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Jasmine and the Purple Panties

Jasmine looked the contents of the table over. It was unbelievable the junk people put in a garage-sale. Joke toilet- paper; one oversized golf-tee; more ashtrays than 10 smokers could use. Just junk! Even the clothes were junk. She had […]

Free sex stories

Pat Gets Her Licks In

Curlers laid on the floor, mewing plaintively, feline eyes gazing at Pat begging (if that was possible for a cat) her not to leave him. For a moment Pat stared down at him, before–with an exasperated sigh–she bent down and […]

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Don’t Panic

The small island of Trikinos, just off the coast of Greece, has been inhabited for many thousands of years, but humans have left very little mark on it. The soil is too rocky and sterile to support large-scale agriculture, and […]