My only ever one night stand

The guys sometimes ask me I have ever had a one night stand and as much as I would love to say “Yes” and relate the details the truth is that I never do. Instead I always tell them that I have never had a one night stand.

But we’re friends and I can tell you anything. So here it is. The truth. I have had a one night stand and it was, well, weird. Weird enough that I never tell the story.

I was out with friends and we had been at one other bar and were now drinking at a second bar. The night was late and I figured I would play a game of darts then go home. I had just broken up with my girlfriend of about a year and was actually in no hurry to start dating again. Meaning that I was in no way on the prowl.

I was at the bar waiting for another brew, looking at the ladies a bit and appreciating the scenery with all the honorable intentions of a gentleman. OK, if you really want to know I was lusting over some of the finer attributes of women who were no doubt wonderful girls except that I just didn’t know them or how wonderful they would or would not be. It was at this time that a rather tall and breathtaking woman walked into my field of view. I didn’t know she was so hot at first because I was looking all the way across the bar and my eyes just did not focus so close quickly enough.

When I looked at her closely I think I was noticeably startled and I think she noticed. I think I might have even caught my breath a little. Is this why she did what she did? The world will never know. All I do know is that it turned out to be both fantastic and identity changing. She saw me look her over which is exactly when she stepped right up to me and got really close. I didn’t know what her intentions were and as she got closer and closer I started to wonder if she was going to bite my ear. Instead she whispered something life altering to me. Not that I knew it was going to alter my life at that point and not that I was not living in bizzarro land for thinking she was going to bite my ear. What she said in a husky breathy whisper was: “I want to spread the folds of my pussy all over your tongue.” To which I replied: “[absolutely nothing]”. That’s right for the first time in my life I was speechless and I couldn’t even muster the strength to stammer. She moved away from my ear just enough to look me in the eye. I don’t know what she expected to see. Did she expect rejection? Did she expect me to grab her by the hand and lead her out of the bar to my home? I don’t know. She smiled a Mona Lisa smile which I could not understand the meaning it was supposed to imply and without moving any farther back intentionally rubbed her left boob on my arm. To the left and to the right she moved – three times. My arm was bare but her breasts were encased in perhaps the tightest fitting bra the world has ever seen. The oddly surreal effect of course was not diminished at all. I could see her nipples get hard and dropping my hand to hide the evidence from view I could feel my dick get hard too.

She deftly changed the topic of conversation to my forgotten dart game convincing me that I should abandon play but simultaneously making me wonder if just maybe my friend Steve had put her up to it so I would forfeit. We actually hit it off and had a pleasant time for the next fifteen minutes or so before her continuous flirting convinced me that I really should ask her home.

Back in my bed I was flattened on my back while she loosened my tie and the first few buttons of my shirt kissing from neck to nipples. I can’t say that I am particularly fond of having my nipples sucked but as a prelude to cocksucking who am I to complain? I don’t know when it happened but during the course of our lovemaking she surreptitiously removed her pants and panties, and with my full knowledge my shirt and tie came off too leaving me bare from the waist up and her bare from the waist down. Surely this would be a momentary stop along the way to naked-town. Fear not for I would surely see her amazing boobies before long – just not yet.

She kissed my ferociously on the mouth and began a slow gliding move Northward. She rubbed her naked, hot pussy on my stomach allowing me to feel a trail of wetness. She ran her fingers through my hair as she moved North again revealing to me the first scent of her womanly aroma albeit from a distance of at least a foot. She re-arranged her legs and my arms as she straddled my head now letting me see her pussy lips for the first time through her dark but not overly bushy, musty garden of womanly charms. With the first touch on my lips she lightly tickled my lower face with her pubes. I swear her nectar must have been spread all over her hair during her rubbing journey as the whole area seemed to be one dewy lawn. I attempted to raise my mouth to that sweet dessert but placing her hand on my forehead she both stopped me and let me know that she would be running this show. And a show it was for the next thing she did was to gently reach down grasping her lips with soft red painted fingertips to slowly manipulate those folds this way and that, open, closed, up and around. She pinched her labia and pulled them at least a fingers length out. I knew that she would be true to her word and that soon I would be a birthday present all enveloped in her very special wrapping. Truly she was going to encase me in her nether lips and truly I was going to love it even unto a smothering death.

Retrieving my tie she looped it behind my head and pulling on it lifted my face closer to her previoiusly hidden flower. At times her lips softly touched my own allowing me to gaze fully into the depths of her forest. At other times she moved up teasing my tongue with her cavernous hole allowing me to peer at the little man in the boat. Oh, and it was a beautiful clit indeed; large, engorged, extending beyond the hood more than most. I would even characterize her red clit as angrily excited. I tried to lick and I tried to get in there at all those delicious purply majestic lady parts but she really was in control. She had me stick my tongue out as far as I could then spreading her lips she traced the smooth no man’s land between major and minor folds with its tip.

Finally she pulled firmly on the necktie while pressing forward engulfing my whole mouth with her sex. I relished the feeling and put everything I had into pleasing the cunt that was making me so very happy. If I could have climbed inside I would have. For her part she continued to do whatever pleased her with complete abandon and no regard for my wishes which made her appetite for cunnilingus all the more likely to drive my passion to the brink. In fact I was getting so excited that even with my arms under her legs and unable to reach my straining member I wondered if I just might cream my pants without being touched down there. She burried my tongue deep inside and opened her pussy so wide her lips were completely on the outside of mine creating a seal of sorts. I would go for long periods without breathing and just when I thought I would have to buck her off she would squirm for her pleasure. The wiggle was for her but it also permitted me to take a gasping breath just in time. This was not your ordinary pussy eating session. This was a session one could brag about proudly. (Yes, I know, you are starting to think that there is no reason I would hide my one night stand from the prying eyes of the world but I promise I will get to that.) As she got into it she started to focus on the areas that were most pleasurable to her. She liked it when her clit was insistently forced into my mouth and she would whisper-scream “Suck it! Suck it!”, which I did with eagerness. She also favored when the flat of my tongue was pushed hard against the part of her puss just between the opening and her taint, I guess you would call that the bottom edge of her vaginal ring.

The first time she came I could feel her honey pot contract – something I had never been able to notice before in any of the women I had been with. I also noticed an increase in her tangy fluids. Not a flood but a nice little sample nevertheless. I think she came three times total, though in all honesty she was not really too concerned about making announcements or in any way caring about whether or not I knew when she was cumming.

And now the part I never tell anyone. Maybe for some of you this will be vanilla stuff but for me it was virgin territory, taboo, edgy, and certainly nothing I would ever admit to my friends or future wife. What she did surprised and shocked my staid sensibilities. And to me it changed something in me. I would forever remember what happened. I would remember what I did. I would remember that I participated and lastly that I loved it. I could no longer claim if in some alternate reality I was ever asked and I would always know that I was what I became. It was immediately after what I think was her third orgasm that she rapidly swung her legs around re-positioning into what would have been a reverse cowgirl if she had been on my cock. Now facing the other way and with no warning and no build up she lifted up about a foot (this was the point at which I first saw her pink asshole) then spreading her cheeks with her hands plunged down with precision and accuracy placing her forbidden and to me never before experienced rosebud directly over my mouth – directly on my mouth. That’s right, she put her starfish down so far it touched my lips. Not just her butt cheeks but her actual butt hole, her ass hole, her shitter, her bung. And it wasn’t just close but it really did touch my lips. And it didn’t just touch them it made a full-on prolonged intentional contact. I clenched. I tried to turn. But it was to no avail as I was trapped. My head was trapped and my arms were trapped. Now was the time for me to try bucking. I bucked but simply lacked the leverage to dislodge this petite brunette butt crazed anilingus starved hottie from my face. I suppose if she had not been so unbelievably hot I might have tried harder. If she had not just had me in the very depths of her sex for the last half hour I might have rejected such intimacy, but the thought occurred to me that after what I had been doing to her twat and everything in the vicinity this was not really that much more. So I did what she asked, and yes she asked, in fact she practically screamed for me to get my fucking tongue in there. Tentatively I stuck out my tongue. I could feel it snaking its way between her ass cheeks toward its goal. A goal which by now after her exertions was what I would soon discover to be – sweaty. It wasn’t far and in no time the tip of my tongue touched her there. To my shock it wasn’t bad. It didn’t taste bad or like shit. The area was kind of Earthy and surprisingly fresh. As for the butt hole itself – it was kind of rubbery. It was pleasingly firm in contrast to the meat curtains that I had been feasting on. So I licked around it for a good long while. I stabbed at it and pressed hard with my tongue wondering and fearing that I might just get inside. I lapped. I swathed her most sensitive area with my saliva. And I re-defined myself. No longer just a man, no longer just a man who likes pussy; I was now an ass licker. Me; an ass licker! I had licked the sweaty rubbery ass of another human being. It shocked me and changed me but also from this time forward it excites me.

So there you have it. You are the only one I have ever told. I am a new man and I like it. This is my secret that I can share with no one and not being able to share it how will I ever take the next step which is to ask for it.

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