripped out of Renee’s pussy and plopped onto
Marvin’s cock head rolling down his tool. Using both
hands she pried her pussy open and in one motion sat on
his cock with a satisfied sigh. There was no pain or
need to adjust to his size, Renee was broken in well. I
watched again as my beautiful wife fucked him and begged
Marvin to blow his wad into her again.

I listened as she pledged to be his personal slut and
have her fertile pussy ready for him whenever he came
into town.

Marvin made Renee agree to have his baby in exchange for
another load up inside her, which he delivered as
promised amid another body shaking orgasm from Renee.
Tired but still not satisfied she drug Marvin to the
spare bedroom for more.

As I passed by on my way to bed, I saw Renee on all
fours taking Marvin’s cock again! For three hours I laid
in bed listening to them fuck and listening to my wife
spew filthy words about her self, what she wanted from
Marvin and what she would do. I heard him deliver three
more potent loads into Renee before things grew quiet
and all drifted to sleep.

Marvin left early the next morning before Renee got up;
he had to catch an early flight home. I walked into the
spare bedroom and I could smell the odor of sex heavy in
the air. Renee still had on the Black nylons but they
were semen stained and had runners in them. Her once
prime pussy was red and swollen closed at the top but
still open close to the bottom and black baby juice
still oozed from inside her. She was truly a black cock
slut now and spent the rest of week reliving her
experience as we fucked. Marvin called Renee a week
later and arranged for her to fly up to meet him that

He told her that he still wanted more of her and was
saving his potent sperm for her fertile pussy. When she
called me on Saturday she informed me that she was
calling off work for the week and was going to spend it
with Marvin. Marvin got on the phone and as he began to
feed his cock into Renee he told me that he had “some
work to do” on Renee. As he hung up the phone I could
hear Renee begging him to use her like a white slut.

I picked her up the following Sunday and she was all
wound up but refused to tell me what Marvin had done to
her. Once we got home she told me to get undressed and
she was going to take a shower and show me what Marvin
had done. As she walked into the bedroom I saw the two
gold hoops on both of her tits. I then noticed the small
Tattoo above her shaved pussy. A closer inspection
revealed a black cock with Marvin’s name, cock
dimensions and a date on a ribbon below it.

I inquired about the date and Renee informed me that was
the day she found out she was pregnant with my or
Marvin’s child. While with Marvin he had her tested and
they looked at the results as he fed his cock into her.
I got so turned on that I went to go slip my cock into
the battered and loose pussy she now owned when I felt
something cold on my cock. Marvin had her pussy lips
pierced as well as her tits! The man knows how to leave
a mark. The sex we had that night was fantastic as was
each time we fucked that week.

Marvin has had Renee three times since then. Her pussy
has changed from videos and photos we have of our
earlier swinging days. It looks like a cunt of a true
large cock slut and I have fisted her often to keep her
ready for Marvin. Renee’s tits are now D’s and getting
bigger. Her dark nipples contrast her skin well. She
still is not showing much thanks to her working out but
we know soon the cat will be out of the bag.

We both try to envision the expression on the delivery
room personnel as they deliver a black baby with her
white husband present. This one still could be mine. I
added something to the mix, for I loved to fuck her used
pussy after and my cum was in her as well.

Marvin however made her promise to get knocked up again
if this one was mine. If she does have Marvin’s baby
this time, then he did give her the Deepest Fuck of All!

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