A Fantasy Come True (for both of us)

My wife had told me of her lust for one of the reps that visit her work regularly. We decided that on the night of her going away party from her job she’d get to have her lust lived out. It was a god night for both of us.

As we walk through the door you grab John and kiss him passionately, he returns your kiss with unbridled lust. His hands explore your hot jeans covered ass and move up your sides to your breasts. He caresses your breasts through your blouse and bra, making you whimpers with desire for him.

John slides his hands down your sides and slips his fingers under your waistband, slowly moving them around to your tummy. He pushes his hand further into your jeans and finds your shaved wet pussy. You reach down and massage his cock which is so hard it’s trying to burst its way out of his jeans. As he slides his finger into your hot, dripping cunt you squeal and go weak at the knees, begging him to take you and give you his huge hard cock.

I watch as you lead him to the bedroom, pushing him backwards onto the bed. You pull your blouse over your head leaving you standing before him, a picture of beauty and total lust, in your jeans and bra. Your lie on top of him and kiss him deeply exploring him with your tongue and grinding your hot pussy against the rigid bulge that is his excited cock. You start to kiss your way down his chest stopping at his nipples nipple to nibble and explore each one.

You continue to his jeans and undo the button and slowly lower his fly while starring deep into his eyes. You slip your fingers under his briefs and as you brush his swollen cock he gasps. You clasp your hand around his desperately hard cock and feverishly jerk him in his underwear feeling the moist precum leaking from his hard cock.

As his swollen head pokes out his waistband you probe it with your tongue then slide his precum covered cock into your mouth sucking with total abandon as you savor this new hot cock. You thrust your mouth further over Johns cock, feverishly thrusting him into your hot hungry mouth. Your efforts overcome his resistance and he explodes inside your mouth without warning. I watch with adoration as you try to swallow each blast of his hot cum as it fills your mouth. Some dribbles onto his stomach as you continue to suck him until he has completely spent his load.

He lays there in total bliss with his cock still hard and at wanting more. As you slide your jeans down your gorgeous legs I pull my cock from my jeans and start to stroke it, I’m so hard from watching you have your dream of fucking John come true that I’m not far from cumming.

You straddle John’s still hard cock. Moaning with delight as it enters your now soaking wet pussy. Slowly you start moving up and down, savoring the feeling of his hot hard cock pushing deeper and deeper into you. He rolls you onto your back while he is still inside you and thrusts his engorged cock all the way into your dripping cunt. I move toward you and offer you my cock which you take into your mouth and suck in time with John’s rapid thrusts. I push John’s chest and lean over you so I can lick your hard swollen clit as John thrusts into you. You whimper as I touch your clit while you are sucking my rock hard cock and being fucked at the same time.

The taste of your wetness mixed with John’s cock is almost too much to bear but I don’t want to cum yet. John is near his orgasm and says “I’m going to cum Tasha.” You push us both away and tell John to lie down. You trust yourself onto his dribbling, hard cock and grind your clit into his pelvis. You scream as you cum grinding harder into him as he blasts wave after wave of cum into your convulsing pussy feeling every pulse of his rampantly exploding cock.

As you slide off John I spread your legs and burry my tongue deep in your soaking pussy, tasting Johns cum and your juices as they mingle. I thrust three fingers inside you as I devour your clit. You are still very sensitive from your orgasm and I take it easy. I start to move into a 69 position but find that you already have John’s cock in your mouth and you are sucking him hard again. I roll you onto your side and continue to thrust my fingers into your cum soaked pussy while licking your clit and savoring the now mixed juices of you fucking John.

You continue to suck John as he surprises me by grabbing my cock. I feel his mouth engulf me. As we all enjoy each others lust I feel the rising cum in my balls. I take my cock from John and thrust deep inside your soaking pussy fucking you harder and faster with each thrust. John positions his cock at your mouth and you take him. As I am on top of you I kiss you while you’re sucking John’s now rock hard cock. As he takes his cock from your mouth I wrap my lips around it.

The sensation of thrusting deep inside you, coupled with the taste John’s cock still tasting of your cum send me over the edge. I shoot my huge load inside you, feeling it ooze from your pussy as I continue to thrust into you. As I continue to thrust my still cumming cock into you, you moan and writhe. You roll me over forcing me to release John’s cock from my mouth. You grind your clit into me with my now spent cock deep inside you. John positions himself at my face and I take his cock in my mouth as you start to cum again.

You grind harder and harder as you cum with a massive shudder and groan you scream “fuck Wayne, oh my god,” tearing at my chest with your fingers. As you are cumming John suddenly explodes into my mouth, unexpectedly filling it with his hot load. Fuck me, this guy has already cum twice and he’s pumping what feels like a gallon cum into my mouth, I think. The taste of his cum combined with yours and my orgasm is incredible as I swallow his last drop.

As we all slump on the bed I think to myself, we must do this again. And Soon..

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