The hot night


Headlights droned across the empty highway as Jason drove north for nearly an hour on the uneventful drive to his best friend Brian’s new apartment. New wasn’t exactly a good way to describe it, since Brian had lived in the apartment with his girlfriend Jamie for well over six months. But it still felt new to Jason since he had known Brian for nearly seven years and Brian had just recently moved out to attend college. Jason who was 20 still lived at home while attended college, but Brian who was 19 had moved away in second year, only about forty five minutes away, but it was a far stretch from the five minute interval between their houses that Jason become accustomed to in grade school. However there was one advantage to Brian’s new living situation. Without the constant supervision of parents, they now had a permanent place to drink without the fear of being caught. This was the typical Friday night since Brian had moved. Jason would pack up and head north to Brian’s apartment for the night, they would get fairly trashed and Jason wouldn’t arrive back home till nearly dark the next evening. This night in particular, gave Jason no reason to believe it would be any different. But he couldn’t have been more wrong.

It was nearly 11:00pm when Jason finally knocked on Brian’s door. Brian greeted him and they both proceeded to Brian’s room where they began fiddling with Brian’s musical instruments.

“So where’s all the booze?” Jason asked eagerly.
“Jamie is with Iris right now getting us some.” Brian replied, “The only problem is that now Iris has to come over also.”
Jason shrugged.
“That’s not too bad I guess, hopefully they’ll keep it down this time.”

Jason recalled the last time the two girls had been drinking together, they had caused such a disruption laughing and yelling in their drunken games that the cops had been called. Brian had just barely talked their way out of having to let the police in to witness the underage drinking that was taking place.

The two guys hung out for another hour before they finally heard the front door open, Jamie and Iris entered carrying brown paper bags, and two pizzas. Brian immediately took the pizzas and gave Jamie a questioning look.
“We thought you two might be hungry.” Jamie said kissing Brian quickly and moving into the kitchen.

Jason took one of the paper bags and produced the bottle of bourbon that it contained, he then moved to the larger bag and retrieved a case of beer, which he immediately put into the fridge before pouring himself and Brian a shot of whiskey each. The two girls went to the couch and began passing back and forth a jug of cheap wine.

The four of them sat drinking for about an hour, Brian and Jason sat at the bar in the kitchen discussing music, and world events, while Jamie and Iris tumbled over the couch becoming quite drunk and laughing hysterically. Jason and Brian payed them no mind and continued to slowly sip their beers when Iris said something that caught their attention.
“I know this may sound weird.” She said giggling. “But I want to make out with you.”
Both girls burst into laugher as Brian and Jason exchanged glances and continued to watch eagerly.
“I’m serious Jamie,” Iris insisted. “I’m the only one of your friends you haven’t’ gotten drunk and made out with.”
Of course this was true, Jamie had made out with most of her female friend while drunk, unfortunately for the guys most of those girls had been unattractive. Jamie herself was beautiful, standing about 5’7 she was petite, with shoulder length auburn hair, she was fair skinned, had two beautiful 32 B tits that bounced just slightly if she moved just right, and a round little ass that stuck out just far enough to be noticed by any guy who walked behind her. What made this different was Iris, who more closely resembled Jamie than any of her other friends was a little taller than Jamie, also fair skinned, with long brunette hair that hung down her back, her tits slightly larger but not by much, and her ass not as well defined, it was her legs that had always set Jason off, long and seemingly flawless.
Jason looked over the two girls, Jamie wore a pair of running pants which she had recently changed into, and a black girls t-shirt. Iris wore a pair of torn up blue jeans with a maroon pullover hooded sweatshirt.

Jason picked up his beer and took a sip as Jamie contemplated Iris’s proposition.

“Okay,” she said exited yet nervously.

It was then that Jamie noticed the two guys watching intently and became self conscious.

“Are ya’ll just gonna stare?” she asked.

“What do ya’ll expect us to do?” Jason asked back.

“Well I can’t do it if your watching like that.” Jamie giggled as she stood up.

“C’mon lets go into my room.” She told Iris and the two disappeared into the next room closing the door behind them. Jason looked at Brain.

“Dude,” he said, “Is this really happening?”

“Apparently.” Brian replied.

“We’re not just gonna sit here and do nothing while those two are in their making out are we?”

“What can we do?” Brain replied, he always had been timid.

Jason had an idea; he went to his overnight bag and retrieved his digital camera. He always packed it if there would be any drinking, since that always provided good photo opportunities. Brain followed him to the door of the room and they listened closely. Slopping sounds of the two girls kissing could be heard, Jason could hardly believe it. He knew Iris was a tramp, especially with alcohol in her. But Jamie had always been conservative, only sleeping with one guy before she met Brain. He was nearly shaking with anticipation of what they would see when they opened the door.

“I GOTTA GET THIS FUCKING SHIRT OFF.” Iris yelled, out of breath.

Jason gasped and both guys began to grin uncontrollably. This was it, now or never Jason thought to himself and threw open the door, snapping two pictures before he even looked at the situation with his own eyes.

Jamie was on top of Iris straddling her, both girls were topless, and wearing only their panties. Iris a pair of maroon bikini cuts and Jamie a grey pair of boy shorts. The two girls lips were locked together and Iris was massaging Jamie’s tit with one hand as she grabbed her friends hair with the other.

Suddenly Iris threw Jamie over and climbed on top of her, taking a tit in her mouth she began to suck on her nipple. Jamie moaned and giggle at the same time as Brian and Jason looked at each other with looks of pure disbelief.

“What are ya’ll doing?” Jamie sad suddenly, yet making no attempt to cover herself.

“We’re just watching.” Jason answered, “We’re not gonna miss this.”

“Theres nothing to see.” Jamie replied, Iris still sucking on her tit.

“You have the most perfect boobs.” Iris said as she came up for air, “I wanna make you cum, I’m not a carpet muncher or anything but I’m good with my hands.”

“I don’t know about that,” Jamie replied, “Especially with…”

Iris pulled Jamies panties aside and inserted a finger as she began to rub her friend’s clit, Jamie was immediately lost in arousal. As Iris began to finger fuck Jamie she moved to straddle her stomach allowing Jamie access to her own snatch. Soon the two girls were fingering each other to oblivion. In between moans Jamie called Brain over to her and had him play with her tits.”

“You can do mine too if you want,” Iris gasped.

Brian began sucking on both girl’s tits as they finger fucked each other.

“You sure you’ve never done this before?” Iris asked Jamie.

“Only to myself.” Jamie said.

Jason sat down on the edge of the bed and watched in amazement as the two girls brought each other closer to orgasm.

Jamie began to buck on top of Iris as the two girls frigged each other’s pussies. Both girls were moaning, Jason could hear the wet swishing sounds as the two girls fingered each other. Jamie inserted another finger and Iris let out a groan that made Jason’s cock instantly go hard. It was too dark for him to make out much of their bodies but he could see enough in the silhouette to be insanely horny by the sight.

“Brian, come sit by me.” Jamie requested.

Brain walked over and sat on the bed by Jamie, he began to massage her tits as she bucked with the finger fucking she was receiving.

“Can he touch your tits?” she asked Iris.

“I don’t fucking care mmmmmmmmmm..” Iris moaned.

The two girls continued to finger each other as Jason popped the top on another beer and began snapping pictures with his camera, in the flash he saw Iris’s tits flopping as she bucked and convulsed under the manipulation of Jamie’s two fingers.

“Oh my fucking god I’m gonna squirt…” Jamie screamed suddenly.

Jason remembered Brian telling him once that Jamie squirted sometimes if he hit her G-Spot right.

Jamie lunged forward and fell back, clenching her legs as a stream of liquid shot from her wet snatch. Jason dropped his camera and lurched forward, catching some of the liquid in his mouth. It tasted like liquid cunt juice, he thought to himself as another stream shot into his mouth.

Suddenly Iris began to cum as well, although not squirting she began screaming in tongues and her body shook as she shuddered an earth shattering orgasm.

The two girls began to relax, Jamie and Brian began making out as Iris collapsed beside Jamie. Jason laid back on the bed and took his cock from his pants, unable to contain himself any longer. He began to stroke, imagining the scene he had just witnessed….