Hungry Guy and Lady Fuschia

Eight hours later bought them to a smooth landing at Newark Airport in New Jersey in America. “C’mon, Fuschia!” Guy urged. “Hurry up!” “Yes, sir,” Fuschia gasped as she lugged the heavy bags through the airport terminal to the monorail […]


Back to Basics (fantasy,beast)

I awoke to the sounds of youthful lovemaking. It was another gray morning inherent of the Pacific Northwest and my aching joints reminded me time waits for no one. Easing myself from beneath the down comforter, I grabbed my smokes […]

Free sex stories

Fucky fucky , sucky sucky

He didn’t know when the idea had first occurred to him. Of course he had been fantasying about fucking her for months, ever since she had first started teaching at his school. He knew it would never happen in reality […]


Auntie in the middle 2.

There was a distinct change in Miss Hawkins that morning, and almost all her male students picked up on it at once. There was something soft and glowing about the normally drab teacher, a warm gleam in her shining brown […]


A girl’s best friend

Katie Martin brushed the currycomb lovingly over the big roan’s withers. The great animal responded with a contented nodding and rearing of its noble head to the familiar touch of the striking young blue eyed, blonde girl. It was a […]

Group Sex Stories

The Gangbang Suzi Chronicles

It was a very rare occurance when Suzi failed to leave a long and lasting impression, no matter where she went. A 25-year-old female from the great state of Washington, Suzi could easily be described as the embodiment of many-a-man’s […]

Slut Wife

Janet First Time Gangbanged

John and I had talked about me having sex with a number of guys quite often since our marriage. It was usually when we were in bed making love and this discussion really fueled our lovemaking even more. Although we […]

Group Sex Stories

The Double Intruder

Relax Honey, let me take you on a sensual trip of delight, let us share your fantasy. Your fantasy is to make out with Sweetness, to be screwed with a double headed dildo while I watch. But first let me […]

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