Maid Teaches her Charge

I’m 18 years old and have never been laid; all I have been doing is jacking off and thinking of what it would feel like fucking a girl. It’s Monday morning and I have no school, I was lying in my bed stroking my cock with my eyes closed when I was startled be the maid telling me breakfast was ready. Jun was standing in the doorway watching me play with myself when all of a sudden she smiled and left the room.

Jun is from the Philippines and stands 4’8”, slender, 26 years old, and has been working for my family for 3 years. I have never thought of her in a sexual way before, but that has changed as of today when she saw me stroking myself. When I entered the dinning room and sat down Jun brought me my food and asked why I was doing what I was doing when she walked into my room. I told her that I have never been laid, I don’t know what it feels like to make love to a girl; I told her I have been on dates, but all the girls I have dated, none of them wanted to do anything, and I would always come home with a case of blue balls, so I would jack off for relief.

I’m sorry you caught me stroking myself this morning. Jun said that it was OK. She went on to say that she had three brothers that she had caught doing the same thing and the even asked if I would like to do it for them. I said no and I was going to tell mom. They grabbed me and took off my shorts and panties and each one fucked me in turn and told me that if I told mom they would make me sorry I did. I never told and every time they caught me alone they would fuck me which I began to enjoy. They even taught me to suck their cocks and swallow their cum. The night before I left to come here they each fucked me and I had to suck them off, so you see what you were doing only made me want to help.

Jun pulled out one of the chairs and told me to stand up and when I did she noticed I had a hard on, she told me to stand in front of her and drop my pants and shorts. She put her hand on my cock and stroked it then put the head in her mouth and using her tongue she brought me to a climax within seconds, I groaned and held onto the table as she took every shot of cum in her mouth and swallowed, she kept sucking and the sensations were such that I had to pulled free of her mouth and then I bent over and kissed her, she opened her mouth and accepted my tongue and I was able to taste my own cum. I thanked her for what she had done and told her that was my first blowjob, she smiled and told me to go back to my room and wait.

I had removed my pants and shorts in the dinning room so when I got to my bedroom I removed my T shirt and lay on the bed waiting. Ten minutes later Jun appeared and took off her uniform, bra and panties allowing me to see her lovely body, her tits were round and firm and her pussy had peach fuse around the top. She took my hand and placed it so she could guide my fingers where she wanted them; she took one finger and placed in on her clit telling me that rubbing this spot would get any girl very excited. Then she moved my finger down to the opening of her pussy and told me to insert it into her cunt, as I did, she said I could feel that her pussy was wet and my finger slid in without any problems, she started moving my finger in and out telling me that this is what is called finger fucking.

After a couple of minutes of fingering her, she pulled my hand away and straddled me, she told me that since I was so big she would control the depth as she has never experienced a cock as big as mine. On her knees she started inserting my dick in her pussy and as soon as the head entered I shot my load and said OH Shit!! Jun I’m sorry. She smiled and continued sliding her pussy down my cock, telling me not to worry she knew it would happen that way, but I was young and would recover quickly, which I did.

Jun began moving back and forth causing sensations to surge through my body, but I maintained, all of a sudden she grabbed my sides and sat all the way down on my cock and didn’t move, she had closed her eyes and started squeezing my sides real hard and moaned. After a couple of minutes she began her movement again and looked at me and told me that she had cum and now she was going to make me cum.

She started moving faster and faster back and forth telling me how good I felt buried deep in her pussy and the next thing I knew she was grabbing my sides again and closing her eyes and moaning, I knew she had cum again. I could not believe my first piece of pussy and I was holding out Cumming because of the wonderful feeling I was experiencing, but that didn’t last long, she began doing things with her pussy that brought forth my cum and when I blasted my first shot she grabbed my sides again and came with me. As we finished she leaned forward and rested her head on my shoulder, I could feel her tits on my chest and that only caused me to get another erection. I was still buried inside Jun and she also noticed and told me that I would have to wait and lifted herself off my cock.

After a couple of minutes she rolled on her side and reached for my cock wrapping her hand around him and began stroking him as she asked how did I enjoy my first pussy? I told her that I wanted her to teach me how to make love to a woman. She said OK and told me to kiss her like I would a girl I had on a date; we lay there kissing then she told me to start kissing her neck and move toward her breast, as I was doing this she pushed my head on to one of her breast and told me to take the nipple in my mouth and suck on it like a baby, and I want you to take your hand and move it to my pussy and begin playing with my clit, rub it back and forth and up and down. As I was rubbing her clit and sucking her nipple she grabbed the back of my head and arched her body and let out a soft moan.

When she finished Cumming she released my head and dropped her body back on the bed. She told me that I was a quick learned but there was much more to experience, that’s when she started pushing my head towards her pussy telling me that if ever a girl gives you a blowjob, you should always reciprocate by eating her pussy, and that is what I will teach you to do now. First off I want you to get close and take a good look at my pussy, now I will raise my legs so you will have better access, take your tongue and stick it in my hole, move it around, now pull free and lick my clit, only this time I want your to move your tongue back and forth and up and down on my clit, feel how hard it’s getting?

Yes! Keep going and each time you cross it apply a little pressure with your tongue, now take your finger and insert it in my hole and while you lick my clit move your finger in and out of my pussy. As I continued doing what she had instructed me to do she told me to remove my fingers and start sucking her pussy, as I stuck my tongue in she arched her back and came, I sucked her Juices’ and swallowed every drop till she feel back on the bed and began pushing me away. She patted the bed beside her and told me come there, as I lay beside her she threw an arm across my chest and told me that there was much more to learn but for now we have to rest.

OH don’t worry I will not leave you hanging, and with this she took my cock in her mouth and this time I lasted much longer, enough so that Jun came while sucking me off, and I came shortly after. After we had finished she got up put her uniform back on and kissed me both on the mouth and my cock, before leaving. After she left I thought WOW!! Wait till I tell the guys that I’m not a virgin anymore, that I fucked the maid, they will be so jealous.

Jun called me to lunch and sat with me, she told me that no matter what I was not to tell anyone what we did, for one thing I would have to leave here, and second I could go to jail for rape of a16 year old, do you understand? I know your all excited and want to tell your friends that you are no longer a virgin, but you have to understand one thing, if you spread the word that you fucked so and so, then no girl will ever give you any pussy again, because they can not trust you to keep you mouth shut. You need to remember this, “Fuck them but never talk about what you did or who you did, keep that to yourself so you can return for seconds”.

I gave what she said some serious thought and determined she was right, if I bragged about whom I fucked then I would be loosing instead of gaining.

Later Jun came to my room and told me that it was time for another lesson; she stripped and got on the bed on all fours telling me to get behind her and lick her pussy and ass till she was nice and wet. Once I did this she told me to stick my cock in and fuck her. As I slid my cock in she started moaning ever so softly and when I began fucking her she began moving her body back to meet my thrust. She lowered her head and shoulders to the bed and with her hands she grabbed the edge of the bed pulling the sheets and blankets, she was Cumming.

In a very soft voice she told me to keep fucking till I came. As I was pounding her pussy she came three more times before I came, when I came I grabbed her hip and burying my dick deep as I could go. Jun fell forward sliding off my cock and lay there panting and trying to regain her normal breathing, I fell to her side and placed my arm over her back and went about kissing the side of her face, she rolled towards me and we kissed and cuddled for several minutes before she rose and went to the bathroom to clean herself. I rolled on my back thinking of what I had and if I bragged I could loose everything.

When Jun returned she had a face cloth and set about cleaning my dick telling me that any time we were alone she would take care of me, but you must also keep this a secret from the rest of the family, I know you will want to tease me by rubbing my ass or feeling my breast when the family is around, but you have to restrain yourself and remember that’s only when we are alone, do you understand? I shook my head yes and placed my arms around her waist and kissed her between her tits, I kissed her right nipple and said “I”, then I went between her tits and said “thank”, then the left nipple and said “You”. Jun picked up my head and kissed me long and hard, got dressed remade the bed and said; remember what I‘ve told you and left.

The next day at school I flirted with several girls and made arrangements for a date for Friday night with Sally a girl in my class. When I got home from school I told Jun about having a date with Sally for Friday and she said; remember what I’ve taught you and also remember if you score don’t tell your friends. Later that night after the folks went to bed Jun slipped into my room and we made love tenderly till we both came. She told me that I still had a lot to learn and the next time the folks were gone she would teach me.

It went like this for the rest of the week Jun slipping in my room and making love to each other. On Friday night I picked up Sally and we went to the local hangout then went parking at lookout point. As we started necking I took charge and administered what I had learned and the next thing I knew she was feeling my cock through my pants. I unzipped and pulled my cock out which she wrapped her hand around and started jerking me off, I pulled up her T-shirt and was kissing the tops of her breasts, then I lifted her bra and went for her nipples this brought on moans of pleasure from deep within her body.

I stopped kissing her tits and started kissing my way down to her pussy, when I reached her shorts, I unbuttoned them and she helped me remove them along with her panties. I went back to kissing and licking her belly till I reached what I was after, when I stuck a finger in her pussy and hit her clit with my tongue she bucked and moaned that much louder. She held my head in place telling me not to stop then all of a sudden she bucked up and came all over my face and some went in my mouth which I drank with reverence. As she settled down I stared to climb between her legs and fuck her when she stopped me and told me that she would suck me off but would not fuck me. I sat back down in my seat and she leaned over and took me in her mouth and set about sucking him.

She raised her head and said she would let me cum in her mouth but she would not swallow, and went back to sucking. When I came she was true to her word she collected cum in her mouth then when she had all of it she rolled down the window and spit it out. As we got dressed I ask why she would not swallow my love Juices’ and she told me that she was afraid she would get pregnant.

I laughed and told her that the only way you could get pregnant is if I had fucked you with out a rubber, then you run the chance of getting pregnant. Sally I want you to go home and read chapter 6 of our Biology book and I will pick you up tomorrow night around 7, we’ll go to the drive in movie. I took her home and kissed her good night saying I’ll see you tomorrow. When I got home and took a shower, Jun snuck in my room and I told her how the evening went, she smiled and asked if there was any left for her. We made love ever so tenderly just like she taught me to do.

The next evening I picked up Sally at 7 and we headed for the drive in theater and I parked on one of the back rows, we crawled in the back of the Van where I had an inflatable bed. I showed Sally the box of Rubbers and told her to put one on my cock, as she rolled it down my dick, she said she read the chapter and was sorry about last night; she asked if she could put another rubber on making it two instead of Just one, I told her to go ahead. Once the rubbers were in place we started necking and as I opened each button on her blouse I kissed the exposed flesh when I reached her shorts I slid them off along with her panties and spread her legs for easy access to her pussy with my tongue.

As I started licking her cunt she began wiggling and bucking in an attempt to get more of my tongue inside her pussy. I stopped licking rose up and inserted my dick which brought her wide eyed and one hell of a moan, as I moved in and out of her cunt she grabbed me and was holding on with all her might. I pulled free and grabbed her legs and placed them on my shoulders and drove my cock home, with her legs up I was able to go deeper then before. Sally was biting her arm to keep from screaming, all of sudden she flopped both of her fists on the floor and opened her mouth to scream, I placed my hand over her mouth to muffle her scream as she was Cumming. When she had settled down I pulled free of her cunt and lay next to her cuddling; when she thanked me for being her first and making it an enjoyable experience she would never forget, I looked at the rubbers still on my dick and saw blood, OMG!!! Sally was a virgin and I broke her Cherry.

After I dropped Sally off at her house I went home. Jun met me at the door and told me that my parents would be gone and won’t be back till Wednesday or Thursday, one of my Uncles pass away and they felt they couldn’t take you out of school since this is finals. I asked which Uncle and she told me that it was Uncle Bob on your mothers side. That means you’re in charge and I’m supposed to do everything you say, right? Jun smiled and nodded her head yes.

Now I want you to get undressed and start the shower while I lock up and then I will join you. I did as I was told and as the water cascaded over my body I felt like a king, but that didn’t last long. Jun came in and put her arms around my neck and her body tight against mine causing me to get a hard-on, She reach down grabbed it and bent it so it was between us. We were kissing and then she got the soap and began washing my body paying close attention to my dick and balls, then she handed me the soap and I did the same to her. She looked me in the eyes and said time for another lesson, she turned and bent over reached behind her grabbed my cock and positioned it at the entrance to her asshole and told me to push, when the head popped in she told me to be still, a few seconds later she began pushing back taking more of my cock inside, when I was in as deep as I could go she told me to fuck her.

As I began fucking her she moaning with regularity and saying; OH MY God!! I forgot just how good this feels. I kept fucking her and then she screamed; OH Fuck!! I’m Cumming! I thought butt fucking is fantastic, I love it. As I kept fucking her ass she kept telling me every time she came, then after her sixth time she pulled free and slid to her knees holding onto the wall. I helped her up and turned her around and held her till she regained her strength. I kissed her forehead, her eyes, and then her lips still holding on to her. She reached over and shut the water off and we dried off and naked we walked arm in arm to my bedroom. Once we were in bed cuddling she reached for my cock and told me that I was a very good student and if I continue I will earn the title of “Cocks-man”.

We made love and when I came she came with me, letting me flood her pussy with cum, as I released her and rolled over she didn’t get up, she just lay there and we went to sleep in each others arms. The next morning at breakfast I told Jun about my date with Sally and everything that transpired. As I was speaking I saw the look on Jun’s face, she was sad, when asked what was wrong, she told me that she was really sorry but she has fallen in love with me and knowing that I’m out fucking other girls hurts. She also said that she knew she had no claim to me so when you go out don’t tell me about your date, and I will tell you this; I will continue fucking you when ever the chance arises. What made me sure that I loved you was the ass fucking you gave me last night, I have never came as much as I did yesterday.

After breakfast I left for school and when I saw Sally with her girlfriends and when they saw me walking in they broke up and walked away. As I went from class to class nobody came up to me and spoke, but when I went to my History class, Jenny one of Sally’s friends sat next to me, and when the class was half over Jenny slipped me a note which I put in my pocket for later. History was my last class so I went to my Van and sat and read the note, it read; Bradley, pick me up tonight and I promise if I don’t make you cum with my pussy I will with my mouth and Baby I swallow. 7PM and don’t be late.

When I got home I sat at the head of the table and told Jun to sit in front of me on the table, when she sat down I pulled up her uniform and pulled down her panties, I could smell the delicate scent coming from her pussy, I bent my head and began licking and sucking her clit wanting her to cum and flood my mouth. She began to wiggle and squirm and then she arched her body and a flood of cum shot forth straight into my mouth. I held her tight as she was trying to twist away from me but all she was doing was making me more determined to bring forth another cum, and it happened. After her last cum she lay shaking and crying, I helped her up and kissed her tears away as she held on.

I asked her if it would be alright if I went to the hangout with the guys for awhile, I didn’t have any homework and I promise I will be in early. She told me to be in by ten, kissed me and said she might have a surprise for me if I was a good boy. I smiled, wiped my mouth and left. I was at Jenny’s at 7 and we went straight to lookout point. As I drove Jenny asked if I could drive with one hand, sure, then give me the other one which she ran under her skirt and let me feel her naked pussy, I told her to spread her legs and when she did I hit her clit and began massaging it to the point that she grabbed my hand and held it still as she bent forward and yelled; I’m Cumming!! OH Fuck Brad!! We were almost at lookout point when she pushed my hand away and got in the back, stripped and told me to hurry.

I found a nice secluded spot and parked, locked the doors and crawled in back, got on my knees and took my dick out so she could see what she was going to get, she looked and said; OH Fuck Brad, I don’t know if I can take all of that, you are huge. I slipped the head in and she began screaming; it’s too big Brad! She was tight but I kept pushing and as each inch made its way in she would scream; Jesus Brad it hurts, but I kept pushing, I was half way in when she began fighting me so I pulled out and lay beside her. After she stopped crying she reached for my cock and said I don’t even know if I can get this meat in my mouth, but I will try, and she took the head and only the head in her mouth and began running her tongue all around and stroking the shaft with her hands. As I approached my climax I let Jenny know that I was Cumming and to get ready, she placed her lips over the opening and that’s when I started shooting, one after the other, but the bitch had taken her mouth off my cock so I was shooting in the air.

When I finished she told me that she was sorry but she never though I was as big as I was and that I would only shot a little cum not flood the place. I cleaned myself up as best as could, took her home and went home. When I walked in I rushed to my room took off my clothes and lay on the bed. Jun came in and asked what was wrong. I told her, the girls at school can’t handle the size of my cock, they tease till they see it and then they back away. Jun what am I going to do?

Jun took off her clothes and lay beside me wrapping her arms around my shoulders and I lay my head on her chest. She told me not to worry I would find someone who will not only be able to take what I carry but will surely be able to satisfy me sexually. In the mean time I’ll take care of you, now go to sleep mommy is right here. Since I was so close to her tits I moved my head the inch I needed to take her nipple in my mouth and suck. My hand made its way south and found her pussy and clit, as I sucked and stimulated her pussy she began arching her body and came. As she settled down she rolled me on my back and straddled my body and proceeded to fuck me, I pushed on her chest placing her in an upright position and as she began her back and forth movements, I went for her clit; massaged her clit made she screamed: OH Fuck!! OH Fuck!! Hang on I’m Cumming!!

She grabbed my sides and her head came forward as she squirted cum all over my chest, when her first shot hit I grunted and flooded her pussy with cum, so much that cum was running out and down my cock. Jun feel forward and lay there panting, I was panting also as I wrapped my arms around her and we feel asleep in each others arms. I woke the next morning with Jun on her knees giving me a blowjob, I thought, so you want to play this way, I wet two fingers and charged forward sticking the two wet ones in her ass and the other two in her pussy, as I was playing she was moaning and wiggling her ass back and forth, I kept up the movement when she pulled free of my cock and said; OH MY GOD!!! I’m Cumming!!! In the middle of her climax she jerked free swung around and climbed over me and jammed my dick in her ass, and said; Fuck Me!! Flood my ass with cum!! I pushed up hard and unloaded cum straight up her ass canal to her bowels.

When we finished she released my cock from her ass looked me in the eyes and Said; don’t worry about those dumb girls at school you have all the pussy and ass you’ll ever need or desire right here, any time you want it.

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