Hard work does pay off


Kim was sitting at the dining room table deep in thought, when her husband lance came bursting through the door. “I got a raise, I got a raise” lance screamed. “You see hard work does pay off” He said as he tossed his pay stub on the table in front of her. He waited there in silence as she picked up the check. “$2.00 dollars more an hour” He screamed practically in her ear. “I can read lance, you don’t have to scream” this caught him by surprise “I’m sorry I’m just excited, I thought you would be too” Kim would have been excited, but she already knew he was going to get it. Well he had better have gotten it at least. “I am happy for you, I’m just not feeling good” kim snapped back at him. “I’m sorry, I’ll just go up and take a shower” lance wimperd as he walked out of the room. Kim knew she had hurt his feelings, But at the time she didn’t care. Kim thought to herself ” If he only knew WHO’S hard work had gotten him this raise”. She sat there staring at the check, And began think about the previous weekend. She kept reassuring herself “You did what you had to do” , “It was the only way” She began to think back to the begining when she had first met her husband, And tried to figure out where it all went horribly wrong!

Kim was Absolutely gorgeous. she stood at 5’6, With long flowing blonde hair and had baby blue eyes. She had one of those innocent “come fuck me faces” 34 c breasts and an ass that would make even a preist take a second look. She spent the majority of her high school life, fending off horny jocks, Popular boys, and even a couple teachers. growing up in a strict household had made her some what of a prude. She was always told that sex was for married couples and not for horny teenagers. And that any boy who tried to get down her pants, was a devient and not to be asossiated with. Becuase of this kim mostly kept to herself in an attempt to make her life easier. Her husband lance also kept to himself in school. But his reasons were completely different then hers. Lance was 5’8 and rather skinny. He always looked as if his mother had dressed him, and was sort of on the “ugly” side. As you can imagine the girls weren’t beating down his door. He was picked on and bullied all throughout school. This was mostly becuase he was a coward, He would not stand up for himself no matter what people were doing or saying too him.

Kim first met lance at a church function that they were attending with their parents. As it turns out their parents were friends, but for some reason kim and lance had never met. Kims mom introduced them and they immediatly hit it off. As it turns out they had quite a bit in common. Kim was mostly attracted to him becuase he was “safe”, And she didn’t feel threatened by him. Lance liked her because, Well let’s face it he was ugly as sin and she was smoking hot! After that night the two were inseperable.

They got married as soon as lance finished high school. Kim had already been out for a year, But lance had failed the eighth grade and was held back. After the wedding, they decided to move to the city. Lance’s father co-owned a large autobody shop and lance decided to work there instead of going to college. Kim did not argue with this becuase deep down she knew that her husband wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. He would have most likley failed out of college, and would have been broke and jobless. So she encouraged him to take the job. Lance was appointed a position in payroll, This turned out to be a big mistake. His first week on the job, Lance managed to screw up the paychecks and knowone got paid that week. Suffisive to say this didn’t earn lance any friends at work. His father was forced to remove him from the payroll department, And put him out in the shop as an appreantice to one of the mechanics. A man named Trevor, who was not impressed by that fact that lance was the owners son. Nor was he happy that lance was making ten dollars an hour more then him. Trevor verbally attacked lance every time he would make a mistake. Lance being the coward he was would just take it, And later whine about it to kim.

There home life got worse as the years went by. Lance would come home depressed, And complain for hours to kim. And kim was tired of being at home all the time. Lance was making enough money so that she didn’t have to work. Not that she had a choice anyway, Because lance forbid her to work. This was becuase he was afraid that if kim had a job, that guys would flirt with her and she might cheat on him. Lance’s trust issues started when one night they decided to go out dancing. They ended up going to a club (kims idea, Not lance’s) While out on the floor dancing, A large latino man cut in and pushed lance out of the way. Before kim knew it the man had grabbed her from behind and started rubbing his body against her. When she realized what was happening, she started struggling to get away. But what she didn’t realize was that while she was struggling, she was also inadvertently grinding her ass against his crotch. The man took this as a green light, reached around and grabbed her tits. He then spun her around and buried his tongue in her mouth. Kim was horrified and froze,as the man then pulled her skirt up and started squeezing her ass and massaging her clit. The stimulation ran through her body like a jolt of lightning. she let out a long moan into his mouth, The man only began to rub harder. Kim knew she had to get away, but She felt so helpless. She managed to pull away and started frantically searching for lance. what she didn’t know was that lance had witnessed everything. And from his point of view it looked as if she was letting this all happen. So lance had ran outside becuase he couldn’t bare to watch anymore, and was to much of a coward to do anything About it.

After not seeing lance anywhere, Kim ran to the door. Once outside she spotted lance sitting by their car crying. She ran up to him and hugged him. She was pissed that he ran out and didn’t try to help her. but at he same time she couldn’t help but think That some part of her actually enjoyed it. Lance made her promise that she would never go out to a club or bar again. She agreed, Partially becuase she now knew that lance couldn’t protect her. But mostly it was the guilt, In a way she had felt as if she had been unfaithful.

After the incident The couple stayed at home ninety percent of the time, Occasionally going out to a movie or to dinner. But kim was starting to feel traped inside their tiny apartment. She had no friends and no social life, Kim felt utterly alone and longed for somone to talk to. Finally enough was enough, She confronted lance. To Kim’s surprise he did not object to what she was saying, He even appologized! Lance promised To fix things, And that promise was fulfilled When lance purchased there first home. It wasn’t much, But it was alot bigger then there apartment. Best of all It was in the good part of town, In a nice gated community. Lance encouraged kim to go out and meet the neighbors and make friends, He didn’t have to tell her twice! Within the first two weeks kim had made lots of friends and had introduced herself to half the community.

Things were deffinetly going great, Kim had never felt happier. Lance on the other hand was Still being bullied at work on a regular basis. Lance would constantly complain about trevor. The thing is was trevor wasn’t even lance’s boss anymore. He was just a co worker, And even though lance complained about him to his father he was never repremended. “he’s too valuble to the company” his father would always say. Kim had only seen trevor once, But once was enough for her. Lance had forgotten his lunch one day and kim had to bring it to him at work. After she gave it to him, he went to put it in the refrigerator. While he was gone Kim noticed a large man standing by the tool boxes staring at her. He was about 6’2 with long black greasy hair. She couldn’t help but notice how dirty he looked, Even for a mechanic. Also that he was about the most obese person she had ever seen, he looked to be at least 300-350 lbs. The man made kim very uncomfortable, So instead of waiting for lance she decided to leave.

She had parked in the back lot because the front was full. Kim had just reached her car when she heard “leaving already?” She spun around to see the man from the shop standing there. “yeah I’ve got some errands to run” Kim lied, she didn’t have anything to do.”I saw you checking me out in the shop” The man said to her. “oh no, I wasn’t chec…” With that the man moved close to her and put his hand on her thigh. “With a husband like yours, It’s no surprise that you’re staring at me” The mans breath was rancid and he smelt as if he hadn’t showered in days. Kim started to tell him to get his hand off of her, But was speechless when he reached around and grabbed her ass. He pulled her up to him and unzipped his pants. “ohh god he’s going to rape me” Kim thought. The man pulled his cock out “if you ever need a real man, you just come talk to old trevor here” Kim looked down at his cock and gasped. She was so mesmerized by it, that she didn’t even realize that he was unbuttoning her pants with his other hand. “you want this cock don’t you bitch” Kims mouth opened slightly, But no words would come out. He grabbed her hand and placed it on his cock. Instinctevly kim began jerking him off. she couldn’t believe what she was doing. Precum started oozing from his cock, kim slowly dropped to her knees, All of the sudden a car came around the corner, kim let go of his cock and jumped up. He quickly zipped up, and walked away laughing. Kim couldn’t believe what had just happened. That was the man that harassed her husband on a daily basis. She got in her car and tried to clear her head. What was disturbing to her, was that she couldn’t stop thinking about his cock. It was at least 11 inches long. Regardless lance could never find out about this. Kim decided she would just avoid going there anymore.

A few months went by, kim had blocked that day from her mind and lance was none the wiser.Everything was going good! Then one day it all came crashing down Lance went in to work one morning, And his father told him he sold his share of the company. This was bad news for lance, because his father was the only reason that lance had the job. Lance was sure that he was going to get fired. And if lance gets fired both he and kim would lose everything. Worst of all the new owner had promoted trevor to shop manager. As no surprise lance didn’t make it till lunch, Before trevor sent him home for not being productive. He told lance they would call him if they needed him. Lance came home and told kim what had happend. He then broke the news to her “we can’t afford this house if I lose my job” Kim was devastated “can’t you find another job” kim asked. Lance then explained to her that he wasn’t exactly making a mechanics salary. And that no other company would match what he was making there. Lance decided that he was going to go see his parents and clear his head. “great” kim thought “He gives me this news and then decides to leave” After lance had left Kim started to think about how great things had been, she was finally happy and now this happens.

“No” Kim yelled, “I’m not going to lose everything” She decided then and there that she was going to do whatever it takes. Kim had to come up with somthing, Some kind of plan but what? Suddenly it occured to her “trevor wants me, He wants me bad” Kim thought “I bet he would do just about anything to get down my pants” kim knew that trevor would most likley let lance keep his job if kim agreed to fuck him. She knew that he hated lance, and would like nothing more then to fuck the shit out of his wife. She started to feel guilty about even thinking about fucking trevor. After all lance hated trevor and it would kill him to find out that she had screwed him.
“Then he can’t find out” Kim thought, “I’m going to do it, I’m going to fuck trevor” Kim said aload. Kim was starting to feel hot, She reached down and felt her pussy. It was practically dripping. Kim had conflicting feelings. On one hand Trevor was a nasty, fat, disgusting, slob who her husband hated. But for some reason Her body wanted him, SHE wanted him. Maybe it was because he was everything lance was not. Trevor was a strong mountain of a man, who took charge. Just thinking about him put kim over the edge, If she didn’t have his cock in her soon she would explode. Kim jumped up, Grabbed her keys, And ran out the door.

On the way over kim decided that if this was going to work then she had to forget about everything. Tonight she wasn’t married, and lance didn’t exist. No tonight she was trevors, She BELONGED to trevor. Kim’s lips were litterally foaming, Her heart was racing, Her hands were shaking. Lance wouldn’t be home for at least a day, And Kim intended to use every last second of that time to release years of pent up sexual frustration. Kim flew into the empty parking lot, drove around back and stopped at the door. She tried to think of what she was going to say, but her body wouldn’t let her instead she jumped out of the and ran to the door. LOCKED!!! “SHIT” kim screamed, Kim knew that if he wasn’t there she was going to end up fucking the first guy she saw. And that wouldn’t be helping lance get his job back. Kim decided that before that happens, she would just fuck herself. She turned back to her car, and just then she heard “you come back for some more of trevor” The plan, Saving lance’s job,keeping her house, All that didn’t matter once she heard those words. “ooohhhh god yesss” kim moaned on the brink of having an orgasm right then and there. This took trevor by surprise, He figured she was there to stick up for her husband. “You want some of this cock huh? trevor said with a smirk as he unzipped his pants. “I neeeedddd your cock” Kim was in a trance. At that moment it wouldn’t have mattered if lance himself was standing there, Kim still would have fucked him. With that he slowly pulled his cock out. Kim dropped down on her knees, She was literaly drooling.”What about lance?” trevor asked “Forget about lance” kim screamed “I’m yours, I need your cock” Trevor couldn’t take it anymore, He slammed his cock all the way down her throat. Kim squeeled in pleasure, Taking every inch of it. At that moment kim was the happiest she had ever been in her life, she felt complete! Trevor was like an animal pounding her as hard as he could. Suddenly he ripped his cock from her mouth, grabbed her hair and drug her inside. “ooohhhhhh yyyyeeeeesssss” Kim screamed out, She was loving every minute of it. Trevor Then picked her up and plopped her down on a nearby work bench. As she came down her tits jiggled, trevor noticed and decided that he wanted to see the rest of her!

He ripped her shirt right down the middle exposing her bra-less chest. Then started going south, Luckily Kim only had on a miniskirt with no panties. that was torn off in a matter of seconds And trevor buried his face deep in her snatch. “Oooohhhh Uuuuhhh” Kim squeeled, Trevor continued his animalistic routine of sucking, Licking, Kissing, Biting, and rubing his face all over that gorgeous pussy of hers. “I’ve wanted you since the first time I met you” Kim said in a lustfull voice. trevor pulled his face away, his face was covered in her cum. Kim quickly grabbed his face and licked all the come off. “I want your pussy” Trevor said, with his cock lined up.”I want you in my pussy” Kim said, squirming in anticepation. At that moment trevor drove it home deep inside her. Kim blacked out! she came too, to the sound of trevors balls slapping her ass, And excrusiating pain! Slowly Kim began to feel Pleasure and soon she was moaning and squeeling. She could feel her orgasm building, she sat up wrapped her arms around him and stuck her tongue in his mouth and started to passionatly kiss him. At that moment kim began to have her orgasm, The most powerful earth shattering orgasm she had ever had! Kim tried to scream but nothing came out, It was so intense that she couldn’t even speak! Finally Kim started to come down, She could feel trevor starting to speed up his pace. Suddenly she realized that he never put a condom on! “Trevor hun, I’m not on birth control” , “Thats ok” he replied Kim tried to figure out what that meant. “is he sterile” she first thought “Thats ok? does he mean he doesn’t mind if I get pregnant?” then she decided Now was the time to ask about lance “trevor you know I’m yours now right? she said while biting her lip. “Ohhh yeeeaaaah Babbbyyyy” trevor groaned! “Your not gonna fire lance are you? becuase if you do we’ll have to move away” She said seductivley ” ooohhh nooo waayyy, I neeeeeed yooouuu” At this point trevor can barely speak, so kim decides to push her luck. “can you give him a raise?” Trevor stopped fuckin her and started laughing “look you’re a nice fuck and all, But you traded a peice off ass for your husbands job” then with a devilish look he said “what can you give me for a raise?” Trevor started fucking her again. Kim started thinking about how much easier things would be, If he got the raise. Then she realized what he really wanted, She wondered if she was ready for that. She had considered it before, But never went through with it. “fuck it I’m ready” she thought to herself. She grabbed his ass and pulled him deep into her. She looked into his eyes and said “How about a baby?” Trevor Started fucking her uncontrolably “I’m gonna cum” he replied “ooohhh fuck yeah I want your baby, Give it to me,Give it to me, Give it to meeeeeeee” Kim felt His warm seed shooting deep Into her womb.

Trevor slowly pulled his limp cock out. Kim stood up, Cum started flowing out of her pussy down her leg. It became real for her then, What she had done, who she had done it with. She suddenly felt sick to her stomach. She had sarficed everything for her husband. She knew that the line was crossed, And she could never go back to the way things were. She cleaned herself up, And started towards the door. Trevor yelled out “make sure you get some rest! you got a long nine months ahead of you” Kim felt like crying, but a deals a deal. As long as lance has a job, trevor has kim. Kim took a deep breath, Turned around slowly and said “I will daddy” in her sweetest schoolgirl voice. She gave him a wink and walked out the door.