Terri seduces the son of a friend

This is a true story about the love of my life. It
started a few years back and I still can’t believe
really happened and that it’s still going on.

Terri is about 5′ 5″ tall and 35 years old with 40D
size boobs. She has brown hair and is overweight and
allot of the fat is stored in her tits and butt as it
happens to women after pregnant. Yet she is still
sexy and her laughter is infectious. She tends to wear
loose clothing so I was never sure over her figure
until we got our pool put in. My parents told her to
come over anytime and for her to bring her kids and
they volunteered my help in looking after them in pool
if she did come over.

The first time she came over to use the pool my parents
were out and I was alone in the house to greet Terri
and her kids. I went outside to remove the pool cover
and when I looked up there she was. She wore a full-
length bathing suite that showed allot of cleavage. I
tried not to stare but I could not help it all the time
wondering what they would fell like in my hands. (Later
on in our relationship she told me she bought that
suite to show off her boobs with me in mind.) We got
her kids their water wings and went in with them. I
remember talking to her but all the time my eyes were
looking her over and my heart was pounding faster.

I started to play with her kids by pulling them
backward through the water when Terri told her kids its
Mommies turn. She walked up to me and turned around
like her kids had done showing me her back but she kept
coming back until she was right up against me.

I was getting very turned on and afraid that my hard on
would be felt by her but being against the side of the
pool I had no were to run. She laughed and pressed her
butt harder against me and moved it slightly side to
side. “Well,” she said. “Are you going to give me a
ride?” I could feel myself getting red and thinking I
wonder if we both have the same kind of ride in mind.
Sure I said and put my arms around her middle and
started to pull her backward around the pool.

We both laughed as the water splashed but at the same
time I was aware that my cock was still as hard as
ever. I came to a stop in about 4 feet of water and
told Terri to just stand there with her back to me. I
came close to her and put my hands on her ample hips
and then moved them to her belly.

I took a big breath of air and pulled myself under and
put my head between her legs so that her thighs were
resting on my shoulders. I stood up to hear Terri
laughing and laughing I could not help but laugh with
her. The kids stared at us and pointed I let her fall
of my back and when she came up she told me that it was
neat to fell my head coming up between her thighs and
she told me we had to this again some time only her
way. I asked her what way is that but she smiled and
said I’ll show you later.

The rest of the afternoon we spent just horsing around
but when she stopped and starting jumping up and down
in the water telling saying Look at me Jason I’m making
waves I almost blew my load. The water was only up to
her middle of her belly but as she jumped her tits
almost flew out of her bathing suite with each jump. I
went over to her took her hands and started to jump
with her all the time hoping to catch sight of more of
her tit flesh. Then my prayers were answered first her
right tit came 3/4″ out I could see her large areola
and in the middle a nipple as large as my thumb.

She quickly let go of my hands and turned around and
put her breast back in place. Ops she said that was not
supposed to happen and laughed. She then looked at the
clock on the fence and said I should go home and start
making dinner for my husband. She started to go but I
said hold up and before she could say anything to stop
me I swept her up into both my arms and lifted her out
of the water and started to walk out of the pool
carrying her.

She was heavier then I had thought but I could manage
it. She looked so small in my arms laughing and
squealing in delight. I asked her, “Has anyone ever
carried you like this?” she looked up at me and shook
her head no. I put her down out side the pool and she
said your sweet and hugged me. I could feel her tits
against my body I held her close and she put her head
against my chest and let out a sigh. We the let go of
each other and she asked if I would be home tomorrow. I
said I would be and we set a time to get together in
the pool again.

The next morning came and Terri showed up just after 12
but with a shopping bag but no kids. She told me it was
just going to be her today as her kids were with her
mother-in law for the day. I told her I would change
into my bathing trunks and meet her outside. I had
barely walked into the pool when I heard the outside
door open. My heart raced there was Terri in a black
bikini. The top was way to small for her there was tit
flesh hanging out both sides of the fabric and her big
nipples stood rightist.

She walked towards me smiling her tits swaying as she
walked. As she entered the water she said that she had
noticed me stare at her one piece so much that she
thought I would like this 2 piece even better. She came
right up to me and I reached for her and pulled her to
me. I was lost I had to have her. Our lips met and our
tongues entwined. My hands reached down to her ample
butt and squeezed both ass checks. They felt soft.
Terri moaned a little.

I could feel her hand reach down into my trunks and
grab my cock. My hands traveled up to her boobs and for
the first time I felt them in my hands they were soft
but the nipple was hard. I easily moved the bikini
fabric aside and let her tits flow out of their
confinement. I lowered my head to them and sucked on
her nipples. Terri moaned again. I stopped for a moment
pulled her bikini briefs down and sat her down on the
side of the pool with her legs still in the pool. I
opened up her legs and dived between her thigh.

Terri leaned back on one hand while the other hand
pushed my head closer to her cunt. I licked her clit
and was surprised how wet she was I put 3 fingers into
her hot wet cunt and moved them in and out as my tongue
lashed her clit. I put my fourth finger into her and
moved my hand in and out. I could feel the round mound
of her cervix with my fingertips as her cunt gripped my
fingers tight. Terri was tensing up now I stopped and
got up and positioned my cock at the entrance of her

She pleaded with me to come inside her and I slowly
pushed my cock into her. It felt hot, she raised her
legs and pulled me into her, her hips met my thrust and
she moaned again. I sucked on her big tits and flicked
her large nipples with my tongue.

Terri moans grew louder and I knew she was close, she
bit my shoulder as she was coming. Still eagerly trying
to cram as much of my cock into her as she could. I
suddenly felt myself come also and I spewed my seed
inside her. We lay there for a while I turned to her
and said wow your good she laughed and told me she had
wanted to do that with me for the longest time. We went
inside and did it again and when she left, she made me
promise to come to her place.

I did come over the next day and what happened there is
another story to be told another time.

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