Dreaming of Tina

Life wasn’t easy for me back then. As a recent college grad, I landed a job
with a top computer manufacturing firm… Unfortunately, it was on the bottom
of the ladder; the firm started me on “computer maintenance and repair”, a job
I began to hate. People calling me all of the time, asking questions about
problems which were outlined in the “Operating Manual – Troubleshooting”
section!! What morons! Or so I thought…

Let me give you some background. In my early twenties, I had a surprisingly
small number of dates… In college, girls always thought of me as that “good
friend” they’d talk to about anything (including their sex lives) but never
date. Maybe it was due to my demanding schedule, or my nonchalant attitude…
Anyway, my sex life was sparse. I thought nothing of it and continued with my
education, completing my B.S. in Computer Engineering and was immediately
snapped up.

Sometimes, my job leads me to travel. Not internationally, locally; I have to
go to the customer’s residences and solve problems that just could not be
solved over the phone. There weren’t many of those,but it was a welcome change
when they occured; a small office with a phone for decoration is monotonous.

One beautiful fall day, I was called upon to go to the house of a customer
named Bruce to repair his ailing system. Seemed the hard drive crashed due to a
virus, and he didn’t know how to fix it. I started upon my journey, ignorant of
the events which were to come…

After some time, I finally arrived at my destination. I ambled up to the door
and knocked… No answer. I knocked again and checked the address; yes, it’s
the right one!! I continued to wait outside, in the balmy sun…

The door opened.

“Yes? Hello?”

“Hello, my nane is… Uh, I mean my name is…. Adam,” I said, caught unawares.

I must have looked at her for a long time; I couldn’t help it! Standing before
me was one of the most alluring women I have ever seen!! She was diminuitive; a
couple or three inches above 5 feet. Her shapely, svelte form was complimented
by tight blue bike shorts and a drk blue leotard. Her hair was pulled back in
a simpole ponytail; her head crowned by a dark blue sweatband, soaked through.

“Adam? The one from the computer store?”, she asked, panting softly.

“Um… Yes,” I replied, dumbly.

“Hi! I’m Tina,” she said. “Sorry I didn’t answer the door earlier…. Had the
music turned up. Here, why don’t you come in.”

She turned and walked back into the house. I followed, admiring the shape of
her ass and the way it moved as she walked. I was “coming to attention”, and I
hoped she didn’t see my cock through my jeans. She finally led me to a small
room, in which stood a desk and file cabinets. A PC was upon the desk. I moved
toward it.

“So what is the problem, exactly? The info I have says a ‘crashed hard drive
due to virus’. How did you get this virus, exactly,” I said, unpacking my
maintenance tools. I began to open the back of the console.

“Well, I don’t know, exactly. We believe that it came from a corrupted file; I
wasn’t exactly there when the crash occured,” she explained, leaning against
the doorjamb. I quickly glanced at her; I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra!!
Her nipples protruded through the leotard! My cock was stiff as a board.

I continued my task, with much effort not to look her way again.

“So did you make the call?”

“No. My husband did, from work. He wanted the computer to be up and running by
the time he got home… He does a lot of his work on it. So, what are you going
to do?” she inquired, approaching from behind. I could feel her hot breath on
my neck as I worked.

“It’s pretty simple…” I explained what I was doing to the system as I did it.
She listened attentively, observed my actions, and asked questions. For about
40 minutes we continued, her asking and me answering while working. At times I
caught her looking at my ass as I bent over, or at my back. Finally, I was
finished. I closed up the back of the main console and packed away my tools.

“Well, there you go. Can I use your phone? I have to call my supe.”

“Sure. It’s this way,” she said, turning and walking out of the room. Again I
followed, and again I looked at her backside. During that whole time, my cock
hadn’t lost any of its hardness. Right before we moved into the kitchen, she
turned her head and glanced at me; I was caught!! I quickly averted my gaze to
a picture on the wall…

We entered the kitchen; small, but efficient and clean. I was quickly led to a
phone on the kitchen counter. I dialed the number and turned around to look at
her… She smiled at me, the corners of her mouth upturned. Oh, what I’d do to
kiss her lips…

The line was busy. I tried again, and again it was busy. I put down the
reciever, thinking of the long, boring trip ahead…

“Well, I gotta go back. Duty calls,” I said, moving toward the door.

“Wait,” she said. “It’s twelve noon… Do you have time for a little lunch? To
repay you for what you’ve done?”

“Well… O.K., sure.” I wasn’t going to pass up a free lunch with a beautiful

She smiled at me again, and turned to take foodstuffs out of the refrigerator.
I stood and watched her for a while (what a sight!!), then began to help her
out. She was as friendly as she was inquisitive, and soon we were chatting and
laughing like old friends. Lunch was fantastic! We then retired to the living
room. It was here that she was doing her workout; various pieces of exercise
equipment were stashed in the far corner, and lying in the middle of the floor.
She sat opposite me, on a plush sofa; I on a reclining chair. We talked some
more, mainly about social lives and other such things. I answered each question
truthfully, even when we strayed into sex and sex lives…

“You didn’t date much in college? What about now?” she inquired.

“Like in college, I don’t have a lot of time. I try to keep a life outside
work, but it’s hard, you know? Especially if you’re just starting your job.
Besides, who would date a man like me? All work and no play, you know,” I
explained, a little sadly.

She looked at me, her face a mask. Her eyes had a twinkle in them I didn’t see
before, though. “You don’t believe that, do you? I think you look very
handsome. And it’s cute the way you keep glancing at me!”

“What do you mean?”

“I liked you looking at my ass,” she said, her voice husky. “You don’t believe
I didn’t notice you?”

“Well…. Er, uh….. Um…” I sputtered, unable to talk. My dick was straining
like hell through my trousers. It was impossible to overlook; I had no way to
hide. Not anymore!!

“Do you like it?”, she whispered thickly, while at the same time approaching me
on the chair.

“Um… Like what?”

“My ass!! Do you like it?”

“Yes,” I said. Her face was very close to mine; her lips barely touched mine
when she spoke.

She moved forward. Her lips touched mine in a chaste kiss; then her body melted
into mine, and the kiss grew urgent. I returned her passion; grabbing her and
pulling her onto my cock. Our lips melded; her tongue snaked into my mouth. We
sat there and kissed a very long time; I could feel the heat of her body
through the leotard!! Her face became flushed, her breathing quick.

After a while, she got up off of me and took my hand. We walked into her
bedroom. She turned to me and began to take off her leotard. Slowly.

I was right about her breasts… They were magnificent!! I held my breath as
those beauties were bared… My eyes became locked on them. Those voluptuous
marvels were pear-shaped, opaline and capped with knobby dark-pink nipples,
which were stiff and long with excitement. I could hear my breathing
quickening; if her tits were this good, how could I control myself with the
REST of her?

“Do you like?” she asked me in a ragged whisper. All I could do was nod
acknowledgement; I could not speak! I reached toward her, grabbed her full,
feminie hips and brought her to me again, my lips seeking hers… Then a
thought hit me, and I pulled away. What about her husband? If he caught me with
her in a situation like this, he’d blow his top (and blow my head off!!). I
asked her that same question.

“Don’t worry,” she told me. “He’s not going to be home before six anyway, and
he understands. We have a, shall we say ‘special’ relationship.” As she
explained, her leotard continued its downward travel, across that marvelous
stomach, down her wide, firm hips, gliding quickly to her feet and the floor…
I reached to her again for a kiss, but she stopped me.

“Are you going to follow me? I don’t think we can have any fun with you
clothed like that!” Her eyes showed a smile that was reflected in her full,
luscious mouth. I began to take off my shirt, but her hands interrupted me and
took over, gliding sensously across my chest and unbuttioning. As she
continued, I reached to her tits and flicked her nipples with my thumb,

“Mmmm… That feels so good,” she breathed, pressing against me, her mound
against my dick. She finished unbuttoning the shirt and threw it off me to the
floor. In that same instant, she began to unbutton my pants, hands rubbing my
cock almost accidently. The contact turned me on even more, and I pulled and
tugged at her nipples. Our breathing became ragged and sporadic; she started to
hump against my leg! I couldn’t stand it; I had to have her now and damn the

“You’re really making me hot,” I whispered in her ear, my hands still pulling
at her nips. “If we don’t slow down, I’ll cum in my shorts!”

“Your motor’s too hot… We’ll take our time, honey,” she said, pulling my
shorts to the floor. I don’t even remember her taking my pants off!! She
grasped my cock and pumped it slowly.

I kissed her again… She took my hand and brought me to the bed, laying down
and spreading herself languidly over it. I knew that if I touched myself right
then, I’d cum all over the place; I was that horny!! I got upon the bed and
laid beside her, kissing her again. I couldn’t get enough of her kisses! My
hands had long before lost their grip on her pebble-hard nipples; I began to
journey downward, lightly feathering her alabaster skin with passionate
caresses.. I finally reached her beautiful breasts; I latched onto a nipple,
sucking as if I were a babe again. She grabbed my head and moaned, softly… As
I sucked, my hands continued their roaming across her body, squeezing her hips,
gliding across her washboard stomach, finally coming to her mound of Venus. I
poked and prodded, searching for her opening; then my finger entered her, my
thumb massaging her hard, throbbing clit… My other hand moving back to her
ass and squeezing. She shuddered, then she groaned, a low, husky sound out of
the back of her throat…

“Ooooh, Honey…,” she said, breathily. Her hands pulled my head even harder
to her tit. I continued my ministrations on her now-sopping twat; she began to
spasm, small animal-like sounds escaping her mouth. I switched nipples and
sucked harder; another finger joined its brother in thrusting into her charged
crevice. I rubbed her clitoris with vigor, now; her juices lubricated my
pistioning fingers and thumb. She began to thrust her hips upward; her cunt
grasped at my pounding fingers convulsingly, squeezing them strongly. I sped up
my diddling rubbing her clit ever faster in a circular motion. She stiffened;
her nipples got even harder, and she began to orgasm…

“Oooh… OOooh, Adam, I’m… Honey, I’m going to come!… I’m coming!! I’m
coommiinngg!!” she screamed, her hips pistioning upward. Her cunt grabbed at my
fingers, pulsing rhythmically around them. I bit her nipple lightly, and she
screamed again; fluid poured out of her cunt, to wet my hand and the sheets
under her. It seemed to expand her orgasm; she moaned and screamed, shuddering,
her cunt pulsing in the contractions of orgasm. After a long time, she began to
calm down. Her body was covered with a light sheen of sweat (as was mine!); she
pulled me up to her for a kiss. Her eyes showed bright with passion and
unbridled lust.

“That was heavenly,” she breathed. “You know what I lke to do after a
performance like that?”


“This,” she said, turning me on my back. She straddled me; I could feel her
luscious, hot cunt on my chest. She leaned over me and kissed me again; then,
in imitation, she slithered down my body, kissing my chest, sucking on my
nipples and abdomen… I got even harder; my member pulsing.She finally came to
rest at my now granite-hard pillar; she grasped me with one hand and began to
stroke my cock, cooing about its hardness. I closed my eyes and reveled in the
feeling of her master touch. I began to moan; her hand had began to pump
faster, harder, with more fervor.

“Ooh… Mmm, Tina…” I thrust my hips upward in an effort to get more of my
steel pole into her velvet-soft, cock-exciting hand… All of a sudden, a
wtness engulfed my cock… A warm, soft, yielding wetness, accompanied by the
sounds of sucking and slurping! I moaned, loudly; I looked down my body, to see
Tina sucking on my cock, hand gliding up and down in rhythm to her
head-pumping. I sat up, and put my hands in her hair, tousling it, grabbing her
head and pumping into her mouth.

The feelings were becoming too great; I could feel my cum rising, and I pumped
harder. She moaned contiuously; the vibrations from her hot sucking mouth put
me over the edge! I pumped once more into her mouth; powerfully; my cock
swelled, and I exploded! Cum spurted out of me; she pulled on her dick with her
hot mouth, sucking the eseence out of me… I moaned and spurted again; she
swallowed all but a trickle, streaming down her full, red lips…

I pulled out of her mouth, and she pressed up against me.Her rock-hard nipples
boring into my chest. I kissed her again, and experienced the taste of my own
cum for the first time, mingled with her love-juices. My cock stirred to life
again, pressing into her stomach. We lay side by side like that for a while,
exploring each other’s bodies, reaching, finding new frontiers. My cock
starined against her abdomen, leaking precum. I reached down and fondled her
vaginal lips, lightly pinching them, tickling her clit. She gasped, and
stiffened again; then she looked at me, shivering…

“I want you in me now!” she breathed, huskily. “Fuck me; fill me with your
cock! Cum in me!” I quickly got between her legs… She spread them beautifully
for me, her cunt wet, hot and inviting, tits heaving with her labored
breathing, skin flushed pink with passion. I stared for a while, drinking in
the headiness of the experience, and her sexual beauty. I then moved to her;
she grabbed my cock and pressed it against her clit, rubbing and groaning. She
then put the head of my dick into her cuntal opening…

I thrust toward her; her cunt took me in one smooth motion, sucking at my cock
as her lips did just minutes earlier. We both moaned at the initial thrust; I
began a slow, steady rhythm, trying to draw out this excruciating feeling, but
she thrust up at me, hard, and grabbed my hips, drawing me ever more into her
hot, wet depths. I thrust again, and she shuddered, her back arching off the
bed, tits jiggling like two scoops of jello, eyes closed, breath haggard. I
sped up the pace of my thrusts… “Oh… Oh… Mmmm, Adam, fuck me!” she
screamed. Her exhortations drove me onward, pounding harder and longer… Her
cunt began to spasm, and she moaned. “Ohhh, this is sooo good! Hungh… Mmm…
Yeah! More… Harder… Go, ungh, faster…! OHhh Adam more…! Fuck me!
Yesss…!” Her heels locked behind my back; she pulled me toward her with every
thrust of her powerful hips.

I reached toward her tits and pulled on one nipple roughly. A small scream
escaped her lips. and she thrust harder, faster. I did the same; her twat
spasmed ferociously, grabbing my cock as if it were a hand; she scrreamed, “I’m
cooommingg!! Oooohuuungh…! Keep fuckinggg meeee!” I pounded into her drenched
twat, my hand pulling and twisting her long, hard, hot nipple….

I began to tire, and I hadn’t cum yet… I slowed down, then stopped and pulled
out. “Turn around,” I said. She quickly flipped onto her stomach and raised
herself on hands and knees, sticking her beautiful, full ass high off the bed.
I moved to mount her again; before I did, I diddled her lips, rubbing them,
ticking them with gossamer toches.. She moaned again and pressed back at me,
her pussy grabbing at my fingers. I pulled them away and thrust into her again,
quick and rough. She moaned and pressed back against me. I grabbed a handful of
her ass and thrust back. Iwas entranced by the ripples of flesh raised by our
hard fucking; they travelled doen her ass and well-formed thighs. Our bodies
smacked against each other; her pussy was making small squelching noises as I
thrust into her…

“Cum in me!! I want to feel your cum rush in me…! OOhhh, honey! Cum in
meeee!” I couldn’t hold back; my cock became larger. I hammered into her,
groaned and let go! My cock jumped, then jet after jet of cum adorned the walls
of her pussy, filling her to overflowing. She came again also, her twat
squeezing my pistioning, spurting dick. She came for a long time; I kept
pistioning into her, though my dick was slowly losing its hardness.

We slowed down and finally stopped; I pulled out of her with a slurp. She
turned, slid down my body and took my cock into her mouth, licking it clean of
our mingled juices. I turned and did the same to her twat, licking and
swallowoing… We then laid side by side, facing each other.

“That was great, lover! Are you glad you didn’t go back?”

“Yes, it was! And yes, I am. You are one hot woman, Tina! can I see you again?”

“Well… We’ll see,” she said, taking my hand in hers and squeezing it. “But if
I need any more help repairing my computer, I’ll know who to call, right?”

“Anytime,” I said, leaning to her for another kiss. She returned it with a
heady passion. my cock began to stir again…

So here I am, in my car en route, thinking what problem she wants me to “fix”
for her now! Maybe I’ll have to repair her “rear” port, or “disk slot”!
Whatever it is, I know my reward will be as good as money!

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