The Swingers Resort

“I want to watch you blow two much younger, hung men at the same time with an audience. And you?” I ask.

“I want to watch a male and female blow you at the same time. While another man is licking and kissing my ass cheeks. With an audience,” she tells me with a big smile.

“Promise?” I smile back full of anticipation.

We arrived in time for lunch in our room after which we looked around to find the nude beach. We were the centre of attention as we undressed then held hands as we strutted about.

“You two are going to be very popular, your lady’s glorious ass and your large cock, are both magnificent,” one naked couple, Mary and Mike, who we met up with again later told us, to our mutual satisfaction.

After a few days we have both had sex with new partners while the other watched and are both looking forward to new sexual challenges.

“Tonights entertainment is Jacque and his friends. And be warned, he is very well endowed,” the announcer told the audience of around twenty people as the curtain lifted. As the lights went on we could see a naked ebony man with his back to the audience standing with his legs spread and his hands on his hips. “Gorgeous ass,” Sarah whispered, “And look at the size of his cock dangling between his legs. Huge, fucking huge.”

As he turned around to face the audience we could see he was a very attractive man with a toned body and a very large and thick flaccid cock. Then another two naked white men with toned bodies and large flaccid cocks appeared.

“Wow, three naked well-hung men. they must be twenty-years younger than us,” Sarah whispered obviously aroused as she and I both ogled their naked bodies.

The two white men stood close to Jacque the ebony man, so he could stroke their no longer flaccid cocks. Then one of them commenced licking and sucking Jacque’s nipples as the other man commenced licking and kissing his cock.

Huge sexual tension as twenty people watched and enjoyed Jacque achieve a huge, thick erection. “He must be eleven-inches,” Sarah whispered loud enough for some of those watching to hear and respond in kind.

Previously Sarah and I have often enjoyed and been turned on watching one man blowing another hung man. Wonderful foreplay for both of us. Never two men blowing another hung man as we watched in awe as Jacque soaked up the sexual pleasure as two men alternated licking and sucking his balls and huge thick cock. That was before Jacque sat on a chair with one man kneeling between his legs sucking his huge cock as he sucked the other man’s large cock.

The finale of the show was the three men masturbating in sync as they orgasmed at the same time, with Jacque the center of attention, flaunting and teasing his huge, thick cock for all those watching.

After the show the three men were mingling in the bar when Sarah, looking rather flushed with sexual excitement after the show, very confidently approached Jacque before I joined them. “I was just telling Jacque how impressed I was with the show. I told him I would love to blow his huge cock while you watch at the start. Then I want him to blow you at the same time. I told him you were hung but not quite in his league. How big are you Jacque, when fully aroused? My guess is eleven inches.”

“When you have me fully aroused I will tell you Sarah,” he teased, obviously keen to take up Sarah’s offer.

“Jacque, four tomorrow afternoon in our room for our mutual pleasure,” Sarah told him and me with a self satisfied smile.

“I want this to be really good for the three of us, a three-way,” Sarah tells me as she tongue kisses me just before Jacque is due. “All I can think of is Jacque’s huge cock.”

The anticipation is always very exciting for us when we are going to enjoy a new sexual partner, especially a much younger one with a toned muscular body. And a huge cock. A bonus turn on for both of us. Today even more so as Jacque arrives. He is topless and wearing a tight fitting pair of trousers. The bulge in his trousers makes it obvious he is well hung.

I want to tease the three of us by undressing my lady for a new man and showing him her naked body. She is not wearing much, killer heels, a skimpy black g-string, which is not visible, and a short blouse that highlights her glorious thighs and barely covers her wonderful, firm ass. I am standing behind her as we tongue kiss.

“Sarah loves to have her ass worshipped,” I tell him as I turn her around and lift the blouse to expose her ass as we passionately tongue kiss. Her ass has never looked better I muse as I undo the clip on her g-string and it drops to her ankles.

Just as we both hoped and wanted Jacque licks and kisses her ass cheeks as Sarah and I passionately tongue kiss. I am very much enjoying presenting my almost naked lady to a really well hung new man who has a larger cock than me.

We are both tense with sexual anticipation as we wait to ogle his cock and to confirm if Sarah’s guess of eleven-inches when erect is correct. Sarah has her hands all over his bare chest before she licks and sucks his nipples.

“My guess is you are the biggest man we have ever had. Note that I said we, my man and I are a team today,” she tells him as she slides his trousers down to expose his already erect cock.

Sarah and I are both watching intently as he slides an evil looking cock ring along his thick, erect, shaft then clips it under his balls.

“Now you baby, show him your cock,” Sarah smiles as I oblige and enjoy his reaction as he strokes his erection for both of us.

“This is for both of us baby, your turn on is my turn on,” Sarah tells me in an agitated voice.

To tease Sarah and to add to her pleasure I am licking her very wet cunt lips while I glance at her stroking his huge cock. I already have a full on erection. Sarah really is an exciting lady with a huge sex drive.

“You told me when I had you fully aroused you would tell me how big you are,” Sarah teases as she licks and kisses his cock while holding it. He already is bigger than my nine-inches. “Your cock is magnificent, just fucking magnificent,” she whispers as she wraps two hands around it and slides her pursed lips along the tip of it then compares it with her forearm.

“Not quite fully aroused yet Sarah,” he teases as he sits on a chair and motions for Sarah to kneel between his legs as he strokes his cock with a fingertip. Then he motions for me to stand close to him and slides a hand along my erection.

“Your cock is bigger than my two buddies you watched last night. And thicker. And I am fully aroused now Sarah, for both of you. Just over eleven-inches for both of you Sarah,” he whispers just before Sarah watches him commence sucking my raging erection.

Then Sarah is in her element as she strokes, licks, kisses and sucks his huge, thick cock with me watching her. “Do you like watching what I am doing baby?,” she manages to ask.

“You know I do baby. Your turn on is my turn on and my cock is throbbing,” I whisper very aroused.

I have my hands behind my head soaking up two lots of sexual pleasure. Watching my lady blowing the biggest cock we have ever had is exciting. Even more exciting while the man Sarah is blowing is giving me an exquisite blow job. He is very talented as he expertly uses his lips, tongue and fingers on my rock hard erection.

After a few minutes he stops to lick and suck my balls. Sarah is obviously watching closely as she stops to lick and suck his balls. “Your turn on is my turn on baby,” she smiles as she watches Jacque resume blowing me and she resumes blowing him.

I am barely aware of someone knocking on the door. “Sorry we’re late Sarah.” It is Mary and Mike, the couple we met on our first afternoon on the nude beach.

“Oh wow, look at the size of the erections on those two men,” they both exclaim in unison as they focus.

Sarah and I both love sex with an audience. This time it is special, very special. “Oh fuck, awesome, just fucking awesome,” Mary is muttering as she stands close to me and ogles Jacque sucking my raging, wet erection as she alternates glancing at Sarah sucking Jacque.

Her man is more interested in watching Sarah. He is standing behind her, ogling her glorious ass with an obvious, bulging erection under his trousers as he watches her experienced and polished blow job technique.

Just as I hoped, without a word being said, Mary fully clothed, is standing behind me teasing my nipples with a fingertip on each as her man glances.

“You two men are magnificent. Are you going to blow for me?,” Mary whispers as I can feel myself getting close to a huge orgasm.

When I glance at the wall clock I can see we have been going for twenty-five minutes. I can usually last and soak up the sexual pleasure for at least that long. Today I have a male and a female pleasuring my body. I want to outlast Jacque. Or orgasm in sync with him perhaps?

I am watching Sarah lick and suck just the tip of his erection as she strokes the full length of it as she scratches his balls. Hard. He really is huge. An extra turn on for me. He is doing exactly the same to my erection. Licking and sucking just the tip of my erection as he strokes the full length of it and scratches my balls

Then he is almost screaming with pleasure as Sarah brings him off with her fingers and I shoot a huge load in sync.

“Tomorrow night, you Sarah and my man?,” Mary asks, or rather tells Sarah and I as they leave. “We are a very talented couple and we want to give you new levels of sexual pleasure.

And they did, to our great delight with another couple watching.

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