I want to have sex with my brother in-law

I think about it quite often when I’m alone or when I’m masturbating…Don’t get me wrong I LOVE and ADORE my husband but I can’t help but wanting them both.
I’ve even thought about them both. at the same time…I know that its disgusting and it would never happen but if it did, I probably wouldn’t say no…I’ve even caught myself wishing for it. I often think of the both of them stepping into my bedroom, my husband giving his nod of approval and his brother stepping towards me as I sit on the edge of the bed. Him stepping so close in front of me that is spreads my legs a bit more. I can see his cock is already hard through his jeans and I can’t help but drool at the thought of taking it into my mouth. He looks down at me and licks his lips. I catch my breath as his eyes move to my breasts. He lifts his shirt above his head and tosses it onto the floor. I place both hands on his chest and slowly rub down then stop just at the waist of his pants. I look up and he smiles at me. I bite my lip and unbutton his jeans…His hard, thick cock springs free and he catches his breath while waiting for me to touch him. I place my hand at the base of his shaft and lick the tip of his head. He closes his eyes and tilts his head back a bit. I take more and more of his length until he hits the back of my throat. He moans and puts his strong hands on the back of my head, urging me to suck him. I move my head along his hard cock and I cant help but release a moan myself. I can only imagine how good he would taste.

Our most recent encounter was last weekend, we had a funeral to attend together. I know again, awful…but I digress. My husband had dressed up in a suit and looked damn sexy and it took all I had not to get on my knees and suck every drop of cum from his cock but I resisted, we were burying his grandmother today after all. So we got in the car and went to drop off our daughters. After we did so, we headed to the funeral. When we got there I saw my brother in laws car, I couldn’t help but go back to my fantasy even if it was only for a brief moment as we found a parking space at the funeral home.

I would stop and look up, he meets my gaze, smiles again then kicks off his jeans. He grabs my legs and lays me down on the bed. I’m not wearing anything but my nightgown. I never do wear anything but a gown, its cooler for me that way. I feel his cock pressed gently on my clit and I moan at the touch. He climbs on top of me and our eyes met once more then he kisses me. Shoves his tongue into my mouth and grabs my right breast. I play with his tongue and softly bite his bottom lip. He tears his face away from mine only to take my hard, pink nipple into his mouth and begins to suck on it. I arch my back to meet him and put my hands in his hair. He bites down on my nipple and I gasp as i scrap my nails against his scalp.

I went back to reality once the car was parked and we walked in. Hand in hand, my husband and I walked into the funeral home. As soon as we came in and step in front of the guest book my husband flags down his brother. He walks over wearing a black suit, a blue dress shirt and black tie with multi colored shapes on it. He had a slightly unkempt beard growing on his face and I could help but wonder what it would feel like against my thighs as he went down on me. He smiled at me and felt my knees getting weaker. I smiled back and stared at both my husband and his brother. God were they handsome. Dark hair, blue eyes, muscular build. If the devil looked this good then no wonder everyone gave into temptation so easily. My pussy was throbbing at the site of them. My mind wandered back to my little dream world as I watch them both walk and talk to grieving family.

He would poise him self at the entrance of my dripping pussy and slowly thrusts inward. I let out a loud moan as he continues to push inside me. Inch after glorious inch he fills me and god does he fit perfectly. Once he reaches the hilt he releases my nipple and kisses me again. I wrap my legs around his waist as he pulls his cock slowly back. He then slams into me and I cant help but scream. He continues to thrust in and out of my pussy and I can barely catch my breath in between each moan. He fucks me hard but not too fast. I feel the pressure building and I know I’m going to cum soon. He can feel it too by how tightly my pussy was gripping his cock. He takes his hand and places it in between us to play with my clit. He thumbs the little bud for but a minute and I scream as I cum. I feel my pussy pulsating as the orgasm rips through me. I must have gripped him tighter than I thought because he releases a heady growl as he cums inside of me.

My husband’s great aunt comes into the funeral home in her wheelchair and is the one to snap me back to reality once more. She asked me how I was and how our daughters were. I told her that we were all doing great and that I was sorry for the loss of her sister. I truly was sorry for I loved the woman who had now passed. I came to my senses and quickly signed the guest book. I went and paid my respects and went on to sit next to the man I love. All three brothers were here, I sat next to my husband and his brother both sat behind us. It was a normal gathering for my husband’s family. Even at a funeral they were poking fun at one another like always. Making light so that they didn’t have to cry was the reason I suspected. As the service started, I couldn’t help but think about my secret fantasy again…The way he would sound as he came inside me, the taste of his hard cock, the warmth of his mouth on my nipples. I knew that I was probably wet and I thank God that my husband, or anyone else for that matter, had not noticed. I got through the service and while everyone else prayed for my husband’s grandmother I prayed that I could get through the luncheon that we were to attend afterward. We got out of our seats to go tell my mother in law that we were going to meet her at the restaurant and as I stand there waiting I caught my brother in law staring at me. He was looking at my legs. Now I am not by any means skinny since having two twin girls so my legs are a lot thicker than the women he normally chases after. But there he was staring me down. I did think for a second that he was looking at something just past my legs but then his eyes went UP and when his gaze met mine did it confirms that he was indeed looking at me. He saw me looking at him, looking at me and quickly looked away. A small smile came over my face and then I walked out with my husband. We went to the luncheon and I was able to relax a bit more since being in a more casual setting. Still thinking of him did make it a bit more uncomfortable than I wished but I was able to deal with it much better.

We finally left the luncheon after about two hours. Two hours of story about my husband’s grandmother and their family. It helped me to cool my hormones a bit. I said goodbye to everyone including my sexy brother in law. I even hugged him as I normally would without a sexual thought. But once we got into the car again, my husband kissed me. And I mean KISSED me. It was an incredibly sexual kiss and a damn good one. He was hot and demanding as our tongues battled one another. He literally branded me right there in the restaurant parking lot. Either he knew what I was thinking and felt the need to take hold of me in such a brash manner or he could sense my arousal the entire time and wanted to let me know he knew. I was a bit shocked but excited all over again and this time, for my drop dead gorgeous, six foot, two inch, dark haired, blue eyed husband. I simply could wait to get him home and have my way with him.

Although….I couldn’t help but wonder what it would feel like to have my beautiful husband fuck my wet pussy and his sexy brother pound into my tight ass. But that’s another fantasy for another day….

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