Caught By My Best Friend


I’ve been married for over twenty years to a beautiful
woman and we started out a normal husband and wife and
the sex was great. Now I have always fantasized about
being a sex slave to my wife and her lover. After
reading on the Internet I found out I wanted to be a
cuckold husband.

Well for years I have asked my wife to take a lover,
but with no avail. Finally after 20 years of marriage
my wife starts warming up to a guy she works with. I
encouraged her and told her how much I wanted her to do
him. After months of begging she did it. Now she has
been fucking him now for over 2 years.

Now my best friend Russell lives across town from me
and a couple of times a month my wife and me visit
Russell and his wife Karen. Usually the wives go
shopping and us guys just talk or watch some sports
show on television. Now Russell and his wife didn’t
know about my wife’s affair and my encouragement of it.

About a year ago Russell and Karen got divorced. Now
since Karen moved out my wife used the nights that I
was over at Russell’s house to entertain her boyfriend
at our house. My wife asked me to start seeing my
friend at least once a week.

One Saturday night my wife had a date with her
boyfriend, so I went over to Russell house. I just
walked in as usually I startled him as he was watching
the playboy channel on television. “I’m just watching
this because,” Russell said as I interrupted him
saying, “It’s okay, I like porn too.”

Russell relaxed as we watched the movie I watched
Russell rubbing his cock every now and then. I could
tell he was horny.

“Why don’t you just pull it out and jerk off?” I

“I’m sorry I’ve not had any for a while,” Russell

“That’s okay Russell if I was in your shoes I would be
beating my meat probably more than you,” I answered.

“Well if you don’t mind,” Russell said as he unzipped
his pants. I tried not to stare as he pulled out this
huge cock. I couldn’t take my eyes off it as he watched
the movie and jerked off. I was glad he was watching
the television and not me. In a few minutes his hand
increased in speed and he was soon shooting cum into a
towel. “That’s better,” he said as he clicked the
remote to change the channel.

“Feel better now?” I asked.

“Yeah, but having a woman suck it as you watch porn
that would be the berries,” Russell explained.

After that night I would bring a porn tape to watch so
I could get a look at the monster he had between his

One Saturday Russell was at the sex shop and found this
one porn tape he wanted to see. He stop by my house and
I wasn’t at home but my wife and her boyfriend was and
Russell caught them in the act. My wife had to tell him
the truth about me and how I encourage their affair.

Later that night when I got home my wife told me what
had happen. I asked her why she had to tell Russell
about my secret. “I had to or he might of kill Chris
and me,” she explained. “Couldn’t you hear him coming
in the house?” I asked.

“Well any other time yes, but I was near a real orgasm
and Chris was really pounding my pussy, and the moaning
I was doing kept us from hearing him,” she explained.
“What did he say?” I asked.

“At first he was really pissed, but after I told him
you wanted to be a cuckold husband he just shook his
head and said it takes all kinds to make the world go
round,” she said. “That’s all he said after catching
you screwing another man?” I questioned.

“Well… he did say NEXT, as he laugh and told us to
have fun,” she confessed.

Well I dreaded going over to his house and listening to
him. It was Saturday night and I made the trip to the
sex store and rented a porn tape and headed to
Russell’s house. My wife stay home, I guess Chris was
coming over to fuck her.

I slowly opened the door and yelled for Russell. “Come
on in Bo, I’m in the rec. room,” Russell said. I slowly
made my way to the room and was shocked as Russell was
sitting in the chair but he was completely naked and
stoking his hard cock and watching my wife on video
fucking Chris. “I hope you don’t mind, Chris gave me
this tape he made fucking your wife,” Russell said.

“Its okay Russell,” I answer while lowing my head in

“Hell yes its okay, since you like being a cuckold
hubby,” Russell stated. “I spend most of this week on
the Internet reading about cuckolds,” Russell said. “I
bet Chris is over at your house right now banging that
pretty wife of yours,” Russell commented.

“Yes I am afraid so,” I confessed as begin sinking in

“I thought so, you know Bo what really piss me off is
if you wanted someone to fuck your wife, why didn’t you
come to you old buddy?” he asked.

“Well… I ashamed of this thing and didn’t want anyone
to find out,” I explained.

“Well, what are you going to do now to keep my mouth
shut?” he asked.

“Well… being my friend, I thought you would keep my
secret,” I plead.

“For starters I am going to start fucking your wife
also,” he demanded.

“I will ask her,” I said.

“No, you will beg her to let me fuck her,” he said.
“You want me to keep your little perverted secret,” he

“You would tell my secret? I thought we were best
friends?” I asked.

“That’s what I thought until you needed a cock to fuck
your wife and you got a stranger to do her,” he said.
“That hurt. Now get over here and give me a blow-job
while I watch your wife fuck Chris’s cock,” he ordered.

“I won’t do that Russell I am not gay,” I told him.

“Well our class reunion is next week how about showing
this video of this guy fucking your wife,” Russell

“Please Russell don’t do it,” I begged.

“Then get over here and start sucking,” Russell ordered

I dropped to my knees and crawl over between his legs
and looked up into his eyes. “Please Russell don’t make
me do this,” I begged again.

Russell kicked me out of the way and got the tape from
REUNION,” Russell yelled at me. I was now crying as I
begged him not to show it to our classmate.

Russell left the room and returned with the camcorder
and a tripod. He set it up and turned it on and sat
back down and looked at me and told me to crawl over to
him and beg to suck his cock or he would make sure
everyone got a copy of this tape.

I was defeated I got down on my hands and knees and
crawled over to Russell and stop at his feet and said
“Russell please let me suck you cock,” I begged.

“Let me think about it, can I fuck you if I let you?”
Russell asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Go ahead cocksucker and have fun,” he said.

I reached for his cock.

“Not so fast faggot, beg some more, tell me how much
you want my cock in your mouth,” Russell demanded.

“Please Russell I want your cock in my mouth I need
it,” I begged.

Russell grabbed my head and fed me his hard cock. “Suck
it slut,” Russell ordered as his cock hit the back of
my throat. I sucked as hard I could as he fucked my
face as he watched my wife getting fucked on his big
screen. He would slam his cock down my throat until his
ball slapped my chin. I could hardly breath as he
rammed his cock down my throat, but he didn’t care as
he raped my mouth. He was performing for the camera as
he fucked my face.

“YOU WANT MY CUM DON’T YOU FAGOT!” he yelled at me. He
just kept saying it, I knew what he wanted so I shook
my head yes as he continue his assault on my throat.
“AHHHHHH!, EAT IT FAGOT!” he shouted as he shot his
load down my throat.

I continue sucking his cock until his cock stop
pulsating and his balls were dry. “Good job Bo, you are
going to make me a good little cocksucker,” Russell
commented. “Please Russell I don’t want to do this at
all,” I begged.

“You should have thought about that before you gave me
another blackmail video,” he said as he pulled the new
video from the camcorder. “And this one is a whole lot
more incriminating than the first one with just your
wife fucking another man,” he explained.

“Russell please don’t do this to me I’m your friend,” I

“No Bo you’re not my friend anymore you’re now my
personal cocksucker, just like you other faggots on the
Internet,” He explained.

I just hung my head as I left.

“I’M HOME,” I yelled as I came through the front door
of my house. I went into the kitchen to try to find
something to wash the taste of Russell’s cum out of my
mouth. Halfway to the kitchen I heard moaning coming
from my bedroom. I knew then that Chris must still be
here fucking my wife.

I fixed myself a soft drink and sat down and turned on
the television. I was watching one of my favorite show
when I heard Chris yell, “GET YOUR ASS UP HERE AND

I turned off the television and headed upstairs to my
bedroom and when I entered the room I dropped to my
knees and climbed between my wife’s legs and licked and
sucked her pussy clean. “At least there is something he
can do to a woman,” my wife commented.

“Yea, but not what a real man would do.” Chris said. I
know Chris is a man would never let another man fuck
his wife then clean the other man’s cum from his wife’s
pussy with his tongue,” my wife said as they both laugh
at me.

I left the bedroom in total humiliation as they were
still laughing.

“Stop Bo you didn’t clean me too,” Chris said as they
got another laugh on me.

I came back to the bed and Chris grabbed his cock and
said “here hubby cleaning time.” I took his cock and
licked it clean and licked his balls and sucked the
head down my throat as he moaned with pleasure with the
husband of the wife he just fuck sucking his cock. I
stay there sucking and licking his cock as my wife and
him made out.

Russell came by my house the next Saturday and we was
to play poker as my wife fixed us refreshments…