Pimped By a Stripper


Oh my god… have I got a story to tell and I can just imagine the many sleepless nights and erotic dreams it is going to cause me for the rest of my life. First let me tell you that I now have a female friend (mistress?) who has encourged me into exploring my more feminine side. She has gone shopping with me, taken me to have a spa day (nails, facial, hair and makeup), even gotten me to go out for a girls night out with her a few of her girlfriends. Now until I met her I had never really thought about dressing in women’s clothes, even though I have always been bisexual. I have always considered myself to be masculine, I am 6’5″ tall, weigh 200 lbs., and have always had plenty success with the ladies, but she conviced me to give it a try and I have been hooked ever since.

I met her at her job as a stripper and we immediately hit it off and she noticed my submissive nature right away and we were having a great time when she made a comment about me dressing up for her. I told her that I did not consider myself as a transvestite or a crossdresser and that I thought that I would make a very unattractive female. She argued that with my high cheek bones, pretty blue eyes, and longish hair I would make a very pretty girl. I just smiled and blew it off, but that night I started to think about it and became more intrigued. The next day I went to go see her again at the club and she came up to me and said “There’s my pretty girl,” and I have to say I liked it, after sitting with her a while she told me that if I wanted to spend any more time with her I would have to go with her into the boutique there in the club and buy some new clothes, I thought about it for a while and agreed. We went into the boutique and she picked out a bra and panty set that was pink and light green lacy trim, along with a red garter belt and red fishnet stockings which she instructed me to go into the mens room and put on for her. Which I did, although with my outer clothing no one else could not tell, and I spent the rest of the evening wearing these items while watching her dance for other men.

Flash forward to a little over a month ago, July 25th, and she calls me up and tells me that there is going to be a “Hell Party” at the club that night and she wants me to go shopping with her and another girl(a waitress named Holley) for the party. So, I go and pick them up and we went a store that specializes in dancer ware. While there she picked up an outfit for the night and them we started to look for something for me to wear. We got me a new corset, red silk panties, padded panties to wear over the silk one, padded bra(C cup), and super sexy red mini-dress. She and I then went into the dressing room so I could try them on, I loved the feel of the silk and the way my body looked with the corset, and padded bar and panties on, so I walked out of the dressing room with them all on and went to pay for them. The slaes girl said I looked very pretty but I had to do something about the body hair and my girl said that’s ok we are…Next we went to a friend of hers that does waxing and I got a full body wax, which she paid for because she said I was being such a good girl. We then went to the salon and got our nails and makeup done, I have to say I have never felt so sexy in my life then I did right then. Then she surprised me with a beautiful wig with long dark black wavy hair. We then went back to her apartment to get ready for the party at the club. She was going as a demon and also gave me a little bit more of a disguse so that I could be a succubus, so here I was with the black hair, black eye shadow, blood red lip stick, and makeup to make me even more pale then I already am, little red horns in my wig, red mini-dress, red fishnet stocking, with the corset and padded bra and panties, and one last final surprise…she had bought me a pair of thigh high red leather boots with a 3 inch heel off the internet…holy shit did I look like a slut in the outfit, but I felt so sexy that I could not wait to get to the club.

When we get there she led me into the VIP section while she went to put on the finishing touches to her outfit. While sitting by myself in the VIP section I had a gentleman come over and ask if I was working that night and I shook my head because I was not confident in my girlly voice, but he wanted to buy me a drink anyway so I did my best and I guess it was good enough and ordered a appletini, Venessa(my friend) came out and was so happy that I had made a friend and she asked him if he wanted a dance…and if he paid a little extra that I would help make it even more enjoyable. He smiled and said that sounds great and so she told him to sit next to me on the couch and she began to dance for him. While dancing for him she took my hand and placed it on his hardening cock and told me to stroke it. She then asked him if he wanted to cum, he said yes, and she then said that a hand job in his pants from me would be an extra $25.00, out of his pants $40.00, a blow job $65.00 and if he wanted me to swallow $75.00. I couldn’t believe that she said this, here she was pimping me out in the back of a strip club and it was all I could do not to cum in my new panties right there. Well he pulled out a $100.00 bill and said that if it was good enough I could keep it and handed her the money. She got out of my way and I got on my knees and begain to stroke his cock as I looked him in the eye, she started to say that I really was just a whore and I could not get enough cock and that I would do it for free if she would let me, he just laughed and said that he know it the minute he saw me. With that he grabs the back of my head and starts to force me onto his cock, it looks so beautiful as it is approaching my lips, he wasn’t that big(probably only about 5 inches) but it was shaved and was just a real pretty cock. I think that has always been my downfall, I am not that attracted to men, but I just love the way a hard cock looks, especially up close. I start to lick the tip and it feels and tastes fantastic…sadly he is not a patient man and he forces his cock into my mouth and sarts to face fuck me. I get the whole thing in my mouth and continue to work on him when I feel him start to tighten up and Nessa starts to tell me not to spill any and I am determined not to miss a drop. He dumps a hugh load, he later tells us that it has been almost a week since he has cum, but I am able to swallow it all and he tell me I deserve every penny. Nessa just looks around and laughs, when he walks away she lets me know that I am to be her little whore tonight and that if I am lucky she may give me some of the money that she makes. Hell if I do a good enough job she may even have some of the other girls use me too. At this point I am both scared and excited…she then tells me that she is going to get me a shot, but only girly shots so that I am drunk and willing and she comes back with two vodka and cranberry shots and tells me to drink them both.

Next, she tells me that I have to go into the managers office and teake care of them so that we can keep this little enterprise going. So, I am led into the managers office and all three managers are in there and she asked if I was ready for this…I could only smile at the thought of these three really hot guys. The first one pulled out his big cock and said “get your slut ass over here and suck on this beauty” and out came a gorgeous piece of manmeat that I couldn’t wait to get my hands and lips on. I dropped down to my knees and took his semi erect tool in my hands and just held it for a while as I admired its beauty. I could feel it pulsate and throb in my hands and then I slowly began to lick the shaft as I caressed his balls. I then took the head into my lips and gently licked the tip, as I felt his dick get harder. I am getting really, really excited right now and Nessa sees that I have a unslightly bulge under my mini-dress so she tells me to stop sucking Larry and stand up, she then lifts up my dress and pulls down my panties and puts a triple cock ring, one around all of my equipment, one around my balls, and the last one around my cock and then she tucks in between my legs out of the way and she replaces my panties and tells me to get back to work on that cock. I get back on my knees and go back to work…God I love this cock, to be honest I think about it all the time, I would suck it everynight if they wanted me to. Larry grabs the back of my head and says that I am taking to long and slams his big cock all the way down my throat, I do even have a chance to gag he does it so quick and then I am working it without any help from him because I want it so fucking much. At this time Will decides that he want a piece of my ass-pussy and come over behind me, Nessa gives him a condom and then lifts my skirt and lowers my panties again then she lubes me up and tells him not to gentle, she want to hear me groan even with Larry’s 8 inch cock in my mouth. Will grabs my hips, puts his head against my hole and shoves it in, thankfully he is not as big as Larry, but he still feels huge, so here I am with one in my mouth and one in my ass. God, I felt so sexy and horny at this point and I just can not wait for them to cum. About this time Larry is really starting to breath heaving and I can feel him start to tense up so I start to work him even faster and got the reward I was looking, he grabbed the back of my head agian and forced all the way in again and came straight down my throat and I was able to swallow all of it. Then I looked up and Nessa was stroking Jason’s hard cock and asked me if I was ready for the last manager…I could only smile and tried to reach out for his hardon, but Will was holding on to my hips to tight and Nessa just laughed at me and told me I would have to beg for this cock I wanted it. So, between grunts for the awesome fucking I was receiving I groaned out how badly I wanted to suck on his cock and how I wanted to swallow all of his hot cum. Let just say that Will’s cock was doing wonders in my ass and on my prostate. Well, Nessa then led Jason over and fed me his 7 inch cock and I started to lick up and down the shaft as she continued to jack him off, I then moved down to his balls while she lifted his cock up and out of the way. She was telling me to get both of those big boys in my mouth and suck on them. I work on Jason’s balls all the while Will was fucking my ass and I thought my eyes were going to roll back into my head. Then Will annouced that he was about to cum and Nessa told me to turn around and let him cum in my mouth, so Will pulls out yanks off the condom and sticks his dick in my mouth, this is the first time I have seen his cock and honestly it was the least impressive of the managers probably about 6 inches and not that thick, well it only takes about two or three bobs of my head before he blasts off and fills my mouth with some of the most delicious cum I have ever tasted (I later find out that he is a vegetarian and eats an abundent amount of fruit and it really helped make his cum sweet) and I missed a little but licked it up immediately. I then turn back around and start back to work on Jason, but sadly he is so primed by Nessa working on him that he blows his load very quickly and I actually upset Nessa quite a lot by missing quite a bit of his cum. She lets me know that I am going to have to do better with the customers or I am not going to get any of the money.