My secretary is a public prey

Instincts. As human beings, we all have urges that must be satisfied, or else we risk our sanity. Regardless of our statuses as apex predators, supreme beings atop the world’s food chain, we’re sophisticated animals all the same. So, it’s okay to relax, to let loose every now, to release. Relieving ourselves of all the pent-up stress brewing inside our beings is practical, even if society has programmed us to think otherwise. Immoral, disgusting, illegal; these are all words we’ve heard to deter us from behaving in a way deemed evil. But show me the saint, and I’ll show you the sins he keeps hidden away. Bring me an angel, and I’ll prove they’re just another demon. There’s nothing and no one pure in this world. So why do we fool ourselves to believe otherwise? Either you’re prey or predator, nothing else. Now decide whether you’ll be the one releasing your sexual urges or be fucked until you wish you were dead.

“Stop! Cut it out!” Charlotte shrieks as she dodges yet another lunge towards her waist. She dances across the floor, trying her best to escape but to no avail. Frantically she breathes, trying her best to button up her shirt that by now is missing more than just a few buttons. Of course, this leaves her lower body exposed, causing the assailant to aim at her luscious legs. Fortunately, she dodges once again, giving her enough time to make a break for it.

“I’m serious! Quit it!” Charlotte begs while putting together the remaining buttons on her shirt. Quickly, she bends down and tries to pick up her jeans, the last piece of clothing she needs. However, in doing so, the blonde beauty flashes her attacker a captivating sight of ripe cheeks barely covered.

Charlotte’s puffy slit peeks at the assailant through the basic black panties. A few wet marks along the slit, with a few short trails trickling down her thighs. This view is more than enough to rejuvenate the downed attacker, motivating them to regain his balance and push onward. And just like that, he’s on the prowl again, hunting the distracted damsel.

“Augh!” Charlotte grunts loudly. Her assailant manages to secure a fist of her long blonde hair, capturing the majestic stallion by her curly golden mane. Without warning, he tackles her to the ground, pinning his prey down and preparing to feast.

“Hah! Gotcha, babe!” Andrew exclaims, victorious. He leans in slowly and plants a few kisses on his prize’s lips, enjoying the taste of a woman he hopes to make his bride.

“B-Babe! No. Don’t. I gotta, ha-haugh, I gotta go.” Charlotte mutters reluctantly.

For the happy couple, it’s another beautiful morning inside their apartment room. The pair’s neighbors had to get used to the usual cat and mouse antics. Of course, some grew tired of just hearing about the charades even after a few months. On the opposite side of the wall lies one of these frustrated tenants, tired of always hearing the festivities but never receiving an invitation. Alas, he enjoys the voyeurism, all the same, closely listening in to Andrew subdue a reluctant Charlotte once again. A hand slides down into his pants in preparation for bursting his third nut for the morning. Unfortunately, he finds himself being blue-balled this time around.

“Aht Aht. I mean it, Andrew, off!” Charlotte exclaims before her boyfriend’s lips can travel below her neck. She knew how persuasive his mouth could be, remembering all the ways it has made her day in the past. Alas, she can’t be late, not today. “Shoo!” She scolds, pressing a palm in his face and digging his nails into her scalp. Most men would retaliate from the prickly pain. But not Andrew. He is too swoon to ever put his needs above his lover’s.

“Grrr!” Andrew groans before releasing his capture. “Ugh. Fine.” He snaps, irritated. With his horniness soured, he retreats to the bed and starts getting dressed. However, the scowl on his expression quickly wipes away when he feels the soft embrace of his girlfriend.

“Awww. There there, baby.” Charlotte teases, wrapping her hands around his waist. She presses her body against his, pushing her curves into his back while cooing Andrew softly. “I’ll make up for it tonight, alright? If I get this new job, we can celebrate at that fancy restaurant you’ve wanted to visit for our anniversary.” While she speaks, Charlotte’s hands meet right above her boyfriend’s crotch. She was no slut, but knew how to subdue men with her charms. It’s a skill he learned from her mother, a trauma she kept hidden in the back of her mind.

“…Yea?” Andrew asks, his pants tightening but not due to his belt. Instead, it’s the bulging of his crotch which causes the fastening of his pants. And just like that, he’s in a trance.

“Mhm. Of course.” Charlotte hums as her fingers dance along Andrew’s waistband, teasing her boyfriend even more. “I know it’s going to be hard.” She comments, emphasizing the word while blatantly brushing her hand across his bulge. It’s only a quick feel before it retreats back to his waistline. “But you’ve gotta just wait a little longer. That’s all I’m asking, okay, baby?” Charlotte asks rhetorically before releasing her hold on Andrew’s body while still gloating in her grasp on his mind. She chuckles softly before gathering the remainder of her clothes, preparing to exist.

Andrew gulps, shocked. Of course, he isn’t the only one with a bulge in his pants.

On the other side of these thin walls, the strange tenant continues to listen. He had already been blue-balled before and isn’t going to let it happen again. Thus, as Charlotte seduced her boyfriend, he caressed his cock. Quick short strokes around his frenulum get him close to the edge. Alas, just like before, Charlotte’s tease ends abruptly on her timing rather than the stranger’s. Thus, he’s left with nothing but his imagination to bring him closer to orgasm. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get the chance to do that either.

“Bye darling, I’m off to work.” Charlotte announces as she opens the door and heads out after bestowing a kiss on her lover’s lips. Her heels clack against the wooden floor as she motions through the hall. Unbeknownst to her, she passes by the stranger’s door, who is comically trying to catch up to his prey.

“Shit shit shit.” The stranger curses to himself, knowing that his target’s getting away. Alas, a hard cock impedes him from getting correctly dressed. Eventually, he manages to stuff his cock into his pants. However, by that time, he’s already trailing far behind his prey.”Dammit!” He exclaims, arriving downstairs and meeting her car already gone from the parking lot. Nonetheless, he gets into his car and tries his best to piece together where Charlotte could’ve headed already.

First, the stranger heads to the local college just a few minutes away, thinking Charlotte’s got an early class there. He’d studied her schedule down to the minute but accepted that sometimes irregularities occur. Unfortunately, just as the stranger expects, her car isn’t there. Secondly, he heads towards her job, thinking she might have gone in early. Alas, he turns out to be wrong once again. Frustrated, he quickly reversed out of the parking lot and headed onto the highway again, thinking.

“Where could she have gone?!” The stranger questions himself, slamming the dashboard as he cruises down the freeway. He thinks back to the moments in the apartment, trying to piece together any clues that would elude Charlotte’s possible location. “Aha! An interview– But where?..” He trails off after remembering only a piece of the puzzle. It didn’t solve the mystery but brought him a bit closer to its revelation.

There couldn’t be many new places around here that were hiring. Though the stranger was an amateur, the stalker had a brain, sort of one at least. Thus, without access to any fancy gadgets to locate Charlotte, the stalker resorts to buying a newspaper from a sidewalk vendor. He parks in a plaza’s parking lot and sifts through the classifieds, searching for any new jobs in the area. Even though he’s still constructing a profile about Charlotte, he knows enough about her to guess which field she’s potentially applying for. So, he starts in the business sections, searching for entry levels.

Meanwhile, Charlotte arrives in the parking lot for her interview. It wasn’t a long drive away. She just ended up taking the wrong path. So, being too broke for a GPS and not so good at reading maps, the dashing beauty ends up being a few moments late for her interview. Hastily, she rushes out of the car and heads inside a rather luxurious tower.

“Ugh…” Charlotte mutters, unaware of where to go. She’s thrown off by the complexity of the lobby. For a few moments, she stumbles around before eventually finding what seems to be someone that works at the place. “Hi!” She greets aggressively, hoping to get the fellow’s attention.

“Huh?” A masculine voice sounds. As he turns around, the voice’s own reveals a dashing young man, slightly older than her but not by too much. “Oh. Hello there. Do you need some help?” He asks, fixing his silky hair to the side while addressing the panicking blonde.

“Yes, please!” Charlotte states, nodding her head swiftly. “Do you know where the receptionist is? I’m late for an interview with Mr. Hemsworth.“ She explains, frequently looking at her watch as time seems to be going insanely fast all of a sudden. Most likely, it’s just the girl’s anxiety.

“Ah, an interview? Well, the desk is right over there.” The man states, pointing her over to the desk.

“Thank you!” Charlotte replies before heading over.

“You’re wel-.. Haha.” He chuckles, noticing the girl speed off before he could even say anything. Regardless, he heads into the elevator as it arrives, heading towards his office.

“Good morning!” Charlotte greets nervously, slamming her palms on the receptionist’s desk. “I’m looking for-” She says before being cut off.

“Hello, Ms.Haynes. Mr. Hemsworth is waiting in his office for you.” The receptionist says, brushing off the girl’s hastiness. “Head up to the top floor, and you’ll meet him in Room 609.” She states, handing her a card before resuming her work. In no time, she’s zoned out, tapping away on her keyboard.

Charlotte blinks, unsure what to make of this situation. Alas, she doesn’t have much time to question anything. Instead, she heads towards the elevator and enters. After squishing between a few people, she taps the top floor button and waits on the journey up. It takes a few minutes, but the delinquent beauty eventually reaches the top floor alone. Nervously, she searches the halls for the number on the card. Upon finding the door, she knocks softly and waits.

“Come in.” Mr.Hemsworth states, his voice muffled.

“Yes, sir.” Charlotte replies before entering. She closes the door behind her and takes in the environment. It’s a lovely office with dark colors and quite the expected view on the top floor. Needless to say, she’s impressed. Of course, she couldn’t show it, given her tardiness. “First off, Mr.Hemsworth, I’m so sorry for-.” Charlotte states before she’s cut off by the man.

“It’s okay, Ms.Haynes. You already explained it to me in the lobby.” Mr.Hemsworth states before turning around in his chair. He reveals himself to be the dashing gentleman from the lobby, settling his onyx eyes onto the blonde beauty.

“Oh…Haha, well, this is sort of embarrassing.” Charlotte explains, gently rubbing her elbow as she looks away momentarily. “So, shall we begin the interview?” She asks, glancing back at him curiously.

“No need to. I’ve already decided to hire you. However, tardiness on the first day certainly is a bad first impression.” Mr.Hemsworth states, scolding her softly. He then gets out of his chair and walks over to the front of his desk. “Though, there’s still a chance to make up for your lateness.” He says, presenting an opportunity.

“…Yea?” Charlotte asks, unsure what to make of it. She wanted this job badly, but her past experiences made her a bit wary of the man’s offer. “And what exactly is this offer, Mr.Hemsworth?” She asks, wanting to confirm her suspicion rather than falsely assume.

“Well, you weren’t given a private access card to my personal office for no reason.” Mr.Hemsworth states, a slight smirk appearing on his features. However, he doesn’t clarify what he means by that.

“I…” Charlotte states, disappointed. “I didn’t think anything of it, really. I just assumed this is where the interview would be.” She states, her voice a bit shaky as her senses tingle. Something’s definitely feeling a bit off, and it causes her to be on edge.

“You’re right. This office is where the interview will be taking place. But not for the job you applied for. Instead, for something else much fitting for someone of your standards.” Mr.Hemsworth states, still dancing along the line of ambiguity rather than solidifying his intentions. Softly, he pushes off his desk before walking forward. His strides were slow, and his steps were gentle, barely making a sound. He approaches Charlotte with a perverted smug, his mind already thinking of all the things to be done.

“Get back!” Charlotte exclaims, pushing him off before hurrying towards the door. Hastily, she opens it up and rushes from the office. Unfortunately, she ends up bucking into a gentleman waiting outside. Her body collides with his towering figure, sending her stumbling backward into the office and falling flat on her ass.

“My My…A feisty one we got here.” Mr.Hemsworth states as she glares down towards Charlotte. The tall man soon enters, closes the door, and stands beside him, looking down on the blonde. “She’s going to be quite some fun, don’t you think?” He asks rhetorically, his sadistic grin deepening.

Startled and confused, Charlotte lies frozen on her behind. She’s uncertain what to do, knowing that her options were limited. However, she chooses the former in a moment of fight or flight. And thus, once again, she bounces off the floor and attempts to leave. However, getting away wouldn’t be that simple.

Chapter 2

There wasn’t a clear line to the office’s exit. Instead, Charlotte had to make it past the two men that sought to keep her captive and have their ways with her. Of course, going straight ahead meant having to charge through two burly men that could easily subdue her in a head-on confrontation. Thus, the blonde decides to retreat towards Mr.Hemsworth’s desk, scavenging it for anything useful. Unfortunately, Charlotte finds a ball-point pen instead of finding a sharp edge. Alas, at least there’s a metal clip on the pen’s hip, making it a bit more threatening than it would be otherwise.

“Stay back!” Charlotte demands, trying to appear dangerous despite armed with a flimsy weapon. Regardless, she spreads her legs and grounds herself in an amateur fighting stance, appearing defensive. “I mean it, you fucking creeps. Get the fuck back!” Charlotte asserts, raising her voice. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to capture anyone’s attention outside the room.

“….” Mr.Hemsworth stands in silence, staring at Charlotte in disbelief. Comically, he glances towards his partner, who shares his gawking expression. “Oh no…” They mutter in synchrony before turning their heads back towards the blonde. “S-she’s…She’s got a pen!” The two exclaim before screaming hysterically. Quickly, their hysterical screams fade away, giving birth to hearty laughter. Indeed, the men were terrified by this pen-wielding damsel.

“Good, they’re distracted.” Charlotte thinks to herself, remaining silent while the pair enjoy their disturbing humor. She utilizes the few moments to formulate a plan, searching for anything more threatening than her stylish ball-point weapon. “Ah!” Charlotte’s eyes widen with excitement as she spots a glass of hot coffee. While it isn’t precisely the deadly weapons she needs to escape, it’s much better than the pen. Discreetly, she motions over towards the coffee slowly. “I mean it!” She exclaims, hoping her voice would be heard.

Alas, little did Charlotte know that the floor was empty outside of the two assailants and herself. Likewise, the concrete ceiling of the bottom floor was too thick, restricting sound from traveling between floors. Thus, she’s effectively trapped and cornered by her captors, who clearly thought this out in greater detail than expected. While they might appear to be brute airheads, their plans have no apparent flaws thus far. So, when Charlotte makes her chance at an escape, she betters make it worth the risk. Otherwise, she’ll be trapped, forced to undergo whatever depraved and dubious ideas the two have in their minds.

“Look, boss, she’s getting serious. Betters not take her lightly.” Mr.Hemworth’s partner states, continuing to mock Charlotte’s efforts. He snickers after the comment, bringing a smile to his rugged face. Honestly, he looks more like a middle-aged thug rather than a businessman.

“Ah. Is that so?” Mr.Hemsworth asks rhetorically, turning his focus back towards Charlotte. “Well, guess we shouldn’t drag this out any longer.” He continues, slowly walking over towards the blonde from one side of the desk as his partner approaches from the opposite end, blocking off both sides.

“Shit.” Charlotte thinks, beginning to panic. She didn’t expect the two to box, forcing her to change her plans. However, there’s little time to react as the two assailants dressed like gentlemen get closer. With only a few seconds, adaptation is unlikely. Of course, the dashing blonde doesn’t plan to go down without fighting.

“We’re going to have quite a marvelous time with you. If you make it easy, I’ll promise you’ll like it.” Mr.Hemsworth reassures the woman, which isn’t worth much.

“Hah. Why even bother boss? These young sluts love it rough. Don’t be mistaken by her innocent face. She’s definitely no Virgin Mary and certainly won’t be one we’re done.” Mr.Hemsworth’s partner chimes in. Unlike his boss, he’s somewhat impatient, already in close distance of his target. Without hesitation, he lunges forth, sending a large hand to grab onto that lovely blonde mane.

“Now!” Charlotte thinks to herself, immediately reacting to the attack. She snatches the mug off of the desk and throws the warm coffee in the man’s face, disrupting his lunge and allowing her to escape his hand. Quickly, snaps her head onto Mr.Hemsworth, chucking the mug at him. Regardless of the outcome, she dashes towards the door, hoping for the best.

“Argh!” Mr.Hemsworth exclaims as the mug hits him in the head. Fortunately, this confrontation isn’t his first rodeo with a troublesome victim. Thus, the small window of reaction is enough for him to turn a head-on collision with the cup into a scrape, mitigating the damage. “Get her!” Mr.Hemsworth orders, holding his head as a bit of blood trickles from the wound. Regardless of his efforts, the blow leaves him slightly disoriented, making him unable to immediately attack.

“Fuck! You bitch!” Mr.Hemsworth’s partner exclaims, rubbing the coffee out of his eyes. While it does sting, it’s much better than the scolding he would’ve received if the mug’s content was hotter. Unlike his boss, the partner can go after Charlotte. Quickly, he runs across the office, hoping to catch up before she escapes.

While the two recover from their injuries, Charlotte reaches the door. Immediately, she tries to open it, unaware that it’s locked. Naturally, the doorknob jiggles as the woman attempts to force it open. Nervously, Charlotte struggles to unlock the door, presenting her assailants with a window of opportunity to recapture her.

“No No No…” Charlotte mutters, sweaty palms struggling to turn the lock. Eventually, she hears a click, signaling the door’s unlocked. “Yes!” She exclaims, opening it and heading out.

“No, you don’t!” Mr.Hemsworth’s partner shouts as he lunges forth, aiming for Charlotte’s hair. This time, he’s successful.”Gotcha.” He says, snickering. Ferociously, he tightens his grip onto Charlotte’s long curls, making a fist out of it to reel his prey back in.

“Oww!” Charlotte cries out in pain, feeling a few strands plucked from her scalp. Though she’s caught, she doesn’t give up. Instead, she makes use of her flimsy weapon, turning around and jabbing the attacker’s hand repeatedly. Alas, the rounded ball-point struggles to break the skin. Thus, Charlotte’s jabs equate to nothing more than annoying blunt stabs.

“Cut it out.” Mr.Hemsworth’s partners assert, yanking Charlotte back inside and throwing her to the floor. Next, he releases her hair and slaps the pen out of her hand before pinning it to the ground with his foot. With a snarky expression, he grinds her palm against the rug, causing a few minor scratches. “You’re a tricky one, aren’t ya?” The burly man teases, provoking the downed blonde.

“Yes. You’re quite elusive, aren’t you, Ms.Haynes?” Mr.Hemsworth asks, arriving after the struggle concludes. He uses a towel to dry up the small flesh wound before putting a hand on his partner’s shoulders. “A job well done.” The businessman congratulates, treating Charlotte like a prized catch, an animal meant to be hunted for their enjoyment. And now, it was time to feast.

“Enjoy the first round. You’ve earned it.” He states casually, retreating to his chair and taking a seat. He tidies up himself and pages his receptionist. “Rebecca. Bring me up another coffee in half an hour and some painkillers.” Mr.Hemsworth instructs before hanging up on his loyal receptionist. Then, he kicks his feet up and watches the show in silence as it begins.

“ Rebecca-” Charlotte cries out, still having hope. “Oof!” She coughs, being cut off by the partner’s foot-stomping the wind out of her lungs. This attack leaves Charlotte disorientated, allowing her captor the few moments necessary to restrain her.

“God, you young sluts always make too fucking noise.” The partner curses, bending down and undressing Charlotte. With his brute strength, he tears off her shirt, discrediting the time and effort put into the conservative ***********ion. “Mm, but it’s always worth it in the end.” He says, drooling over the blonde’s impressive rack. Immediately, he straddles the woman, popping pops open her bra and unleashing a pair of perky tits. Despite his wishes, he knows he must restrain Charlotte first because she’s a fighter. Thus, he flips her over, pressing his bulge against her ass while binding the woman’s hand behind her back.

“Wa-… Wait.” Charlotte softly resists, unable to do anything. After sustaining a few bruises, her body accepts what her mind struggles to comprehend. That she’s powerless against the muscular man, utterly helpless against his wishes. “Nu-No…” She protests, wiggling weakly underneath her captor.

“So fucking whiny.” Mr.Hemsworth states, disgusted by Charlotte’s fighting spirit. Frustrated, he departs from his desk and approaches her again, unbuckling his belt on the way. On arrival, he drops his trousers, relinquishing a girthy erection from its clothed cage. “Here. This ought to shut you the fuck up.” Mr.Hemsworth asserts, grabbing Charlotte by her crown and picking her head up off the ground with one hand. With the other, he grasps onto his shaft and aligns his cock with the woman’s tight little mouth. He pushes but to no avail as Charlotte tightens her jaw, resisting until the end.

“Still putting up a fight, huh?” Mr.Hemsworth’s partner questions. After binding Charlotte, his hands slide down her back, enjoying her curvature. While others had a fatter ass or more enormous tits, none of the previous victims compare to the blonde’s well-balanced hourglass figure. “I can’t blame you. If I were you, I’d fight for this too.” He remarks, gripping onto Charlotte’s pants and tugging them off. Her sculpted hips put up some resistance but eventually cave into the man’s strength. “Whew. Look what we’ve got here.” Mr.Hemsworth’s partner remarks as he notices Charlotte’s lace black panties. They were definitely too sexy for a job interview and did a fantastic job of enhancing her luscious ass cheeks. “Fuck me.” He comments while unzipping his pants, freeing his cock as well. “Or rather, fuck you.” He rhetorically asks, mocking the girl as he thrusts his hips forth and plunges his cock deep into Charlotte’s tight snatch.

“Augh!-” Charlotte exclaims, opening her mouth wide as she feels her cunt being busted wide open, something that hasn’t happened in quite a long time. Of course, her scream’s cut short by Mr.Hemsworth’s impatient cock knocking on her front door. She squeals softly as the long appendage violates her mouth, forcing her jaw to open while finding a home in the back of her throat. Tears form and swiftly fall from her eyes. Most drain down her face, trickling from her chin. However, a few drizzles near her lips, lubricating Mr.Hemsworth’s shaft and making its forced entry easier. “Mmm! Mmm! Mmmmm!” Charlotte muffles, scared. Desperately, she tries to push off the floor with her knees as a burst of adrenaline surges through her boy. However, it’s too late. Her struggles only cause the man to lift up her ass, throwing Charlotte off balance as her walls continuously convulse. Her rarely used pussy struggles tremendously to accommodate the short but thick cock jamming into it.

“Hnngh!” Mr.Hemsworth’s partner grunts, digging his fingers into Charlotte’s love handles as his cock scours her insides, expanding her walls further than they’ve ever been. However, his grip could never compare to the blonde’s tight pussy lips around his shaft despite his strength. “Ugh!” The man grunts again, burying his cock into Charlotte’s cunt with a resounding thud as his balls slap against her clitoris. He hums loudly, quivering slightly from the rapid convulsions. Already, his cock’s twitching, leaking pre-cum. The short giant begins to throb, preparing to explode prematurely. However, before that could happen, the man quickly retracts his cock, ensuring he gets a few good strokes before he cums.

“Hah. Can’t handle a pussy like that, huh, old man?” Mr.Hemsworth mocks, pushing his cock further inside Charlotte’s mouth until her lips meet his testicles. The two get well acquainted as the businessman’s cock greets the blonde’s tonsils. After the pairs’ short introduction, Mr.Hemsworth pulls back his hips and establishes a firm grip on the poor woman’s mane. “I’m going to ruin this beautiful mouth of yours with my cock, darling. So be sure to drink up and don’t you dare spill a single drop of my cum.” He assures Charlotte with a wicked smile upon his features.

Devilish words from the face of an angel reveal Mr.Hemsworth, the attractive interviewer, as another piece of scum in this cruel world. Of course, this deception shouldn’t be surprising. It’s usually the worst occupying the best roles on this earth. While Charlotte thought she had already learned this lesson, it’s clear she needed another reminder. And the two brutes plan to deliver such necessary revision expertly.

Initially, the two of them fuck each of Charlotte’s opposing holes at their own speeds, ravishing the entrances and pulling her body back and forth. This disorganized stroking leads to loud claps and squeals as plump hips slam against a girthy cock while the blonde struggles to breathe from the prolonged deepthroating. However, the maniacal duo adjusts their frequency, aligning their wavelengths to properly fuck the conservative cunt in synchrony. Now, they stroke at a shared pace, turning a violent, noisy fucking into a harmonic rough dicking. Groans and grunts overlap, harmonized by Charlotte’s muffled cries that were overshadowed by her pussy’s squelching. All she can do is serve the two’s desire, being nothing but the base for their Eiffel tower formation.

Naturally, she begins to ponder whether her accountability in this matter, wondering if it’s her fault the pair is ravishing her body. Her mind starts to think about what others think when they find out. Whether her boyfriend would leave her for another woman, one that’s still pure and untainted by the world. Likewise, if others would praise her for enduring this treatment or only further degrade her, labeling her like the men fucking the absolute shit out of her. Obviously, she isn’t the first girl here in this predicament. Similarly, that they have no remorse for their actions. It’s as if they’re untouchable. At least, their behavior suggests such.

Thus, while her juices trickle down her thighs and drool drains down her chin, Charlotte realizes it’s no longer a question of when others find out but instead if they should. And as her body crumbles underneath the harsh fucking of these two perverted predators, the blonde decides it is better to forget it ever happened.

“Fuck!” The two men exclaim as they drive their hips forward. Their balls slap against flesh while their cocks throb with excitement. Charlotte’s inexperience proves to be better than they thought. Her once innocent holes served as the perfect breeding ground for their pent-up frustration and stress. In addition to their relief, there’s also the release of an overdue load of cum. One load shoots down Charlotte’s throat straight into her stomach while the other overflows her pussy, leaving the excess trickling down her legs. “Whew!” The pair state as they retrieve their cocks, extracting them from their respective holes and putting them back in their cages.

“….” Charlotte slouches, nothing but silence from the girl following the forced swallow. She lays on the floor, refusing to believe that this nightmare is reality. She listens to the sound of the men getting dressed, questioning if she should even bother getting up. Sure, now’s the best time to attack, but her body’s unable to muster up an offense. Finally, her mind accepted something her body already had from the moment she was pinned: defeat. Filled with distraught and cum, Charlotte begins getting up. The blonde staggers and stumbles but eventually stands up again. As her legs tremble and her eyes quiver, she starts getting dressed without a word.

“Your coffee and painkillers, sir.” Rebecca says from behind the office door, her voice muffled.

“Ah. Go ahead and open up that door for me.” Mr.Hemsworth instructs, letting out an exasperated sigh as he enters his chair once again.

“Heh, on it, boss.” His henchman replies, opening the door and greeting Rebecca with a smile. “Why, aren’t you beautiful as always.” He states with a smile, ushering the woman in.

“Thank you, Mr.Gordon.” Rebecca responds, her replies concise. She walks in and rests the items down, turning around and looking at Charlotte on the way out.

At this moment, the two women make eye contact, sharing a connection. Rebecca’s been inside Charlotte’s shoes perhaps many times over. However, there’s not a single ounce of empathy from the receptionist. Instead, she expresses faint happiness, glad it’s no longer her serving the two. Without pause, she continues on her way out of the office.

“One moment Rebecca, stay.” Mr.Hemsworth says, stopping the girl in her tracks. Then, she turns his head towards Charlotte, a severe expression on his face. “Unfortunately, Ms.Haynes, you aren’t qualified for the job. While your interview was commendable, you’re simply too inexperienced for the position in question.” He delivers a profound revelation. Despite everything the two put the poor woman through, she still was not good enough. However, seeing how the interview went. It’s certainly more of a blessing than a curse. Or so it seems. However, I wouldn’t mind recommending you to another office. I’m aware of your legal troubles.” He concludes before gesturing for Charlotte to leave.

“…I understand.” Charlotte remarks before turning around and facing Rebecca. Quickly, the roles were reversed. However, rather than smile, Charlotte blankly stares at the receptionist, who lost her one chance at freedom. “Enjoy the rest of your day.” She remarks sarcastically, exiting the room.

“Mutual.” Mr.Hemsworth states. “Rebecca, go ahead and close the door after Ms.Haynes.” He instructs.

“…Yes, sir.” Rebecca remarks, knowing what it means. As she approaches the door, she shares another silent stare with Charlotte. This time, there’s nothing but sadness on her face as she slowly closes the door. A resounding shut echoes through the halls, separating the evil from the office from the rest of the world.

Charlotte carries on with her day, trying to forget the situation. Despite her best efforts, she’s unable to discard the memory. Angrily, she grasps the steering wheel, releasing a bloodcurdling scream that expresses the pain and agony swirling around inside of her. It lasts for a few seconds, shaking the car. Eventually, it subsides, along with Charlotte’s rage. However, before she could turn on her car and pull out the driveway, someone knocked on her window.

“What?!” Charlotte exclaims, turning her anger towards the strange in question. However, as she realizes the person, her neighbor.

“…Uh. Hi.” The voyeur greets, holding a mysterious item behind her back, a tracking device. If Charlotte thinks her day is over, she’s mistaken. Instead, it’s only the beginning.

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