A married man’s hidden desires are fulfilled

During high school and college, being bisexual had
great benefits. If I couldn’t get a date with a hot co-
ed, there was always a group of horny bi and gay men on
campus willing to hook up for some nsa fun. I never
lucked into having a roommate who was bi or gay but I
got my share of pussy… ,and cock! At 6’2″ and 200
pounds, with brown hair and eyes and a killer smile, I
never had much trouble with either sex and both the
boys and the girls were always pleased with the ways I
used my 7″ cut cock to satisfy them.

Mostly I made sure to practice safe sex but condoms are
a real pain in the ass (no pun intended!) and I ended
up riding bareback or swallowing a nice load of cum
from a hard dick or two often enough that I stopped
worrying about it by my junior year. I never caught
anything worse than rug burn, anyway.

Shortly after graduating, I met my wife-to-be; we got
married in due course and a couple years later started
making babies. Our oldest is now almost 10. Sex has
been pretty good with my wife, she’s a great cocksucker
and doesn’t mind taking me in her ass once in a while
but I’d been getting a little bored with straight sex
for a while and started thinking of ways I could hook
up with another guy for some old-time fun. So, I placed
an ad on craigslist – “April Showers”. Here’s what I

“bi mwm looking for shower partner, water sports
followed by mutual bj, maybe more? prefer top but all
cummers welcome.”

Within an hour, I had 3 responses. Next morning when I
checked, 4 more! Two looked promising so I contacted
them and sent them pictures of my smoothly-shaved cut
cock and hairless ass and asked if they realized I was
looking for golden showers, aka piss play? Only one
guy, Shane, contacted me back. He was definitely into
piss play and was also a top. I made arrangements for
him to come over to my house on a night when my wife
would be out of town on business, and the anticipation
set in!

That night, well after the kids were asleep, I took a
quick shower and put on a bathrobe. Soon after, I heard
knocking at the door. I opened it and said “Shane?”

“That’s me,” he smiled.

“Come on in.”

Shane walked in and I locked the door behind him.
“Let’s go downstairs to the rec room,” I said. I led
the way to the rec room, carefully locking the door to
the stairs behind me. No point risking having any kids
walk in on us!

In the rec room, Shane turned to look at me and said
“Bath robe, eh? Hiding anything under it?”

“Just a half-woody,” I smiled in reply.

“Why don’t you take it off and let me see?”

I untied the belt of my bathrobe and let it fall open
in the front. Shrugging my shoulders, I slipped it off
my back and let it fall by itself to the floor. I stood
there in front of Shane, completely naked, with my cock
now sticking straight out.

“Mmmmm, very nice!” said Shane, as he looked me over.
“I love a smooth, shaven man, it reminds me of when I
first started having sex when I was only 12.” I smiled
back and said “Thirteen, for me. One of my cousins got
me in his treehouse and we ended up sucking each
other’s cocks.”

“My uncle gave me my first blowjob at his house while
we were watching gay porn,” said Shane. “He was
completely smooth, said it made him feel hornier. Seems
like it worked, we had sex almost every day for 4 years
before he moved away. You have much experience at this
or are you one of those married guys whose wife doesn’t
put out anymore?”

“No,” I shook my head, “I did a lot of guys in college.
You know, I’ve been standing here nude, why don’t you
get undressed?”

Shane smiled and, while looking around the rec room
quickly pulled off his shirt. He was much more buff
than me, nice pecs and great guns. As he unfastened his
pants, he said “I thought you wanted me to piss on you?
I don’t see a bathroom down here?”

“It’s around the corner, it’s a full bath, don’t
worry,” I replied as I watched in fascination with a
growing erection as he dropped his pants to the floor
and stepped out. Shane wasn’t wearing any underwear at
all, his chubby was immediately apparent. Looking at
his shaved package, I knew he wasn’t lying when he said
he was 9″ erect. His legs were as nicely toned as his
arms and he had the cutest ass I’d seen in, well, more
than 10 years!

“I see from your boner that you approve,” he said with
a grin. I replied by walking up to him and cupping his
smooth nutsack with one hand while rubbing his chest
with my other hand. He reached around my back and slid
his hand to my ass, giving my right ass cheek a nice
squeeze as he pulled me to him in a forceful kiss,
thrusting his tongue deep into my mouth and sucking on
my tongue and lips. I almost passed out right there, it
felt so good to be with another man, again!

Shane broke our embrace and said “Look, I drank a whole
lot of water before coming over here and I really need
to pee, right now!” I took him by the hand and with a
“Come on, then,” led him to the bathroom around the
corner. I stepped into the tub and Shane stepped in
after me, facing me.

“Get on your knees,” he said. I got down on my knees in
the tub, with Shane’s chubby right at face level only
two feet away from me. “Spread your knees a little so
my piss runs down your stomach between you balls, then
rock back just a little bit so it flows over your ass
cheeks, too.” I spread my knees and looked up just in
time to see the hot, golden stream of Shane’s beautiful
urine come flowing out of his cock, splashing against
my chest and dribbling down my body.

I reached up with both hands and began rubbing his pee
into my skin, all over my chest and legs and arms,
feeling it drip down between my balls onto my ass
cheeks. Shane pointed his cock lower and pissed on my
erection, it felt so goddamned good as I slid my hand
up and down my slick, wet shaft.

I looked up at Shane and opened my mouth, just opened
it without having to say a word. He knew what I wanted,
knew that I wanted to taste his golden gift. He pointed
his cock straight at my mouth and urinated into it. I
let the warm, slightly salty and bitter liquid splash
back out, down onto my body for a moment and then I
moved forward, taking Shane’s cock into my mouth as he
kept pissing, wrapping my lips tightly around his shaft
and opening my throat, feeling his urine splash against
the back of my throat, swallowing reflexively,
swallowing Shane’s golden treat as he finished peeing,
the hot forceful stream becoming a trickle and then
just a few drops as I sucked his cock dry of all his

Then I reached up and wrapped my hand around the base
of Shane’s nutsack and pulled down while I hoovered his
semi-erect cock. Within seconds he had a full-on hard
on, nine inches of hot, soft, stiff man flesh expanding
inside my mouth as I sucked his manhood. I alternated
between deep-throating his veined shaft and licking and
sucking on it like a lollipop, tasting the sticky,
salty and absolutely delicious pre-cum that was oozing
freely from his engorged penis. “Uh! UH! Stop now,
before I cum, I don’t want to cum yet!” I released
Shane’s cock from my warm, wet mouth and let go of his
balls and sat back on my heels. The scent of piss
filled my nostrils as it dried on my body, while I
played idly with my cock.

Shane asked “Do you practice safe sex?” I laughed and
said “Sometimes, but dude! I just drank about a quart
of your piss straight from the tap and swallowed all
that pre-cum leaking out of that hot cock of yours! I
think it’s a little late to worry about safe sex! Why
do you ask, anyway?”

“Because, I want to fuck that tight-looking bubble butt
of yours but I didn’t bring any condoms and you
probably don’t have any either, right?”

“If you want a piece of my ass, you’re going to have to
prep it nicely, first. It’s been a long time since I’ve
been butt-fucked. I’ll tell you what, though, after
this long dry spell, the last thing I want to do is
fuck around with rubbers. Give it to me bareback!”

He smiled and stepped out of the tub and I followed
him, the last of his pee drying cooly on my skin as we
walked back into the rec room. I bent over and pulled
out the futon mattress and got a stinging slap on my
ass while I did it! Shane smiled at me, then pulled me
into another long, sensual kiss, our erections battling
each other while our hands grappled each other’s tight
asses. He pushed me down onto the futon and kissed his
way down my face, along my neck and onto my chest.
Shane sucked and bit my left nipple, then my right,
then grasped both between the thumb and forefingers of
both of his hands and twisted and pinched them tightly
as he kissed his way down my chest, to my abdomen,
veering off to the side to avoid one of the all-time
best erections I could ever remember.

Shane placed his hands under my ass cheeks, lifting me
up slightly and shifting me on the futon as he turned
his body around and got up onto the futon into a 69
position. “Don’t suck my cock, I’m too close to
cumming,” he warned and then he instantly swallowed my
erection into his warm, soft mouth, taking me in all
the way, his lips wrapping around the base of my cock
as his throat massaged the tip. Then he started sucking
up and down on my shaft, avoiding the sensitive,
swollen head of my penis somehow as he massaged my
testicles with one hand.

I was so lost in the moment it took me a while to
realize there was nice, round ass just waiting to be
rimmed, right in front of my face, so I reached up and
spread Shane’s ass cheeks with both my hands and began
gently licking the tender inner surfaces of his
beautiful globes. My efforts were rewarded with a long,
drawn-out moan and a probing finger moving toward my
asshole. As I licked deeper and closer to Shane’s brown
winky, I could feel him lubing up my ass and his
fingers with his saliva and just about the same moment
my tongue made contact with his butthole, Shane slipped
a finger into my ass.

“Ah, God!” I moaned as he worked the finger in and out
of my tight brown puckerhole, boldly going where no man
had been in way too long! I grunted when he added a
second finger to the first and started spreading them
apart as he finger-fucked my ass. I kept tonguing his
shithole, switching to sucking on his ballsack once in
a while as he worked his fingers into my ass, slowly
stretching it out.

The whole time he was working on my ass, Shane was
sucking on my cock in way that felt really good but
wasn’t bringing me to the edge. That changed when he
worked a third finger into my ass, spreading my hole
nicely and pumping all three fingers in and out. Just
then, he changed the way he was sucking on my dick,
adding more suction and friction and he began squeezing
my balls in rhythm with his sucking. That sent me right
over the edge within a minute. I could feel my orgasm
building from my toes, gathering strength as it ran up
my legs, through balls and out my cock!

I exploded with semen, wave after wave of orgasmic
pleasure coursing through my body as my testicles
pumped my sperm into Shane’s mouth. My asshole clenched
around his fingers while I came but he didn’t stop
finger-fucking me, just kept pumping them in and out
and that made my orgasm even more intense. I thought I
was going to pass out but after what felt like five
minutes of sperm-squirting orgasm, I finally was able
to open my eyes and lift my head to look at Shane.

He stuck his tongue out at me with a smile, showing me
the huge load of semen I had deposited in his mouth,
then he closed his lips, pulled his fingers out of my
ass and switched around to lay atop me. He pursed his
lips and lowered his head and kissed me and the instant
I parted my lips, my sperm dripped out of his mouth
into mine. Our tongues battled back and forth like I
our cocks had during our first embrace, my semen
coating the insides of both our mouths, until Shane
broke the kiss, swallowed, and said “Now it’s my turn!”

I swallowed the cum in my mouth and smiled back at
Shane, spreading my legs and bending my knees. He
grabbed my ankles and pulled legs up into the air,
rolling my ass back and exposing my puckering, eager
asshole to the cool air. Shane’s erection quivered as
his purple, swollen cockhead pointed straight up. I
grabbed my legs and held them as he pulled his cock
down toward my ass and shifted his weight forward.

I watched as Shane spit into his hand and rubbed it all
over his cock head, then as he grabbed his swollen
erection and rubbed his glans around my asshole.
Straightening a bit, Shane pressed his cock head up
against my asshole and together we watched as it pushed
up inside me. With a little -grunt-, Shane pushed again
and stretched me wide open as two inches of his 9-inch
shaft disappeared into me.

“Oh, fuck, that feels so goddamned good! Give the rest
to me all at once, Shane, please, just shove it right
in and fuck me like a manwhore! Bottom out inside me,

Shane grabbed my thighs and with one strong thrust
buried his cock all the way inside my ass. I almost
passed out from the pleasure, it had been so long I had
forgotten how good it felt to have a nice, hard cock
buried deep inside me. I must have moaned, or
whimpered, or something because Shane said “You like
that, bitch?”

“Fuck yes, man, oh fuck that feels so awesome! Fuck me,
fuck me good and hard!”

Shane pulled his cock out about halfway as I looked
down between my legs and watched. Then he slammed it in
all the way, making me grunt with pleasure. With a
wicked smile on his face, he started pumping my ass,
driving his hard cock in and out of my butt. The
feeling of his smooth manhood bare-backing my tight ass
was incredible!

Shane pumped my ass for a good ten minutes, pinching
and twisting my nipples, pulling at my semi-hard cock.
Then his movements became faster, more erratic; he
started just barely pausing each time he bottomed out
inside me, then he got that faraway look in his eyes as
he grunted, “Oh, fuck, I’m cumming, I’m going to cum,
I’m going to cum inside your ass!”

Shane’s eyes rolled up inside his head and he closed
them as I felt his cock swell inside me with each
inward thrust. Each time I felt his beautiful cock
swell inside me, he let out a little grunt and a pant.
Ten times, I felt the swelling, ten times he came
inside my ass.

As he pulled out of me, I let my legs down. He rolled
off the futon and came over to where I lay and leaned
over and placed his cock near to my face. “Suck and
lick it clean!” was all said, so I turned my head,
reached out with my hand to hold his softening penis
and sucked and licked it clean. As I rolled my tongue
around the head of his penis he suddenly said, “Oh,
shit, I’m gonna pee!”

Sure enough, I felt the warm stream of urine shooting
out of his cock as I sucked it, so I just clamped down
with lips a little and started swallowing. When he
finished, Shane said, let’s go back into that bathroom,
you haven’t peed on me, yet!

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