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It was still light out after Debbie’s dad left and we went into the den to recap what went on between her and her father. I fixed us a couple of cocktails and sat beside her on the love seat.

We like to screw around in the den because there is a big picture window that faces our neighbor. We have a fence but if there is someone upstairs they can look down and see into our window. Debbie and I have given them plenty to look at over the years. We both love doing that and we know we drive, at least the husband crazy when he watches us.

Talking to each other about her dad fucking her was getting us good and horny. I asked Deb if she liked taking her dads cock inside her, She told me, honey I have known that dad might have wanted to do things with me growing up, but I had no idea how much I guess I really wanted him to do it. It made me feel real nasty and you know I love to be nasty. Watching him look at me and feeling his hands on me got me so wet.

Then thinking of having my own father getting sexual with me was more than I could take. I almost just told him to fuck me but I wanted him to make the first move. As she is telling me this my hand is inside her blouse playing with her hard nipples. Jimmy knowing how much it turns you on to see me being taken by some other man makes me feel so fucking nasty that I want to do it more and more. Especially letting my father have his way with me.

Honey there is so many nasty things I would love to have you do for me. Like what baby, she asked me? Things like giving Bob a chance to have you. You mean, Bob our neighbor, she said? You know he has always wanted to get in your pants. I know honey, but he is such a dweeb. Yea a dweeb with a huge cock, I added. What else, she asked? To see you with a guy that has the darkest color skin you can find. With a black man, she said? Oh yes, seeing your pretty white skin against some black skinned dude.

Watching while his tongue sliding along your slit, dipping into and past your incredible pussy lips. Seeing you go crazy knowing how much you want to feel his large fat black cock pump in and out of your cunt.

Debbie’s hand slips down my pants and take a hold of my hard cock. God Jimmy you make it sound so nice. Do you want him to fuck me real hard, hammer his big black cock deep into my cunt, or slowly make love to me sliding his snake inch by inch until it reaches deeper than any cock has ever been? Oh it would feel so good honey having you see me having so much pleasure by letting a black guy fuck me.

Debbie and I were taking our cloths off, we were getting so hot talking to each other. I quickly got up and went to our bedroom and grabbed the big black dildo that we use from time to time. I was standing looking down a Debbie with the dildo in my hand. Her right leg went over the back of the love seat and the other one was spread wide with her foot on the floor.

I’m going to push this into your fucking cunt, I said to her. Oh baby, that’s where I want it. Are you going to fuck me hard with it, she said? So hard, you will love it. I sat between her legs looking at her dripping pussy. Do it baby, shove that fucking thing into me, I want to feel like I am being fucked.

I had the fake cock two inches from her opening when I caught sight of Bob watching from his window. Jimmy your going to make me cum before you touch me. I saw Debbie rotate her eyes towards Bob’s house. God Jimmy he is there. I’m going to let him see me fuck you with this cock. He going to watch as you cum all over it. Close your eyes honey, Bob’s ready to put his fat cock inside you. Her eyes closed. Hurry Bob, before Jimmy gets home. Give me your wonderful cock, fuck me baby.

Debbie was really into it now. Her hips were coming off the love seat trying to feel what is supposed to be Bob’s dick. I put the tip of the fake cock against her opening. Yes, give it to me, please fuck me now. In one motion I push the whole black dildo deep into her cunt. Debbie begins yelling, oh fuck I’m ccccccccuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnng gg. Give it to me Bob, fuck my pussy. I know you have wanted it. I want it. Fuck me hard.

I am moving the cock in and out of her cunt at lightning speed. Each time I pull it back her cum squirts out of her. Knowing Bob is looking at The dildo fucking my wife I look up at him. I look just in time to see him shoot his cum all over his window. Honey Bob is cuming rite now, I tell her. God Jimmy what are you doing to me. You make me feel so good. I felt like Bob was really fucking me.

I pulled the dildo out of Debbie and replaced it with my cock. It took maybe three strokes before I started to cum. God I can feel you cuming Jimmy. Oooooohhhhhhhhhh fffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccckkkkkkkk yeeeeeeees, I am cuming again. Don’t stop baby, fill me up, she yelled.

We finally we settled down and went to take a shower leaving Bob to clean his goo off his window.