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I worked in an office and my boss was a very beautiful lady. Her name was amber. Although she was older than me by the way I was 29 then and she was near 36. But she was so attractive. Her body was fit like a young girl of 25. She had wonderful pair of big titties and a big round ass. But as she was my boss I could not do anything without her permission.

One day afternoon she called me in her office and asked me “Whether you can do some work for me today after the working hours?”
I said “yes mam”.

As i was talking with her my pen fell down on the floor under her table. I asked”mam can I take my pen?”
“sure” she said.
I bent and then i sat on floor to search for my pen and then suddenly from under table i saw the legs of amber and i also saw an unususal thing. She was wearing a skirt. And i could see her legs were opened and she was not wearing a panty under her skirt. I felt some erection in my pants. Her pussy was hairy so i was not able to look at it clearly. and i knew that i was taking time. suddenly she asked “what happened?”.
“nothing” i said and stood up immidiately.
And then i came back to my office room. I started my work again but i was not able to forget that moment. That day i had to do overtime. So after normal working hours i went to her cabin and asked her”mam how i can help you?”.
She was sitting on her chair reading papers and without even removing her eyes from paper she said”We have to check some files again, i think there are many mistakes”.
i said “ok mam”.
She pointed her finger towards a drawer rack and ordered me “open the top drawer there are some files bring them here”.
I opened the top drawer, as i opened the drawer there was a sexy bikini there and there were some condoms. As i was looking the things i listened the voice of amber “oh i am sorry open the second drawer”.
I closed the drawer. and opened the second one it was more shocking than the first. There were two vibrators, sex pills, some porn magazines and some porn dvds. She again ordered “lock the door and bring all the things on my table”.
i did exactly what i was told. She looked at me smiled and said “Do you know how to use these things?”
“yes mam” i said.
“then what are you waiting for? but start these things is systematic way”. she said.
I first gave her a porn magazine to watch while i took 2 sex pills and then inserted dvd in player and took the vibrator in my hand. she looked at me and said”fantastic. i am happy that you know how to use these things’. she was sitting on her chair watching the porn magazine. she said”now start the rest of the things. you are free to do anything, you don’t need any permission now”. i said “ok mam”.
she again replied”now say name amber not mam”.
i said”ok”.
i want near her. Exactly i was standing behind her chair and was also watching that porn magazine. My cock already became rock hard. I put my hands on her shoulders and then i inserted my hand in her shirt to touch her boob. She stopped me and said”i am not comfortable”. and she removed her clothes in seconds and again sat on the chair. She moved the chair back. She opened her legs wide and asked me to join her. i was staring at her gorgeous body. Her boobs were so big and firm with a nice pair of big brown nipples.I went near her now i was on my knees and i started kissing and licking her beautiful thighs while she was busy in watching porn movie. She was also rubbing her pussy with her palm. And one of her hands was playing with her nipple. Then she inserted her middle finger in her pussy and i took her hand and removed her finger from pussy and inserted that finger in my mouth and started to lick it. She again inserted her finger and again removed and put it in my mouth. After some time when she removed her finger from her pussy it was covered with her pre-cum. I licked her pre-cum. Now when she inserted her finger in pussy i also inserted one of my finger alongwith her finger. Now there were two fingers in her pussy and now both were covered with her pre-cum. I could feel the wetness building in her pussy. Then we removed both pre-cum covered fingers now i took her finger in my mouth and i inserted my finger in her mouth. she was sucking and licking it like a cock. she was enjoying the taste of her own pre-cum.Now i started to rub my tongue on her wet pussy lips. she moaned softly. Then i inserted my tongue in her wet pussy and soon my full tongue was covered with her pre-cum. I enjoyed that and asked amber”you wanna taste some more cum of yours?”. she said”oh please”.
I again inserted my full tongue in her wet pussy and when it was covered with her pre-cum, i removed my tongue and asked her to open her mouth. She opened her mouth and i inserted cum covered tongue in her mouth. she was sucking it badly. she was also rubbing her soft tongue on my tongue. Our tongue were playing in her mouth. she became very excited. She started to open my shirt buttons. I quickly removed all my clothes. Now we both were standing. Now again i inserted my tongue in her mouth and again she started sucking it and after that she started to lick my nipples. Now one of her hands was playing with my fully erected 8inch cock. Suddenly she was on her knees and started licking and sucking my cock. she took my cock in her hand and cock head in her mouth. She was stroking me but at the same time her soft wet tongue was playing with my cock head. After some moments she started to lick my balls like she was cleaning my balls with her tongue. She stood up now and took my cock in her hand and started to rub my cock head between her pussy lips. That was so wonderful while i was playing with her gorgeous big boobs. I was sucking , licking and squeezing her boobs. she was also enjoying that.
Then she asked “What you like most in sex?”
i replied”everything dirty”.
“nice” she said.
“would you like to lick my asshole?” she asked.
“sure” i said.
“then start licking badly” she said.
She changed her pos. Now she was standing in front of me but her back was in front of me. she opened her legs. she bent forward and her hands were now touching floor.and i could saw her both holes clearly. I was on my knees and rubbing my tongue between her firm round buttocks. She was moaning. then my tongue found her asshole, it was small and beautiful like a door to heaven. I was rubbing my tongue on her asshole now and now she was moaning loudly. Then i took the vibrator and inserted it in her pussy and started moving in n out while my tongue tip was now fucking her asshole. After some moments full tongue was going in her ass and vibrator was working in her pussy. Now i inserted my 2 fingers in her ass also and started fingering. Now things were moving in both of her holes and she was moaning with pleasure. Now i could feel that her asshole was stretched. So while vibrator was in her pussy, i stood up and started rub my cock on her asshole. She moaned loudly this time. Now she was moving her hips backwards. I adjusted my cock head on her small asshole and gave her a stroke. Half of my cock was in and her body shivered for a second. I could feel the tightness of her asshole as my cock was trapped in that. I started to fuck her ass slowly with not inserting full cock in her ass. As the time was running her asshole accepted my full cock. Now i was fucking comfortably while she was looking tired due to bending. I asked her to come on table. She adjusted her upper body on table and she was still half standing. i again started to fuck her ass now my cock was going full in her ass. As i inserted full my balls were touching her round hips.
She said”baby i wanna ride you cock”.
i said “sure”.
i was now lying on floor. she sat on my cock with cock in her ass. she started jumping up n down. she was enjoying cock ride. Now i was near cum as she was also fucking very fast and hard while moaning “ooooffffooo…ooooooeeeeee……oooooooiii…….m mmmmmmmm…fff….fff….fuck……fuck…….fuck me”.
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