First experience


I was only 21 at that time when i learned my first anal lesson. It was winter and i went to my friend’s john’s house. her elder sister tina opened the door. i asked about john. She told me it might take some time to john to come. He was not at home. so she asked me to stay and wait for him. i agreed. She made coffee for me. She was sitting near me.She asked “don’t you have any girl friend?”.
i replied” not yet”.
she said “its your age to enjoy. don’t you know?”
I replied”i know”.
tina” have you ever had sex with any girl?”
now i was stunned, looked at her and answered “yes”.
tina “you enjoyed that?”
i said “yes”.
tina “She sucked your cock?”.
her question made me little nervous. but then i answered “yes”.
tina “she swallowed your cum?”
i was embarrased. She noticed it and said “don’t feel shy”.
i said “ok”.
she again asked”she swllowed your cum?”.
i answered “no”.
tina “you licked her pussy?”
i said “yes”
“you liked it” she again asked.
“of course” i answered.
“and ever you fucked her mouth?” she asked.
“yes many times” i said.
“do you have a big cock?” she asked.
“yes” i answered.
“can you show me your cock?” she asked.
now my heart was in my mouth and it was pumping very fast.
“i’ll not tell anything to john i promise” she said.
“but……” i said.
“ok if you feel shy i can remove your pants” she said.
She stood up and sat next to me. She started rubbing her palm on my pants. I could feel that my cock started growing. Now her hand was on my cock. She opened the zipper and grabbed my half erected cock.
“wow you have really a big and nice cock” she said.
“ever you had any anal experience?” she asked
“no” i said.
“why not” she asked.
“ever anyone sucked your balls?”. she asked
“yes” i said.
“if you don’t mind i want to give you, your first anal experience” she said.
and in seconds she removed all her clothes. she was standing totally nude in front of me. she had quite nice boobs and a trimmed pussy. Her butt was quite big and round.
“ok now you remove all your clothes” she said.
“but if john comes back?” i asked
“he will not come till night” she said
“but you told me……….” i asked
“because i want to enjoy with you” she said.
i also removed all my clothes. We both were standing naked. She grabbed my cock in her hand and started lip kissing. I could feel that my cock became full hard in her hand as she was stroking my cock softly. She put my hand on her erect nipple. i started rubbing her big nipple. I was hesitating a little bit. She said” there is no place for shyness in sex.”
Now i started to rub my palm on her pussy. she smiled. “now you are like a good boy” she said.
i started to rub my fingers on her pussy lips while she was jerking my cock. I was on my knees now and started to rub my tongue on her moist pussy lips. she moaned softly. Then i guided my tongue in her sweet pussy and started tongue fucking. She Grabbed my head with both hands and forcely burried my mouth on her pussy. She was grinding her pussy on my lips. I started to lick her hard and hard. She was moaning”aaahhhhhh.mmmmmffffff……..oooooooeeeee……..o o………mmmm…..mmm”. then she released my head. She made a doggy pos in front of me. i could saw her both holes clearly. But for the first time i was also interested in her asshole. so i started rubbing my fingertip on her asshole. she was enjoying. i inserted 2 fingers in her ass and started moving. she was moaning hard. i could feel that her asshole became wet after some time.i removed finger and started licking her asshole. i inserted my tongue in her ass and started moving in and out. i was fucking her ass with my tongue. She was moaning”oooooohhh………..oooooeeeeeffffffffffffff…… ……..fuck me…….fuck hard…..ohhhhh……………mmmmahhhhhhh”.
This was the perfect moment to fuck her ass. I started rubbing my cock head on her asshole. Then with a little force i guided the cock head in her asshole. She shook her body with fun. now with a hard stroke i inserted my whole 8 inch cock in her ass. she cried loudly.”ooouch… hurts your cock is big”. she said.
i removed half of my cock and started stroking half cock in her ass now she was looking comfortable. Slowly and slowly her ass opened wide now my full cock was going in comfortably. her asshole was tight. Now when i was penetrating in her ass my balls were touching at her buttocks. Now she was also stroking backwards and moaning continuosly”aaahhhhhhhhh…… are……really a bad ass fucker…….oooohhh…..fuck me hard”. I started fucking her with hard strokes. Cum pressure was building in my balls and i could feel it.
i told her that i am going to cum soon. she replied “ooohhh baby……fill my deep ass with your hot cum..ooohhh baby…”. As she said these words i was shooting thick loads in her ass and her body shivered with fun as she got my first cum shoot. Then after shooting i removed my cock from her ass still cum drops were dropping from it. she collect my cum from my cock head with a finger and licked her finger. “you are a great anal fucker”. she said. “can you come to my home daily for this game?”. she asked. i said “i’ll try”. “tell me truely you like my ass or not” she asked. “oh it is wonderful”. i said. she smiled.