Estranged husband watches wife on a date

My wife Amy and I had been married for almost 15 years
when we started having severe marital problems. We had
pretty much stopped talking to each other as any
conversation we had sank into a shouting match.

We finally cane to the conclusion that we needed time
apart so it was decided that I would start spending
nights at our restaurant instead of coming home. This
we thought would be better on our three boys than my
wife and I just splitting up. So for about the next
three months I spent 4 to 5 nights a week at the
restaurant and the other nights my wife spent there.

It was going ok and we had actually started having
civil conversations again so I thought that maybe our
marriage had hope yet.

Late one Saturday night I was staying at the restaurant
and realized that I had several important tax papers on
my desk at home and I needed to go home and get them.
Uncle Sam doesn’t care about your marital problems �
they want their money.

It was about 1:30am and didn’t want to wake up the kids
or my wife so I was very quiet when I pulled up to the
house. The only key I had left to the house was to the
front door. I had forgotten to give this key back as
the front door isn’t used any more but I needed these
papers so I crept across the porch trying not to make a

As I passed the windows of the living room I noticed
that they were both open. A light was on and there was
a low conversation going on. There was no way I could
get in without being heard so I was about to turn
around when something caught my ear. It was my wife and
she wasn’t alone. There was a male voice and I couldn’t
quite make out what was being said.

I inched closer to the window hoping not to be seen and
as I looked in I almost fainted � here was my wife
sitting and talking softly with another man on my own
couch. I didn’t know whether to feel anger or be hurt
but either way I couldn’t stop looking.

My wife was sitting with a well dressed man who looked
to be quite a bit younger than my wife. I should
probably describe my wife now. She’s 41 and a mother of
three boys. She comes from a very conservative
religious background and dresses like a mom. She is
built very well although if you saw her on the street
you might not notice right away. After each pregnancy
she got a little more ass and her breasts got bigger. I
think she is a 42D with a 29 inch waist and a 38 inch
ass. I thought she got better as she got older but she
thought she was just getting old.

She was sitting facing her companion when all of a
sudden her date kissed her. I expected her to pull back
but to my surprise she didn’t. Slowly he drew her
closer and started to run his hands over her arms and
shoulders. As he did this she seemed to thaw a bit and
become not as tense. Things started progressing very
rapidly at that point and in a few minutes he had his
hands running over her ass and was copping a feel of
her chest.

I thought this guy is going to get shut down pretty
quick as it took me several dates to get this far. Then
it occurred to me that they might have been dating for
a while. As I came crashing down to reality it got
worse fast. She broke off the kissing and said that she
was married and she couldn’t do this and they had just
met and she couldn’t do this. I thought to my self “Ha
� Ran into the same stone wall that I did all those
years ago”. But this guy wouldn’t take no for an answer
and pretty soon Amy broke down and let him touch her
tits through her blouse.

She had on a light blue silk blouse that I had never
seen before and a dark wraparound skirt that came to
below the knee. Her date, now known as Eric, proceeded
to start to unbutton Amy’s blouse while kissing her and
while she was swatting away his hands Eric kept making
progress until the blouse fell open revealing a lace
bra that I had never seen before. And with the hand of
a well practiced individual he reached in between her
tits and with a quick flip of a finger popped Amy’s bra
open. Amy gasped and tried to grab the clasps but the
damage was done – in an instant Eric had one of Amy’s
nipples in his mouth.

She was acting quite surprised and I didn’t know how to
react when all at once it was as if she surrendered and
stopped resisting. For the next 5 or 10 minutes he
licked and sucked on her chest like a man starving. All
the while his hands were starting to roam over Amy’s
legs. After a while it was apparent that this guy
wasn’t going to be satisfied with seeing Amy naked from
the waist up.

Soon Amy realized this too and the resistance was back
on. This lasted for a while without Eric gaining any
ground when he pulled out that old trick of grabbing
Amy’s hand and placing it on his cock. I started to
laugh out loud when Amy ripped her hand away but caught
myself when she almost immediately put it back. For the
first time since standing there I heard something loud
and clear. Amy looked into Eric’s eyes and asked, “Is
this all real?”

Eric replied, “100%.” He then popped open his jeans and
pulled out the biggest cock I had ever seen live or in
porn. He was easily 10″ but what was the most
incredible was the thickness and size of the head. I
thought that Amy would stop and get up – she was after
all still a married woman and this wasn’t high school.

Eric gasped Amy’s hand and returned it to that
impressive cock and slowly started moving her hand up
and down. I was standing there watching my wife give
another man a hand job. Eric went back to sucking Amy’s
tits and Amy just kept stroking his dick.

All of a sudden Amy just dropped her head and started
licking the tip and around the head of this monster.
Still in shock I suddenly realized I wanted to see if
she could fit Eric’s penis in her mouth. Amy is a
superb blowjob artist and when she wants to she is
incredible but can’t deep throat. Still, for a virgin
when we married she learned very well.

This took Eric by surprise and he had a look of
confusion for about 5 seconds until Amy’s mouth
enveloped the head of his cock.

This was quite the turn of events and I was stunned to
say the least � here was my wife giving head to another
man in front of me and I couldn’t move. It was as if
this was a dream was in progress and I was just along
for the ride.

Amy got into a rhythm and started to really work on
Eric’s cock. She couldn’t fit much more than four
inches into her mouth so as her head bobbed up and
down, her tongue was working on the rim and cock head
like there was now tomorrow. She wanted him to cum.
When we had sex toward the end it was the same effort �
she would suck my cock like a pro and try to get me to
blow my wad fast so she wouldn’t have to fuck me. She
must have realized that this had progress too far for
her conservative upbringing to allow so she was trying
to get it over with quick.

As her lips were sliding up and down the shaft of his
penis, her hands were massaging his ball sack, lower
cock and thighs. At some point she must have worked his
pants lower for they now rested about mid thigh.

After a few minutes of just enjoying the cock-sucking,
Eric’s hands started up again and after a relatively
short effort had Amy’s blouse and bra completely off.
The only thing left was the wrap skirt that Amy wore
and with deft fingers Eric found the tie to the skirt
and slowly pulled it loose. Amy never broke her stride
working on his cock until she felt his hand move under
her skirt.

Amy’s head popped up and with moves that would empress
a pro wrestler, tried to get away from his hand but as
she moved her skirt became looser and she basically
assisted Eric in removing her skirt. She ended up on
her back lying on the sofa with the skirt wadded up
beneath her. Amy was now naked except for a pair of
light grey boy shorts that were almost see-through. I
recognized them as a pair I had purchased for her and I
thought she looked incredible in them.

Eric instantly returned to Amy’s tits and nipples and
went to work on them like he was being scored. Amy
relaxed and just went with it. Almost at once he made
it to her panties and she did nothing to stop him. His
hand was roaming over her entire body and was paying
particular attention to her panty clad pussy. Amy’s
legs were slowly spreading apart and with every pass of
his hand she was more open and available. When he
finally slid his hand under her panties the lust in my
eyes had taking over completely and I wanted to see my
wife get fucked by another man.

She had completely surrendered and while not helping
Eric, she was no longer resisting. He quickly zeroed in
on the last bit of covering Amy had left. He grabbed
her legs and threw them onto his shoulders then grasped
the lacy pants and slowly pulled them off. As they slid
over Amy’s hips her incredible ass came into view. Even
though we couldn’t talk civilly to each other I still
thought she was a beautiful and incredibly sexy woman �
when she wanted to be.

As the panties came off, Eric placed a leg on each side
of his body and with that my wife was completely naked
under another man for the first time ever. She had a
full thatch of pubic hair and it looked very inviting.
She had both arms over her head and her eyes were
closed. It looked as if she was almost sleeping. Eric
stepped back and pulled off his polo and flipped off
his boat shoes. As he was removing his jeans Amy’s eyes
flew open and she asked, “Do you have a condom?”

I saw Eric shook his head no and for an instant I
thought, ‘Well isn’t that just like Amy to screw up
things at the last second.’ But then an amazing thing
happened, Amy got up and she ran out of the room.

Eric looked confused and more than a little
disappointed standing there with a raging hard on and
no one to use it on. I could relate as I was in the
same boat on the porch. But suddenly Amy came back and
had a pack of condoms in her hand. I then remembered
that I had bought a giant industrial size package from
one of those bulk stores thinking I bring there home
and Amy will see the humor in it. That was over a year
ago and the carton was never opened. Some joke.
Actually sent our sex life further down.

This next thing was probably the most surprising thing
I have ever witnessed. Amy tossed the box on to the
sofa, placed her hands on Eric’s chest and pushed him
down. He fell to the cushions and she knelt between his
thighs. She grasped Eric’s cock in one hand and
proceeded to run her tongue up one side and down the
other pausing to swirl around the head.

As Amy licked his cock the tip seemed to grow in size
until it became a deep red, almost purple in color. At
this point I had had enough and I turned to go when I
heard Eric say, “That’s it – enough, no more… get
up!” Eric grabbed the box of condoms and literally
ripped it open trying to get to one. He peeled one off
and with his teeth tore it apart.

Now I harbor no illusions of being huge or dream of
opportunities lost in porn stardom by not being well
endowed. I have always felt more than adequate when it
comes to penis size. But when I roll a condom on, it’s
still white or red or blue � whatever color it started
out as. When Eric finished unrolling the rubber it only
covered half of his cock and it had turned almost
translucent due to the latex stretching. It was so
tight it looked almost as if he had no condom on.

Amy sat there transfixed at the spectacle she just
witnessed and again Eric told her to get up. She slowly
rose to her feet and when up, Eric grabbed her hand and
pulled her on top of him. Still in a trance Amy was
slow to react and just followed his commands. Eric
grabbed her thighs and pulled them apart and she fell,
straddling his lap.

With an urgency not displayed earlier, Eric grabbed his
cock and started to rub the latex encased head roughly
across the outer lips of Amy’s pussy. This evidently
woke Amy from her trance and she started to try to get
up saying that she wasn’t ready and that they had just
met. With a quick jab up Eric found his goal. With the
head of his cock entrenched in the opening of Amy’s
pussy, Eric placed one hand on each side of her waist
and with a combination of short, quick, hard thrusts up
and forceful downward pushing he slowly started working
that monster into my wife. Amy could do nothing more
than grab on to his shoulders and hang on.

Her head was rolling from side to side and with every
thrust I could hear a pant from deep inside and a groan
as her body was slowly forced to accept the huge rod.

Amy has never been a woman who gets “wet”. Even in her
most excitable stages she needed some sort of
lubricant. Most of the time this was accomplished by me
going down on her but we always had a tube of lube
tucked away. It didn’t help matters that she hated to
shave or otherwise trim her pubic hair. It would get so
thick that at times it became almost impenetrable. She
would break down every so often and shave her pussy
lips and groom the rest but never shave completely. I
always found it to be rather unappealing to have a huge
muff but liked it when she kept it thick and full but
neatly trimmed.

She hadn’t shaved in some time and this fact plus the
latex condom were working to prevent Eric from impaling
her fully. With every stroke up I could see the hair
getting caught on the latex surface and Eric was
starting to get impatient. By this time he had almost
half of his cock inside Amy and I guess he got tired if
playing around. He grabbed an ass cheek in each hand
and literally took my wife and rammed her down onto his

Amy’s head flew back and she let out a strangled cry of
surprise and pain. This accomplished stuffing the rest
of him inside her. My wife now had more cock inside her
than she had ever had before in her life. This only
excited Eric more and he started picking up Amy by her
ass cheeks and slamming her down fully to the base of
his penis. It was as though he was lifting weights in a
gym somewhere.

As he was fucking Amy to senselessness, there were
shreds of condom starting to collect around the base of
his cock. The condom had failed. Amy was now
unprotected and didn’t know it. My mind raced and a
thousand thoughts and feelings flew through my mind.
But it was a loud groan that brought me back the sight
before me. Eric grabbed Amy’s ass and slammed it down
and ground his cock up into her pussy. “I think he’s
coming!” raced through my mind.

Amy’s head was resting on Eric’s shoulder trying to
regain her breath and composure when Eric rolled to his
side, lifting Amy and placing her on her side facing
the back of the sofa.

Eric then reached under her ass and lifting her
quickly, he brought Amy to her knees. Then without
pretense, Eric tore away the remainder of the shredded
condom and kneeled behind Amy. He took his now bare
cock and rubbed it up and down Amy’s pussy stopping to
pay special attention to her now swollen clit. The lips
of her pussy were a bright red and engorged from the
fucking she had just received. And as Eric rubbed that
monstrous cock-head up and down her lips I could see
his cum starting to drip out.

Amy was face down on the cushions and breathing
raggedly just trying to clear her senses when Eric
placed the head of his dick against the opening of her
vagina and thrust in hard. Amy’s head popped up and she
let forth a choking groan. Her eyes were closed and her
mouth was hanging open. She reached back over her ass
and tried to stop this rapid assault on her pussy. But
Eric grabbed her arm and used it for leverage in his

As he rode Amy he had this look of pure satisfaction
and lust on his face. All the while Amy could only moan
and groan in rhythm to the slapping of Eric’s thighs on
her ass cheeks. As Amy was being fucked, she was being
forced forward by the strength of the strokes and soon
her face was against the arm of the sofa. When she
could go no further, Eric released her arm, and using
both hands, grabbed her waist again and truly started
to fuck her fast and hard.

This lasted for longer than I can comprehend and was
only halted by the screaming orgasm of my wife. Her
chest was expanding and contracting so fast that had I
not just witnessed the act before, I would have sworn
she was in the midst of a heart attack.

Eric half stood and half kneeled behind my wife and
just ground his cock and pubic bone into Amy’s pussy as
she came and came again. This lasted for most of a
minute until Amy started to come back down from her

As she finally calmed down Eric slowly withdrew his
penis and sat back on the sofa looking at Amy’s pussy.
It was bright pink now with a large foamy ring around
her lips from a mixture of her juices and Eric’s cum.
She slowly slid down onto her stomach and looked almost
passed out.

But Eric wasn’t finished yet.

He grabbed Amy’s shoulders and pulled her to a sitting
position. Standing in front of her, he started to rub
his still hard cock over Amy’s face and lips. As she
opened her mouth to protest, Eric popped the head of
his cock into her mouth and started to slowly move in
and out. Amy started to rebel from the intrusion but
then just resigned herself to what was happening and
allowed Eric to fuck her mouth.

As he fucked her mouth he slowly slid Amy down over the
sofa until she was reclined on her back with Eric
straddling her face. After a few minutes Eric withdrew
and moving between Amy’s limp thighs, pulled them up
and guided his cock into my wife’s pussy for the third
time tonight.

Eric started slowly sliding all the way in and then
pulling almost all the way out. As this continued Eric
started to screw Amy faster and faster until he was as
a man possessed with the singular goal of fucking Amy
to unconsciousness. Amy, now barely coherent, laced her
hands around Eric’s neck and just hung on.

Suddenly Eric sat back and with the grace of a
experienced man, grabbed his cock and leaped over Amy’s
legs and straddled her tits. With a few strokes of his
cock Eric started to climax. His first shot arched over
Amy’s left eye and was deposited into her hair. The
following several spurts were enough to coat her face
in sperm. As his orgasm receded he moved down and
deposited the remainder over Amy’s tits. Finally as he
finished, he took his penis and smeared his sperm over
Amy’s chest

In an instant it was over. Eric hopped off and pulled
on his shirt and jeans as Amy remained comatose on the
couch covered in his cum. As he finished putting on his
shoes he reached into his pants pocket and produced a
tiny camera. Starting with Amy’s cum glazed face he
took several shots of her body and tits. Grabbing a
knee, he quickly spread Amy’s legs and shot several
photos of her swollen pussy in rapid sequence.

I don’t think Amy even realized what was happening. He
then shoved the camera back into his pocket and without
so much as a backward glance walked straight out the
back door and into the night.

I couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed. My mind
slowed and I came to grips with the fact that my wife
was no longer just mine. I slowly and quietly moved off
the porch and back to my car.

I came back the next morning and found Amy sitting at
the breakfast table looking very disheveled and tired.
I asked her what was the matter and she just shook her
head. I said nothing, grabbed my documents, left and
went straight to a local security and surveillance
company. It seems that I wasn’t the first guy to want a
security system installed looking in the windows. After
all I wasn’t worried about the house any more It
wasn’t mine.

But those security videos are great sellers on the

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