Jasmine and the Purple Panties

Jasmine looked the contents of the table over. It was
unbelievable the junk people put in a garage-sale. Joke toilet-
paper; one oversized golf-tee; more ashtrays than 10 smokers
could use. Just junk! Even the clothes were junk. She had
hoped to at least get a laugh out of the stuff. Coming out to
the area where the “rich folks” lived had been a lark.
Supposedly, people who were wealthier, would have a better class
of garage-sale. Not from what she could see here though.
A brown box caught her eye. What’s this? Naw! Even THESE
folks wouldn’t go for a joke like this! The box read: “Papa
Petrofile’s Pregnancy Promoting Purple Panties. . . Patent
Her curiosity aroused, Jasmine lifted the cover. Inside,
was a soft purple cloth, almost glowing in the light slanting in
through the open garage-door. A slip of paper purporting to be
instructions for use, slipped out onto the floor, where Jasmine
picked it up almost automatically. The panties in the box were
almost iridescent, and to Jasmine’s eyes, the sexiest pair she
had ever seen. From a first glance, they looked a little big,
but she looked closely to see what the size was. No size.
Glancing at the folded sheet of instructions, she noticed the
usual claim that, “One size fits all.”
“Oh sure,” she thought. “Right up through the pregnancy
these panties are supposed to promote. . . I’ll just bet!”
Still, the pants seemed to call to her like a siren. Joke
or no joke, fit or no fit, she just HAD to try them on. For sure
the price was right. Even if they DIDN’T fit, Jasmine figured
she wouldn’t be out that much. She’d better buy them, before
someone else noticed how darling they looked.
Ten minutes later, Jasmine was on her way; never noticing
the frantic waving by a woman who had just run out of the house
trying to intercept her. If she had noticed, she wouldn’t have
stopped anyway. The panties were HERS now.
That night, she read the instructions, and had a good laugh
before tossing them. “Pregnancy Promoting Panties indeed!” Like
most such gag gifts, this one went a little overboard. Warnings
about not wearing them overnight, if not married. Things about
how they would ensure pregnancy in ANY female, regardless of age,
if they surrounded the uterus. Uhuh! Suuuure! They enhanced
sexuality, to get the woman impregnated as soon as possible, but
in extreme cases did not rely on a man being around. Yeah. . .
Sure! A girl’s going to get pregnant by herself.
Giggling, Jasmine tossed box and directions, and tried on
the panties. They were even MORE beautiful than she had thought.
Softly shimmering, the material clung to her; enhancing her pubic
mound and making her tummy look flat, hard, and sexy. Jasmine
put on a short little mini-skirt over the panties and twirled.
Boy, THIS was going to give all the boys a hard-on.


Jasmine couldn’t understand her sudden interest in sex, but
she liked it. Too bad it was getting too late to see if the
panties got the reaction she was hoping for. It was all she
could do, to keep from rubbing her tight little slit, to relieve
the sudden itch there. “Too bad a guy wasn’t here right now,”
she thought. “I’d pull his pants down, and stick his thick baby-
maker right up inside my hole and fuck him until he squirted me
full of cream.”
For a second, Jasmine was shocked at her own thoughts. She
had never been fucked at ALL yet, and here she was dreaming about
guys pumping her tight little slit full of baby-juice and. . .
“STOP it,” she told herself; hurriedly undressing and slipping
out of the tight little mini-skirt. That’s what she got for
wearing such sexy clothes. She hurried to grab a bite to eat,
before going to bed.
That night, she just couldn’t bring herself to remove the
sexy new panties. They made her feel so much more ALIVE somehow.
Definitely sexier. And just her size, too. She fell asleep,
while trying to convince herself that she SHOULD remove them.
After all, there WAS that warning on the directions. “giggel”


The next morning, Jasmine looked in the mirror, and got a
shock. The girl could not believe what she was seeing. A slight
bulge was forming between her belly button and the lacy purple
underpants. She prodded the fist-sized lump – it was hard, but
moved slightly to one side under her probing finger. Most
unusual was that while she could feel the lump pressing on her
insides, she couldn’t feel inside it.
She placed her flat palm over the bulge in her stomach. It
nestled comfortably in the palm of her hand, but she could feel
the skin on her hand pulling in all directions as if the lump was
growing. Confused, she pulled her hand away and looked at her
profile in the mirror. Sure enough, the lump was bigger, about
the size of an orange.
Jasmine ran a finger over her stomach, that had, until
minutes ago, been the flat stomach of a high-school cheerleader.
Now she had a baseball-sized lump just below her bellybutton, and
as she looked on it slowly grew large enough to put a tilt in her
navel. She thought it was her imagination, but she was sure that
she could feel an erratic pulsing from within. She was also
beginning to feel quite aroused.
It was then that she realized that her breasts were feeling
fuller somehow. She put a hand under a B-cup breast, and got
such a shock she quickly pulled her hand away. She had never
experienced that tingling sensation before. She put her hand
back on her breast and tried to ignore the feeling. Resting it
gently in her hand, she decided that it was a little heavier than
before. She also found the contact quite stimulating, and had to
take her hand away.


Her stomach was definitely swollen now, with her bellybutton
crowning a grapefruit-sized bulge in her belly. She could feel
the weight of it pressing on her internal organs, and
occasionally it seemed to move slightly. Looking down, her
purple underwear disappeared below her slightly swollen abdomen.
The pants! It had all started right after putting these new
pants on. When Jasmine had read the joke-instructions, she
hadn’t believed a word of it. She shook her head. Underwear
that made you pregnant? That was ludicr. . . Pregnant? Jasmine
took a good look at her reflection.
She definitely looked pregnant. Her stomach from
bellybutton to just above her hairline was now quite distended;
although she still had a waistline. Even as she watched, her
bellybutton was being forced outward as her stomach continued to
grow. And now she was certain that the movements that she could
feel were from a new life growing inside her.
But this was all impossible. Even if she wasn’t a virgin,
and had fallen pregnant; no way could she be growing this
quickly. And yet she was. In fact, she even began to feel
“If the pants are the cause. . .” she reasoned. Quickly
she slipped the purple garment off, although she experienced a
slight discomfort bending over.
“Did it work?” she wondered; idly holding the pants in her
left hand. She figured the only way to know, was to wait and
see. Staring down at the smooth creamy skin on her swollen
belly, she realized that she could no longer see her pubic hair
without bending forward. Then she remembered that she was horny
because her fingers had decided of their own accord to explore
the sparsely growing hair between her well-toned legs. With
great reluctance, she pulled her hand away.
Jasmine couldn’t believe what was happening. While she
liked being physically attractive to boys, she wasn’t some crazed
little sexpot – and yet, here she was, an obviously pregnant
virgin who really wanted. . .
She tried to dismiss the thoughts from her mind. Then
another thought occurred to her – WAS she still a virgin? After
all, virgin pregnancy was generally unheard of; even considered
impossible by some. And yet, she knew that she hadn’t had sex,
or even been raped or whatever, but the gently kicking bulge in
her midsection suggested that the impossible had indeed happened.


“Hello, little one,” Jasmine said in hushed tones to her
A baby! Jasmine sat on the corner of her bed, naked except
for the ribbons holding her ponytails in place. She was actually
carrying a baby!
One that had become difficult to hide in the barely fifteen
minutes or so, since she woke up. Perhaps she was going crazy,
or imagining things.


Kick! Kick!

That was too real. Not imagining things then.
Idly, she stood and wandered over to the wardrobe, where she
started looking through her clothes. Pregnant or not, she
couldn’t sit around naked all day. With marginal difficulty, she
pulled on a pair of soft-pink panties; but it was her bra that
refused to do up. Her breasts were now too full to fit into a
bra that was comfortable when she took it off the night before.
Not being used to her weight gain; it came as a surprise to
her when her favorite pair of jeans refused to do up. As she
went to fasten the clip, the edges remained about three inches
apart at the top. She tried sucking her stomach in; and with a
lot of strain was able to do up her jeans. But as soon as she
relaxed, the waistband cut into her belly too much to be
comfortable. Struggling to undo the jeans, the brass button tore
from the fabric and landed on the dressing table.
Jasmine turned to the mirror and looked at her potbelly
poking out of her jeans. First her bra; now her jeans. She was
beginning to wonder just what would still fit her slightly
swollen body. She tried pulling on the loose red shirt that she
had worn that morning, but it stopped just below her navel,
leaving a pink triangle of pregnant belly visible.
After a long sigh, she struggled out of the jeans and tried
on a navy blue baby-doll dress instead. Hanging off her newly
swollen breasts, the dress hid the recent changes in her body
from view, but the front of the dress rubbed against the tip of
her belly, inflaming already insistent desires. She considered
her profile in the mirror carefully. The dress DID make her look
figureless; but at the moment, her swollen figure was best kept
Now, she was at a loss as to how to land a boy looking like
a fat frump. She shook her head in frustration. What was
causing this obsession with sex? Even if she WAS that kind of
girl, she doubted anyone would sleep with her after this had
happened. Although. . . she stared at her reflection. . . she
stood a better chance without that dress.
Billy was walking out of the Seven-Eleven when Jasmine
pulled up on her push-bike. The sun was in his eyes, and all he
could see at first were her white running shoes and ankle socks
(her favorite pair with green bobbles at the back). Without
thinking, he held the door open for her as she walked past. She
paused at the door and smiled thankfully at him. Billy was
transfixed by her crystal-blue eyes, finely spun red hair, and
alluring smile.
His eyes followed her as she wandered inside. He gazed
longingly at the backs of her well-toned legs and the cheeks of
her youthfully slender backside, all covered by tight black lycra
bike pants that rested just above her hips. She turned slightly
and opened a fridge door. As she reached up to a high shelf he
was rewarded with a good view of a blooming teenage breast held
in place only by a green lycra crop top.


Billy sighed. He’d seen Jasmine at school, of course, but
had never seen her dressed so. . . appealing. Except perhaps for
that red and white cheerleader’s outfit, but that was never as
close up as he would have liked.
Finally he realized that he was still holding the door open,
and let it swing closed. As he turned away he reminded himself
that it was unlikely that he would ever get into Jasmine’s pants,
as she was known in certain circles for her devout celibacy.
He bent down to tie his shoelace, and instinctively looked
up as he heard the door open again. He was pleased to see that
it was Jasmine, and then stopped breathing as he received a very
big shock.
The front of Jasmine’s tight pants was stretched over a
noticeable bulge in her belly. Her navel peeked over the top of
her pants just above the apogee of her swollen stomach, and her
pointed nipples showed through her top.
The implications of this were not lost on Billy. Supposedly
virginal Jasmine was not only pregnant, but she was horny too.
Jasmine noticed that Billy was staring, and was almost
immediately standing before him. She was an inch shorter than
the sandy-blonde-haired Billy, and had to look up slightly to
peer longingly into his hazel eyes.
“See anything you like?” she purred, pleased to find someone
already showing an interest in her. Previously unknown desires
boiled within her, and she longed to run her hands over his
virile body.
Her mysterious baby seemed to sense her mood, thumping the
front of her womb enthusiastically.
Billy was at a loss. Jasmine was coming on to him? Her
pregnancy was surprising enough, but this had his mind reeling.
And to make matters worse, he could feel his member hardening.
Confused, excited and embarrassed, he instinctively prepared to
make a run for it. . . and then stopped as slender fingers began
stroking his manhood through his shorts.
“Thanks for the compliment,” he realized Jasmine was saying.
“Do you know what to do with this?”
“M-more to the point,” he managed to stammer, “do you?”
She leaned forward and up, pressing her soft breasts against
“I have a few ideas,” she whispered; the flames of desire
being fanned by the feel of her nipples grazing his smooth chest,
“but I need a stud like you to help me get it right.”
Billy began to regain his cool. Putting an arm around the
girl’s waist, he pulled her closer until he could feel the bulge
in her midsection pressing into his lower abdomen. He found he
quite liked feeling her pregnant belly pressed against him.
“I think,” he said slowly, “you’ve come to the right
How they ever got from the store to her house, Jasmine never
remembered clearly. The presence of a man beside her seemed to
quiet the baby in her tummy, and enhanced her feeling of loving
and being loved.


Somehow, Jasmine could tell that Billy loved her, and would
love the little girl inside her as well. She figured it HAD to
be a girl. After all, no man had yet deposited his seed in her
womb; though it wouldn’t be long now.
A man that would love her in spite of her already being
pregnant, (Or was it BECAUSE of it?) was a man to keep. And
love, and fuck, and suck, and blow, and. . . DAMN! Her hormones
were running away again. If she didn’t get fucked soon, Jasmine
was going to cum without being touched, and that would be a
“Please,” she pleaded, rubbing her swollen belly against
his. “Make love to me.” Her blood was pounding through her body
and swelling her loins, making them more sensitive.
What man could resist? Always before, with the two other
girls Billy had fucked, he had to use a condom, because they were
scared to death of getting pregnant. No such worries here!
Besides, he could tell that Jasmine would have fucked him anyway,
the way she was feeling now. If she wasn’t already pregnant, she
would have been before the night was over. Billy wondered who
the lucky guy was, who first felt her tight little slit choking
the heck out of his engorged prick.
Well, whoever it was, the guy had obviously skipped out on
Jasmine, leaving her to Billy. If getting her pregnant, and on
the rebound, was what he had to do, Billy would be quite happy.
He figured that otherwise he wouldn’t have had a chance against
the jocks down at school. Still, he was a bit angry; thinking
about whoever it was that left her in this condition. The guy
must be a real loser, to knock-up a class girl like Jasmine, and
then skip out. Still, his loss, was Billy’s gain.
Funny. You would think he would have noticed her gaining
weight like this before now, though.
Billy’s introspection was interrupted by the object of his
thoughts kissing and murmuring in his ear, and fighting to get
her hands in his shorts. Never had Billy seen someone so eager.
“Please,” she whimpered, “please?”
Up to now, Billy hadn’t been completely sure about this. He
had wondered if maybe she was “putting the make on him” to help
cover up the fact that she was already pregnant, and maybe trap
him into something he wasn’t ready for. However, seeing the
pained need on the teenager’s face, and her desperate kissing and
hugging, he suddenly came to a different conclusion. Jasmine was
just a VERY hot girl. Some playboy had awakened Jasmine to the
joys of sex, then had abandoned her when her pants got tight.
Now she needed sex, and the slob had up and left her. Well, his
loss, was Billy’s gain. Now it was up to HIM, to show Jasmine
what making love REALLY was, not whatever “poke and run” she had
gotten before.
That’s why, horny as he was, and obviously ready as Jasmine
was, he didn’t just “walk right up, and stick it in.” Jasmine
would obviously have enjoyed it, and so would he, but Billy had
plans of making this a permanent relationship, not just a one-
night fuck. He wanted a chance to plant three or four of HIS
babies in that cute little tummy of Jasmine’s. Therefore, he
proceeded slowly.


By now, Jasmine was past wanting to go slow. Something
about having a man in her arms, even one fully dressed, was
driving her crazy with sex-need. Even if she hadn’t been
pregnant already, Jasmine knew she would have been begging Billy
to put his thick cock up inside her, and fill her tight little
tummy with thick sticky sperm. With her being pregnant, and no
worries to nag her anymore, it was like an itch that just HAD to
be scratched.
“Please,” she pleaded again.
“Of course,” replied Billy, as he shoved her pants out of
the way, and “put his mouth where his money was.” <giggle>
It was like she had been hooked up to a 200-volt generator.
The shock was tremendous. Jasmine had never been touched “down
there” by anything but her own fingers, and now she felt a warm
lively SOMETHING moving around and around, in and out, up and
down, and then back to the start. Jasmine exploded in her first
orgasm outside of her own fingers.
Billy grinned to himself, as the pants of the young girl
rose to moans, and then shrieks of ecstasy, and the shivering
turned to uncontrollable jerks and spasms. He figured it would
be better to get Jasmine calmed down a little, by getting her
off; so she would be able to appreciate it, when he first stuck
his cock inside her.
Well, Jasmine did calm down a little. Until she saw Billy
sliding up between her legs with an erection that looked simply
huge to the inexperienced girl. It was only a little over six
inches long, but Jasmine had never had ANYTHING inside her tight
little slit, except her finger before.
“Will it hurt?” she asked. “I mean, it’s so BIG.”
She didn’t know it, but she had just made Billy’s day. Up
to now, he had been worried that Jasmine might think he was too
small, after having whatever jock poking her, that had knocked
her up. To know that he made the jerk (whoever he was) look
small, was an unexpected bonus.
“It only hurts when you’re a virgin,” he reassured her, “so
you don’t have anything to worry about.”
“But,” started Jasmine.
“<click> to worry about. <click> to worry about. <click>
to worry about,” snickered Billy, as he repeated the punch-line
of an old joke about an automated airline.
“You NUT,” chortled Jasmine, as she tossed a pillow at him,
which Billy ducked. “Get over here and fuck me, before I get
tired of waiting, and find someone who knows how!”
“Your wish is my command, Milady,” replied Billy; and before
she could say anything else, Jasmine felt her pussy-lips being
spread by an unfamiliar intruder, that still seemed somehow to
belong inside her. Jasmine was getting fucked.
There was an unexpected interruption.
“Oh my. . . OW!” yelled Jasmine, as something tore inside
“What the. . .” Of all things Billy hadn’t expected, this
took the cake. “Are you still a virgin?!?!” he asked,
dumbfounded. “I mean, I’ve heard of people with small dicks,
but. . .”


Billy shook his head in consternation. No wonder Jasmine
had thought he was big. Just how small WAS that pencil-dick who
had knocked her up, anyway?
“Well, I WAS, five minutes ago,” replied Jasmine. “Now shut
up and fuck me. I want my first time to be good for you.”
“FIRST time?” “WAS a virgin?” Billy shook his head in
amazement; but did as the girl asked anyway. He figured he would
find out about all this later. In the meantime, the smooth
tightness of the teenager’s unused little hole slipping so
sweetly over his swollen prick, was a pleasure he had been
dreaming about for months, with no hope of ever getting. Now she
was his, and he was finally feeling Jasmine’s tight little slit
squeezing and clamping on his prick in a manner fit to make a
brass-monkey squirt sperm.
Billy was no brass-monkey; and the amount of white sticky
baby-juice he squirted in the little girl’s belly would have made
King Kong proud. Billy felt like he ejaculated enough seed in
Jasmine’s belly to keep her and any daughter’s she had pregnant
for the next 50 years. It felt so GOOD to let that stored-up
load of pregnancy juice go. Wave after wave of release swept
through him, as he emptied his prostate in the teenage
cheerleader’s tight little belly. And Jasmine’s belly WAS tight.
Billy could feel it squirming back at him, as he forced the tip
of his cock into the tip of her slightly spread uterus so he felt
like he was squirting his sperm right into her womb, to join her
developing child.
The erotic thought kept arousing Billy, making him squirt
over and over again, as he emptied himself in this sexily
pregnant little girl.
Jasmine was right with him. Something about feeling a man’s
sperm warming her vagina, filled a need that she hadn’t known she
had. She felt a little sad that it hadn’t been Billy’s seed that
made her tummy swell, but reminded herself that she could always
let him plant the next one there. Now, if she could only
remember what the instructions had said about how a man’s sperm
was enlivened, and ANY girl regardless of age could get pregnant,
if she had the pants and a man’s sperm was present. There was
some warning. . . Jasmine let her second orgasm overtake her.
Time enough to worry about next time, when “next time” occurred.
The sudden relaxation after their orgasms took its toll on
both of them. The two lovers fell asleep, with Billy’s cock
still dripping his potent sperm in Jasmine’s tight little hole.
Twice during the night, Billy woke up to feeling Jasmine
working against him, and twice he responded by sending a fresh
helping of seed into the girl’s womb. Each time, the baby inside
her seemed to enjoy the fresh helping of sperm being injected
into her mother, and it’s squirmings would die down to contented
wriggles. It was almost as if the baby was as soothed by her
mother getting fucked, as Jasmine was.
The third time, Billy was so worn out, that Jasmine knew she
wouldn’t get any more out of him that night, so she almost
unconsciously slipped into her purple panties, and went back to


Billy was sleeping peacefully, as Jasmine rolled out of bed
the next morning and padded to the bathroom. She squeezed past
the shower door; marveling at how large her belly had grown last
night. Her full stomach was now the size of a large melon; her
pink skin drawn tight over her greatly swollen womb.
As the warm water bounced off her breasts and upper belly,
Jasmine could feel the passion begin to build again. She was now
so large that she found herself easily turned on. She lathered
up the soap and wiped it all over her heavy belly before the
water washed the suds out of sight below the huge bulge in her
Absently, her fingers found the patch of pubic hair barely
beneath her heavily pregnant belly. She hadn’t actually seen her
pussy since last night, after she had donned those pants again
and slowly swelled to this incredible size.
The baby stirred, as Jasmine gently stimulated her clitoris.
It had come as a great surprise to her when she realized
that her little passenger enjoyed her sexual escapades. She
smiled at that thought.
Whoever thought that being pregnant could be this much fun?
As the baby had grown inside her, so had her sexual desires, as
had the satisfaction brought about by good wholesome sex. Not
that it was easy, fulfilling those compelling desires – she was
so full and heavy that it was difficult to move, and she hadn’t
been able to shift her hips during sex with the weight of a
bowling ball pressing down upon them. Still, Billy was able to
compensate – warm, sensitive, compassionate Billy with his warm
embraces, soft lips, and pounding cock.
She sighed and rubbed her wonderfully swollen belly. This
was good – really good – but it wasn’t enough. It was like
building to an orgasm and stopping right before it hits, and her
baby hadn’t quite reached its climax.
She stepped out of the shower and toweled off. The soft
feel of the towel on her sensitive skin was enough to remind her
sex-starved body of its desires.
Jasmine decided that she had had enough. Returning to the
bedroom, she managed to squat down and collect the purple pants
from the floor. She had left them there last night after she had
grown so big and horny that she had to take them off. Now she
decided that it was time to go through to the end – whatever it
was. Her baby looked ready to be born, and she would miss being
so beautifully swollen, but she knew – somehow she knew – that
she had to take this to the end.
Forgetting the recent change to her center of gravity, she
raised one foot to slip into the lacy pants, and very nearly fell
The big-bellied girl sat heavily on the edge of the bed,
rousing Billy.
“What are you doing?” he asked wearily.
“You’re about to find out,” purred Jasmine, awkwardly
slipping her feet into the purple underwear. With difficulty she
stood up; pulling the pants up in the same motion.


The magical pants were barely on when she began to feel the
bloating inside her immensely full belly, and the strangely
supple skin across her tummy felt tighter. Arousal welled inside
her; and the baby wriggled inside her; as it realized that it was
growing again.
Billy saw the lustful look in Jasmine’s eyes; and the sight
of her profile swelling before him, caused his member to quickly
stiffen, a literal flagpole standing tall. She turned and
crawled onto the bed; her lithe sixteen-year-old body distended
greatly with the child growing inside a belly that brushed along
the bed beneath her. She stroked a hand up either leg as she
approached her handsome lover, a deep passionate hunger in her
youthful eyes. Her full belly rested between his legs as she
swallowed his manhood, causing him to throw back his head with
silent moans.
On top of the ecstasy of being sucked off by the sexy high-
schooler, he could feel his legs being pushed apart by the large
bulge between them.
Then he felt Jasmine’s swollen figure sliding up his body as
she planted warm, wet kisses up his chest, neck, and finally his
lips. As she crawled up his body his cock was flattened by the
heavy mound that had only yesterday been a sexy little bump.
Wild with excitement, and barely able to reach his face to
kiss Billy, Jasmine somehow found the strength to lift herself
into a sitting position. Even as Billy fumbled to shift her
pants aside enough to allow him entry into the horny, heavily
pregnant schoolgirl, he realized that her belly had grown to
immense proportions. The baby inside her must have been the size
of a two-year-old child, and a look at Jasmine’s face told him
that she was beyond caring. Feeling the tip of his stiff prick
at the opening of her hot pussy, she wiggled her hips heavily to
line up correctly, then sat down hard.
As Billy was winded by the impact, Jasmine almost passed out
from sheer pleasure.
“Oh, Billy,” she gasped, “you have no idea how good this
“You feel pretty good to me, lover,” he managed to blurt
“Oh, no, Billy,” Jasmine moaned, slowly raising her hips
above the virile young man. “I feel GREAT!” she cried, plunging
down heavily on his hard cock, again knocking the wind out of him
as her massively distended stomach slammed down on his
unprotected abdomen. Billy paid it no mind, for the sight of her
huge belly dominated his thoughts. Jasmine was in ecstasy. She
barely had the strength, but with great determination she was
able to raise her increasingly heavy body up enough to plunge
down again with a cry of rapture. She cold feel Billy’s hard
member pressing deep inside her, pushing up hard against the tip
of her cervix, but that was all secondary to the incredible
feeling of her enormous uterus pressing in all directions from
within her.
So large was her womb that it took up almost her entire
abdominal cavity, pressing on the base of her ribcage and
nestling unusually comfortably in her pelvis.


Her bellybutton stuck out above Billy’s chest, resembling a
third nipple on a very horny woman. And still she could feel her
belly growing outward.
“More!” she gasped, that immense feeling building within
her. The pressure on her body was incredible, and she just
couldn’t get enough.
Billy, thinking that she was talking to him, tried moving
within her tight, pregnant pussy as best as he could, but her
weight was too confining. He was amazed at the gigantic size of
Jasmine’s belly, and wondered if perhaps there was more than one
child growing inside her.
Then he received an even bigger surprise, as Jasmine’s
cervix softened and began to open. Gently, the tip of his
manhood slipped farther into her body and up inside her massive
Jasmine’s mind was gone, lost in a long orgasm that overtook
her entire body, washing her with wave upon wave of ultimate
pleasure. She no longer felt Billy moving feebly within her
blood-swollen pussy. All she could feel was pure ecstasy that
seemed to last forever.
Billy could not believe how deeply had penetrated the
immensely pregnant girl. He was dumbfounded that her womb had
opened up and let his prick farther inside. And he was further
stunned when something soft and tight squeezed itself over the
tip of his cock and started to slide down.
The next few minutes were a blur. Heralded by Jasmine’s
squeals of pleasure, her impossibly large child began to be born.
Somehow her hips widened enough to allow the breach delivery of
the baby. As soon as it was over, Jasmine fell to the bed in a
deep sleep from which she would not wake for hours; so she didn’t
get to see her newborn child for some time.
Billy looked up at the damp body. A young girl, perhaps ten
years old in appearance, with finely spun red hair, fluid-
wrinkled skin and budding breasts, sat astride him in the
position she had been born – with his cock embedded deep within
her tight pussy.
Slowly, the tiny girl opened her crystal-blue eyes, and
looked down at the man who’s swollen prick was stretching her
tight little cunny so satisfyingly. Smiling, she ran a small
finger down his chest and flat belly, before sliding it up her
own tummy and over the slight bulge of the child he had given her
before she had been born. The little girl began slowly rising
and falling on the man’s cock, until Billy had no choice but to
squirt the child’s womb as full of baby-making sperm as he had
filled Jasmine’s the night before.
Somehow Billy knew that there was enough of the magic of her
mother’s panties left in this child, even though Jasmine was
still wearing them, that his daughter would be born pregnant too.
He could almost feel the little girl inside this child squirming
around to seat her father’s prick properly up against her tiny
little vagina, while he spasmed her mother’s tight little slit
full of his potent sperm.

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