My First College Girlfriend

I have decided to transfer and attend a college in Rochester NY, majoring in computer technology. Upon arriving I was assigned a room by the resident advisor on my floor. I did not get a roommate because no one else was assigned to the room. I would later learn that there were less than 25 minorities living on campus. There was a total of 3000 student living on campus.

So it was no surprise that I would be the only minority in most of my classes. I was the first minority to enroll in the new computer curriculum at Rochester.

So orientation started in the first week just before classes were to start. Heck all I saw was about 9 blacks in a group, looked like they played basketball for the school. Most of the 9 blacks were 6-3 in height or taller. Then I saw another group. In the second group of about 10 there were women mixed in.

I said hello to both groups. They asked me in which dorm I was staying in. Then they told me they all were staying in the

Unity House. They told me to stop by some times. Then I went on my way. Then for the rest of the day I explored around the campus.

Monday First day of classes was uneventful. I had an english class and history class. Then I went to the book store to buy my required reading books. Then I went back to the dorm. I then tried to finish setting up my turntable and sound system.

Then because I was the only one assigned the room I took my bed and placed it on the two desk that were in the room. This gave me storage space under the bed and more space in the room because the two desk were now under my bed. Then I went to the student cafeteria for dinner. Once in the dining hall I saw a group of blacks and I went over there and sat down with them. We talked and most of them played basketball for the school. They asked me if I played basketball. I said yes.

I told them I was from NYC. Then they asked me my major. I told them computer technology. They said I was the only black on campus majoring in that. Then they told me that most of them majored in criminal justice.

They told me to stop by the gym sometimes after classes or stop by the Unity House. Then they were finished and they left.

Second day of classes I had a

english class a history class statistics class and a computer class. The english and history classes were ok, nothing special. So I now go to my computer class for the first time. I find a desk that is totally empty, it is the last available desk. As most students are doubled up if not all of them. Seems like they knew each other. You see I transferred into Rochester. Then two minutes later a tall Indian lady comes in. At first I thought she was the instructor.

Then she started to walk towards my side of the room. I was puzzled for a moment, then pleasantly shocked as she sat down next to me at my desk. She then said hello, I replied hello. Then as soon as she sat down the instructor comes in. He looks to be in his mid 40s. So the class starts everyone is taking notes. Then the instructor says , that he has to see if the class syllabus was printed already. He says “class take 5 minutes, I will be right back”. So with that being said ,

I introduced myself to the young lady sitting next to me. I told her my name was Ralph, she replied her name was Rina. I said that is is a pretty name. I also said I was pleasantly surprise when you sat next to me. I asked her did she start school here or did she transfer in. Rina said she transferred in. I said me too, I transferred in from a New York City junior college. Rina said she came here from India on a student visa. I told here that when I came into the class all of those students were paired up together. Then the teacher comes back with the class syllabus and distributes them.

He says this class is based on teamwork. So each of you have to pair up to complete these projects. So once you have paired up, hand those pairings to me at the end of the class.

So Rina turns to me and says will you be my partner. I smile and said I would love to be your partner. Rina strangely looks at me. Now class has ended Rina gets up and says bye Ralph. I too get up and head towards my next class.

So at this point in time let me describe Rina. Rina is about 5-7 in height weighs about 135 – 140 pounds. She has a thick body but not fat. She has really long jet black hair. She has pretty eyes and a lovely smile.

She has a milk chocolate complexion. I think she is Indian and a damn pretty on at that. Her skin looks real smooth. Her thighs are thick and she has the nicest, roundest ass I have ever seen in my life. She also has grapefruit sized breast. I have no idea of how old she is.

Third day of classes. The english class and history classes had a ton of assignments handed out. All kinds of reading assignments. Damn. Most of this stuff would be on a test or a paper to write. So I had to read all of this stuff. Then I had my statistics class. Just some note taking on different formulas for solving statistical problems. I was hoping this class would end soon so that I could go to my computer class and see Rina.

So finally the stat class ended. I made a mad dash to my computer class. I got here and Rina was already seated. I said hello Rina, then I said excuse me as I passed her to sit down.

I then said, the other guys have formed a study group , but did not invite us. Rina said I wonder why and smiled. I said you know why. So Rina you are stuck with me in our own study group. We could study in the library. I will leave it to you to make a study schedule for us. Rina told me to make a copy of my class schedule and give it to her tomorrow.

Better still I just wrote another schedule on an index card.

Then the instructor came in and started his lecture. Once class was done I said goodbye to Rina. I said I have to go to the bookstore. Rina said she too had to go to the bookstore.

So I said well that’s nice lets go.

So we got into the bookstore and said goodbye once again.

I purchased the last remaining books on my list and was at the cashiers. Then I saw Rina about to checkout too. I waited for her outside. Rina then exited the bookstore and saw me standing outside. Rina then said hi Ralph. I then said I hope you don’t mind me waiting for you. I wanted to walk you back to the dorms. Rina said that’s nice of you, you didn’t have to. I said I wanted to.

Rina smiled. I asked Rina since we are partners would she have dinner with me in the student cafeteria. Rina said she doesn’t think that’s a good idea. I asked her why. Rina said Ralph you seem to be like a nice person, so I will say it this way. I am here to study and get my degree. I don’t know what your intentions are , but you would be a distraction from my graduation goals. Sorry but no I won’t join you for dinner. I then said I understand. We get to her dormitory, I then said well bye again for the 3rd time today.

The fourth day of classes Rina gives me our study group schedule before the instructor walks in. Rina says is 4:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays OK.

I say that’s fine. Where are we meeting. Rina says the library.

I said that’s fine.

Rina says today is Thursday but we will start next Tuesday is that OK. I said that will be fine. So the class ends and I said have a nice weekend Rina. Rina replies you too.

So Fridays I don’t have classes. So I go to the gym to play basketball. I stayed in the gym for 3 hours then the basketball team came into the gym for their team practice. Then I left and went back to the dorms. I then took a shower, came back to my room and played some music. Then started to study.

Saturday I ventured over to the Unity House and hung out with a lot of the students in that dorm. Then I went back to my dorm to get ready to do the laundry. While doing the laundry I ventured into what’s called “The Cellar” which is a bar and small restaurant on the basement level. 90 percent of the dorms are connected with this underground tunnel.

Sunday I just walked around and I saw Rina with two women students walking to the academic side of the campus. I said hello Rina. Rina replied hi Ralph how are you. I said fine. That was the extent of the conversation. As I walked away Rina called me. Rina said that she had a problem. I said what you realized that you love me. She smiled and said you wish. Then she said seriously Ralph , their aren’t any more computer text book for sale in the library. I was hoping that I could share yours. I looked at your class schedule and wondered if I could borrow your book on a Friday or Saturday or Sunday. I said Saturday or Sunday but I must have it back by the next evening. If there is a test then we can study together. Rina said “great and thanks and Saturday would be fine”. Then Rina went back to the two women.

Monday came and went. I had to stop at the mini grocery store in the basement and buy a few laundry items, some hand soap, and some munchies.

Tuesday I got to see Rina in our computer class. I said hi Rina how was your weekend. Rina said hello Ralph it was OK. I said just OK, you need to hang out with me sometimes. Rina said not a good idea. I told her well you will be hanging out with me after class. Rina said that is different. When the instructor was looking at examples in the book Rina and I shared my book. Class was now over and we went to the library to study for only an hour. As I walked Rina back to her dorm, I asked Rina doesn’t it feel different being a minority on campus because the campus population was like 3000 Caucasians to 25 minority students. Rina said yes and most of the students in her classes or dorm don’t talk to her. I said same here, but Rina anytime you want to talk about anything just call me or stop by my dormitory room. I am the NRH dorm on the 2nd floor room 216 phone is 103216. Rina said thanks Ralph. Rina now entered her dorm. I then walked to mine. I later went to the student cafeteria to have dinner. I saw Rina sitting by herself so I went over and said can I join you. Rina said hi Ralph and said sure. Rina looked at what I had on my tray to eat and said if you keep eating junk like that you are going to live a short life. I said you only live once and laughed. Rina just smirked and said OK. I said see your having dinner with me and it’s not a problem. So when are we going to have our next dinner date. Rina said this is not a date. I said whatever you say Rina. I said if you have dinner with me I will always let you pick out the foods that I eat. Rina looked at me and laughed. Then she said “I can’t stop you from poisoning yourself. You know I am right. Just put me in your will so that I can get your college books”. Then Rina put her hand on my shoulder and pushed me and then started laughing. I said you got jokes , DAMN Rina that was cold and I too laughed. Then Rina was finished eating and got up to leave. I too gobbled up the remaining food on my plate so that I could leave with Rina.

I then asked Rina would you like to go to a party right here on campus this Saturday. Rina said thanks but no. I then told Rina you cannot go through 2 years of college without enjoying yourself just a little. Rina then said goodbye Ralph. So on my way back I decided to stop at the unity house. I met several new students. I hung out in a couple of rooms and found out that there was two other students from NYC. After 2 hours I then went back to my room. I found that my resident advisor who is not Black played on the basketball team.

Wednesday in our computer class Rina and I got our first joint project. Each team had a different project. We picked our number assign project out of a jar. After class I went to the library to start with research on our project. Then I ate dinner in the cafeteria, then went back to my room and played some music. Then at 7:30 there was a knock at my door. I opened the door and it was Rina. I said hi Rina , Rina said hi Ralph can I come in. I said of course , excuse the appearance of my room, it’s kind of messed up. Rina said not as messy as her two friends that she hangs out with. I then tell Rina to have a seat. I asked her would you like something to drink, some water, juice or wine. Rina said you have a fridge in your room, nice. Rina ***********ed a bottle of juice. I poured myself a glass of wine.

Then I turned the music down a little. Rina then asked what I learn about our project and said sorry that she could not be there to help with the research.

I said no problem and then I showed Rina what I have found out. Rina said “could I borrow your notes, I want to go downstairs and use the copying machine”. I said stay here I will run downstairs real quick and do it. So in ten minutes I then was back in the room. Rina said that was quick. I then sat down to finish my glass of wine. Then we briefly continued the discussion of my notes. I then asked Rina did she want some more juice. Rina said no but would like a glass of wine. I then poured a glass of wine for Rina. I then made a toast “here is to knowing you and to the success to us being study partners”. We tapped glasses and drank. Rina sipped her glass of wine and said WOW this is good. What the name of this wine. I said it is White Zinfandel by Sutter Home. Rina then said what else do you keep in the fridge. I told her to open it and look for yourself. Rina said I don’t want to seem nosy but I am so curious. I said just open the fridge, so Rina did. She says you have all these different munchies in there. I told her to help herself. Rina took a small pack of applause. Rina said I have to stop by more often. I said I would love that. Rina then said thanks for the wine and notes. I then told Rina that I was going to walk her back to her dorm because it was late. We got to her dorm and I said goodnight Rina. Rina said goodnight Ralph.

Thursday was a great day. As our computer class was over. I told Rina before we go to the library, I wanted to get a bottle of water from the lobby vending machine. Rina said could we study in your room. I said that would be ok , if it’s ok with you. So you did like my refrigerator and then I laughed. Rina said it’s OK but your wine is better. So off we went to my room. As we went back to our dorms, some of the basketball players from the Unity House were going to basketball practice. I said hello to them as Rina and I passed them. Rina said she wanted to stop at her dorm to put all of her text books away. Then she quickly returned. Then we finally got to my room. I told Rina to have a seat and relax. I then poured us each a glass of wine. Rina asked is this the same wine I had last time. I said yes it is. So we started our study session. It was going real good. Then Rina said Ralph please stop steering at me. I said sorry Rina I just could not take my eyes off of your beautiful lips. Rina said thanks but stop steering. I once again said sorry. So after another 30 minutes we were done with our study session.

Now we realized that it was too late to have dinner because the cafeteria was closing in 2 minutes. I told Rina I would order us a pizza, she said ok but no meat. I then said how is a plain cheese pizza. She said fine. Do you want anything to drink. Then she said some more of your nice Zinfandel. So I ordered the pizza. I told Rina to just relax, make your self at home. But before I left I played some music. In 20 minutes I returned. I found Rina laying down in my bed listening to the music. She had taken off her sneakers and looked relaxed. I came in and Rina jumped up. I told her to lay back down and relax. I then hand her a slice of pizza. Then I poured us each a glass of wine. I told Rina no more wine for you. Rina said why. I said because I do not want you to get drunk. Rina said thanks Ralph, you are nice and are a gentleman. Rina have another slice of pizza, Rina says thanks. Rina says I really like your room. I said thanks , I try to keep it clean but sometimes it gets messy.

Rina asked me how come I never saw your girlfriend. I then asked Rina how come I never saw your boyfriend. So Rina if your asking me do I have a girlfriend the answer is no. Rina said “truthfully”. I said I would not lie to you. Why, do you want to be my girlfriend. Rina said maybe. I said what does that mean !!!! I know that I really like you and I would love to have you as my girlfriend, but you said you don’t want anything to interfere with your graduation. Heck you won’t even go to dinner with me in the cafeteria.

Ralph if you give me another glass of wine I will answer your question. I told her NO !!!. You will end up getting drunk. Rina said it’s been 2 hours since I last had some wine and it’s Friday night, I know that you won’t take advantage of me if I got drunk. Your right Rina I would not take advantage of you whether you were drunk or not. I finally relented and poured us each another glass of wine. Rina says this is nice being here with nice music playing. Now before you have another sip of wine. What is your answer. Rina does not answer, I gently leaned in and kissed Rina. Rina did not object and just looked at me. I then kissed her again as she laid on my bed. I told Rina I want you to be my lady, I want you to be my girlfriend. Rina then turned to her side and then caressed my neck and drew me to her and kissed me. Rina pushes her tongue into my mouth. Then she leaned back and looked at me as if she was deciding something. I then said your lips are so soft. Rina then said come up here in the bed with me. I want you to feed me some pizza. I said let me put it in the heater oven. In the meantime I took off my sneakers and I too joined her in the bed. We laid face to face. I told her I would not interfere or disrupt her goal towards graduation. Rina says Ralph shut up and kiss me. I then place my arm around Rina’s lower back as I kissed her. Then I slowly slid my tongue into Rina’s mouth. Then Rina hugged me. I then told Rina to lay on top of me. Rina lays on me. I said your body feels so good resting upon mine. Then Rina started kissing me. I then wrapped my arms around Rina and started massaging her back. Rina said you have strong and gentle hands. Then I felt that feeling as my dick was now beyond hard. I knew that Rina could feel it too. Rina had the treasure that was between her legs right on top of my raging hard dick. Then I could feel Rina move her waist. She moved to the side and then she pushed down. Then she moaned. Then I held her tighter. I asked Rina was she OK. Rina said yes. I then started rubbing the top of Rina’s nice ass. I heard her moan some more. Then I shoved my tongue back into her mouth. Rina let her tongue play with my tongue as our tongues played in her warm wet mouth. Then I slipped my hands on the nice round part of Rina’s ass. Now I was massaging Rina’s whole ass. Now Rina was grinding her treasure right on top of my hard dick. Rina is moaning. I tell Rina that her nice round ass feels so good in my hands. Rina says you like my big ass. I said yes I do. And if you did not have these pants on I would be kissing and licking your nice ass right now. Rina says then you should take them off.

I then kissed Rina as I was still massaging her nice ass. Then I rolled her over. I then continued to kiss her. Then I slowly slid my hands down to her nice grapefruit sized tits. Then I started massaging her nice tits. Then I found the nipple area and I started massaging her nipples. She could feel them getting hard. I could feel them getting hard. Rina moaned then kissed me again. I then moved my hand down between Rina’s leg and started rubbing the treasure between her legs. Rina moaned some more and shoved her tongue into my mouth. I then unbuckled her belt and unzipped her jeans. Then I moved my hand up under her tee shirt. I found my way up to her nice tits. I then push her bra up and over her tits. Then I started massaging her tits. Then I started massaging her nipples. Rina let out a loud moan and then called out my name , “OH Ralph”. Then I lifted her tee shirt up, what a lovely sight. Then I started kissing her nice tits. Then I started licking her nipples, then a minute later I was sucking her nipples. Rina now had her hands on my shoulders as I sucked on her nipples. With my hand I was massaging her pussy as I had slipped one hand inside her jeans. I was massaging her pussy over her panties. I could feel the heat and the wetness from her beloved treasure. Rina now spreads her legs wider. I then slip my hand in the waist band of her panties. I am now rubbing the slit of her nice hairy pussy. When that got wet enough I started massaging her clit. 5 minutes later Rina is squirming in the bed. She is holding me tight as I am still sucking her nipples as if I was a baby sucking her tits for milk. Then Rina called out my name “Oh Ralph, Ralph , OOOO” and then Rina came for me. She came for me for the very first time. I then moved back up to kiss her. Rina hugged me as we kissed each other.

Now I removed Rina’s jeans. Then I kissed her pussy that was covered by her panties. Then I started rubbing her pussy slit right through her wet panties. Rina was moaning loudly but not over the music that was playing. Then I removed her panties. I then kissed the hair on her now soaking wet pussy. Then I parted her hair covered pussy slit with my tongue and then started licking up and down her nice hot wet pussy slit. Rina had both her hands on my head. She was forcing my head into the folds of her hot pussy. She was saying “that’s it baby eat my pussy, eat all of it”. Then I started sucking Rina’s clit. Now she pushed my head even further down into her pussy. My chin was in her pussy slit as I had her clit trapped in my mouth. Her thighs had me clamped in her hot pussy. Then just like that Rina came for me the second time. She came right in my mouth and I loved it.

Then Rina told me to come and kiss her. Rina did not waste any time lapping all of the juices from my mouth. All from the cum filled pussy juice mouth of mine. Then I took off my pants. And now I was caressing Rina as we laid side by side. Rina then said I have to tell you something Ralph. I asked Rina could it wait until later. Rina said no. I said OK what is it. Rina said “I Am A Virgin”. I said wow.

Rena says does that bother you. I said no baby , I then kissed her. Don’t worry when your ready you will open up your heart to me , you will open up your legs for me. And I will be gentle as I take your virginity. Then I kissed Rina again. Rina then asked me could she kiss my dick. I said of course because it’s now yours. In the future you don’t have to ask. Rina kissed me. Rina then moved down to my dick. She had a real live look of a dick for the very first time. Rina said it’s so big baby. Then she gently kissed my dick. Then she started licking it. Then for her very first time she had a dick in her mouth. Rina started flicking her tongue over the head of my dick. Then I said baby just like that. Rina now felt confident that she was licking my dick the right way. Then she started sucking my dick. She wasn’t bad for a woman that has never had the experience of having a dick in her mouth. As a matter of fact because of her nice warm mouth I was just about to cum. So I moved Rina away from my dick. Rina said did I do something wrong. I said no baby I just did not want to cum in your mouth. Rina said why , I wanted you to cum in my mouth. I wanted your cum in my mouth.

Rina was disappointed. I said baby I didn’t know, but you can have some if you spend the night with me. Rina said you promise. Yes baby I promise.

So we heat up the remaining pizza and had some juice. Then I played some nice relaxing slow music. Then I turned off the lights. Only the red and blue lights from the sound system was on. I told Rina to lay on top of me. Wow what a feeling having her nice nipples pressed into my chest. Her silky black hair covering her pussy was resting on my dick. I held Rina with one hand massaging her back and the other hand cupping her nice round ass. Rina was kissing me on my neck and the side of my face. I told Rina that we would graduate and she would be my lover. Rina said that would be real nice. I am glad that you are looking out for me. Because at this school I feel like an outsider. Baby we are outsiders, but we have each other. So you will never feel lonely or unwanted as long as you have me. Then Rina drifted off to sleep. At around 4:00 AM I rolled Rina off of me. She woke up I told her to lay on her side with her back towards me. Then I scooted behind her with my chess to her back. I lifted her leg and put my dick right next to her still wet pussy. Then I reached over her body to massage her nipples. Rina said that my dick really felt good between her legs. Then Rina kissed my arm. I told her goodnight baby. Rina said goodnight baby. Then we both fell asleep.

So it’s Saturday morning, as I awake; I see Rina resting on one elbow just looking at me. I said good morning baby. Rina kisses me. I said lets take a shower before the rest of the student on the floor wake up. So we go into the men’s bathroom (this is the men’s side of the Co-Ed dorm) take a quick shower and then back to my room. Rina said that was fun. I said let’s get some breakfast. Rina says that sounds good. So we went to the cafeteria and I went to reach for some ham as I already had eggs. Rina grabbed my arm, looked at me and shook her head no!!! Remember. I then said you tell me what to ***********.

And so she did. We sat down and ate then we went back to my room. Rina said before I go back to my room, can you make love to me again baby. I said you never have to ask me that. As I am yours ,as you are mine.

I then kissed Rina and then started massaging her nice tits. Then I kissed her on the neck and whispered in her ear that I was really going to make her feel good. I was going to make her cum so many times that she would loose count. Then I move down to lick Rina’s breast. First licking each of them then I started sucking her nipples. Rina was squirming in the bed. I asked her how does that feel. Rina says I like it when you kiss and lick my breast but when you suck on my nipples that drives me crazy. I love it, I get a nice tingling feeling between my legs , I get so so wet. I then said let me see. I then go down between Rina’s legs and kiss her nice jet black silky smooth pussy hair and indeed she is soaking wet. Rina jumped as soon as I kissed her nice pussy. I then parted her warm pussy lips. I then started licking up and down her nice pussy slit. Rina grabbed the top of my head with one hand as I began to pleasure her pretty pussy. I was lapping up all of her sweet tasting pussy juice. Rina was going crazy. I didn’t even get started when Rina cried out “OU BABY” and then Rina came for me. I could see the juice flowing out of her love hole. I lapped up Rina’s juices like a dog drinking water.

Then without giving Rina’s lovely treasure a break, I then moved to Rina’s clit. I just moved my tongue to her now very sensitive clit without moving it. I just rested my tongue on her clit. I could feel Rina’s pussy still throbbing. I then would take my tongue off of Rina’s clit relieving some pressure then I would put my tongue back on her clit. As soon as I heard any kind of moan or the opening of her legs or any kind of squirming in the bed then I would start my assault on her love hole. And so it was that Rina spread her legs wider. I then trapped her clit in my mouth and slowly started massaging her clit. Then I started sucking her now erect pretty pink clit. 4 minutes later then Rina was on the verge of Cumming. Rina was now snaking her whole body in the bed. I had to hold down her waist to keep her in place so that my tongue would stay right on her clit. Rina was saying all kinds of things. As the out of breath Rina was saying as she was cumming “OH Ralph, this is so good, baby I love this, that’s it eat my virgin pussy , baby, I love that hot tongue of yours, baby, OU baby, damn baby, ooo, oooOOO, OOOOO !!! OOoooo , oooo, oh baby, oh baby, baby”. Wow Rina came hard.

I then moved back up to kiss Rina, she then hugged me. Then Rina shoved her tongue deep into my mouth and gave me one long passionate kiss that lasted for about 3 minutes. Damn she was burning up with desire, her pussy was on fire. Her tits were still heaving. She was rocking her legs. I then said Rina are you OK baby. A out of breath Rina said yes baby, if I wasn’t before, I am truly OK NOW. Then I moved down to suck on her nice erect nipples.

Rina then gasped for air and hugged me. I feasted on her nipples for five minutes then I returned to her sopping wet pussy. I immediately started gently licking her clit. Rina clamped my head with her thighs as I started munching on her pussy. Within 3 minutes Rina came for me again. Damn I am losing count. Now my bed sheet was soaking wet. I then placed a towel under her Rina right over the wet spot. Then I moved back up to kiss Rina. Then I told her to turn over on her stomach. Then I laid on her nice ass and back. Then I kissed Rina on her neck. Then I whispered in her ear. “Baby I know that you have liked the way I have made you and you sweet pussy feel good, but I am not finished with you.

I hope that you remember this day. I am glad that you have opened up your legs for me. I am glad to be the first to taste the sweetness of your pretty pussy. Now enjoy the rest of this. Enjoy the love that I am giving you”.

I kissed Rina’s neck again. Then I ran my hot tongue down the middle of Rina’s back. Rina moaned and said Ralph that felt so good. Then I gave her a tongue bath on her back. Rina moaned out my name. Then I kissed both sides of her ass. Then I started licking both sides. I then told Rina I love this nice ass of yours. Then I started massaging her ass. Then I reached down to start massaging her clit as I was kissing and licking her ass. 6 minutes later Rina started grinding her wet pussy into the bed. Then Rina came for me again. I then laid back on her ass and back. I kissed her on her neck. I asked Rina how was that. Rina said I am enjoying this Saturday like no other day in my life. I am also glad that you are in my life. Then Rina kissed my arm.

I then told Rina I am not done. Rina said no more baby , please I have had enough as I am too sensitive down there. I said ok , just roll over. Then I started sucking her nipples again. After 8 minutes Rina was moaning again. While still sucking her nipples, I slowly moved my hands down to Rina’s pussy. Rina did not object, she even spread her legs to welcome my fingers. I started massaging her clit again. Rina arched her back up and was moaning very loud. I massaged her clit with more pressure and then Rina screamed out my name as she came. I kissed her and got on top of her. My dick was resting on her dripping wet pussy. My chest was resting on her lovely breast. Then I kissed her passionately. Rina hugged me and told me thanks baby. Rina then said it’s time for me to go to my room. I said now you have two rooms. Will I see you for dinner tonight. Rina said why are you asking me that. Baby you know you will. So now we officially have a dinner date and I laughed. Rina looked at me as she shook her head and said you are one sick puppy. I said YES!! and I am your sick puppy to take care of. Rina once again shook her head and said bye baby as she walked out the door.

Later I called Rina and asked her what time is a good time for her to have dinner. Then also said Sunday is a study day in my room. Just studying baby !!!

Rina said all day baby ??? At least for 4 hours. Right after lunch to dinner time. Rina said Wow so pushy, OK baby, I got it.

So at 6:00 I met Rina in front of her dorm and we went to the student cafeteria for dinner. I asked Rina what the bag was for. Rina said two changes of clothes. I said nice.

Now while on the line for food, I would pick something to eat , then Rina would steer me down so I put it back. I then told Rina to pick out my food. So it was that every time for lunch and dinner, Rina would *********** what I ate. For breakfast I had free reign except on the weekends when Rina was there lol.

After dinner we walked around the campus. Then we went down to “The Celler”, we played ping pong and a few games on the pinball machines. Then we went back to my room. Rina was going through my limited music LP records. Rina asked me do you have any wine left. I said yes two bottles of White Zinfandel and a bottle of Asti Spumante. Rina asked what does the Asti Spumante taste like. I said I will open it for you baby. I just want to take a shower first. Rina said could I come too. I said no because there are too many guys running around. So Rina said I have an idea. We both go to the men’s room. You go in and check to see that it is empty. Then if it is empty I go into the shower and undress then you come in and get my clothes then put them into the bag. Then you get in the shower with me. Then when we are done you bring me the towel and my bag. Then when the coast is clear I come out of the bathroom. I said wow you really thought this out. Yes baby I did, I just want to make sure when your having desert , you enjoy it.

So the plan was executed perfectly.

So we are now back in our room. Rina has picked out the music she wants to hear. So I showed her how to operate my sound system. Then I went to take out the bottle of wine from the fridge. Rina asked me for some new sheets. I only had three sets of sheets. Now I only one set of fresh sheet. Almost time to do the laundry. Rina then changed the sheets. Then Rina asked me why I had on so many clothes. I told her if she wanted me to take off my clothes she should do it. Rina smiled and slowly moved towards me. Rina kissed me and while kissing me she unbuckled my pants, then unzipped them. Then slid them down off of my legs along with my underwear. Then she got on her knees and kissed my dick then Rina started licking the sides of my dick. Then she started licking my mushroom shaped dick head. Then Rina slowly made my dick disappear in her warm wet mouth. Now Rina was sucking my dick real good. She only had a dick in her mouth for the first time just the other day. She was doing pretty good for a rookie. In 10 minutes of sucking my dick I came in Rina’s mouth. Something she wanted me to do the first time she sucked my dick. So she got what she wanted a mouth full of my hot cum. Damn she swallow everything. Then wiped her mouth with her fingers and then put her fingers into her mouth. Rina then asked me “how was that baby”. I gave two thumbs and smiled. She was happy at my response. Then after that she took off my shirt. Rina then took off her clothes and got up into the bed and covered up.

I then gave Rina her wine and a bag of Ritz Crackers with some cheddar cheese. I then joined Rina in the bed. I told her that I liked the way she sucked my dick. Then Rina said “I love the taste of your cum. Am I bad for thinking that”. I said no baby. It’s just like me saying I love to taste your juice from your nice pussy. Rina says “I just had the urge to swallow all my baby’s cum, the first time that I had a dick in my mouth, it was yours. Then when I started sucking your dick there was pre cum coming out of your dick. I then tasted it and it tasted so good that I wanted you to cum in my mouth. Now baby tell me why you wanted to bed me”.

I told Rina “the first time I saw you when you walked into the classroom I said damn that is one good looking instructor. Then my heart jumped as you started walking towards my desk. When you sat down next to me I started sweating. As you sat down I noticed your nice sized grapefruit breast but really focused on that nice big round ass of yours. Then you said hello with that nice soft voice. I could barely say anything, must less say hello. But I managed to reply. Wow look at those lips and pretty eyes. Damn she smelled good as I tried to take a deep breath to inhale her scent. And when class was over you got up and I was privileged to watch you walk out of the class. I was privileged to watch that nice ass of yours move from side to side as you walked away from my desk. I was privileged to watch those nice long legs of yours. Damn I knew I wanted to at least get to know you better and yes as you put it, to bed you. Furthermore my dick agreed with me as it was hard as hell and wanted to bed you as well”. Rina said wow baby you felt all of that baby. Yes baby I did and I still do. Rina then kissed me.

So baby are you going take care of me tonight. I said no !!! Rina looked puzzled , then I said I am going to take care of you right now. Then we both laughed. I told Rina to come here as I was holding my dick in my hand. Rina kiss me , then my chest, then she kissed the tip of my dick. Then once again my dick was in the depths of Rina’s mouth. Rina was sucking my dick even better tonight. I had to interrupt her fun as I was almost ready to cum and Rina knew that. She got annoyed when I pulled my dick away from her mouth as she wanted me to feed her my baby milk. I told Rina don’t worry baby I will feed you later. That brought a smile to Rina’s lovely face. Rina said you promise baby. I then kissed Rina. Damn she was hooked on sucking my 7 inch dick. I was hooked on her sucking my dick, because she sucked my dick with love.

So I let Rina suck my dick some more. This time I positioned myself in a 69 position with me on top. Rina got what she wanted and I got what I wanted. I immediately attacked Rina’s wet pussy. Then I started massaging her pretty pink erect clit. Rina yelled out OU BABY !!!

3 minutes later she was arching her back and opening and closing her legs as I did work on that nice virgin pussy of hers. Then my baby came for me. I had a birds eye view of her throbbing and dripping wet pussy. Then Rina continued sucking my dick. Then I went back down to licking Rina pussy nice and slow. Then I took some of Rina’s leaking pussy juice and gently rubbed Rina’s ass hole. All I could feel is that she dug her ass into the bed. All I could hear was an out of breath moan. I then gently started massaging her ass hole with my two fingers. Rina moaned again I stopped sucking her clit and asked her you like that baby. Rina said yes that feels good and don’t you dare stop. So I continued sucking Rina’s clit and massaging her ass hole. Rina came in the next minute. Then she continued sucking my dick. I then withdrew my dick and turned Rina around kissed her. Then I started sucking her nipples again. Rina then said I love the way you are taking care of me. Then after sucking Rina’s nipples for 5 minutes, I then got on top of Rina. My dick was resting on her wet bushy pussy. Her tits were pressed into me. I then kissed Rina on those luscious lips of hers. Rina shoved her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues danced together for 2 minutes. Then I kissed her on her neck. Then I whispered in her ear. You like what I was doing to you baby. Did you like me sucking you nice pretty clit and massaging your nice puffy ass hole with my fingers. Rina says yes baby that was different but real good. I loved you playing with my ass hole. You are sexually experienced, so baby please bring me along slowly. Yes baby you know I will. I won’t make you do anything you are not comfortable with. Then Rina kissed my arm.

So now it’s 11:15 PM and the Asti Spumante is finished. I asked Rina did she want me to order a pizza before “The Cellar” closes. Rina says ok. So I called it in , one large cheese pizza. So I got dressed kissed Rina and said don’t go anywhere and then headed to the basement to pick up the pizza. I came back in 25 minutes. When I got back to the room Rina had dozed off.

I just covered her with the blanket. And lowered the sound.

Then I opened a bottle of White Zinfandel poured me a glass of wine and ate a slice of pizza. I then dozed off in the chair. About 2:00 AM Rina woke me up and said come lay with me baby. I took off my clothes and got in the bed with Rina. I told her to lay on her side. I then moved behind her. I had my chest to her back and that nice ass of hers was pressed into my sleeping dick. I then wrapped my arm around her body as I now had one of her breast cupped in my hand. I then kissed Rina and said good night.

Rina kissed my arm and said goodnight baby.

So two months have passed and it’s Sunday morning I wake up Rina by fondling her nipples and kissing her on her neck. Rina then kisses my arm and says good morning baby. I asked Rina did she want to take a shower with me. Rina jumped at the chance, but only if you feed me. We did the same routine as the previous times except it was 6:30 AM two hours earlier than the last time. No one was up this early on a Sunday morning. This time in the shower Rina was massaging my dick with her mouth. Rina had me at her mercy as she sucked my dick and the excitement of doing it in a public place. In 9 minutes Rina got what she wanted. She got me to cum. She got me to cum deep down in her mouth. Rina swallow every last drop. Damn she has gotten good at pleasuring my dick in her mouth.

Then we went back to our room.

We then got back into the bed.

Then I told Rina now it’s my turn to have fun with you. Rina smiled. I then started kissing her tits and then I started sucking her nipples. Rina hugged me and said that’s what I needed this morning. I then moved between Rina’s legs and parted her bushy hair with the tip of my tongue Then I started licking her nice pussy slit. Then I started sucking Rina’s clit. Rina was crying out my name as she forced my head into her hot wet pussy. Then Rina came for me. My baby came for me. Then Rina grabbed me and kissed me. I asked Rina was she OK.

Rina started crying. Come on baby talk to me. Rina would not talk to me. Then I said how can I help you if you won’t talk to me. Did I do or say something wrong. Rina said no baby, I’ll be OK. Can we go to eat breakfast.

I said ok but we have to talk about this later or sometime soon.

So we ate then we came back to study for 4 hours straight.

I looked at Rina. I could see she was in pain. I absolutely had no idea of what was going on in that pretty head of hers. Then I said to myself let me try to relax her. I asked Rina did she want some wine. Rina said no thanks.

I sat down on the chair. I then told Rina to sit down on my lap. I said Rina talk to me baby. Rina said I can’t and started crying again. I kissed Rina and wiped the tears from her eyes.

Rina hugged me and started crying again. I kissed her and said baby your gonna make me cry, please talk to me. Then Rina said “in this short amount of time knowing you … “ and Rina started crying again. Then finishing up what she started to say , Rina said , I love you , I love you and I am afraid. Then I said is that why your crying. Rina said yes, I started laughing. Rina said this is not funny and why are you laughing at me. Baby stop , Rina said as she was still crying “no !!! stop laughing at me Ralph “.

I told Rina to stop it… I then told Rina “I love you baby , I have loved you from the first day that I saw you. The first day since you sat down by me. I love you Rina. So why are you still crying baby”. I am afraid that I might lose you. So that’s why your crying. Baby I am not going anywhere. When the spring semester ends you are coming home with me to NYC. Rina still was crying but then she hugged me and kissed me. I said baby I am not going anywhere. I then kissed away the remaining tears from her pretty face. I then told Rina let’s go to “The Cellar” or do you want to take a nice walk.

Rina said “neither. I want you to make love to me, I want you to do all of the things that you do to me. I want to feel you inside me, I want you to take my virginity. I want to give my whole self to you, I love you baby”. I told Rina that I love you but when I take your virginity I want it to be special, because you are special to me. So kiss me baby and tell me you love me. Rina says “I love you baby, it’s scary but I love you. I have never been in love before and my tears are crying just for you”. Rina then says “if you won’t take my virginity then at least make love to me again”.

So I slowly undressed Rina and kissing her whole body along the way. Now Rina was completely naked. Then I kissed her again and I quickly removed my clothes. Now Rina had turned to get up into the bed. As Rina had her back to me, I moved behind her and hugged her. I then whispered in Rina’s ear that I loved her then kissed her ear and the side of face. I was pressed against her back and that nice round ass of hers. I then kissed Rina on her neck, then her back and then I got down on my knees and kissed her beautiful nice round ass. Then I got back up and helped Rina into bed. When both of us were in the bed , I once again kissed Rina and told her that I loved her and I am not going anywhere. Rina then kissed me then held my arm and kissed my arm. Then Rina said “thank you baby. Thank you for loving me”.

Rina told me to lay on my stomach. Then she got on top of me. Her voluptuous body felt so warm. Then she put her hands on mine. Damn I could feel the heat on my ass coming from between Rina’s legs. Then Rina started kissing me on my neck.

Then she told me that she is ready for me to make her a woman. I told her you are a woman and you are my woman.

Rina said you know what I mean. I kissed Rina and said. I won’t hurt you, now or ever.

Rina squeezes my hands then kisses me on the side of my face. I then roll Rina off of me. Now I am on top of her. First I kissed her. Then I started massaging her breast, then I moved down to lick her tits, then I started licking her nipples, then I started sucking her nipples. As I was sucking Rina’s nipples, I started massaging Rina’s wet hungry pussy. 4 minutes later Rina came for me. Then I moved up to kiss her for a long passionate kiss. Then I took my dick head and moved it up and down her nice warm pussy slit. Rena jumped as her pussy never felt the warmth of a nice hot dick playing in her pussy. Rina moaned out my name and hugged me. I said baby I will go nice and slow. You will feel a little pain but only for a short amount of time. Then I started kissing her again. Then I told Rina to just look into my eyes as I am taking your most prized treasure. Look into my eyes as you will see pure love as I claim what is mine. Rina says your not taking anything, I am giving it to you and she laughed. Then I moved my dick head to her love hole. Rena jumped but said baby that feels real good. I then started rotating my dick head on her pussy hole. Rena was moaning out my name. Now her nice hole hole open up a little as Rina was more relaxed. I then gave my first push. I could feel Rina ass grind into the sheets.

Then Rina said baby please don’t hurt me. Then I rotated my dick head some more with just a little more pressure. Rina then said baby please stop teasing me. I kissed Rina and told her to look into my eyes. Then with another push Rina screamed out very loud and started crying. I had now broken her hymen. I had now taken her virginity.

I was only letting my dick move in and out. Not fast hard thrusts but a steady easy movement.

Then the crying stopped and then there was a whimper. 3 minutes later that whimper turned into a soft moan “Oh”. then a quiet but forceful moan “Oh Ralph” then “Oh Baby”. Then Rina said “baby that feels so good in me WOW. I never knew that my pussy could feel so good. Baby I love this. I can feel the heat from your nice 7 inch dick all up into my pussy. All up where nothing else has touched deep down into my pussy. Baby this feels good and I love the way you are making love to me. I love the way you are fucking me. Baby I know your holding back on giving me all of that nice dick of your. I know you don’t want to hurt me, but baby can you give me a little more of that sweet dick of yours. If you start to hurt me I will tell you. Please baby feed me some more of that big dick of yours”. So I gave Rina a little bit more. Then Rina wrapped her legs around me and hugged me tighter as I fed her more dick. Then Rina started crying. Rina was not crying because she was in pain but crying to the joyous feeling that I was giving her pussy. Rina was now kissing me like a wild woman. Yes I was feeding my baby the dick she had opened up her legs for in the first place. She knew what it felt like when it was in her wet warm mouth. Now she knows what it feels like in her wet warm Indian pussy of hers. Now Rina was taking the dick like a grown woman. She was now only an inch or two away from making my whole 7 inch dick disappeared in her love hole. Now as her pussy got wetter I was now able to dig deeper into the depths of her sweet Indian pussy. Everybody was happy. I was happy. My dick was was happy. Rina was happy. Rina’s pussy was really happy as her pussy was experiencing how it felt to get fucked good, because Rina came for me. Wow so much of her cum was on my dick. Wow, one third of my dick was covered with her white cum and some blood. The juices from her pussy was dripping onto my balls. Rina had hugged me as if her life depended on it. Then an out of breath Rina said “Ralph Baby, Baby, thank you, thank you baby, DAMN !!”. I kept fucking Rina for another 12 minutes then I came, and boy did I cum. I flooded her love hole with more than a mouthful of cum. Damn this is some good pussy !!!

Rina said baby you promise to fuck me like this all of the time.

I said I will always try to please you baby. I will always try my best. I just did not want to hurt you by giving all 7 inches of my dick. Eventually you will swallow my whole dick in that pretty pussy of yours but not tonight baby. I laid on Rina as I had started kissing her. I had to give her the reassurance that I loved her very much. I told Rina that I love that nice feeling of being inside her. I loved making her calling out my name as I fed her my dick. Then when it got good Rina wrapped her legs around me. I love those lustful facial expressions on her pretty face while I’m feeding her. I loved the sounds she makes when she cums for me.

I asked Rina did she want to move in with me. This way she could save the cost of her next quarterly dormitory room fee Rina said no because of the bathroom issue. Rina then kissed me and said “baby that would have been nice to wake up with you in bed next to me each morning. That would have been fun playing between your legs each morning or you digging for gold between my legs each morning. Sorry baby”.

Things were working out well both in and out of the bed. Rina was acing all of her test. I was just a B average student because I did not put in the study time. Hey I was satisfied, I was getting

B(s) in the classrooms and

A(s) in the bed. Rina then asked me a question that I did not want to answer. How many girls I have been with. I told Rina that I did not want to answer that question. Rina said was it 5. Was it 10. Was it 20. I did not answer. Ralph you have to be honest with me. That’s what this relationship is based on trust, honesty and love. Ralph said your are right, but don’t judge me. Then I told her 13. Rina said so you are a dog. 13 WOW !!!! Your a dog but your a good little doggie. I then tried to clean up this mess by saying. Rina if I had met you first then it would have only been you. Rina started laughing and said “Baby don’t try to clean up your crap. In a way you have become a more experienced lover. You have given to me what you have learned. Now I get to enjoy the fruits of your labor, I get to enjoy you playing between my legs”,

So finals are now over, thank god. I asked Rina if she wanted to come home with me or did she want to stay on campus for 4 days until I got back. If I we went home to my moms house we would stay for a week. Rina said lets go to your moms house for the summer. I told Rina that we could stay in my room. I took Rina everywhere I went. To my summer tournament basketball games. I showed her the city. She loved the East and West Village. I used a lot of my money. I took out an additional student loan for 1500.00. We enjoyed ourselves. Then the summer was over just like that. Rina was totally in love with me. I was totally in love with Rina. We settled into our rooms. Rina had a new roommate. We had three days before classes started. I got my friend to drive us into the inner city of Rochester. I stocked up 6 bottles of Sutter Home White Zinfandel 2 bottles of Asti Spumante and a small bottle of rum.

Then we stopped to get some munchies. I also purchased some honey, baby oil, Vaseline

and a scented candle. Then back to the campus.

When we got back. Rina and I took a shower together. Then back to my room. I changed the sheets with the new sets of sheets my moms gave us. My mother was so happy for me. She treated Rina like her own daughter.

Then Rina and I made love for 3 hours straight. It felt good to be back in our bed in each other’s arms. I told Rina that I would see if “The Cellar” was open for this semester yet. Luckily It was open the bar was closed but the grill was open and they were also making pizzas. So I ordered a large cheese pizza. I still had a 24 case of Pepsi can sodas in the room. Then we planned our next two free days. Rina said what’s to plan. You are not going anywhere, you got that buddy !!! You will be right here in the bed with me, satisfying your woman. Now play some nice music and come to bed with me daddy. It’s only been 5 hours but I need to feel all of you. I need to feel all of you inside me. Come on daddy make love to me and fuck me.

We have been together for almost a year. Make tonight special daddy. I get the honey, baby oil and a hand towel and get into the bed with Rina. I move to the head of the bed, right where Rina is resting her head. I position my dick so Rina has access to it. Rina smiles at my dick and says hi baby. Then she kisses my dick then starts licking it. In one minute she had my dick in her warm wet mouth.

I then take some baby oil and squirt some on her breast. I then started massaging Rina’s tits. Then I focused on massaging her nipples. Rina took a time out and stop sucking my dick as she enjoyed the pleasure I was giving her now swollen nipples.

Then after relishing the nice nipple massage, Rina started sucking my dick again. Rina’s legs were opening and closing, her ass was grinding in the bed.

Her eyes were closed , her breathing became heavier. I then positioned myself in a 69 position, me on top. I wanted to see how hot I was making Rina. Her pussy was dripping wet. I lowered my head to start licking her nice pussy. Then when I got the clit all lube up, I start licking and sucking her pink clit that was still hiding under it’s hood. 30 seconds her clit came out to play. With a little more sucking I made her clit stand at attention. Then I used my thumb to move in and out of her love hole as I was still sucking her pretty pink clit. One minute later Rina came for me. Then Rina had my head trapped between her thighs. Trapped on her hot wet pussy as she was Cumming. All I could hear was a moaning “Damn Baby” in almost a crying sound. All of this was going on as she forced her ass into the sheets. I could feel her nice hot pussy throbbing as I licked up her juices and cum. Then an out of breath Rina said DAMN BABY ! Then Rina said baby please fuck me me right now. So I jumped up , spread Rina’s legs and wiped Rina’s pussy slit with my dick. Rina moaned and said YES BABY !! Then I quickly shoved my dick in her still throbbing pussy hole. Rina yelled out. Yes Baby that’s it.

Then Rina hugged me and said “yes daddy fuck me. Damn baby this dick is really good tonight”. Then Rina wrapped her legs around my ass and locked her feet. Then said “That’s it daddy fuck me, OU Daddy fuck me, OH Baby”. Four minutes later Rina came for me. I said that’s it baby take this big dick. I kept on fucking Rina and 5 minutes later Rina came again. I kept fucking Rina then she pleaded with me no more baby , please no more. I kept fucking my baby she came one more time as she was punching me in my arm. Two minutes later I came in that sweet pussy of hers. I then collapsed onto Rina trying to hold my weight off of her by using my elbows as support. Damn that was good.

Rina was still breathing heavy. Rina said “daddy that’s the best you ever fucked me. I needed to be loved but needed to be fucked more than loved. I just needed to be fucked real good and you did better than real good. Damn I am glad that you decided you wanted to fuck me when you first saw me. I can really say that I am glad I opened up my heart to you. I am glad that I opened up my legs for you. Damn baby you have a nice big dick and you know how to use it. Now come and lay next to me and hold me”.

So I scooted up behind Rina my chest to her back. My dick resting between her legs and my arm is wrapped around her body massaging her nipples. After 5 minutes Rina tells me to tell my dick to go to sleep as she can feel him waking up. I told Rina she should tell him herself, it’s your friend. So Rina first uses her hands on my awakening dick. When it is at least 5 inches, Rina moves to make my dick disappear in her mouth. 7 minutes later My dick exploded in her warm wet mouth. Then Rina lays next to me again with her back to my chest. I kiss Rina on the back of her neck and say thanks baby. Rina then kisses my arm that was wrapped around her.

So Rina and I have been together for two whole years.

The semester is just about over as we have taken our finals. Rina will Graduate and I am 4 credits short. I will attend the summer school session. Rina will stay with me. When I am done we will move to NYC to live together and to find work. A week later and Rina finds out that her mother is very sick. Rina decides to go back to India to take care of her mother then she will return. I pleaded with her not to go , but I knew she had to go.

Rina arrives in India to take care of her mother. With Rina’s help her mother is getting better and in two to three weeks I will see my baby again.

Rina is calling Me almost every night. Then four nights pass and nothing from Rina as she has not called me. I don’t know the mother’s phone number nor do I have her mother’s address. I am going crazy. I call the police station there and try to file a missing persons report but no luck. A month goes by and then one day my phone rings. It’s Rina’s mother. She ask me is Rina OK. I said I have been waiting for Rina to call me for a whole month. The mother said the same thing. I went crazy. Rina’s mother started crying. All kinds of stuff was going through my mind.

I cried almost every night for a whole month and more. Although Rina lives in my heart.

I never did see or hear from Rina again. Every 4 or 5 years when I really dwell on her, my heart is heavy and tears come to my eyes. My true first love.

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