Jackie’s Wal-Mart Experience


In 1980 I was out of work because of an industrial
accident. The ladder that I was on while trying to
repair a bridge crane collapsed. My name is Bill and my
wife’s name is Jackie. The ladder collapsed and I fell
about 20″ landing on my side.

I was lucky and only broke my left arm in several
pieces and a couple of ribs. The arm was the big
problem; it took 3 years to heal. Jackie had not worked
since the kids started coming years before. With me
being on workers comp Jackie was afraid we would be
short of money in the long run.

So she started looking for a job. She found a couple of
chicken shit ones that did not last or were nowhere
jobs. After about a year she saw an ad for Wal-Mart and
went to apply.

Well three days later they called and told her she
needed to come in and do all her paper work because she
had the job. When she went to do that they told her
that her new job was not stock boy but close. It would
involve her and two or three other stock people getting
items from the upstairs warehouse and delivering them
to the stock people that would bring them to the store.

When she went the next day to start she met her fellow
workers. Jan was a woman about 45 and about 5’10″ with
a strong build like a country girl. The other two were
younger black men named Henry and Allan about 20 or 25,
tall and looked like basketball players. Both were over
6’ and lean. All four worked well together. After about
6 months Jan and Jackie were becoming good friends. The
two guys were always playing jokes and teasing the two

One day Jackie and Jan were upstairs alone and Jackie
went to get a cold drink. When she came back she had
got one for Jan. Jan was so thankful that she gave
Jackie a kiss. That by it self would not have been so
bad except she kissed her on the lips. Jackie didn’t
say anything not wanting to offend Jan, she thought it
must be some thing her people did.

Later that day they were finishing their day and in a
little office Jan cornered Jackie against a desk and
with her hands on either side of her she told her
thanks for the cold drink. This time she put her hands
on Jackie’s face and kissed her long and hard. Working
her tongue in Jackie’s mouth and putting one arm around
Jackie’s waist pulled her tight against her.

When they broke the kiss Jan told Jackie that she has
wanted her since she the first time she saw her. Jackie
started to try to tell her she did not want this kind
of attention from a woman. But Jan just did not want to
hear her. She said that it did not matter, she was
going to have her or Jackie would be sorry.

Jackie weighs about 110lbs and 5’4″ with 34b breast and
an ass that was so fine. Jan on the other hand was
maybe 145lbs and 5’10″ and like I said strong built.
Jackie knew she could not fight her way out against the
stronger woman.

Jan went and locked the door; anyone that came looking
for them now would think they were gone for the day.
Jan went back to Jackie and told her that if she would
cooperate, she more than likely would enjoy it. Jackie
was backed up against the desk again when Jan wrapped
her up again and passionately started kissing her
again. This time Jackie could not help feeling
something. She helped Jan by putting her arms around
her and pulling her tight against own chest.

Jan broke the kiss and told Jackie to take her blouse
and bra off. Jackie slowly started unbuttoning her
shirt and then took it off. Her little tits were hidden
well by her bra and Jan wanted to see. So she reached
up and pulled the bra up over Jackie’s tits. Then she
reached up and cupped them and thinking they looked
like they belonged on a teenage girl. Straight and
perky with hard nipples. Jan twisted and pulled them
making Jackie moan.

Jan then told her to remove the bra and take her pants
down. Jackie took off her bra and undid her pants
letting then fall to the floor. She was wearing
pantyhose to help her legs with all the walking she
did. Jan said to open her legs as much as possible with
the pants at her ankles. Jan then put her hand over
Jackie’s pantyhose covered pussy. With one hand Jan
felt Jackie’s pussy and with the other one she again
played with her little tits again.

After a while Jan pulled down Jackie’s pantyhose to her
pants on the floor. She then pushed Jackie back onto
the desk and had her lay down.

She put her hands between Jackie’s legs and opened
them. Jan then reached up and grabbed Jackie’s trimmed
bush and told her that by tomorrow she wanted her to
shave it off, Jackie said yes she would. Jan then
started rubbing Jackie finding her clit with her finger
and thumb. She began pinching it making Jackie squirm.

Jan then reached and pulled Jackie’s legs up and pushed
them back towards her chest. Jan grabbed Jackie’s pants
and pantyhose to hold her legs back. Then she put her
head down to Jackie’s pussy and using her tongue
started lapping between the lips trying to reach
inside. Jackie’s head was turned to the side and she
was moaning. Jan then put one and then two fingers in
Jackie’s pussy and began working them in and out.

Jackie started cumming and saying to Jan to fuck her
harder. After Jan had made Jackie cum 3 or 4 times she
took her fingers out of Jackie’s and had her lick them
clean. Jan then let Jackie up from the desk and she sat
in the chair. Jan told Jackie to kneel down at her

Jan unbuttoned her pants and pushed them and her
panties down. She spread her legs and told Jackie to
eat her pussy. Jackie didn’t move fast enough for Jan,
so she reached around Jackie’s neck and pulled her face
to her pussy. Jackie had never done anything like this
so Jan just told her to try to get her tongue in and
lick. Jan held Jackie’s head and moved it from side to

After Jan had cum several times she let Jackie go and
said that they had better leave. So they both got
dressed and as they were about to leave Jan pushed
Jackie against the door and put her hand on her pussy
and said to make sure to shave herself clean, because
she wanted Jackie when naked to look like a preteen.
Because she has a thing for young girls, but was afraid
to go to jail for fooling with a girl under 18. She
said that they were going to be together a lot in the
future. Jan said that she had lots of toys that she
wanted to use on her.


That night Jackie told me that she wanted to shave her
pussy because a lot of women were doing it now days.
She wanted to know if it was all right with me. I said
let me help, I had wanted her to do that for years. So
that night after the kids were in bed we went to our
bedroom and I trimmed and shaved Jackie’s pussy clean.
We were both so hot after that we made love two times.
After that it was my job to help Jackie keep her pussy
clean, a honey-do job that I really enjoyed.

Jackie and Jan’s affair continued. Jackie would go to
Jan’s home at her request after work. She would tell me
that Jan was teaching her how to sew. Then Jan would
have Jackie change into sexy bras and panties,
stockings and garter belts. She then would put on some
slow sexy song and have Jackie dance and strip for her.

When Jan and Jackie were really excited Jan would have
Jackie strip her and they would go to her room. There
Jan would have Jackie lie on her bed and bend her knees
up and spread her legs and play with her pussy. Jan
would watch her and put on a strap-on dildo that was
about 9″ long. She then would eat Jackie’s pussy for a
while and then take her legs and push them back till
they were almost on her chest.

She would hold them with one hand and with the other
guide the fake cock in Jackie’s bald pussy. Jackie came
to love getting fucked by that large cock that Jan used
on her, no wonder, it was several inches bigger than I
was. Jan would fuck her with long hard strokes, and
make her cum many times. When they were finished Jan
made Jackie eat her pussy and lick her clit, she would
hold her by her hair and move her head back and forth.

This had gone on for several months when one day as
Allan was putting some stock on a pallet to be moved,
he saw Jan and Jackie go between some boxes that were
stacked very high. He thought it looked funny because
Jan had Jackie by her arm and looked like she was
making her go in there.

Allan worked his way round so he was across from them
so he could see. When he looked he saw Jan with Jackie
pushed back to the wall. Jackie had her arms folded
behind her back, making her chest stick out. Jan had
her one of hands inside Jackie’s shirt and was playing
with her tits.

Her other hand was between Jackie’s legs rubbing her
pussy through blue jeans and they were kissing. Jan was
between kisses telling Jackie what a sweet little pussy
she had. Allan watched for awhile till they stopped and
started to leave and Jan slapped Jackie on her ass.

Later that day Alan stopped Jan in the office and told
her what he had seen. He said that they could both be
fired if he was to tell the powers that be. Jan
thinking that she knew what he was after asked what he
wanted to keep his mouth shut. Allan said that maybe
Henry would want some of her ass, but he wanted Jackie.

Jan wanted to know what Henry had to do with it. Allan
said that he had all ready told him what he saw. Allan
told Jan to tell Jackie that Henry was going to enjoy
her sweet little pussy to. Allan then went up to Jan
and reached up and started feeling her large tits. He
said they were nice, but he though he would like
Jackie’s smaller and firmer ones better. Jan said she
did to.


That afternoon Jan took Jackie in the office and closed
and locked the door. Jackie started to get excited
thinking that Jan was going to make her get undressed
so she could eat and finger her pussy. Jan made Jackie
sit down and then told her what had happened. Jan told
her that in order for them to keep their jobs and not
be exposed, that both had to service the two black men.

At first Jackie didn’t know what to say. Then Jan said
what do you think? Jackie said that she didn’t want to
loose her job, and that she had all ways wanted to
screw a black man. Jan said that was not her wish but
didn’t think they could do anything else. So the next
day Jan and Jackie told Allan and Henry that they would
agree. Allan then went up to Jackie and taking her in
his arms kissed her and held her tight. His hand slid
down her back and stopped on her ass,

Jan and Henry watched as Allan felt Jackie’s ass then
her small tits. Allan broke the kiss and took Jackie’s
hand and placed it on his rising cock. He told her that
she would be getting a lot of his black cock. Henry
went over to Jan and as she watched he put his hand
inside her blouse and in her bra to feel her large
boobs. He said that he could not wait to put his cock
between those two and shoot his load all over her tits
and face.

Allan said they had better get to work before someone
complained. He said that afternoon they would meet them
here after work. That day Jackie and Jan when they were
alone talked and the more Jan tried to tell Jackie what
to expect she got wetter and wetter between her legs.
Every time that the two of them got close to the two
men they would feel them up and make them rub their
cocks. By the time their workday was over they all were

They all met at the office and went in and locked the
door. Allan took Jackie over to a chair and had her sit
on his lap. He started kissing her putting his tongue
in her mouth. Then he reached up and felt her small
tits. He was right, he did like them better than Jan’s,
they were firm and her nipples were hard already. Henry
seeing his friend playing with Jackie looked at Jan and
went to her and unbuttoned her shirt. He reached around
her and unhooked her bra.

Jan’s larger tits fell out and dropped a little. Henry
grabbed them and with his finger and thumb began
pinching her nipples. Jan on her own reached down and
felt for Henry’s cock. It was starting to rise, it felt
big to her. Allan had Jackie’s shirt and bra off by now
and told her to stand and take her pants off. When she
had taken them off Allan said he liked her panties.
Jackie said they were a gift from Jan. They were almost
see through and had lace on them, Jan thought they made
her look like a little girl.

While Jackie was standing Allan put one of his hands on
Jackie’s pussy and the other on her ass. Like I said
Jackie has a fine ass and he thought the same thing.
Henry meanwhile had Jan also naked and was trying to
get several fingers up her pussy. Alan got Jackie’s
little panties off and then stood and took his pants
off along with his shorts. Jackie looked at Allan’s
black cock and swooned. It was almost hard and about 9″
long and bigger than 2″ in diameter. She needed no one
to tell her to get down on her knees and to start

Henry was having a little more trouble with Jan. He had
forced her to her knees but she would not suck his
cock. He said if she gave him any more trouble he would
whip he ass and leaned over and slapped her on the ass
several times. Jan almost jumped off the floor but then
reached up and started sucking Henry’s cock.

Jackie meanwhile was trying to get Allan’s cock down
her throat. Allan had her by the top of her head and
was moving his hips back and forth. Allan and Henry
both had about the same size cocks and they were
standing up straight and hard. They both told the girls
to stand up and lean over the desk. Allan and Henry got
behind them and with their hands spread their ass
cheeks apart. Then they put the heads of their cocks at
the entrance of there pussy’s and pushed forward.

Jackie started cumming as soon as Allan’s cock head
entered her. Jan didn’t like men and didn’t like their
cocks. She would rather have someone eat her pussy. But
after Henry got all the way in and started fucking her
she was cumming in spite of herself.

So standing side by side Jackie and Jan were bent over
a desk and were getting fucked from behind by two young
black men. The two guys were looking at each other and
giving each other high five’s and slapping the girl’s
asses. Allan was almost ready to cum so he had Jackie
turn and kneel then put his cock in her mouth. She was
pumping his cock with one hand and rubbing his balls
with the other.

Allan shot off and Jackie tried to swallow as much as
possible, while Jan seeing what Allan was making Jackie
do reached between her legs and grabbed Henry’s balls
and squeezed them trying to make him cum. It worked and
Henry shot a load in Jan’s pussy.

Well this was the first of many times that Jackie and
Jan had to service Allan and Henry. They found out that
Jackie had told me that she was going to Jan’s house to
learn how to sew. So they would meet them there and
have a fuck party. Jan never would say she liked
fucking as much as Jackie, but every time Allan or
Henry fucked her she would cum several times.

Jackie loved getting those big black cocks shoved in
her pussy mouth or ass. Sometimes at work Allan and
Henry would take Jackie and put a bunch of boxes in a
corner and stack them high enough so they could not be
seen. Tell Jan to keep a look out for anyone coming
their way and both fuck her at the same time. They had
to cover her mouth sometimes because she would moan so
much when getting fucked in her pussy and ass at the
same time.

This went on for several years till Jan quite because
she was tired of not having Jackie to herself anymore
and she really didn’t like getting fucked. Then
sometime latter the guys were fucking Jackie in their
corner and an old female worker heard them and though
some poor girl was being raped, told her supervisor.

They moved the boxes and there was Jackie lying on
Henry and with Allan on her back with one cock in her
pussy and one in her ass. They were all taken to the
manager’s office and the two guys were fired. The
manager also a big black man had a talk with Jackie and
told her he would tell everyone that the two men had
told her they would hurt her and her family if she did
not do what they wanted. If he did this she could keep
her job. Jackie thanked him and wanted to know what he
wanted in return?

The manager whose name was Tom said if she was doing
all that with Allan and Henry that she should not mind
just doing him. Well Jackie was stuck again, so she
said all right. Tom said, “Good, let’s start right
now.” He told Jackie to come around his desk and suck
his cock.

Jackie went around Tom’s desk and knelt down and let
him open his zipper. She reached in his pants and
shorts to pull out his cock. Well she though that Allan
and Henry had big cocks, but Tom’s was a whopper. It
had to be 10″ or 12″ long and already so big around she
could hardly get her hand around it. She was just able
to get it in her mouth, but she did and sucked him off.
He shot so much that his cum ran out of Jackie’s mouth
as she tried to swallow it all.

Well that night Jackie was very nervous and I keep
asking her what was wrong. Finally about 11:00 that
night her guilt finally got to her and she broke down
and started telling me everything. After she finished
she started begging for me to forgive her. She promised
that if I did not divorce her that it would not happen

I said I would not divorce her, but from now on she
would need to inform me what was going on because I
liked hearing about her getting fucked by those big
black cocks. Jackie jumped up and sat in my lap and
hugged my neck. I then told her to tell me again about
when the two guys would fuck her at the same time.

After she was finished I asked her she missed Jan and
the loving that she got from her? She said it was good
but not like getting fucked by those big black cocks.

She told me that Tom had told her to come to his office
first thing tomorrow to get things arranged. I told
Jackie I would go with her to also see him.

Well I saw Tom and told him what I wanted. If he wanted
to fuck Jackie I was going to be there to watch and
film. I told him I would not film his face or anyone
else him wanted in on the deal just Jackie. He could
come to our home and feel free to do what ever he
wanted to do with her except hurt her or leave marks.
So he said that sounded fine. To celebrate I told
Jackie to suck him and make him cum and that she did.

Tom has taken full advantage of my offer over the
years. He comes over several times a week and uses
Jackie as he wants. It took him a little while to get
his big black cock in Jackie’s ass but with a little
time and a lot of Vaseline he got it in. He’s about 250
pounds to Jackie’s 110, so when he is in her ass he
holds her by her shoulders and fucks her with long

I have made many VHS videos of Tom and his friends
fucking my little wife. She loves all the loving she is
getting and I enjoy watching. I offer the tapes on
interracial web sites and can hardly keep up making
copies of them.

Well I don’t get as much pussy as I used to, but seeing
how Jackie likes getting fucked in her ass so much, I
just do her like that. She said that she likes me doing
her ass before Tom and his friends come over to put
those big black cocks in there.