One happy family , One lucky man


Jennifer was sent off to bed right after “The X-Files” went off. Candy
switched over to “20/20”.

Janie yawned, saying that she was tired, and ready to go to bed. As she got
up and headed to our room, Judy also got up. I glanced down the hall and
noticed that both of them went into our bedroom.

Candy snuggled up next to me on the sofa, laying her head over on my
shoulder. She was on my left, and she swung her left hand over into my lap.

As we watched Barbara Walters and Hugh Downs, her hand inched up my thigh,
until her fingertips were brushing against my balls.

She lifted her head from my shoulder and turned her face to me, smiling. I
kissed her, then getting into the kiss, I pulled her around to an embrace.
Her hand moved up my groin, pressing against my cock, which was coming to
life again.

My tongue reached deeply into her mouth as she fumbled with my zipper,
finally working it open, allowing my now-erect penis to pop out. She gripped
my cock in her hand, working the head with her thumb as we kissed.

She broke the kiss, and with one hand on my cock, reached for the remote
control, turning off the television. “The hell with that,” she said.

She stood up, and since my cock was still tightly gripped, I stood up too.
Candy started down the hallway toward her room, using my cock like a
pull-toy, pulled me along behind her.

She closed the door behind us, and turned, taking me in her arms with another
deep, wet kiss. I reached behind her, and unfastened the button on her
skirt, whereupon it dropped to the floor. I wrapped my hands around her
panty-covered asscheeks, pulling her as close as possible to me.

Breaking the kiss, gasping for breath, Candy whispered, “Let’s go to bed!”

She clicked off the light, and in the dim light filtering in from outdoors, I
saw her pull off her tee-shirt and panties and climb into the bed. I
stripped off my clothes and slid in beside her.

I kissed her face, then worked my way down her chest until I reached her
gloriously long nipples, drawing first one, then the other into my mouth,
swirling my tongue around them until they stuck out on the globes of her
breasts like little missiles. Turning my body as I went, I kissed on down
her belly, drawing my tongue down her navel, plowing my nose through her dark
pubic hair, reaching the damp slit between her legs.

She lifted her knees to give me more room, opening her slit to me as I
plunged my tongue deeply into her pussy, tasting the sweet honey of her
pussy. She gripped my cock, pulling it toward her mouth, as I moved back up
to her hooded clit.

Sucking my cock deeply into her mouth, she gasped as I pushed my fingers into
her cunt, pushing upward on the inside of her vaginal wall, finding the
familiar spot that made her shiver and shake.

As I sucked on her hood and clit, I pushed a fingertip against her g-spot
until she writhed under me. She released my cock from her mouth, gasping,
“I’m going to come, I’m coming…. Aaaaaaaaooooooooohhhhhhhhhh!”

She arched her back, pulling her clit away from my mouth, clamping her legs
together on my hand, holding it in place. I continued to wiggle my finger
within her pussy, as her cunt clamped down on my fingers in the throes of her

As the contractions diminished, she released my hand, and sat up. I met her
sitting position, and she kissed me, licking her own juices from my face.

She grabbed me and lay back, pulling me on top of her. I maneuvered between
her legs, and my cock slid into her pussy. She wrapped her feet behind my
knees, and as I moved my hips, thrusting into her, she met each thrust with
one of her own.

I was nearing orgasm. She sensed it, and stopped moving, releasing her hold
on my knees.

“Wait,” she said, “I want you to come in my ass.”

I pulled back, slipping out of her pussy, and sat back. She pulled her legs
up, turned over, and stuck her ass up in front of me. I placed my cock,
still slippery with her juices at the entrance to her pink rosebud anus.

She pushed back against me, and my cock slid easily into her ass. It was
tight, and it was warm. Candy moaned, and moved forward, and back, fucking
herself in the ass with my dick.

“Hold it,” I said, catching her ass, “I’m about to come.”

She pushed back, impaling herself deeply on my cock, squeezing her sphincter
muscles around my shaft. I came, pumping out another load of semen into her
tight hole. I fell forward upon her, and she collapsed onto the bed, my cock
still held firmly in her ass.

“Roll over,” she said softly, “but leave it in if you can…”

We rolled over onto our sides, my cock still inside her, and I pulled a sheet
over us. I held her close, one hand on her breast and nipple.

My cock slipped softly out of her ass, deflated. She giggled. “Well, was
that worth at least a chapter?”


85: “All Good Things…”

[1994] [tt2/20]

Janie scanned through the story on the computer screen. “I see that you’re
planning this to be the last posting for a while.”

“Yeah. I’m tapped out.”

“You said that last time.”

“But after I posted the last story in the first series, I kept remembering
stuff I should have written about.” I stepped up behind her, and looked at
what she was currently reading. It was the Star Trek dream.

“Did you really have this dream?”

“Yes, I did. Exactly like that. I’ve been wanting to develop it into a
story for the Trekkie porn forum, but I couldn’t make it gel; there was no
conclusion to it. I had to tell it like I did; a dream; a part of a
present-day fantasy.”

“Fascinating.” Janie arched her eyebrow, Spock fashion.

I laughed.

“What are you going to do for the last story?”

“I’ve got an idea, but I’m open to suggestions. You have any ideas?”

“Maybe.” A small smile passed over her face, a lusty spark glittered in her

We heard the telephone ring, but knew that Jennifer would answer it; she’s
getting a lot of calls now that she’s going on thirteen.

Janie slipped her hands down and raised her skirt, and shifted forward in the
swivel chair. I knelt down in front of the chair, and kissed her knees, and
then, alternating thighs, kissed my way up to her black-pantied crotch. I
diddled her slit with my chin through her panties, and she leaned farther
back, lifting her hips slightly, and pulled the panties down from under her
butt. I sat back, and pulled the panties on down her legs.

She parted her knees again, and I leaned back to her pussy, slipping my
tongue down her slit, past her clit and into the entrance to her pussy.

Janie was starting to moan as a knock sounded at the door.


I wiped my face as I got up to go to the door. Janie dropped her skirt down
over her knees.

I opened the door. Jennifer said, “The phone’s for you.”

“Thanks, Honey.”

I went back to the computer desk and picked up the phone.

It was Val. But she was crying. Sam had gone to work this morning and had
keeled over at his desk. Heart attack. He had always been overweight since
I had known him, and he smoked like a chimney.

And now he was gone.

We all went to the funeral; as I write this, it’s about a week since we got
back. Val was very upset while we were there, but she appreciated the fact
that we all made the journey.

I know, it’s a downer ending a series this way. It’s a downer for us, too.
But life is like that. Just as you think things couldn’t be better,
something happens to bring you back to reality.

But Val has kept in almost constant contact with us since we’ve been back.
She says she has nothing to keep her there where she had lived with Sam for
30-plus years; Veronica is living in Kansas, and Val hates Kansas. Too flat.
She’s considering moving to our city, to be near friends she loves.I worked late that night. There was a discrepancy in some data that I was
chunking through the computer that had to be resolved before I could find a
way to escape. When I pulled into the garage, the house was dark.

I didn’t bother with lights as I went into the house. That’s dangerous in a
house where there were four women who might decide to rearrange the
furniture, but I could see well enough just from the lights filtering in from
the street outside.

I went into Jennifer’s room and kissed her forehead, pulling her covers up
around her. She won’t let me “tuck her in” anymore; she’s growing up so
damned fast. But I still go in after she’s asleep and do it anyway.

Judy’s door was open as I passed it. I glanced in. She was not there.
Candy’s door was closed. I headed for the bathroom, then went to my room.

I eased the door open, and closed it behind me. The shades were pulled, the
room was in nearly complete darkness. Even though my eyes were adjusted to
the semi-darkness of the rest of the house, I could see nothing. I undressed
and slid into “my side” of the king-sized bed. As I moved into the bed, I
felt a warm body, and I snuggled up next to it.

Janie’s voice sounded sleepy. “Hi, Honey. Get it all worked out?”

“Most of it.”

She rolled over, to face me, her lips kissing my neck, a warm, perfumed scent
rising from her naked body, as she snuggled up to me. She reached one arm
around my waist, pulling me close.

There was movement on the bed behind her. My eyes now adjusted to the
darkness of our room, I glanced up so see Judy roll over to join our embrace,
her arm reaching around Janie to rest her hand on my butt. Judy smiled up at
me sleepily, then closed her eyes.

Again there was movement. Candy was in the bed, too. I raised my head as
she slipped out of the far edge of the bed, walked around the foot of the
bed, and climbed in on my side. She snuggled up behind me, warm and naked.

My mind was still grappling with the computer problem, and while I tried to
drift off to sleep, I kept “seeing” rows of data, numbers scrolling across
the monitor in my head.

Janie snored softly, Judy sighed in her sleep. I lay with my arms full,
sandwiched between the warm, soft, sexy bodies, but I just could not relax.

Behind me, Candy seemed to sense my tension. She reached up and kneaded my
shoulders. It helped. I leaned backwards into the massage, gently, trying
not to wake Janie. Candy moved against me, and kissed my cheek.

I turned over gently. Janie snuggled up under my arm in her sleep. Candy
ran a hand down my body, brushing my cock. Candy chuckled softly when it
jerked under her hand. She wrapped her fingers around it, stroking gently as
it expanded under her touch.

Candy gently moved down under the covers, and fastened her lips around the
tip end of my cock, and sucked on it, bringing my erection to its fullness.
She rolled her tongue around the glans, then took me deeply into her mouth,
deep-throating me.

She moved my hips over to one side as she stroked; when she had me separated
from Janie far enough to put her knee in, she climbed on top of me, lowering
her wet pussy over my shaft, and sitting back, raised the covers so that I
could see her breasts. I reached for them, but she sat upright, pushing my
hands away.

Janie roused a bit at the cooler air when the covers were pulled back. She
raised her head and peered at Candy sitting on my cock. She looked at me,
smiled, and pushed herself up to kiss me deeply and softly. Janie rubbed her
breasts against me, and the arm I had around her slipped down, so that I
could slip my fingers down the crack of her ass.

I moved past the pucker of her anus to her slit, as she pulled her body
closer to me, and farther over me. Judy was lying there, her eyes about half
open, watching us.

Janie gathered one leg under her, opening her slit to my fingers, as I
slipped first one digit, then two, into her sweet pussy.

Candy was still motionless, sitting on my cock. Well, outwardly motionless.

She had been taking yoga lessons from Judy, and was trying them out. She was
contracting the muscles of her vagina around my cock. She didn’t quite have
the sequence right, but she was trying. She gets an “A” for effort…

Judy sat up, and adjusted Janie’s hips, pulling them away from my digital
probing temporarily, turning her so that her pussy was open for Judy’s mouth,
which nuzzled into Janie’s crotch. I was able to move my hand back up
Janie’s thigh, and Judy licked around my fingers as I stroked Janie’s clit
and pussy lips. Janie broke our kiss, and lay back upon my chest, her
breasts upthrust, the nipples erect.

Candy leaned over, and took one of Janie’s nipples between her lips, and my
cock moved in her pussy. I heard Candy moan, then she straightened back up,
and started moving in little circles, grinding her clit against my pubic

Janie gasped, and shuddered, as an orgasm swept through her. Judy started to
pull back, but Janie grabbed her head, and held it in place. Judy continued
to suck on Janie’s clit, and a second rush of orgasm rolled over Janie,
causing her body to shiver.

I could feel the heat of Candy’s pussy growing more powerful, as she rotated
over my body, when she arched her back, and gasped, “Yesss!” Her pussy
clamped down on my cock, and she rocked her hips forward and backwards.

As her contractions slowed, she rolled off of me. Janie rolled over, and
Judy turned around, so that I could bury my face in Judy’s garden of
delights. Her pussy was very wet, and her clit erect and sensitive; I rolled
my tongue around it gently, inserting my fingers into her pussy, crooking one
back towards me, stroking the inside of her vaginal wall.

In short order, Judy was bucking her hips, poised on the edge of the chasm,
when one small push from my tongue washed her over the embankment, and she
fell headlong into the ocean of orgasm.

She squeezed my fingers with her pussy as she came, then as her contractions
lessened, she sat up, and pulled me up and over her. She raised her knees
up, her legs curled around mine. My cock slipped into her cunt almost on its
own accord.

I began slow strokes, and she met me, stroke for stroke, using a pelvic
thrust. The rhythm sped up. She squeezed my cock within her on each stroke,
until, finally, I exploded within her, and collapsed on top of her.

We panted together for a moment or two before we re-sorted ourselves in the
bed, Janie and Judy tucked under my arms, Candy behind Janie, her arm
reaching over, with her fingers in my navel. The girls were soon breathing
evenly or snoring softly.

The computer data no longer scrolled through my mind; I slept like the dead.


87: “Groovin’ on a Sunday Afternoon”

[1994] [tt3/11]

I believe I have mentioned that Janie works for a banking corporation, and
this was the major reason we moved to the city in which we now reside. She
must have impressed someone at work, because she was recently named head of
her department, and made a vice-president. While we know that banks
ordinarily have more vice-presidents than bathrooms, it was still an honor,
and meant a little more money in our operating fund.

But being named a vice president meant that she was subject to being called
into meetings in the bank’s main office in Pittsburgh. And that is what
happened a couple of weeks back.

Janie and I boarded a private plane Friday evening, along with several other
couples, and were whisked off to Pittsburgh, and put up in one of the better
hotels in that city. The next morning, Janie went to the corporate meetings,
and I was left behind at the hotel. Midday, I was invited with the other
spouses (most of whom were female) to a special lunch.

I didn’t see Janie all day, until she returned to the hotel to dress for
dinner, which was in a fancy restaurant. Frankly, I felt a little out of
place, but The Bank was paying for it.

We were allowed to sleep late the next morning, since the flight home wasn’t
scheduled until that evening. We planned to do a little sight-seeing in the
city, but when we got up around noon on Sunday, we looked out the window on a
fairly strong rainstorm.

“So much for sight-seeing,” Janie said, looking out at the rain.

“Gee, what can we do for the next few hours?” I asked, grinning at her.

She wrapped her arms around my neck, and pulled herself up to kiss me. “I
guess we’ll think of something…”

We ordered breakfast from room service, and after we had gorged ourselves, we
set the tray in the hall and hung the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the door. I
dropped my bathrobe — my only garment — on the floor and climbed into the
bed. Janie rummaged in her bag, then she too dropped her robe and climbed in
beside me. We cuddled for a long time, my fingers trailing over her luscious
little body, as we shared warm, loving, wet kisses.

Finally, she reached under her pillow, then pushed me over on my back,
climbing over my body to straddle my belly. I trailed my hands up her legs,
over her hips and up to her apple-sized breasts, pert and proud, her nipples
erect and pointed.

When I look in the mirror and see the grey sprouting in my beard and hair, I
see the years going by faster and faster. But I look at Janie, and believe
that the years don’t move at all. To me, she looks the same as she did when
I first met her fourteen years back. It’s hard to believe that body bore our
daughter twelve years ago.

“What are you thinking about?” she asked.

I realized that my eyes had gone out of focus. I smiled up at her. “You.
You don’t get any older, do you?”

She grinned. “You’re sweet. But I think your memory needs some work.” She
leaned forward and kissed me. She leaned back again, and brushed her hair
behind her shoulders. She showed me what she had in her hand — a little
bottle — and a smile spread over her face.

She wiggled back down my body, trailing a wet path from her juices down my
belly, until she had moved past my penis, and was sitting over my thighs.
She took my cock in one hand, running her fingers lightly over the shaft.

“Now, let me…” she leaned over to one side, and moved one knee between my
legs. I moved the leg she had freed to the side, and she leaned in the other
direction, and put her other knee between my legs, kneeling now between my
opened legs.

She opened the little bottle, and the scent of banana wafted into the air.
She poured some of the oil into her hand, closed the bottle, and set it
aside. She rubbed her hands together, warming the oil, then spread it gently
over my cock and balls.

Softly, she began kneading my scrotum, rubbing the scented oil into my skin,
pulling at the soft skin, softly fondling my testicles in her fingers.

Then she moved to the shaft of my cock, starting at the base, working her way
slowly to the tip. She held the shaft with one hand, and rubbed the head
with the other, almost as if she was trying to unscrew the end.

I was in heaven. She began to stroke the underside of the head of my cock
with her thumb, making small circles, squeezing the head just a little bit as
she slowly moved her fingers around the shaft, and lower to my scrotum and
balls. She moved down behind my scrotum to a point about halfway between my
balls and asshole, and pressed upwards, against my prostate. My cock jumped
as she pushed the spot, and a spurt of lubricating precum rolled out of the
end of my cock. Janie leaned forward and ran her tongue around the head of
my cock, licking off the clear ooze, and licked her lips.

My balls started to tighten. Janie noticed, and moved her hands down my
shaft, reducing the stimulation. She held my cock upright, its head angry
and purple.

Janie bent over again and kissed the tip of my cock, then crawled up my body.
I kissed her lips, tasting the banana-flavored oil, and held her tight.

I rolled us over on her back, and with another banana-flavored kiss, slid
down her body, kissing her breasts, and belly, until I was between her
thighs, with her pussy open before me.

I located the oil, and poured some on my hand, and closed the bottle again.
I warmed the oil, and gently spread it over her genitals, then began to rub
it into her outer labia, until they puffed up under my touch. I ran my
fingertips slowly around her clit, and felt its warmth throbbing under my
fingers. I worked slowly and deliberately, all around her hot slit, then
slipped my fingertips between her labia down into the wetness within. I
slowly worked around her outer vagina, rubbing the oil into the folds of
skin, working my fingers slowly deeper, and deeper still. My longest finger
touched the hardness of her cervix, touching the little indentation in the

My index finger crooked back, stroking the upper interior surface of her
pussy, and located the sensitive g-spot. As my finger probed it, she clamped
down on my fingers. I held my hand perfectly still, and placed the other on
her lower belly. “Relax, Honey… breathe deeply… deeply…”

Her vaginal muscles relaxed, and I continued to move my two fingers slowly
inside her. I moved my thumb up beside her clit, and moved it in large
circles around her clit, without touching the clit itself.

I extended my pinky finger, and it brushed over her tight little pink rosebud
anus. I put the tip of my pinky in the center of her pucker, and pressed it
easily into her. She inhaled sharply, and quivered. I held my hand still,
and reminded her “breathe deeply…”

I moved my hand in a rocking motion, pressing alternately my thumb near her
clit, my pinky into her ass. Janie was breathing deeply, and her body
started shivering. I held my other hand on her lower belly, and I felt the
contractions begin; she clamped down on my hand, pressing herself into my
hand, shaking with the intensity of her orgasm.

As she relaxed again, I slowly removed my hand, and crawled up to lie beside
her on the bed. She clung tightly to me, rubbing her breasts against my
chest, wrapping one leg around my hips, trapping my cock between our bodies,
kissing me with a passion she rarely showed.

She pulled me over on top of her, reaching down to guide my cock into her hot
pussy. I slid easily into her, and she squeezed her pussy around my cock,
holding me in place, as she kissed me deeply. When she broke the kiss, she
put her mouth near my ear, whispering “I love you, Tom; take me, fuck me,
Tom, come inside me… ”

I moved my hips, drawing my cock in and out of her pussy, and she began to
move under me, meeting each thrust with one of her own, squeezing my cockhead
on the outstroke, rubbing against my pubic bone on the instroke, until I was
ready to burst. I moaned softly, and she pushed hard against me, as I drove
my cock as far as I could inside her; as I came, she climaxed again, her
pussy squeezing my cock as it began to spurt inside her, the rush of semen so
strong it hurt.

We collapsed together, rolling over to our sides, my cock still firmly inside
her, and she wrapped her leg around my hips, holding me tightly, kissing me
gently on the neck, until we drifted into a sweet sleep…


88: “The Venus Butterfly”

[1994] [tt3/12]

Where I grew up, we had about fifty acres of land covered with forest. I
loved to walk in the woods, the dry leaves on the forest floor, the scent of
the trees… I found myself back in those woods, strolling through them
again. I remember that stream…. that boulder… that tree, where my mother
had inscribed her initials when she was twelve… I wandered through the
familiar forest, enjoying myself.

A sound from above stopped me in my tracks. I scanned the tree branches,
hoping to see a raccoon, or an opossum as I had in my youth, but expecting to
see a squirrel hiding on the far side of the treetrunk. But there, right
above my head, was… something …hanging from the branch of the tree.

I moved around under the …thing, looking up at it, moving to where the
light was shining on it better. It looked like a bundle of old clothes, tied
up in a plastic bag and hung over the branch. But I could see no rope
attached, no way to recover the bundle…

The wind blew, and leaves moved overhead, and a shaft of sunlight hit the
bundle for just a moment, giving me the impression of green plastic… Then
the bundle moved.

And moved again. There was something alive in the plastic!

I moved back, not knowing what might happen next, but I continued to watch
the bundle, as it swung from the branch, then the side of the bundle split
open, and a black mass started to emerge from the plastic.

I stood there, slack-jawed and buggy-eyed, watching …whatever it was…, a
mass of what looked to be a wad of velvet slowly move out of the split in the
side of the …thing.

As I watched, I was astonished to see a human arm emerge from the black
…velvet…. and grasp the …plastic… then another arm… The arms
wrapped around the upper part of the plastic thing, then a …human leg, and
another leg… the legs wrapped around the lower part of the plastic

I had no way of guaging time. Time had stood still, as I watched the black
mass pulse… and vibrate… and unfold. The black mass became a pair of
large, black butterfly wings. Black, with spots of iridescent blue, and tiny
white dots… The wings fluttered, experimentally, then more strongly, and
the huge butterfly fluttered to the ground, to softly land on the matted

Curiosity drew me closer… Seeing it up in the tree, it looked smaller, but
here on the ground, it became clear that the wingspread on the butterfly was
huge… over twelve feet. As I neared, the creature raised up… on the
human-like legs I had seen earlier?

The wings were facing toward me, then the butterfly turned around to face me.
The body of the butterfly was not an insect. It was a perfect human form,
definitely female. Its head was down, its face was not visible, but the
small breasts were tipped with tiny erect nipples, she had a slim waist, and
a dark patch of pubic hair. She looked up, and the face was… familiar…

She stepped toward me, the wings fluttering slightly. She wrapped her arms
around my neck, and our lips met; a deep, wet, sweet kiss. A thought
appeared in my mind… no, not a thought, a picture… I saw myself naked;
and then I was naked, my clothing had disappeared. She lifted herself up,
wrapping her legs around my hips, my erect penis slid into a warm…
no, hot… pussy. She clung tightly to me, continuing the kiss, grasping my
cock within her pussy.

The wings began to beat, stronger, faster, then we were off the ground,
climbing through the branches of the tree, fluttering over the tops of the
trees, flying over the forest and the hills, locked in a carnal embrace,
flying… fluttering… her pussy grasped my cock… her mouth kissed my
lips… she wiggled her hips against me, and squeezed my cock inside her
cunt… and I could no longer hold back… my balls erupted like a volcano,
the hot lava shooting up through my cock into her pussy, and she giggled…

…giggled as she unwrapped her legs from around my hips, and Janie smiled at
me, “That must have been some dream.”


89: “Decisions, Decisions”

[1994] [tt3/13]

Janie clung to me, as I rolled us over with me on my back. Janie lay on top
of me, one of her favorite positions — and mine.

She was very quiet, lying there, my cock still throbbing from my ‘wet dream’
inside her.

“What are you thinking about, Honey?” I asked.

“You,” she said, lifting her head to look into my face. “…and Candy and
Judy…and Jennifer.”

“What a crowd.”

She smiled, wanly. “There’s something you ought to know.”

“Oh, really?”

“It’s hard to explain, though.” She brought her arms up, and crossed them
over my chest, resting her chin on her arms. “This big meeting that brought
us here… I haven’t told you this, but the reason is that the six of us are
being considered for an executive position with The Bank.”

“Executive position? Are congratulations in order?”

“I don’t know yet. There’s a sticking point.”


“Well, if I got the job, we’d have to move to Pittsburgh.”

“Oh.” I looked at the ceiling; the news was, to say the least, stunning.


“Sorry, Janie. I was weighing the possibilities. I’m very happy for you.”

“I don’t have the job yet. And the competition is stiff, but my chances are

“I think your chances are excellent.” I bent my head forward to kiss her.

“But to ask you to move, to quit your job…”

“My job is with the government. There are always other drones to take my
place in that office, and there are always new jobs. You know that Judy can
draw anywhere; and Candy has been telling us how boring her job has become.”

She pushed herself up, sitting back on my cock, which was returning to a
state of erection inside her. She squeezed her pussy around it. I reached
for her breasts, but she caught my hands and held them, her fingers
interlacing with mine.

“Remember the last time I had to make a major decision, and this was the way
we did it?”

“You mean when you decided to move in with us?”

“Yeah.” She smiled. “The best decision of my life.”

I think I was blushing. She leaned forward to kiss me lightly. She leaned
back, rotating her hips slowly in circles, rubbing her clit against my pubic
bone, squeezing my cock in her pussy. She closed her eyes.


“I’m thinking.”

“Janie, listen. Whatever you decide, you decide for yourself. You know I’ll
be with you forever. I believe Judy and Candy will be there forever, too.”

“I know. I love you.”

“And I love you, too.”

Her eyes remained closed. Her pelvic rotations began to speed up, and I
could feel her body begin to quiver. Then her pussy clamped down on my cock,
and she gasped, as she shook with an orgasm; not a big, sweeping orgasm, but
one of her ‘little’ ones. She leaned forward, and released my hands. I held
her tightly, as she kissed my neck.

“Ok, I’ve decided. If offered the job, I’ll take it.”

“When will you know?”

“Before Thanksgiving. The job starts after the first of the year. That
would give us a month’s notice.”

“Fair enough.”

She lay atop me, her pussy sporadically clasping my cock. Suddenly, she
raised her head.

“What about Val?”

“What about her?”

“She was moving to be near us.”

“Nothing’s set in stone yet; she’s still trying to sell her house. She’s a
grown woman — she can make her own decisions. We’ll just explain the
situation to her, and she can decide for herself.”

Janie lay her head on my shoulder again. “Why is life so complicated?”

“Maybe God likes stories.”


90: “Never Say Never Again”

[1994] [tt3/16]

We were having a late dinner, just the other night. There were the five of
us, some meatloaf and mashed potatoes, other vegetables — a good healthy
meal — when the doorbell rang. Janie went to the door. We heard a little
squeal, and who should walk into the kitchen but Val.

Val’s husband, Sam, whom you have met in previous stories, passed away last
month. I’ve covered that part of the story before, and I don’t intend to go
into it again now.

As it turns out, Val is headed through town on her way to a convention. Yes,
she’s still doing science fiction conventions, despite her vow last month
that she was giving up on them. Of course, that was in the depth of her
grief, and she seemed to have pulled herself up from those depths.

We sat and talked with Val for hours. Jennifer insisted on showing Val her
entire Barbie collection, one by one. Val grinned at us in one of the times
while Jen was going to get another doll that she reminded her of Veronica.

We told Val about Janie’s possible promotion; she seemed shocked for a
moment, then said that she would have to think about moving to Pittsburgh.

Jennifer finally drifted off to bed around midnight — much past her bedtime
(and ours). Val yawned and suggested that we get to bed ourselves, since we
had to work in the morning, and she still had a long drive ahead of her.

She went to the door and retrieved her bag, and said, “Now, whose room do I
put this in?”

We all raised our hands. And laughed.

We decided that we would all just pile into my king-size bed. We all needed
to make our evening bathroom visits; Val went first, then, while The Girls
kept her company, they sent me to go next.

After I was finished, I took Val by the hand and led her to my room, where we
cuddled up in the middle of the bed. Her body was warm, and soft. We
kissed, a little tentative at first, but soon she was warming to the
occasion. My hands slid over her full breasts, and I was rewarded by feeling
her nipples erect under my palms.

We were lying on our sides, and my hands roamed down her body, over her hips
to her smooth asscheeks.

I kissed my way down her chin and neck, moving to her breasts, drawing first
one nipple, then the other, between my lips, brushing the tips with my
tongue. My fingers slipped around her further, sliding into the crack of her
ass. She lifted her leg, tucking her foot behind her knee. I slid my hand
around her leg, cupping her mound with the palm of my hand, feeling the
warmth of her slit.

I moved on down her body, turning mine as I did so, until we were at right
angles to one another, my head moving in between her thighs. I kissed her
slit, running my tongue down the moist lips, as they opened under the caress
of my tongue. I swirled my tongue around her clit, warm and sensitive, and
slid down the slippery interior of her slit to the moistness of her pussy.

As I worked on Val’s pussy with my lips and tongue, I heard someone come in
the door, and felt the bed move as she got in. I glanced up to see Janie
kissing Val’s lips, one of Val’s hands on Janie’s breast, one of Janie’s on
Val’s. I turned back to Val’s pussy, and felt the bed move as Janie lay on
her side, allowing Val access to her pussy. Janie grabbed hold of my cock,
and stroked it slowly with her hands.

I felt Janie’s lips wrap around the head of my cock, her little whimpers
adding vibration to her expert tonguing of the head of my penis. I kept
moving my tongue between Val’s sensitive clit and the depth of her hot, wet
love shaft.

The door opened again, and both Candy and Judy joined us on the bed
(showering together again, I assumed). Judy gently moved me from my
position, and took my place, hungrily sucking on Val’s clit. But Judy lay
with her pussy open as an invitation, and I plunged right in.

Candy moved between Janie and me, on all fours. Janie started giving Candy
similar treatment as she had to me, licking Candy’s moist slit, and Candy
slid my cock deep down her throat.

>From the sound of it, Val was ready to come. She rolled over on her back,
Judy drew her head back, but continued to finger Val’s clit. Val’s body
shook in orgasm. Janie, who was no longer held by Val’s mouth, rose to her
knees behind Candy, and could now use both hands in her attention to Candy’s
pussy and ass.

Judy pulled away from my oral ministrations, and crawled up Val’s body,
holding her tightly. Candy still had my cock in her mouth, but as she neared
climax from Janie’s fingers and tongue, she wasn’t deep-throating me. I
lifted her head from my cock, and kissed her lips, just as she went over the
edge. In orgasmic ecstasy, she plunged her tongue deeply into my mouth.

Judy had now moved into a sixty-nine position over Val’s body, and the two
women were eagerly sucking on each other’s clits. Candy collapsed forward,
lying on her belly in front of me. I reached back and took Janie’s hand, and
pulled her forward. She flipped over on her back, and I moved over her in a
sixty-nine position, and plunged my face into her garden of paradise to drink
at her fountain of youth. As I wrapped my tongue around her clitoris, she
wrapped hers around my cockhead. Candy rolled over on her side and put her
hand between Janie and me, to caress Janie’s breast.

The bed was shaking with Judy and Val entering a mutual orgasm, just as Janie
went over the brink, shivering, convulsing. Judy rolled off of Val, and Val
sat up, and put a hand on my ass. I rolled reluctantly off of Janie’s
orgasming body, and Val rolled me on over to my back. She straddled my hips,
my cock sliding deep inside her hot, wet cunt. She sat there on my cock for
a moment with her eyes closed, her head thrown back, before she started
moving up and down, squeezing my cock with her vaginal muscles on each

Candy held Janie close from behind, her fingers roaming over Janie’s
apple-sized breasts, her leg poking up between Janie’s from behind. Judy sat
up and bent over me, kissing my lips as Val continued her up and down
movement on my cock.

I was now on the brink myself, and as I neared the edge, my body tightened,
and Val leaned forward, pushing Judy aside as she kissed me deeply and
passionately, and I came, pumping semen deep into Val’s pussy.

Breathing heavily, we rolled together into the middle of the bed, a mass of
naked, sweating, loving, happy flesh. Val snuggled up on one side of me,
Janie on the other, Candy fell in behind Janie, Judy behind Val, and we
drifted off into sleep.

Just as I was sliding into oblivion, I heard Val murmur, “No, Pittsburgh
might not be so bad after all.” Candy settled onto the sofa next to me. Judy and Janie had travelled to
Pittsburgh this past Monday; Janie to start her new job, and Judy to start
looking for a house for the five of us. Candy and I were staying behind to
pack our personal stuff, and so that Jennifer could finish out this semester
at school.

Tonight, Jennifer was spending the evening at a friend’s house. Many of her
friends were inviting her over for one last evening together before she moved
away, and Jen was enjoying every minute of it.

“Y’know,” Candy whispered, “We haven’t had much time — just you and me alone
— since before we moved in together.”

I put my arm around her shoulder and pulled her close. She leaned in on me,
sighing. She lifted her face, and I kissed her lips tenderly.

“I love you, Tom,” she whisped.

“I love you too, Candy.”

She turned as we kissed, rolling over into my lap. As she broke the kiss,
she dropped her head down into my lap. I slid my hands down her body,
caressing her breasts through her clothing. I could feel her nipples harden
under my hand.

She unbuttoned her blouse, and I slid my hand inside. Her bra fastened in
front. I popped the hook, and the two cups slid away from her breasts. My
fingers quickly found a nipple, and I tweaked it with my fingertips, as it
took its full length. Candy has such extraordinary nipples…

I moved to the other nipple, causing it to erect as well. Candy smiled up at
me. “Come on, Tom, let’s go to bed.”

We got up, and Candy led the way to her bedroom, her blouse slipping off her
shoulders and falling on the floor as we walked. I picked it up; then her
bra slipped off, and I picked that up as well. She faced me again as we
arrived at the door. She kissed me, long and hard and wetly, pressing her
breasts against my body. Candy took the clothing from my hand, and dropped
them in her hamper as she pulled me into her room. She unfastened her skirt,
and it dropped to her feet.

I started to unbutton my shirt, but she said, “No, let me…”

She unbuttoned my shirt, kissing the skin underneath as she opened each
button. She pulled the shirt off my shoulders, and dropped it in the hamper.
Then she knelt down in front of me, and unfastened my belt and trousers. She
tugged them down over my hips, and down my legs, and I stepped out of them.
She pushed them aside, and I was now standing before her in just my

“The best for last,” she said, and reached behind me, grabbing the waistband
of my undershorts from behind. She pulled them down over my ass, her fingers
feeling my asscheeks. The undershorts hung up in front on my penis. She
slid the fingers of one hand around to unhook them, and she pulled them down
and off. She wrapped her fingers around my cock as I stepped out of the
shorts, and she smiled as she kissed the tip of my penis.

Her tongue emerged from between her lips, and she ran the tip of her tongue
around the flange of my glans, tickling my pisshole, before she drew the head
of my cock into her mouth. She hooked her front teeth over the flange of my
cockhead, her tongue scrubbing the underside of my penis.

I took her head between my hands, stroking her hair, as she moved her mouth
up and down my shaft, a little deeper on each stroke, until she deep-throated
me, squeezing my cockhead deep inside her mouth.

I gave a little tug on her head as she released my cock from her throat, and
she stood up, wrapping her arms around my neck. I kissed her deeply, my
hands grabbing hold of her asscheeks.

She held on tightly, and raised her feet from the ground, wrapping them
around my hips. I swayed for a moment, then shuffled over to the bed, Candy
stifling a giggle.

I didn’t drop her, but we fell together into the bed. Candy gave a little
gasp as my erection grazed her clit. She stayed on the bed, her ass just on
the edge of the bed, as I slid down off the side of the bed, between her
legs. I took hold of the waistband of her panties, and pulled them off of
her. She placed her feet on my shoulders, lifting her knees. I leaned
forward, extending my tongue, to trace her outer lips with just the tip.

Candy moaned, and moved her hips. I continued to just trace the outlines of
her sex with my tongue, until she reached down with both hands, grabbed my
head, and pushed my mouth into her pussy. I pushed my tongue deep into her
vagina, and it was covered with a gush of her honey. Sliding my tongue
upward, past her pisshole, I pushed it up to her hooded clit. I slipped the
tip of my tongue under the hood and around the tip of her clit.

She bucked her hips upward, pressing against my mouth. I scrubbed her clit
with the tip of my tongue, and she moaned, bumping her hips, panting…

She squeezed her legs together on the sides of my head, trapping me between
her thighs. I continued to scrub her clit with the tip of my tongue, as
Candy shivvered and shook and flopped. She had a grip on my hair with her
hands, and she pushed my head away from her crotch as she released the grip
with her legs. She sat up on the side of the bed, tilting my head back, and
she leaned forward and put my head between her breasts. She held me tightly,
as her body recovered from her climax.

When she caught her breath, I stood up. Candy took hold of my cock, stroking
it gently with her fingers. She leaned forward and took the tip into her
mouth, running her tongue around the head. She looked up at me and smiled.

Candy moved backwards on the bed, pulling me by the cock. She lay back, as I
moved with her. She guided me between her legs, and as I lay over her, she
held my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I slipped the head of my cock
inside her, and she smiled into my face, as she moved her hands to my back.
She pulled me close, and my cock slid all the way inside her. She hooked her
legs around mine, her feet behind my knees. I began to move my hips, sliding
my cock slowly in and out of her slippery cunt, and she moved her hips in
rhythm with mine.

She closed her eyes, and pushed her head back against the bed, a beatific
smile on her face. I kissed her chin, and she tilted her head back down to
meet my mouth with hers. Our tongues pressed against each other, and her
breathing became heavier.

“Mmmmmnnnnnnn,” she moaned, and broke our kiss. “God, Tom, it’s so good. I
love you, Tom, fuck me…”

She held me even tighter, her mouth next to my ear. “Fuck me. Fuck me,” she
breathed in my ear. “Oh… Oh… I’m coming! Oh god!”

Her pussy clamped down on my cock as she climaxed, and the pressure shoved me
over the edge, as I began to ejaculate, my cock deep inside her, our bodies
climaxing together, flying over the edge of the cliff…sliding into the
abyss…soaring over the clouds.

We lay together, our bodies intertwined, my cock still inside her, her legs
around mine, our arms around each other.

The telephone rang. I kissed her cheek. She moved one leg down, then rolled
us over on that side. I reached behind me and picked up the phone.

It was Janie and Judy. Candy and I shared the receiver as we giggled over
the phone to each other. One happy family. One lucky man.