Reaching An Understanding

Mike was trying to sleep. Actually he was trying to act
like he was sleeping. But even the dead would have been
awoken by the racket his wife Stephanie was making. He
heard her stomp through the house to the door of their

“Alright Mike. It ends here and it ends now. You either
tell me what’s going on or… or, damn you Michael
Williams talk to me.” Michael rolled over.

“There’s nothing to talk about.”

“Michael. Honey. Our sex life has dropped to almost
nothing. You hardly touch me anymore. And you won’t let
me touch you. You won’t talk about it, whatever ‘it’
is. If I did something wrong, I’m sorry. If you did
something wrong I’ll forgive you, I promise. Baby,
please. I’m getting scared about us. What’s wrong? Is
it me? Don’t you love me anymore? Is there someone

“I am not having an affair Stephanie!”

“Then why haven’t we made love in over a month? I know
the equipment works because you had a raging hard on
this morning. When I touched it you moaned, everything
was going fine until you woke up. Then you said you
were too tired and rolled over away from me! Michael
you have no idea how much it hurts to be rejected like

“Mike please talk to me. Tell me what’s wrong with us.
Talk to me baby.”

“I do love you Steph. I’m not having an affair, but I
guess you could say there is someone else.”

“I knew it, I knew it. Some little slut is… who is


“Georgia? We don’t know any Georgia. Where did you meet
this little bitch?”

“I said George, G-E-O-R-G-E, George.”

“George? George! Ohmigod, why haven’t you said anything

“I don’t know why. I wanted to and then I didn’t – I
couldn’t. I can’t seem to talk about it.”

Mike heaved a heavy sigh, his mind wandered back to
that early summer night.

Michael and Stephanie had gone out for dinner and bar-
hopping with an old friend of theirs Julie and her
friend George. George was an ex-boyfriend of Julies
visiting from out of state and this was billed as a
‘good-bye to George have a good life’ evening.

During the course of the evening the talk and the
dancing went from sexy to horny as the jokes and
comments went from randy to raunchy. At one point the
two women were dancing together. And Michael had made a
comment of having a pocketful of one dollar bills and
seeing which of the two women was the better stripper.

George chimed in saying he was going to go break a
couple of twenty’s so that he had plenty of one’s too.

To Michael’s delight and amazement the women drunkenly
agreed to perform back at Michael and Stephanie’s

When they got home, Mike put so music on and adjusted
the room lighting. He offered another round of drinks
to others, but they declined. Mike had poured himself a
tall glass of whiskey.

The girls had disappeared into the bedroom to get
ready, so Mike and George sat down to wait. George
asked Mike how far he thought the girls would go. Mike
thought they might see some tits and ass, but didn’t
think they’d show it all. George looked at Mike and
shook his head.

“To tell you the truth Mike I think a lot more is
possible with these two wild women tonight. Julie is
thoroughly juiced and when she gets that way, she’s
pretty much up for anything. Are you okay with letting
things go where ever they go?”

Mike nodded and smiled. The thought of seeing Julie
naked was worth George seeing Stephanie that way.
Though Mike doubted that Steph would go further then
bra and panties – well, maybe a quick flash of her

The girls returned to whoops and whistles. They were
dressed for the deed. Michael poured himself another
drink. The girls said that Stephanie would go first.

“I don’t think that’s fair, do you Michael?” George
looked over and raised an eyebrow.

“No not fair. Not fair at all.”

“I think you should both dance at the same time. That
way you won’t feel all alone, as you remove your
clothes, all slow and sexy. Am I right Mike or am I

“Right you are. Slow and sexy it is.”

The girls agreed and began to dance. Mike quickly
decided that he like George’s plan because almost
immediately the girls started helping each other
undress. All slow and sexy.

It didn’t take long for the girls to get down to their
bras and panties. Mike starred unapologetically at
Julie’s very large breasts as they strained mightily
against her bra. Stephanie while noticeably smaller up
top was looking very sexy in her semi-transparent
matching bra and panty set. You could clearly see her
nipples and a dark shadow of pubic hair.

George waved a handful of dollar bills. “Dance closer,
closer, closer.”

The women were now breast to breast and hip to hip.
Julie grabbed Steph’s ass and began to grind against
Stephanie who hesitated at first then looked over at
her husband. Mike was waving his own handful of bills.
Stephanie ground back into Julie.

The two women writhed against each other and looked
into one another’s eyes. They leaned in until their
foreheads were touching and soon the two were kissing.

Mike was entranced at the scene before him. His
normally conservative wife was involved in a serious
make-out session with her old college friend. Mike
figured the two women would separate soon as he
seriously doubted that Steph would allow things to go
much further.

How wrong he was.

Mike watched as Julie reached behind Stephanie and
unhooked her bra. Steph held the cups over her breasts
as Julie pulled the straps down her arms. Then Julie
moved back in and pressed her breasts against
Stephanie’s hands. She whispered into Steph’s ear and
slowly turned around so that Julie was now standing in
front of Steph.

Mike’s jaw nearly hit the floor when Stephanie pulled
her bra out from between them and dropped it to the
floor. George was yelling “down in front, down in
front” at Julie, he clearly wanted and unobstructed
view of Stephanie’s tits.

Julie pulled Steph’s hands around in front of her and
placed them over Julie’s breasts. Julie reached behind
her and released her own bra and let it fall to the

Now it was Michael tell Stephanie to “move your hands,
move your hands.” To his utter amazement he watched as
Stephanie moved her hands. Only she didn’t move them
down, she pulled them back clearly squeezing Julie’s
breasts. Julie turned her head towards Stephanie and
said that two could play at that game. She slid her
hands behind her back.

Michael watched as Julie grabbed a handful of
Stephanie’s panties with one hand and thrust the other
under the waistband. FUCKIN’ A Julie had a hand between
Stephanie’s thighs!

Stephanie looked like she was in a state of shock. If
she pulled away she risked losing her panties. If she
didn’t, she risked…Stephanie released Julie’s breasts
and thrust her own hand down between Julie’s thighs.

The guys had cheered at the sight of Julie’s nipples.
They howled at the finger-fucking contest that had
broken out.

Mike glanced to the side and saw George rubbing the
front of his pants. Mike’s own erection was straining
to be freed. He never in his life would have thought
that things would have gone this far.

The girls sank slowly to their knees and continued to
fondle and kiss each other. Hands rubbed easily between
thighs and the room was permeated with the smell of
sexual desire. Mike felt himself sink deeper into the
couch, he was so fucking wasted. He watched through
heavy eyes as the girls removed their panties. He
smiled, his eyes felt so heavy that he momentarily
closed them.

When he opened his eyes Mike was shocked to see George
standing naked next to the girls. When had he
undressed? George’s hard cock was inches from Judy’s
face so that she broke her kiss with Steph and started
to kiss the offered cock. Mike watched entranced as
Judy pumped her mouth up and down George’s cock. The
cock glistened with saliva as Judy pulled slowly back
and off. She took hold of the shaft and pushed George’s
cock at Mike’s wife’s mouth.

Hey, hey – none of that now. Mike felt the words but
knew that he hadn’t actually spoken them. Stephanie
backed away slightly. Good girl, Mike thought that
Julie was way out of line. Julie sucked some more on
George’s cock then offered it again to Stephanie and
was refused again. Although this time contact was
clearly made because Steph didn’t pull back, or
couldn’t. Was George holding her head? Mike tried to
speak out, to complain but only a low moan escaped.
Stephanie must have misinterpreted the moan as a go
ahead because when George’s cock was offered a third
time her mouth opened and received it.

Hey, stop that. I mean it. Stop right now. Mike heard
himself say the words in his head but no sound was
coming out of his mouth. Mike watched in growing anger
and confusion as George stroked his cock in and out of
the open mouths before him. Julie’s mouth then
Stephanie, Stephanie’s mouth then Julie. He was angry
because he wanted his cock in there too, and confused
because he seemed unable to get up from the couch and
join them.

Something was said because the girls and George moved
to the far end of the sectional opposite Mike. The
girls settled into a 69 with Stephanie on top. Judy’s
legs hung over the end of the sectional and Steph
buried her head between Judy’s thighs. Judy had her
hands wrapped around Steph’s hips, her nose was pressed
into Steph’s ass and the movement of her head indicated
that her tongue and mouth were busy in Steph’s cunt.
There was something incredibly erotic about the scene
before him yet at the same time the inability to move,
to respond was extremely frustrating for Mike.

George reentered the scene and knelt between Judy’s
thighs, his hard cock was pointed straight ahead. Mike
wrestled with his immobility. George moved closer and
closer. He pulled his cock up and slid it into Steph’s
open mouth. Mike screamed silently as he watched his
wife get it thoroughly slick with her saliva. A quick
repositioning and George pushed his hips forward.

Mike knew what he could not see. George was now fucking
Judy’s cunt as Mike’s wife licked at the cock and clit
before her. A lewd smile played across George’s face as
he looked over at Michael. A half-dozen slow deep
strokes and George pulled his cock out and offered it
to Stephanie again. No. No. No. Stephanie. NO. An even
half-dozen strokes into Stephanie’s willing mouth, then
back into Julie’s cunt. Back and forth the scene was
play, cunt to mouth, mouth to cunt.

Mike felt a sense of relief when George finally pull
back and stood. The girls also moved off the couch.
Thank God it’s over. Surprised was too mild a term for
how far he had seen his wife go. While the girl on girl
stuff had been exciting, she shouldn’t have sucked
George’s cock, absolutely not. He’d have a little talk
with her later he decided. This had gone far enough.

Oh shit. Mike felt his stomach lurch as the girls
settled back onto the couch. Only this time Steph was
on the bottom with her legs hanging over the edge. Once
again a 69 position was assumed and the moaning
commenced. Mike watched helplessly as George knelt
between Stephanie’s open things.

George stop. No. You can’t do that. The hard cock was
offered to Judy who quickly covered it with saliva.
Judy moved her hands between Stephanie’s thighs. Oh no,
she’s opening Steph’s cunt to George. Stop this. Stop
it. Oh God Stephanie no. George pushed forward.
Michael’s silent scream was echoed by Stephanie’s loud
moan. George began to pump his hips back and forth.

Mike closed his eyes, if only he could have closed his
ears. Moans filled the air around him, Stephanie’s
moans, Julie’s moans and George’s moans. This can’t be
happening. He opened his eyes and saw that Judy was now
kneeling on the floor at Steph’s hips. Her head bent
over the joined sex of George and Mike’s wife. George
pulled back and stood slowly. Mike marshaled all of his
strength and was able to lean forward and stand up. He
was going to stop this right now.

Judy was also standing and George reached out to help
Stephanie up. Her thighs and crotch glistened with her
arousal. Her cunt was stretched open. There was
absolutely no doubt that she had allowed George to fuck
her. Mike was seething with anger. But he just couldn’t
make his body respond. Stephanie approached him and
kissed him deeply on the mouth. Mike was shocked to
taste Judy’s sex on her. “C’mon Mikey it’s time to take
this to the bedroom.” A smile of lust lit her face as
she turned and followed Judy and George into the

No. NO. It’s all over. Go home. Leave. It seemed to
take forever for Mike to shuffle over to the door of
his bedroom. When he looked inside he nearly collapsed
in despair. Judy was on her back with legs spread.
Stephanie was kneeling between Judy’s legs lapping at
her cunt. And George. That mother fucking asshole
George was positioned right behind Steph’s open cunt.
Mike watched as George pushed his cock into Stephanie’s
ready cunt. Her cunt bulged slightly then yielded as
George sank his cock into her. He started to move his
hips faster and faster, his cock was like a jackhammer
in Steph’s cunt. She lifted her head up out of Judy’s

“Oh yeah, fuck me. Oh god, fuck me as hard as you can.
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Oh God, I’ve never been fucked like
this before. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop. Oh yeah.”
On and on she encouraged George to fuck her. “Oh fuck
this is good.” Mike staggered back from the door
falling onto the couch. He couldn’t watch any longer.
He hung his head as the minutes wore on. Then he heard
a roar of release, George was cumming. And then there
was silence. Merciful silence. Thank God it’s over.

Mike leaned against the back of the couch waiting for
Judy and George to exit his bedroom. He was so damn
tired. Too tired, too wasted to even be angry. Anger
would be tomorrow. Mike was nearly asleep on his feet
when he heard a female voice say. “C’mon, let’s get him
ready for round two.” Giggles and a groan reached out
to Mike’s ears and he fell deeply asleep.


Stephanie looked up through tear stained eyes. “Why
didn’t you say something the next day?”

“What good would it have done? It was a done deal,
you’d already fucked him. It would just make me look
like an even bigger asshole for letting my wife get
fucked by another man and not being able to do
anything. Plus I didn’t want you to feel like, well you
know. That you were acting like a….”

“Acting like a what Mike? Like a slut? Is that what you
were going to say? I am not a slut you big jerk!”

“Oh I’m the jerk because YOU let some strange guy fuck
you. Christ Stephanie, he wasn’t even wearing a

“What? You fucking asshole. You hypocrite. You are so
fucking full of it Michael, you’re still not telling me
what’s really got you angry at me. No, no, no you
listen to me because it sure didn’t seem to bother you
the next day. You practically fucked me bow-legged.
Shit. For the next two weeks you fucked me every chance
you got. I could hardly bend over in front of you
without you cramming your cock into me. So what the
fuck changed?”

“I don’t know – it just did.”

“Bullshit! I’ll tell you what changed. You started to
think about what you missed out on? You’ve drooled over
Julie and her big tits since the first time you met
her. The chance comes for you to play with them and
you’re too drunk. So now you start brooding about your
missed opportunity. You become the victim instead of
the wasted drunk who couldn’t take advantage of a one
time deal. So now I have to be the slut because you
couldn’t get it up.”

“Bullshit! You never once asked me if I wanted this to
happen. She was your friend. You wanted to go out with
them. You started the fooling around with Julie. You
took his cock in your mouth. And you let him fuck you.”

“Oh! You pathetic prick! Ever since last summer you’ve
been on me to ‘loosen up a little… dress a little
sexier… flirt a bit’. Do the words ‘swing a little’
sound familiar? Well I loosened up and if I loosened up
too quickly, well I’m sorry – for you. But I’m not
sorry for me. You were right I was a little hung up. I
did have issues. I knew I had to change, I wanted to
change. And when the opportunity came I went with it,
because I thought that you loved and trusted me enough
to do this.

“I didn’t care about George then, and I don’t care
about him now. He was a guy with a prick who was with
an old friend. It was a situation that felt safe. Safe
because you were there with me. You were certainly
giving Judy plenty of attention at dinner and dancing
that night. You could hardly tear your eyes away from
her tits. When we were in the ladies room she told me
how hard you were and how she had ground her cunt into
you. She and I agreed to see where the night might go.”

Tears were pouring down Stephanie’s cheeks. “I did it
for you. I did it for us. It was sex Michael. It was
just some fucking sex, pure and simple. I was prepared
to go along with whatever happened. Girl on girl, two
on one, I was ready for anything. And I’d have gladly
stopped at anytime. Because it was just sex Michael, it
was just sex. I didn’t need to have sex with George I’m
not even attracted to him. I did it for you, you God
damn fucking asshole!”

“Oh you did it for me? Funny, I don’t remember
participating. You have a threesome all night long – in
our bed – while I’m in the other room asleep!”

Stephanie sighed as she sat on the edge of the bed.
“You were watching the whole time. You never said ‘no’
or ‘stop’ or anything. I saw you come to the door. When
you were watching me it made me feel so sexy that you
were just watching. I mean, I was prepared to see you
and Julie together, but the fact that you were waiting
and letting me go first.

“It just made me feel very special. When I realized
that you weren’t in the room with us. I mentioned it
Judy and she shrugged. I said, ‘C’mon, let’s get him
ready for round two.’ Judy and I came out to get you
and that was when we found you had passed out
completely. I called it a night and as soon as Julie
and George got dressed they left.”

Mike sat quietly staring at the sheets. “I guess this
is one of those ‘be careful what you wish for’ moments.
I’m sorry Steph. You’re right… about Judy. I did want
to fuck her. And I’d forgotten about all the sex we had
over the next couple of weeks. It was great, you were
great. You are great.”

“So what happened Mike? What changed? How did we end up
like this?”

“I guess it was partly because you were so loud and
enthusiastic that night. Swearing and talking dirty and
stuff. You were like ‘wives gone wild’ or something,
and I wanted that kind of response from you. So I guess
I was trying to fuck you good enough to make you scream
and swear and everything else. But it didn’t happen. I
guess I began to think that George was a better lover
than me.

“Remember some of the stories we read online? You know
the stories about guys who get off as they watch their
wives fuck other guys. How the wives really got off
with other men better then with their husbands. I’d
always thought that those guys were idiots, losers. You
had to be a lousy lay if some stranger could fuck your
wife better than you could? I guess a couple of weeks
later it just hit me, I was one of those losers. It
made me kind of depressed. I didn’t want to lose you.
So the hornier you acted the less I was interested. I
guess I felt your sexiness was all due to him, not me.
I’m sorry.”

“Oh baby.” Stephanie wrapped her arms around him and
kissed he gently all over his face and mouth. “You can
never lose me. I love you too much. Look at me Michael,
I LOVE YOU. Only you, no one else.”

“I love you too. Stephanie I, I…”

Steph stood slowly. “There will only be you, my love.”
She peeled her tee shirt off. “You are mine. You and me
forever, lover, you and me forever.”

She hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts
and slid them slowly over her hips. “I love you more
than you realize.” She stroked her hands up and down
her body, over her breasts, teasing her nipples. She
lifted her leg up and swung it over Mike’s hips. Here
cunt was at eye level. She began to rub her finger
along the seam of her cunt lips. Mike watched as her
lips slowly swelled and turned out. Her slick oil shone
in the morning light and her finger dipped deeper and
deeper inside. Her scent filled the room and Mike found
himself breathing deeply.

Mike leaned forward to taste his wife and she lightly
pushed him back. “You’ll get your chance. This is my
turn.” She backed away and lowered herself onto his
rigid cock. “Watch me fuck you.”

Mike’s eyes were locked on the tip of his cock; he felt
her heat before he felt her wet cunt. His cock twitched
and spasmed as she took hold of it and guided it deep
within her. Slowly she pumped him, working her cunt
muscle to clench and release her captive. She bent
forward until her nipples grazed his skin sending
shockwaves through his body. She changed her motion
from up and down to swiveling round and round. She
danced a wicked hula on his hips, grinding him deeper
inside. Stephanie was on fire as she placed her hands
on his shoulders and lifted her legs so that she was
now squatting on his cock.

The change in angle forced him as deep inside as she
could accommodate. Her cervix was pressing in the tip
of his cock. The extra stimulation was more than Mike
could handle and he began to buck forcefully up into
her. Steph reached down and rubbed her clit furiously,
her hand a blur of motion. Her orgasm slammed into her.
Her tightening cunt triggered Michael and he groan
loudly in release as he spurted repeatedly with each
spasm of his body. She collapsed onto him unable to
support her body. Their breath was ragged and powerful.

“I love you so much, Stephanie, so much.”

“I love you too Michael.”

“I’m so sorry for hurting you. You know I’d do anything
for you. Anything you want.”

Stephanie hummed contentedly. “Anything my sweet?”


She slowly pushed herself up and sat astride him. She
could feel how full she was. She smiled to herself that
she would be leaking his stuff all day. Michael look at
her such with unconditional love, she knew everything
was going to be fine.

“You’re sure about this? Because you’ve been a very bad
boy. Very bad. I’ve been so horny for so long because
you were punishing me. You have no idea how hard this
has been for me.”

“I’m sorry baby, really. What can I do for you to make
it up? Tell what I can do to clean up this mess. I’m so
sorry. Please forgive me.”

“Well, I believe that I just forgave you. And as far as
this mess goes, you are going to clean it up all by

“Great! What do you want me to do?”

“Clean up this mess.” And Stephanie lifted off his soft
cock standing above him. Mike looked up in awe at her
freshly fucked cunt. His sperm was glistened on her
thighs. It looked like a big dollop of cum was about to
leak out when Stephanie bent her legs and mashed her
cunt over his open mouth. That big dollop was followed
by others that filed Mike’s mouth as he swallowed and
licked. He began to clean her with a greedy eagerness.

“My, my, my. Look what got all hard.” Mike shuddered as
he felt Steph grip his re-erect cock. “I’m not sure
I’ve ever seen you recover this fast.” She got off of
Mike and knelt beside him. He turned his head to look
at her, his face and mouth glazed with his own
ejaculate. She licked his face clean.

“Guess I’ll just have to put this to work Michael. Do
me from behind.”

Mike moved quickly behind her. His hard cock was
positioned and he slid easily into her wet cunt.
“Ohhhhhhhhhhh.” She rocked her pelvis up and down
working him still deeper inside. Steph spread her knees
wider, this lower her hips and changed the angle of
penetration. She looked back over her shoulder. “Fuck
me as hard and as fast as you can baby.” Mike did.

Sweat was pouring off of him as he relentlessly pounded
Stephanie’s fiery cunt. Whimpers became moans became
exhortations for more of the same. “Fuck me Michael,
fuck me. Oh god. Oh, don’t stop. Keep fucking me with
that big cock. Oh. Oh. I gonna, I’m gonna. Ahhhhhh!”
Her screams rent the air as Mike felt his cock swell
and spasm. His own cries of release echoed hers. They
collapsed onto the bed.

“I love you so much Michael.”

“I love you Stephanie. I’m really sorry, sweetheart.
You mean everything to me, everything.”

“I feel the same way, baby.” They cuddled quietly
gazing into each others eyes.

“Uh-oh. What are you thinking Steph?” Mike had seen a
change in her expression – a mischievous change.
“C’mon, out with it. No secrets.”

Steph dropped her eyes slightly. “I had a naughty
thought. I’m sorry. Just forget about it.” And she
rolled over onto her side pushing her back into his

“I can’t forget about it unless I know what I’m
supposed to forget. C’mon Steph, give it up.” Mike
reached his hand between her thighs and pressed a
finger into her cum soaked cunt. “C’mon.” As he sought
a better angle for his hand his limp cock pressed wetly
into the crack of her butt.

“It’s nothing really. It’s just that I really wanted to
see you and Julie together that night. I was really
turned on by the idea of you two doing it. I was just
wondering if you’d like to give round two a go sometime

“Wasn’t that just round two or am I miscounting?”

“No. I mean the ‘other round two’. Would you like me to
invite Julie to come over?” She paused. “And play with
both of us. You know – that round two.”

Mike’s mouth hung open but before he could close it to
speak a different part of his anatomy responded more

“I thought so.” Steph wiggled her butt against a
suddenly very hard cock. She reached for the phone and

“Hey Jules. It’s me. Mmhhmmm – much better.” She
reached down and held Mike’s cock in her hand. “Mike
is interested in round two.” Mike felt his cock twitch.
“Oh yes, he’s definitely ready.” Another twitch was
joined to an involuntary moan. “This Friday night – OK.

Steph looked Mike straight in the eye.

“You understand it’s just this once.” Mike nodded.

“You won’t pester me about doing this again.” Mike
shook his head hoping his eyes wouldn’t betray his true

“Just this once – and that’s it” Mike nodded again.

Stephanie looked down as she slowly stroked his hard

“Because if we did do it again, after this Friday,”
Steph paused then looked Mike straight in the eyes.
“I’m afraid that I’d have to insist on calling someone
in for my own repeat performance.” And before Mike
could respond his cock pulsed and spasmed as he came on
her hand.

Stephanie smiled sweetly as she licked her hand clean.

“Oh my, I think we’ve ‘cum’ to an understanding here.
Don’t you agree honey?”

Mike nodded trying hard not to smile too much.

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