Fun in the hospital


I was in the football team of my college. One day while practising in playgroun and fell down badly. Blood started running from my forehead and also from my right knee so i went to a hospital. A nurse looked my injury and started dressing on my forehead. She was rotating bandage across my forehead so she was little bent on me ane her big boobs were touching my mouth. Although i was in pain but my cock started growing as i was in my shorts anybody could saw that easily. Her big boobs were touching my mouth again and again. After she completed bandage on forehead now it was time for knee bandage. I was sitting on a chair so she sat down and started to bandage my right knee. Now i could saw little bit in her shirt. She saw my erection and said “you naughty. What is this?”. i said “its natural”. she asked “how?” i said “you have such a beautiful body and every time your body touches me, i feel like sensation in my body”. Then she gave me a pill and told me to swallow that. I swallowed the pill with water.
She guided me to a bed and said ” this pill is strong so take rest for 10 minutes and if after 10 minutes you will ok, i will let you go home”. i said”ok”. and i went to the bed.
While i was on bed she was standing near me. I said”there is pain in my forehead can you check?”
she said”oh sure”.
She started to check my forehead. height of the bed was much for her as she was not tall. so she bent on me full. Now my head was between her boobs my cock started to grow again. After checking me when she stood straight she saw my big pole standing. she started laughing. suddenly she looked in my eyes and our eyes met. Now there was a kind of invitation in her eyes for me. she locked the door of the room and came close to me. Now she was rubbing her hand on my short and finally she removed my short and now my cock was in her soft hands. she grabbed my cock with her both hands and started jerking softly, my cock was now fully erected. She took my cock head in her mouth and started sucking and licking it. i was enjoying. Then she started to rub her tongue on my whole shaft and on my balls. I could feel the heat and softness of her she started to lick and liss my balls badly. now i wanted to fuck her but she was in total control of position.
After sucking my cock she removed her dress. now she was naked in front of me. And i could see her big firm titties with big nipples. She asked me to sit on chair. I was sitting on chair. She came to me. Her feet were on the arms of chair and she put her shaved pussy on my lips. I started tasting it, it was moist. i guided my tongue between her soft pink pussy lips and within a second my tongue was in resting there. She moaned softly. I was rotating my tongue in her soft pussy. She started to squeeze her own boobs.Now she was grinding her pussy on my face it was too wet now. Then she removed her pussy from my mouth and sat in my lap. My cock head was rubbing against her soft pussy lips. She took my cock in her hand and guided it in her pussy. She adjusted cock head in her pussy and started jumping nicely. Now my full 8inch cock was going in her wet pussy while she forcely put her big nipple in my mouth to suck it. I was sucking her nipple badly while she was riding on my cock with moaning loudly. Then she inserted her tongue in my mouth now i was sucking her tongue while squeezing and rubbing her boobs in my hands.
Then suddenly she removed cock from her pussy and took it in her hand. Now she adjusted my cock head on her asshole and with a little force she adjusted cock head in her ass and started fucking again. Now i was fucking her asshole. Her asshole was tight and i could feel that i could not resist for a long time. She was also near climax so she started jumping hard and fast. Now i was also near cum. She was moaning”aahhhhhh baby shoot your hot load in me……..fuck me hard……oh yeah…yeah..ya…ya…ya..oooohhhhhh”. And i started shooting my hot cum in her asshole and she was also dropping her love juice on my public hair. But i must admit that i shoot too much cum in her asshole. After climax she stood and smiled. She said”man you are wonderful. i want once more if you can?”. i said “ok” Now she started to suck my cum covered half erected cock again. And within minutes she made it ready again. Now she was in doggy pos and asked me to fuck her ass again. i started to rub my cock on her asshole. I was not inserting it. She wanted it. now i started to rub my cock on her pussy lips she again started moaning. Then i adjusted my cock head on her tight asshole and with a very hard stroke i inserted full cock in her ass. she screamed. but i did not listen her and started to fuck her ass badly. After 5 minutes of assfucking she was breathing heavily. I removed cock from her ass and asked her to change the pos. Now she was in missionary pos. i put my cock between her big boobs and started fucking her boobs. Sometimes my cock head touched her lips. Now she was sucking it when it touched her lips. Then i inserted my whole cock in her mouth and started fucking her mouth. My whole cock was going in her mouth while my balls were resting on her lips.i removed my cock from her mouth and now her legs were on my shoulder and i inserted my cock in her ass and started fucking her ass again. now i was pumping hard and she was enjoying it and after near fucking her ass for 15 minutes i once again shooting my hot load in her ass. now she was looking more satisfied. She gave me her address and asked me to visit her house for some more fun.