Showing Marcus “The Ropes”


Andy was 8 years older than me. He was always a nice brother. He took me
places and taught me things when I was young. It was his effort that made me a
main stream person. My father worked long hours and sometimes even on the
weekends. My mother really couldn’t communicate on my level at all. She was
there to cook, clean and take care of us, not to sit down and have long talks
about life.
Andy was always big and strong….well, it seemed that way when I was 16 and
he was 24.
He always had lots of girlfriends…pretty girlfriends.

I was on the basketball team in high school. 6’3″ and lanky. I was a little
slow, but I pulled down rebounds and set screens as well as anyone on the
team. Andy was always the star player when he was at the school and people
remembered him. They would say things like..”Marcus, if you are half the
player your brother was, then our team is in for a big year.” I played well,
but never up to Andy’s standards.
I started to date when I got my driver’s license. It was an exciting time. I
was apprehensive about being alone with a girl, but I knew it was part of
growing up and I had a chance to witness it when Andy started dating. I took
cues from some of the things he told me and some of the conversations that I
overheard between him and his friends.
I just got home from practice when I heard the phone ring. It was Andy. He
told me that they were fumigating his apartment building this weekend and he’d
be spending a few days at home with me. I told him that was great and that I
was looking forward to seeing him. I hadn’t seen him for almost a month.
Friday night after dinner, I was preparing to go out with the guys when Andy
came in. He was not alone. He was with Miss America. Well, that’s what she
looked like to me. He introduced her to my parents and me as Veronica. She was
a grad student and also was without a place to stay.(while the bugs were being
killed by the poison gas)

My mother asked about sleeping arrangements. Andy took her aside and told her
that he and Veronica were an item and that they could stay in the same room.
Andy’s room had been turned into an office for my father, so I offered to
sleep on the floor in there. That settled the issue. The bedroom and “office”
were sort of a Jack and Jill set up. They were side by side and separated by a
bathroom that had sliding doors for privacy on each side of the bathroom.
While Veronica was in the bathroom downstairs, I told Andy that she was so
beautiful. How did he ever get to be so lucky? She had such a pretty face.
Long Brown hair, blue eyes and a body that looked like a playboy playmate.
When she returned from the bathroom and I was just about out the door, she
came over to me and gave me a hug. Her breasts flattened against my chest and
she smelled so fresh and wonderful. I smiled down at her and she returned it
with a big smile of her own. Her eyes glowed with an inner excitement. I was

I returned home at about midnight. The house was dark and quite. I made my way
upstairs without turning on any lights. I knew the number of stair by heart
and the turns they made. I thin line of light crept out from under the room
that Andy and Veronica were sharing. The light illuminated the hallway
slightly. I went into the office and in the dark, I could see that the door
that led to the bathroom had been slid closed, but some light was filtering
through from the side. Like all 16 year old boys, whose hormones were in
turmoil, I crept up to the door and peered in from an angle. Veronica was
standing in from of the mirror wearing only some boxer shorts and brushing her
hair. She was talking to Andy. I couldn’t see Andy from my angle. Her breasts
were full, firm and beautiful. I had never seen anything like them in person.
The women in magazines had breasts like these, but hers were right there in
front of me. The swayed and moved with every stroke of the brush through her
hair. She started to smile a little and looked over her shoulder. All of a
sudden Andy was standing behind her, cupping her breasts and kissing her neck.
I had NEVER experienced an erection like the one that was now straining the
seams of my Levis. I undressed quickly in the dark and masturbated for about
10 seconds and came into a hastily grabbed kleenex. I heard them for a few
more minutes and then the light went out. I took the opportunity to open the
door on my side so that I could take a shower, brush my teeth and get to
sleep. The door leading to their bedroom was tightly closed so I could not see
what was happening between the two of them. I could only imagine. In the
shower I jerked off again. My legs felt weak. I finished my bedtime prep and
hit the sleeping bag. I slept like a baby.

I was awakened in the morning by Andy. He said that he was going into work
with dad. Dad wanted to show him off and then to take him and mom out to
lunch. He kissed me on the cheek and told me to have a nice morning. I fell
back to sleep. I was awakened by the sounds of the shower in the adjoining
bathroom. I heard a female voice lightly singing. I then remembered that
Veronica was not a dream. I rolled over toward the sounds and noticed that the
door was open. The shower area was separate from the sinks and had a door of
it’s own, but it was weird being so close to my brother’s naked girlfriend. I
went into the main bathroom area and brushed my teeth and hair. I was wearing
some flannel boxer shorts and a T-shirt. When the door to the shower area
opened, we were both surprised. She thought that I was still sleeping and I
thought that she would be dressed. She was wearing a towel that barely covered
he ass. It was knotted just above her breasts, but a lot of cleavage was still
showing. I felt my penis start to grow and turned myself at a slight angle
away from her so that it wouldn’t show. She smiled and came right over to me
and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Good morning sleepyhead” she said. “Good
morning” I replied. “Did you sleep well?” she asked. “Andy and I didn’t keep
you up last night, did we?” I thought about it for a moment. She kept me up,
but I don’t think she was asking me for a status report on my penis. “No…not
at all.” “Good, she replied…Your brother has the highest sex drive I have
ever come across.” I just smiled at that. Then she continued while she started
to brush her hair…”Are you like your brother in that way?” I blushed and
stammered…”Well, I don’t know.” “What do you mean, you don’t know?” she
asked. Then it must have hit her. “Marcus….Are you a virgin?” The fact that
I didn’t answer was answer enough for her. She apologized if she had
embarrassed me and then continued brushing her hair.

I must have been staring at her for a minute or two. I watched as each
movement of her arms made her breasts ripple above the towel fold. After she
brushed her straight white teeth, she reached into her overnight bag and
pulled out a bottle of lotion. She lifted one leg up onto the counter and
began applying the lotion in long sweeping motions. She turned to me and
placed her palm beneath my nose. “Smells nice, doesn’t it?” “Lavender scented
lotion.” She placed her other leg on the counter and applied lotion to it as
well. Then she smoothed some on her arms, shoulders and neck. Taking a deep
breath to gather in the wonderful aroma, she very casually and probably
without even thinking loosened her towel and placed it on the counter. I had
to honestly think about not drooling. I was frozen in place. She sensually
rubbed the lotion over her upper legs, thighs, stomach and breasts. The way
she applied the lotion to her breasts was a loving caress and she slowly made
sure that every smooth inch of her chest got equal attention.

Speaking of attention….my dick was at attention. “Marcus…Would you please
spread some lotion on my back?” I felt like I had gone from frozen to boiling
in 2 seconds like I was locked in a microwave oven. Somehow I took the tube
and began applying lotion to her warm and lean back. I stood behind her and
looked at her nakedness in the mirror in front of us. My shorts must have
looked ridiculous sticking out from my erection, but she couldn’t see it
because I was behind her. She took a small step backward and ran straight into
my boner. I tried to back away and she maintained contact. I kept backing up
until I hit the wall behind me and so did she. Then she smiled and turned
toward me. She reached down and fondled me. She squeezed my erection strongly
and then pulled me into my room by my dick. “You’ve got a nice one” she said.
“I guess it runs in the family.”

In one swift movement, my shorts were around my knees and her mouth was on my
dick. It hit the back of her throat before I even had time to react. She
looked up at me and said,”Did your brother tell you that I am doing my post
graduate work on human sexual response?” “Andy thought you would be a
wonderful subject.” Then she continued to move back and forth on my dick with
her mouth. She gently used her teeth on my shaft and reached under and played
with my balls like they were a pair of dice. Just kind of rolling them around
in her palm. “You mean that Andy set this up?” I asked. “Sure, isn’t he the
greatest brother?” I couldn’t answer, because she pushed me down on the floor
and straddle my face and pushed her pussy to my lips. “Lick me” she cooed. I
licked, I sucked, I played with her tits. I squeezed her beautiful nipples.
She twisted around and we sucked and licked each other in the 69 position.
Then she made me fuck her. She talked to me….she instructed me……she told
me what felt good…..she asked me what felt good. I came three times that
morning with Veronica. Once in her mouth and twice in her pussy. She was
insatiable. She made me feel insatiable.

What I learned from my brothers’ girlfriend that morning started me into a
sensual life with many questions answered before I even knew what to ask.
Andy and I didn’t ever talk about the details of the morning. He just asked me
if Veronica and I had a nice time. I told him that it was a morning I would
never forget. I thanked him and gave him a brotherly kiss and hug. He smiled.
I’m sure Veronica filled him in on the details.